Area 11 - Processor Lyrics

I took a chance to fly
Crossfire filled your skies
I want no role in your altercation
Call me alumni

Your release; my deformity
Structures collapsing around me
Running sealed in the seventh circle
With you, eternally

I feel panic arise as rhetoric voices are feeding back again
Blocking out vitriolic accusations: Was I listening?

Because I want to be better on the inside
I want to be better on the outside
I want to be better on the inside
I want to be, to be

I fall asleep in the vestige I once called my home
Monolyth; paralysed standing stone
I pray for you, abide with the hopeless
Your war desecrates magnum opus

The pious haunting now at ground zero
Ringed blockades around a tableau
Regretting the choice but I can't turn away
Hearing the voice; no sense in what they say

Built by the grace of a god
Destroyed by the pantheon's rage
The modern synthesis compels me to start again

And I want to be better on the inside
I want to be better on the outside
I want to be better on the inside
I want to be better, better

I devour it all, every colour and every shape
Scream my message etching wisdom on the landscape
Scarring a path; my apraxia through
I will have my way, I told you, I told you, I told you

Built by the grace of a god
Destroyed by the pantheon's rage
The modern synthesis compels me to start again
The solution sequestered in the myth

As I dispersonalise I taste a real life
And far from the pacifist you believe I exemplify
I am the fury, I am hypocrisy
I can sing higher, soaring disbelief
The day I take control
The day you'll believe in me

Lines fade out, I illuminate
The path back home, the path I'll show you
As lines fade out, I illuminate
And lead the way back home, the path that you'll follow
Lines fade out, I illuminate
The path back home, the path that I'll show you
As lines fade out, I illuminate
And lead the way back home, the path that you'll follow
As lines fade out, I will illuminate
The path back home, where you'll wait for me, wait for me
Lines they fade out and I illuminate
The path back home, where you'll wait for me, wait for me

Lines fade out but I illuminate
When lines fade out

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Area 11 Processor Comments
  1. Liam Needham

    "As I dispersonalise, I taste a real life."
    "And far from the pacifist you believe I exemplify."
    "I am the fury, I am hypocrisy."
    "I can sing higher, soaring disbelief."
    "The day I take control, the day you'll believe in me."

    Poetry. First of all, ponder what does it even mean to dispersonalise. Become less like a person? Why is less person more of a real life?
    Second, such a powerful line. To exemplify is to embody fully, and yet they are far from the embodiment of pacifism. And so they are closer to the embodiment of war and violence. Fury. And then Hypocrisy, parallel to Fury.
    Thirdly, Singing? Such a juxtaposition to mention singing, and yet it fits. Singing higher like its an accolade to be worshipped, so high its unbelievable that it could ever be attained.
    Fourthly, the desperation for the day they could take control. I do not hear a threat in the way this is sung, I hear a longing. A need to be believed in.

    Summary, I believe these are the words of a god in some form, or at least someone who exists in a position of unattainable power or fame, to be worshipped. The parallels are too many throughout the digital haunt. Yet this is a cry to the worshippers to stop blindly following, to see the truth and love them for who they really are.

  2. theBlueMoa

    0:37 - 0:38 recording error


    a pic going tink

  3. Dreamwalker

    Ever think the lyrics “Built by the grace of a god, destroyed by The Pantheon’s rage. The modern synthesis compels me to start again,” Refers to Echo and the Echoplane, possibly being destroyed or altered by outside forces while Cassandra is unwillingly watching. Which causes herself to force her own evolution?

    Maybe I’m misreading and misunderstanding the words of the song but what do we know? I am not the most active or knowledgeable about Digital Haunt but it sounds kind of neat.

  4. Ry Hartley

    I don't mean to be picky, but if you want to go into this metalcore sound seriously, you need to bring out the low frequencies more in the bass and guitars. Other than that I love that song :D

  5. Natsnapper399

    Looks like foo fighters made a cover of this

  6. joe y

    holy fuck why'd i take so long to find this

  7. The sandwich

    How has it already been a year?! You guys better get a new album out soon! ^-^

  8. Morthana M

    How are you guys SO GOOD at everything you do? You seem to flawlessly pull off everything you do! I love it!

  9. Ananta Pandu Wicaksana

    sick intro dude

  10. Aidy Is A Tem

    screams one word. WUT.

  11. Martyn Skytech

    The begining reminded me of hypoxia

  12. Got ice tea

    fantastic band I still love Enter Shikari though sorry

  13. Leprechaun Butt Milk

    It will be a sad day when everybody forgets their origins of Euphemia and All the Lights in the Sky for songs and Albums like this.


    Given that Override [C] and Watchmaker are on this album. I'd say that not likely. This and Versus are the only metalcore on MS. I think this album just got swayed by Parv's 7-string too much, otherwise it would have shaped up lighter and with more room for synth. Anime lyrics are definitely done though, but nobody is forgetting that.

  14. Tammy H

    has anybody made a drawing to this song/album yet? 'Cause that would be absolutely awesome to see

  15. Skyler High

    Half of this song's lyrics is the same as Panacea and the prelogue only here he talks about himself


    I believe the two songs are from two different perspectives

    sam Hardy

    Get to digital haunt boi

    Kram Ballinger

    Or its Todo with Cassandra because Digital Haunt is a thing

  16. Earl Parkour

    Sounds like a song about A.I.

  17. Livid_Sentinel

    Man, I really enjoy every single song that A11 puts out, I just really wish there wasn't like half screamo during parts of all the new ones :/


    @Maxiestagate50 So really, this whole comment thread is irrelevant.


    @Stuart Cantlay Yes, exactly xD

    Andrew Szlagowski

    i like songs like the contract, euphemia, are you listening, heaven peircing gigadrill, angel lust and life of a ghost ect.


    I barely ever notice the screaming in this song, I hear the lyrics but it's never super loud. Well that is just my opinion and it's probably a lot louder for you.


    ^ No, you're right. It's extremely ear-friendly screaming compared to other bands. But honestly all it takes if a couple weeks of listening to bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Protest the Hero, Enter Shikari, etc. to get over the complaint the OP has.

  18. Bagelynn

    hmm... what sentance am i looking for here... oh yes! R.I.P. Headphone users!

    Horatio's Ego

    Its a good pain.

  19. Quick Games

    anyone else want to have that middle bit as a graphical background on pc (reacting to audio on the pc)

    Quick Games

    whats its ram use like?


    @quickhakker Depends on your scripts, or "skins" as they're called. My current setup doesn't use a lot, but my old one used 700 or 800 mb.


    Yeah I currently have a rainmeter that does that, it's called NXTOS... I don't know how to put the area 11 mod synth logo on it, but it reacts to my PC's sound

    Andrew Szlagowski

    i believe there is a free adobe program for it


    Is there something like that on IOS?
    I have audiogasm but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.

  20. Mary Tab

    all I can say is your knowledge is real. YOUR light heart raying beauty.

  21. lucipurr___

    Oh, screaming, okay then

  22. Surf dude 81

    Found album on Fopp the other day so happy !!!!

    Surf dude 81

    In fopp

  23. Martyn Skytech

    Of all of the songs on this album this one gets stuck in my head.

    Nicholas Subocz

    Martyn Skytech It actually can be heard before, as the same melody is heard in the (3rd?) movement of bozosoku symphonic

    Nicholas Subocz

    Actually is*


    Same. I'll be listening to life of a ghost or something, then my mind randomly switches to, "I took a chance to fly"

  24. IsThatComicSans

    Monolith sounds like waddling to me onfg

  25. Sencaster

    Does anyone know if the songs in MS are inspired by anime like the ones in ATLITS was

    Jonny Hancox

    I think they branched away form Anime after ATLITS...


    Other than homunculus, all music released after atlits was about digital haunt, not anime

    Unoriginal Username

    Underline wasn't anime themed either.


    +Jonny Hancox Well they'll never be completely branched away from it since their name is from code geass :P

    Jonny Hancox

    @Summy99 I suppose so

  26. Nat Robertson

    Got to hear you sing this live one Tuesday in Liverpool it was amazing and got to meet you ever the show where you just tried to copy my scouse accent xx

  27. Paul MaximumC00L09

    love it tho Versus is my fav

    Lucifer Pride1

    same here

  28. Angie _

    Not to be 'that one person', but accusations is misspelled at 0:44 and now I can't unsee it.


    Now I can't unsee it either.


    ....they are trying their best


    I know that's why I'm annoyed that now I can't not see it. XD


    For all we know that could be on purpose, hinting at something digital haunt related.


    @Drafe zard ooooh maybe I'd like to think that ;3

  29. Harriet Griffiths

    So good!!

  30. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  31. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  32. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  33. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  34. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  35. Joey Flower

    Loving it. u guys rock!

  36. Sally-Anne Gilbert

    ; - ; I love this so much

  37. Angelina Lemley

    I like that you added something greek.

    Angelina Lemley

    im not but I kinda have an obsession with greece and greek stuff

    Angelina Lemley

    +King Potato Also "Destroyed by the pantheon's rage" is greek.

    Evan Chow

    Also the "Thread sisters" in after the flags seems like reference to the three fates.

    Liam Needham

    If you like greek references, then I urge you to listen to the previous band of Sparkles* called Ghost Cassette. Also part of the same universe of the Digital Haunt, there are a few references to myths and history. I get the impression that the story in the Ghost Cassette songs literally takes place in a historic time, while Area 11 is modern into future.

  38. Angelina Lemley

    I love it

  39. Eric Schmidt


  40. Areteryl

    favourite song on the album! so proud of you guys. from 5000 facebook likes when i found you to seeing the album in hmv... im so happy for you!

    Andrew Szlagowski

    because facebook matters