Area 11 - Shi No Barado (Japanese Version) Lyrics

LED kimi wo mita
Rebenji ha kimi no mono
Shikaeshi nante dekinai
Demo yatte miru kedo
Kimi ni messeji wo okutta
Terebi ni deta yakusoku
Meguri au unmei
Hizama zuite onegai suru

Baby me to me ga atte
Zutto mitsumete itai
Anata ga hoshii
Iu koto nani mo nai
Watashi wo riyou shite
Nan demo suru kara
Watashi wo koroshite
Watashi de dame nara

Kimi otsuyoku mamoru
Kimi wo kizu tsukenai
Kimi wo mimamoru
Kimi no tame nara
Kimi to nara nandemo dekiru
Hajime kara staato shiyou
Kimi ha chikyuu yori ooki
Watashi ha kimi no sateraito


[Beckii Cruel]
Watashi wo koroshite
Watashi de dame nara
Watashi ha kowakunai
Kimi to yume de au
(Konya isshou)
PERFECT LOVE akiramenai
Kioku ga nakunattemo
(Kioku ga nakunattemo)
Kimi wo mitsumeru kara
Namae wo kokoro ni kaki tomeru
Kimi ha benrina onna
Watashi no aisuru hito
Sora wo miagete mite

[Chorus x2]

[Beckii Cruel]
Baby me to me ga atte
Anata ga hoshii

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Area 11 Shi No Barado (Japanese Version) Comments
  1. Kamibito

    They need a little bit of practice on that end

  2. DraynaRue Games

    Is this actually on their channel because I can't find the Official Version? I know the english version of Shi No Barado is there just not the Japanese Version.

  3. joaquin tanpoco

    I think it is better in 2.0 Speed


    Beckii sounds so amazing in this... im in love

  5. Professor Grizwald

    The chorus is just so good!

  6. UnexplainedGamers

    Need to learn this in Japanese 

  7. Ruooym568

    It sounds so strange listening to the English version and then listening to the Japanese version!

  8. Samantha Odermatt

    This song gives me all the fangirl feels.


    Lol thanks for recommending the song to me, i know i'm putting it on my phone. This and the English version. and you're right fangirl and fanboy feels galore lol. I really enjoy it.

  9. José Rodríguez

    fabulosa beckii

  10. Benli Soon

    Sparklez forced it lol


    @Index San His pronunciation is off. 

    Benli Soon

    kinda yea....


    I can understand that he had to change it to fit the syllable count, but it REALLY bothers me

    Benli Soon

    same here

    Colin Monsma

    yeah, he really strained at some of the high notes

  11. helmetboy

    Sounds weird first but then i love it XD

  12. RustyStrings

    i kinda disliked it at first, but as the song progressed, i like it

  13. snazmaz

    Nice, I love Area 11 and this recording is very clear! It sounds almost exactly the same as the $.99 version on iTunes!

  14. Airi

    i love this version alot XD

  15. Eden Wood

    2:15 *loads of Japanese ....... Satellite!!! XD

  16. damarisjapan

    So much better. Japanese is so beautiful :-). The perfect language ;-)

  17. himiqq

    And this really helps me because I'm learning Japanese :D

  18. himiqq

    Good :D

  19. Syupweque

    Is it good or bad I've memorized the lyrics to this?

  20. Sam Brown

    loved it how you can tell some words are similar and you can vaguely make out the English lurics

  21. Jarmo Verriet

    I like the English version more but this version is cool too!

  22. Niels Schellekens

    In this version I love how playful 1:32 sounds.

  23. Effluvium

    Yeah and the Japanese words fits much better on this "beat" than the english one. I think in the other one they are a little bit stressed to put everything to the right time.

  24. NotZach

    Yeah its weird japanese words just.... sound better... maybe because they are easier to say in a row if you know wat i mean

  25. Effluvium

    i think this version sounds much geater than the english one...

  26. Syupweque

    This song sounds so weird sped up 2X.

  27. Leo

    Thx i have been looking got this song so long