Area 11 - Nebula Lyrics

This is my suffering, stuttering the words
Spyglasses salivate sound; bites to the heart
Forsake my opiate, my counterweight and part
As all I can see is you

Hey there you lost boy, just look at what they've done to you
They've poisoned the well of your mind but you'll make it through

Speak free with the faction
As we build it up with our hands
So to ease fear and inaction
We own the land, we own the land

This is my suffering, stuttering the words
Spyglasses salivate sound; bites to the heart
Forsake my opiate, my counterweight and part
As all I can see is you

Voltaic reaction, I'm falling to the call of you
To love just an action, we overplay and overdo

Draw strength from our unified energy
We see through your crystalline phantasy
But now, there's no one beside me
They've fallen behind

Trains howl gaining traction
Pull our comrades clear from the sands
With our minds free of distraction
We own the land, we own the land

This is my suffering, stuttering the words
Spyglasses salivate sound; bites to the heart
Forsake my opiate, my counterweight and part
As all I can see is you

This is my suffering, stuttering the words
Spyglasses salivate sound; bites to the heart
Forsake my opiate, my counterweight and part
As all I can see is you

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Area 11 Nebula Comments
  1. The sandwich

    Huh, the lyrics kinda have a different meaning after rewatching guardians of the galaxy 2.

  2. kiki22005

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Morthana M

    This would be an incredible intro theme to a tv series, or something

  4. Raindrop

    I like cummies.

  5. PandaGamer398

    This has a familiar sound to it...


  6. Hylian Xbox

    Can't stop listening to this song

  7. Logan Waite

    the use of the word faction feels like a cheap and over used strong word choice other then that it is one if my favorite songs.

  8. LedFingers

    Conjo! Que mierda.

  9. Martyn Skytech

    it sounds like theres a little bit of euphemia.

    KC Sutherland

    Martyn Skytech this is definitely the Euphemia of the album.

  10. CoffeeAddict 47

    This song describes my life word for word, it's a beautiful song. Well done guys!

    CoffeeAddict 47

    (My life currently)

  11. Shinaari

    I wonder why they only decided to give Override [C], Nebula and Panacea distinct lyric videos (or parts of them at least)

  12. Rosie Anderson

    this is my all time fave off this album!!!

  13. TheStevieP

    Man look at all those lights in the sky... ;)

  14. Trite

    hope they do a dev diary thing like they did with their last album again would love to learn all about the modern synthesis' thought process and maginations

    Cookie Dragon

    yes!! I reckon there is alot of in depth and complex things that fans may have missed and I'd love to see them. would be so cool.


    especially because this is a very digital haunt style album so if they did it would help anyone on that side tremendously, but ti'd be nice to see the bands reasons for the songs and what it means to them ect.

    Cookie Dragon

    +Trite I think angel lust would be a good one to hear about

    Rosie Anderson

    The first few episodes of S* vlogs is them finishing the Album x

    Cookie Dragon

    +Rosie Anderson I can remember watching them, however can't remember much lol

  15. Sacred Stars TC

    This is my favourite song from Modern Synthesis. I wish I could've gone to their July Tour, but alas, wrong side of the Pond.


    How was it? I went to Tunbridge wells on tuesday, it was awesome, and it was a really tiny venue so I chatted with Parv and Sparkles* afterwards :D Really great night I'll never forget


    @Gruntwill // it was awesome!!! I met the whole band and stuff! Martyn Littlewood was there! :3 Parv broke my sketchbook when he went to sign it -.- he offered money and everything. Me: "PARV. CHILL." Such cool guys.

    Harry Wheeler

    wait area 11 have fans in america? or are you on holiday? my favourite band are getting more and more popular>!

    Sacred Stars TC

    @Harry Wheeler
    Yeah, eastern seaboard US. was introduced by another american, who found out about them through the Yogscast. He brought it up when we were talking about what anime we had watched over Winter Break this past year. He showed me Euphemia (Blackline) and then I listened to Knightmare/Frame (2012) as well as the new versions and Tokyo House Party and I was hooked. I think the first non-gaijin rock song I listened to by them was watchmaker, then The Contract and Versus. Area 11 is probably my favourite band that makes real music. (I spell favourite that way but i am an American, i assure you... just spent far too much time in Canada when I was younger, got all my spelling skewed between American and Canadian English)

    Harry Wheeler

    I hope you do get to see them live some day. I have twice and the atmosphere is outstanding. It is funny because they are genuinely humbled that people like their music. The most recent time I saw them was two days after the album launch. S* was shocked that everybody knew all the words already. Trust me it's worth a £700 flight and expensive hotel stay in britain to see a band whose tickets cost not much more that a tenner!

  16. Hyaku

    "Sound bites to the heart"... I was singing Sandwich to the heart, thank god for lyric videos, eh?


    Hyaku when I first heard it, I thought that "to kill a King with a slight of hand" (from Knightmare/Frame) was "to kill a King with a slice of ham"...

    Maybe they're trying to tell us something.?

    KC Sutherland

    raydar2016 "Gimme a woman, and I'll tell you what, Pop!" is my guilty misheard lyric. That and "Rest with your bird, and a bad comprehension." Instead of "As we abandon hope of comprehension."

    Elemental wolf

    Sandwich to the heart makes much more sense

  17. Lucy Spittle


  18. Captain SUSHI

    I love The contract, Processor, Nebula , and Panacea And The Prelougue! Please make more awesome songs like these! ^_^

  19. Paul MaximumC00L09

    wow another brilliant song a very close 3rd

  20. Holly-elizabeth

    This is my new favourite song, like this has taken over anything greenday have done. So much love for this album 💜💜💜💜

  21. Hannah Darkling

    Hmmm sleep or watch these again. AXI always wins.

  22. Robert Monk

    This is my favourite song that they've done so far

  23. essjay302

    Flash backs to Underline with the blue and purple.

    Total Trash Mammal

    Maybe it's a hint that we missed a connection between this song and something on that album?


    +Phantomhive underline is referenced constantly in this album as is ghost cassette. Are you listening is the one that's mentioned to most so it's probably that.

    Total Trash Mammal

    @essjay302 I can't wait to do some digging into the songs of this album. :3


    +Phantomhive the digital haunt club decends.

  24. Jarmo Verriet

    I always hear Parv instead of part

    Unoriginal Username

    Remember GOFAP? "There's Parv in me, its breaking free"


    +Unoriginal Username sounds like parv has a heaven piercing GIGA dril.

    Unoriginal Username

    He's too busy gofapping



  25. Steelword648 !!!!

    sparkles is da best

  26. Toon Sakurano

    Favorite song on the album, but let's be honest, everything on the album and everything you make is just absolutely amazing no matter what! <3

  27. Satthew

    Oh my, how wonderful \m/