Area 11 - New Magiks Lyrics

I'm watching the mirror crack
To face my addiction
This all feels a little strange
A life fearing fiction

I better step outside
Deep in the ocean
I walk to the bottom
It's all fine, from the shoreline

The weight crushing down my heart
You don't want it, you don't wanna know
A head full of dying stars
The shoulders that bear the load

The wave crashes down on my heart
Riptides compel the flow
A head full of dying stars
You don't wanna know

We're caught in the New Magiks
My mind's a rogue nation
Just look how we weaponise
Carnal accusation

I better step outside
Alone on the mountain high
So deep are the valleys
It's all fine, a drop in the skyline

The weight crushing down my heart
You don't want it, you don't wanna know
A head full of dying stars
The shoulders that bear the load

The wave crashes down on my heart
Riptides compel the flow
A head full of dying stars
You don't wanna know

(Make it hurt)
Percolate emotion
(Have you heard?)
Boys lost to the ocean drown
You were the bright newcomer
I fucked you up that summer
I didn't know, you let me know

(Scream and shout)
Oh, my mind is loaded
(Let it out)
Before you're eroded down
Come every son and daughter
Cast your stones into the water

The weight crushing down my heart
You don't want it, you don't wanna know
A head full of dying stars
The shoulders that bear the load

The wave crashes down on my heart
Riptides compel the flow
A head full of dying stars
You don't wanna know

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Area 11 New Magiks Comments
  1. Sunderland Till I Die

    The sacred texts

  2. Sputnekdesigns

    "The shoulders that bear the loaf"

  3. PandaGamer398

    I thought they were going all Enter Shikari and I was really digging it but I was not expecting this welcome surprise

  4. Mish Mush

    2:40 my mind of loafed

  5. Firestar Aramov

    Not usually one for commenting, but damn. Loving the sound of this. Excited for more. Parv, your guitar sound has gone from very good to amazing as time has gone on. Thanks to all of you guys for giving us more music to listen to.

  6. Tim Smith

    Something I'm noticing already is that you guys really seem to have found a sound that suits you. Modern Synthesis was so varied, it was like you were trying out different styles, but I can already tell this album is going to have one consistent sound. Not saying that all the tracks will sound the same, I hope they don't, but I think the album will benefit from being more consistent.

  7. kieran arnold

    you guys are gods 💜💜

  8. Coffee

    I missed you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your songs, I've been waiting for what feels like years... Oh wait😂💙

  9. Batman's Pet Goldfish

    Love the guitar work in this one! Kudos to Parv.

  10. Jack Wyatt

    Get your bitch asses down to Australia for a show, fellas. We'll buy the tickets and the drinks

  11. Stellar Spiders

    well folks it's time to play "is she nakey??"

  12. i_am_BreadCrumbs

    This is so fucking good, glad to hear you guys again

  13. Probly a sweet potato

    One of the likes in the first one is mine! I saw when it was only like three lines in!

  14. Liam Needham

    The theme of stars carried over from ATLITS. But perhaps more importantly the theme of drowning carried over from my favourite song Override [A]. Sounds cool. Do we know when the new albums going to drop?

  15. C.I. S.I.

    These lyrics ❤❤❤. You guys outdid yourselfs again!

  16. Auraharako

    Now more then ever I am getting the Enter Shikari vibes

    Anthony Davies

    nah man. versus and last garrison

  17. Sianna Scale


  18. sondre holm

    0:00 For new replay button. In case you broke it like I did.

  19. LlamaFluff

    Why is the same time throughout?

  20. Pat Harvey


  21. AnAmetuerAuthor

    I love this so much <3

  22. Cie

    AAAAA I love it! Whats next???

  23. Tai Y.

    New Area 11, so hyped!

  24. Rachael

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  25. Sips' Number One Fan

    I loved the part at like 2:30!

  26. CyanRose

    *Cracks knuckles*
    Who else is ready for Digital Haunt to kick into gear again??




    I just want to start digging and do theory again

  27. Thorski

    Magica madoka?

  28. Bonso the Boner Bear

    Spotify ain't letting me listen


    The cult is everywhere dear god

  29. Jarmo Verriet

    Fucking hell, guys. These songs are absolutely amazing!

  30. Andrew Szlagowski


  31. Tubsin games

    anyone else going on the tour?
    can't wait

  32. tre kelley

    I'm excited, I just got the modern synthesis record yesterday and now I get this too. I'm very happy with how well area 11 is doing now I subbed at 1k subs and they have certainly been a much larger.

  33. Jack B

    After a first listen, I’m not too sure if I’m a big fan of either song, but I had the exact same first impression for Homunculus, Underline and Modern Synthesis, and I ended up loving all of those after a few repeat listens. I have no doubt I’ll feel the same about these songs.


    These feel more like dual singles. The Contract, Red Queen, Homunculus like you said. They're catchy but pretty straightforward. Underline had a lot of depth to it, with In the Blind and kicking off the Override symphony.


    I had the exact same feelings about Modern Synthesis! Now I love it at least as much as ATLITS. I hope you’re right and these two get better with time lol


    How's it now?

    Jack B

    Maxiestagate50 I really like it now. Exactly as I predicted 😂


    Exactly how I felt, but after spending all night relistening to all of ATLITS and Modern Synthesis, these feel way more at home to me and I love them <3

  34. ganondorj2

    Man, you guys keep evolving!
    I listened to the original EP version of Euphemia the other day and it... wasn't great. BUT I love seeing how you guys have been constantly improving over the years. I really enjoyed All The Lights In The Sky, I loved Modern Synthesis. And now you bring out a banger like this! Keep it up, my dudes.

  35. DuVanyali

    Ahhh! They better do an American tour someday


    DuVanyali *mumblegrumbleCanadatoo*

  36. Emily Jane Lumsden

    I'm so proud that my comment is the last one before the typing starts for this vid lmao

  37. Sbreddragon


  38. axel boström

    Wow, that was pretty awesome

  39. HenmanO1

    What a pleasant surprise to end my night on. Thanks friends

  40. TimBagels

    That was a trip.

    I'm so hyped for whats next now!

  41. tojer2010

    An alright song like "All your friends". Hyped for the new album. But still, like with the other song, the only complaint is the style change AGAIN. Otherwise, got no problems.


    tojer2010 There isnt a new album, its just two new songs

    Joe Arrowsmith

    music evolves as the creators do my friend, such is the beauty of art

  42. Gpicat

    lol is this a trend or something? What’s with this video


    Sparkles sounds so much more comfortable singing this style here, which was my main complaint for Modern Synthesis. This sounds really, really good though! Good job lads

  44. SilentTremor

    This is such a lovely little video that just makes me smile knowing that the visuals were actually recorded on Instagram.

  45. ATW

    My only question is: why is it always 9:41?


    Because time stops when their music plays


    It's to do with when Apple first shows off their iPhones, conference starts at 9 with the idea to show off the product 40 minutes later and they wanted the device to show the current time but also gave themselves a minute in case. This has became a little in-joke now where all Apple marketing material shows the time as 9:41, so when Apple first added the ability to record your screen, they wanted to do it in a way that has no identifiable information. So no carrier, full signal, wifi, charging at 100% and of course, time at 9:41.

    tl;dr Apple in-joke

    Lucy P

    I was wondering why it was 9:41, because all the insta stuff happened at like 11am bst

  46. Kingasdfg

    These songs are pretty great, but I think ,of the two, this one's better.


    without a doubt

  47. Marcellinos Penny

    The only acceptable vertical video


  48. Darkfalcon233

    The moment when you make it in the video 🎉 absolutely love these new songs, they sound amazing in general and even better performed live, the hype for album 3 is most definitely on the increase

  49. Tiana Halsey

    This is lit

  50. Tiana Halsey

    I dropped everything to listen

  51. Lucy P

    Okay I'm in this video multiple times, my life is definitely complete now

  52. Sarky Canadian

    im loving these so far

  53. ZeroEleven

    Loving it


    Never clicked on notifications this fast.

  55. TheSilverWolfX

    So thats why the lyrics were under the pic. Great stuff lads!

  56. William Spencer

    Fantastic work again, along with an interesting video style

  57. Alfred Williams

    Drop everything


    into the skyline, right?

  58. fatbastrdslapu

    Awesome stuff, again guys!

  59. Ryan

    I'm so excited for this new album!


    Ryan There isn't a new album, just two new songs.

    Thomas P

    Yeah, they are gonna do album 3 at some point, i guess this is here to confirm that they are still working on new stuff