Area 11 - Shi No Barado Lyrics

I saw your face in the LED's
My revenge was your gift to me,
It's something that I can never repay,
But I will try anyway.

I sent a message I know you'd see,
A promise written on a TV screen
Now fate led you down a path to me
And I'm beggin' you
On my knees.

'Cause, baby, when our eyes met,
('cause, baby, when our eyes met)
I could never look away,
You're all I ever wanted,
(You're all I ever wanted)
There's nothing left to say

'Cause, baby, you can use me,
('cause, baby, you can use me)
I will do what you want me to.
And, baby, you can kill me,
(baby, you can kill me)
When I'm no use,
When I'm no use to you,

My body will be a fortress,
I will keep you safe from pain,
My eyes will be your weapons,
My losses are your gains,

Together we can burn this to the ground,
Rebuild it into something right,
'Cause you are bigger than the planet Earth,
And I am your satellite,

'Cause, baby, when our eyes met,
('Cause, baby, when our eyes met)
I could never look away,
You're all I ever wanted,
(You're all I ever wanted)
There's nothing left to say

'Cause, baby, you can use me,
('Cause, baby, you can use me)
I will do what you want me to,
'Cause, baby, you can kill me,
('Cause, baby, you can kill me)
When I'm no use to you

I'm not afraid and I'm not alone,
Because you're with me in my dreams,
(you're with me tonight)
I won't give up on this perfect love,
Even when my memories fail me,
(when my memories fail me)

'Cause I see you through burning eyes,
I write your name down in my heart
Oh, baby, I'm just using you,
My love you know I want you to
Look into the skies

'Cause, baby, when our eyes met,
('cause, baby, when our eyes met)
I could never look away,
'Cause you're all I ever wanted,
(you're all I ever wanted)
There's nothing left to say,

'Cause, baby, you can use me
('Cause, baby, you can use me)
I will do what you want me to
And, baby, you can kill me,
(baby, you can kill me)
When I'm no use,
When I'm no,

'Cause, baby, when our eyes met
('Cause, baby, when our eyes met)
I could never look away
'Cause you're all I ever wanted
(You're all I ever wanted)
There is nothing left to say

'Cause, baby, you can use me,
('Cause, baby, you can use me)
I will do what you want me to,
And, baby, you can kill me,
(baby, you can kill me)
When I'm no use to you,

Baby, when our eyes met
You're all I ever wanted

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Area 11 Shi No Barado Comments
  1. Flesh

    Damn, times were really simpler back then

  2. DH TV

    Jeez I still remember the lyrics in 2020 that’s mad

  3. SmashCubeGaming

    I am 20 years old how the hell does this song make me feel like I'm still at secondary school god damn it 😂

    Bouphe's Number 1 Fan

    I remember weeb teenage me going nuts because I figured out this song was about Death Note, one of my favourite animes at the time. Now I'm 20 also and it all still feels so recent

  4. Buzz The Buzzard

    She is way to cute to be in the Yogscast.

  5. Albace

    Saw them live not too long ago. They where the best band there!

  6. Chris Taylor

    Why the f---k did this not get in the charts, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  7. Elemental Sheep

    RIP Parv

  8. Twizz Leo


  9. Oakley I

    Jesus.. 2019 and i still love this song.. im shook

  10. lonmko

    this still slaps

  11. ItsLoey

    damn, its been years since I've listened to this and I still remember most the lyrics

  12. Tom reynolds

    I hadn't listened to this song in 4 years I remembered how good this is

  13. Maikel Lucas

    Anyone still here in 2019?

  14. leila middleton

    oh god, looking back on the comments 13 year old me left on this video makes me cringe. i used to have a massive crush on sparkles* (tbh still do lmao)

    Sharky Boik

    xD i'm a dude and even I had a crush on sparkles*. Who didn't!? lol

  15. Zyklon Blæ

    Take me back to the good days

  16. Lutes self

    wow i listened to some sucky music when i was 12

  17. Chrome Eagle

    666k views... Deathnote confirmed

  18. Ajo

    the memories, I was so obsessed with this when it came out aH

  19. Official St0rm

    Anyone still listening in 2K18

  20. ZackXevious

    Last episode of Bravoman.... For anyone who remembers that.

  21. ortic sparks

    Still a great song in 2018.

  22. TheGamerGirls22



    Another year has gone by, so why not enjoy it as a 19 year old now?

  23. BlueBerry_Dino

    Shit this is nearly 5 years olds daaammm, I remember when it came out

  24. aendrii

    I'm watching this after a few years... And oh god there are so many distant death note references

  25. Sad YeeHaw

    this song is amazing! I aslo think it's some kind of DEATH NOTE referance...
    I asli like the fact that when I tried to translate this with google translate what came up is "a branch door"...yeah uhh....a branch door....really nice name for a song.....I don't know how that happend XD

  26. Beans'd Bananaz

    This song is nearly 5 years old now, I remember the day it came out, I was only 10. I haven't listened to it in a few years but I still knew all the lyrics. Wow, that truly show how much I listened to and loved this song.

  27. Squootre

    It's kinda like Death Note...

  28. DH TV

    Just found this song in 2018 after not listening to it since it came out and my my what a tune

  29. Milk Jug

    still a banger ;)

  30. Joe Hook

    I think I've made the biggest mistake of my life. Never listing to an Area 11 song all the way through omg they're so good 😍😍 especially this it's so cute...just perfect

  31. Ngọc đào

    anyone listens it in 2017 like me? Send my love to you Are 11 from VietNam

  32. Howard's Channel


  33. Brandon Burrows

    The worst track in my opinion, it totally breaks up the feeling of the rest of the album.

  34. Morg Morg

    That base

  35. Aidy Is A Tem

    Why is there not a single clear shot of Leo throughout this masterpiece? 😂

  36. Hamzeh Abdel-Jaber

    hi im ham and i looooove bbws and some sweaty black moist hard thicccc chocolate.

  37. The Fourth Horseman

    its 2017 and ive loved these guys since the initial release of their first album yet i was never told about digital haunt :'( I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP AND NOW MY EYES ARE OPENED. time to go all theory hunter on this shit

  38. 1979LITTLEMISS

    Nottingham band meets a girl from the beautiful Isle of Man :)

  39. JAYfromspace

    ah damn... is this really four years old.........

  40. Leila Hansen

    Seriously I'm freaking out and crying over how good this is and this warm fuzzy feeling I've got - its called nostalgia, Leila - is really nice.

  41. Leila Hansen

    This was like my favourite song when I was 12. Holy shit.

  42. Edwardmck1

    comes back to these guys after 3 years and still know all the words... how?

  43. Several Fighters

    Man tyranosuaruses sure hold grudges.

    I miss Shiftylook.

  44. Several Fighters

    Man tyranosuaruses sure hold grudges.

    I miss Shiftylook.

  45. Ewan23

    2017 still an amazing song

  46. Sips _

    Why is this shit on the yogscast songs play lists


    George O'neil they are part of the yogscast?

  47. Dagný Bergvins

    I came here from theorionsound who did a cover of this and I have been listening to that for over 5 months now so this is really weird 😂😂😂

  48. Juicebox

    Isn't this song about death note? I swear it is


    Yes, it is! :3

  49. Diamondminer79

    Sparkles* has such a powerful voice my god. I love it!

  50. jojjjo

    Is it just me or does sparkles look like Obi-wan (Star Wars II Attack of the Clones) in this video??
    EDIT: Kinda

    Sam Lunn

    Haha, you're totally right! :)

  51. FezzTroll

    Any one else tear up at this shit because Yogscast changed your life.

  52. Narathen

    holy fucking shit... no homo, but sparkles has amazing eyes

  53. VioletFzs

    For some reason the sentence
    "Oh baby I'm just using you"
    "My love you know I want you to"
    Is so scary


    S/he is into some kinky stuff.

    Programmed Persona

    +Maxiestagate50 it's actually based off of Death Note, from a character named Misa Amane's point of view. She's being used the by main... "protagonist", and she knows it, but she's too faded by the crush she has on him to actually see that he's fully willing to get rid of her and kill her. She doesn't see the impact of dying for him, so it's less kinky, more depressing and messed up.


    I know, I was joking.

    Programmed Persona

    Oh, ok. ^_^


    @Programmed Persona :)

  54. morbid junkie

    IS IT ME OR DOES THIS SOUND LIKE DEATH NOTE FROM MESA'S POINT OF VEIW?! no really, listen to the lyrics again and try telling me that this whole thing isnt what mesa thinks the whole time! they literally reference her first interraction with light (the tapes) in the first line! and they say "your revenge was your gift to me" she literally says that to light when he kills the guy that killed her family.

    and they say "my eyes will be your weapon". THATS THE ONLY REASON HE KEPT HER AROUND. because she had the shinigami eyes. I could say heaps more, but this'll go on for too long. just listen to the entire song as if it was the death note sound track

    Bouphe's Number 1 Fan

    A lot of their songs are based on animes, and yes this one is based on Death Note from Misa's point of view

  55. deathsceane

    The point of view of Misa Amane makes a lot more sense than where I found it. I found this song in the end credits of the Final Episode of Bravoman. Maybe if they arranged the lyrics they can pass it off as a new song and call it "Beraboh Barado". Still, a good song regardless how I found out about its existence.

  56. Zap Gun

    You never see Sparkles* and Beckii in the same shot in this video. That leads me to believe they are one and the same. and this 'Beckii Cruel' is just a pseudonym for Sprinkles*.


    You do. In that last moment where they're standing together at the end of the pier.

    Zap Gun

    @Eight-Three-Eight It's edited. I am certain it is. They're the same person.

    The Gaming Box

    Zap Gun You stuck with it. Well done

  57. Sacred Stars TC

    Area 11, I was just watching this video, and I noticed something was off in the Japanese title. し のバラード is definitely pronounced as Shi no Barado, but し means tooth in Japanese. Homophones confuse me all the time with Japanese, but the version of Shi you are looking for is 死. Although, if you were trying to avoid using Kanji then I completely understand, but sometimes it is necessary in cases like this. 死 のバラード is the revision.

  58. Natelu-Sama

    "Shi No Barado" translates into "Ballad of teeth"
    ....Seems like google IS perfect overall!

    Sacred Stars TC

    Because google used the wrong homophone. 死 is pronounced Shi and means death, and is the proper version to use for this song. し is pronounced Shi and means tooth, and is what google translate seems to want to use... it is very awkward. The proper way to write this is Japanese is 死のばらど or 死 のバラード which is pronounced just like the name of the song, but し のバラード, how they write it in the title, is pronounced the same way, but is what google translate has always used for me when I try to translate the romaji and means ballad of teath, so I have been forced to use the kana and kanji to do so instead. If that wasn't confusing enough, 市 is also pronounced Shi, and means city, 四 is the Japanese numeral for 4, and can be pronounced Shi, and 詩 (poetry) used to be pronounced shi, but that has been given up, but it is still pronounced as Shi in Mandarin. I gave up romaji to deal with homophones a long time ago.


    @Sacred_Stars TC Damn. GG.
    I mean, I was joking, but... damn.

    Zap Gun

    +Sacred_Stars TC
    Given that at the start of the song, the screen actually says し のバラード we can still safely say it's Ballad of Teeth. ;)

    Tim Billington

    Lol that's the problem with hiragana and romaji. Japanese has so many homonyms. There's no way to know which "shi" is meant without the kanji or some additional context.

  59. MonkeyMan397

    When you figure out this song is from the point of view of Misa Amane :O


    really ?


    I thought it was about Euphemia and Lelouch from Code Geass but Death Note makes so much more sense xD


    Yeah It took ages before i realized it was Death Note and then i was like damn.

    morbid junkie


  60. Joey Flower

    What inspired this one then?


    Death Note, Its from the Point of view of Misa Amane

    morbid junkie

    +MonkeyMan397 lotsa references

  61. Emily Mäkelä

    this is a stemming piece of shit


    whats stemming from it?

  62. Raven Black

    He sounds like someone from yogscast. First song I've heard by them. LUV IT.


    Oh dear.....

    Kitty Caker

    he is from the yogacast...


    @Kitty Caker Euphemia was the outro song for a long time.


    oh no...

  63. TriforceP

    Brings back the nostalgias to the Bravoman webseries... so good...

    The Gaming Box

    TriforceP wrong video 😅


    Nope. They used Shi No as the end song in the last video.


    Though Go! Also brings back memories I like Shi No better anyways


    why did these guy stop being a part of the yogscast?


    +mason blackney Last I checked they still worked with them, but they've gotten big enough to get an actual label and not just produced by Lewis and Turps lol


    still wish they were as connect with the yogscast as the olden days


    Can't disagree with that wish. The Yogs as a whole have been breaking up some, with some of the fringe members leaving the crew.

  65. Lola Wenton

    I remember the day this came out I cant

  66. andrew Bewick

    Yogscast & Hat Films Brought Me Here

  67. Auxiliary Jack

    Didn't know Ashens was the lead singer in a band.


    You, i like you

  68. GEM4sta


    Sparkles* singing sound really bad here. Need more post production fixes... Unless you literally can't get it better than that, in which case, a new lead singer.

    Otherwise I think this song could've been really big.


    +GEM4sta Well I mean Beckii Cruel isn't very good either. Very emotionless imo.


    +GEM4sta It's meant to sound auto tuned first off. Also they perform way better irl. It's not really created to be a pop sensation.


    Nonono, not autotuned.

    Just listen to the singing from 2:06 to about 2:12, specifically "...fortress, I will keep you safe from pain."

    Sounds completely awful, he can't hold the notes.

    Also, lets be realistic, no one doesn't want their music to go big. Even if you don't want it to go big, still doesn't sound good in many parts.

    Moon Angel

    +GEM4sta I actually like how his voice sounds? I just think he sound pretty good most of the time though

  69. ImaginaryLauren

    Kinda sounds like Somewhere in neverland by all time a lot...



    Literally nothing like it. At all really.


    i reminds me of it a lot xD

  70. Lauren Priestley

    this can't be two years old oh my god i remember the day it came out

    Dan Lewis

    what are you talking about


    i remember the trailer


    I member


    This comment can't be two years old oh my god how old are we

    Bouphe's Number 1 Fan

    Almost at 7 years, still feels like yesterday

  71. Cie

    I finished watching this and now my Area 11 cd is playing it lol

    I've also shown a friend of mine Sparkles*, so Im kind of showering her in pictures of Sparkles* and Beckii cause she think they look cute together.

  72. Elliot Motionless

    I haven't listened to Area 11 in so long

  73. Mat Fenn

    If I ever get married, this is the song I want on the wedding day


    +levitator45 but surely it represents pure devotion?


    yes that is right. i love the song and all but i feel iffy when i have to sing that part cuz that line makes the song seem like a very unhealthy relationship. but i guess thats just the story of death note :/ 


    Um why? You realize it is about Light and Misa, right? So basically one person pretty much worships the other who doesn't care and only uses her to get what he wants.


    It might be confusing because there is a female voice and a male voice but Sparkles* and Beckii are both singing from Misa's perspective except for when Sparkles* says "baby I'm just using you" and that little bit right there.

  74. Becca Taylor

    itrs 2016 im sat with hot chocolate crying coz i just love these guys so much

  75. Oceanus5000

    Didn't realise that Area 11's songs were about anime until the other day....smh.

    Cullum McConnon

    +Oceanus5000 Wait, what? Seriously?


    @Cullum McConnon Yeah, I only realised it when I saw something on Google Plus about the Sannin from Naruto. XD

    billy ryan

    +Oceanus5000 until I saw gurren laggan I thought heaven piercing gigga drill was just another awesome song by them.


    if you listen to the lyrics of this one, you can tell that it is about death note, from mesa amanes perspective. it takes a while to get it if you only watched it once, but yeah. there are quite a few clues one you know

    morbid junkie

    +yunomaname oml this is my old account ▪_▪ I cant believe I found my comment I left when I had a decent phone :'

  76. Fiona Cheyne

    Yeah, this about Light & Misa from DeathNote but who cares it's just a bloody good song!

  77. Kwill

    look at beckii's lips at 3:31. they dont match with the song

  78. Renee Arblaster


  79. Jochem Wessel

    Can´t wait for the new album.. no srsly, i can´t wait, release it already xD

  80. Theo Ferreira

    How did they not die of heart attacks while they were playing that, this music is so good, it should be considered a crime!

  81. ItsLoey

    ahh the years have passes, and I still love this song, I haven't listened to this song for 2 years and still remember half the lyrics :)

    Jan Soulsby

    Same someone just randomly in a Joe sugg video said area 11 and I was like hmmm that sounds familiar

  82. Neostar Productions

    I remember hearing this song on the last episode of Shiftylook's Bravoman cartoon. Since Shiftylook is gone and the videos have disappeared with the original youtube channel, all I have left is this music video. Here's to Bravoman and the rest of Shiftylook! Thanks for being excellent! TTuTT

    Unoriginal Username

    +Neostar Productions You've got the end theme from Area 11 as well

  83. Happybelly

    I fuckin love parvis

  84. leila middleton

    3:35 Oh my god his eyes. *swoon*

    wait whattttt? Nooo, I don't have crush on the ginger god. Definitely don't. I ship #Speckii*! Course i don't have a crush!

  85. leila middleton

    Okay are Beckii and Sparkles* actually dating or what? It's confusing. Or are they just close friends? Bc they're an awesome couple. Speckii*


    +Leila Middleton close friends :3

    The Gaming Box

    Since its been six months there's not much point but yes they are together 😅


    They're really not lmao

  86. MrShroud

    It has been forever since i last listened to area 11, yet i came back pleased, and i still remember parts of the lyrics and the tune perfectly.

  87. Tea And Crumpets

    Obi wan has a band wow
    just kidding love these guys
    but cmon he does look like a young obi wan

  88. GiantCake

    I forgot this song existed. I missed it so much <3

  89. Doxxiot

    Cant stop watching this. <3

  90. Quinn Drury

    Beckii Cruel's voice is good she should do more music.

    Quinn Drury

    +Jack Moore What about me?

    Clayton Serberie

    +Quinn Drury beckii's singing lacks quite.....alot, she would get destroyed by judges in singing contests

    Erik Ivey

    +Clayton Serberie Apparently the Japanese would disagree

    Clayton Serberie

    @Erik Ivey the japanese. The most people that like her are 40 year old virgins and pedophiles that would buy her shit just to jack off. It is about image, not talent

  91. Livbugki

    Now lets see how a Pokémon song sung by Area 11 would turn out.....




    It would be awesome!!

    Lavender Wilcox-Buck

    That would be amazing



    Jonathan Vazquez

    I would like them to cover Sorairo Day from Gurren Laggan, after all various songs of the "All the Lights in the Sky" album were based of the anime.

  92. Brucegogo123 Needforspeed

    This is actually good as well, like it.

  93. Jon

    Is this song from Light's POV, Misa's POV, or both....


    Just Misa's POV

  94. SurFF Panda

    Area 11 your all the lights in the sky album is not on iTunes anymore why?

    Ash 517

    Check their Bandcamp page (

  95. Matthew Conlon

    338 people who disliked this are idiots


    some Ppl have their own taste in music

  96. Layne Javel

    Can we all just appreciate how fabulous the band looks like in tuxedos? 'K.


    +Omega From TheGamerBros (Omega) No cos they aren't wearing Tuxes, just shirt, tie and waistcoat, I don't see any tuxedoes.


    Who was wearing a tuxedo?

    Leila Hansen

    Layne Javel Do you mean blazers?

    Leila Hansen

    Layne Javel or vests or whatever there called.

    Ethan Aidan

    Even Parv? :D hehe jokes still love parv

  97. Ben Ponsonby

    whys it called shi no barado? :)