Area 11 - Minecraft Christmas Lyrics

It's Christmas Eve, but no snow's falling down
I'm all alone, no there's no one around
Can't pay my bills 'cause I lost my job
I still got power but my internet's off

I hate this world, but I love this new seed
I spawn in a forest with snow on the floor
Could this be the Christmas I was searching for?

My mates went away, and they didn't invite me
My parents aren't dead, no they just don't like me
Put two blocks of snow and a pumpkin together
I made a friend who'll be with me forever

'Cause it's a Minecraft Christmas time
Chilling with my buddy even though I'm offline
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very very very nice Christmas you're having this year

We built a house, well, it's more of a shack
I got the wood and he's got my back
He throws his balls at the mobs so unruly
I decked the halls with this lapis lazuli

We ventured out, just my snowman and me
We found a sapling for a Christmas tree (Christmas tree)
We skipped back home, so happy and gay
No, wait! I meant that in the old-fashioned way!

We had a roast chicken, 'cause the game's not got turkey
We made mashed potato from this squid that's so derpy
But the furnace was hot, and when I awoke I found
Fifteen little snowballs lying there on the ground

'Cause it's a Minecraft Christmas time
Nothing seems cheery now my buddy has died
There's a whole world of pain and fear
It's a very very very bad Christmas I'm having this year

There goes my phone, it's a text from my dad (Merry Christmas, son)
An early gift; he got my internet back
Hop on the server, all my friends are online
Turns out they've been waiting for me all of this time

Spawn into the world, and what do I see?
A snowman party for my homies and me
Exchanging gifts and dancing without a care
Me and my snowman, we're walking in the air

It's a Minecraft Christmas time
Chilling with my buddies, everyone is online
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very very very nice Christmas-

'Cause it's a Minecraft Christmas time
Chilling with my buddies everyone is online
There's a whole world of joy and cheer
That's a very very very nice Christmas you're having-

A very very very nice Christmas (woo-aoh)

A very very very nice Christmas we're having this year

It would be a shame if something were to happen to it

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Area 11 Minecraft Christmas Comments
  1. thunder slash :v 1

    My God... I found this again...
    Bro, the nostalgia
    7 years whitout hearing this ;-;

  2. Dakingof Bootleg

    Why do I feel so old just watching this I don’t get it I’m only 14 too that’s the problem

  3. Nathan Moshier

    Who ever can memorize the seed between 0:28 to 0:31 is legend

  4. KingNoahCraft

    Let's sing it in the replies of this comment!


    It's Christmas Eve, but no snow is falling down


    I’m all alone, no there’s no one around


    @ZenBoi Can't pay my bills cause I lost my job


    I still got power but my internet’s off

  5. Blocketry

    This is pretty much exactly how my friends and I celebrated Christmas in 2013

  6. Blocketry

    Exactly 10 days before I officially got my Minecraft account in 2012, wow :D

  7. Eason Jin

    One of my favourite in favourite songs! Seriously.

  8. Jimmy Bungalo

    0:58 heck yeah snow golem dab

  9. G10S1

    Damm, seeing Sjin hit home really hard, we miss you buddy... <3 You'll always be welcomed back.

  10. Gman 334

    Everyone boutta be like: "2020 anyone?"


    yup >-<

  11. timo_lp 99

    Damn is that nostalgic.

  12. Hannah Jacobson

    I remember being 9 and sobbing when the snowman died Rip 15 snowballs

  13. AeroDize


  14. Jaff Amazing

    I did search the seed

    And i got MY BUDDY BACK

  15. Hiroyuki Sensei

    Ngl I just rewatched this after watching it months ago and it kinda just gives me a depressing vibe

  16. Klassisk

    dang this song is 8 years old... I wish I could go back and appreciate every single memory again but unfortunately time machine technology has not yet been proven or invented ;c so I'm here listening to this song remembering my amazing childhood :)

  17. GamingOS

    Schlatt is an idiot. This song has a fucking KEY CHANGE, A GODDAMN KEY CHANGE. This is the best Minecraft parody, and it's original too.

  18. ZAC -n

    Ah now its 2020 man time just flies fast

  19. RedDanny O

    Is it bad I cried

  20. Enraged Shark

    3:02 I miss sjin

  21. Enraged Shark

    Watching this again after so long is great! Even better that I watched it when the view count hit 15,000,690 , Nice

  22. KrazyKat

    I love this song to death, but now I'm sad cause Christmas is over

  23. TwoTypicalNoobs

    Been coming here for years, Merry Christmas!

  24. Lil_Leshuga

    Merry christmas

  25. emlo40 the cringe boi

    2019 AYYY

  26. Flesh

    Merry christmas my fellow yognaughts

  27. Broom Closet Joe

    Merry crhistmas 2019

  28. Paradox

    I came back this Christmas for the nostalgia and felt terrible and upset at myself for some reason after watching this

  29. Bean Anonymous

    Yo merry Christmas guys hope you have a great holiday and a great 2020!


    You too!

  30. Neikol

    Merry Christmas!

  31. Benjamin Young

    I don't understand the song he pay his Bill's and he lost his job?

  32. L0ST S0UL


  33. Ben Clark

    ayo that MINECRAFT CHRISTMAS be hittin different tho

  34. Bjørn Bjørnsson

    Merry Christmas Yogs!

  35. TheNintendoFan37

    Merry Christmas!

  36. Isaac Primous

    Bruh, the games got potatoes, leave the squids alone

  37. Toofless

    It would be kinda depressing if your Christmas was like that.

  38. Oscar Le Derp

    See you guys next year :D

  39. Briggs

    I was twelve when this shit came out😭

  40. Franklin


    cool koi


  41. Rhys

    Merry Christmas

  42. THE _CREED


  43. grendo44

    every christmas i come back to this

  44. Egg Nut

    1:47 where real men cried

  45. Jeff OS

    Merry Christmas to everyone who has come here for nostalgia and to those who have played this each christmas!!

  46. JAFS UK

    Starting Christmas day off right

  47. Usm



    Usm Merry Christmas 😂

  48. Purple Skittles

    Merry Christmas

  49. Pumpkin King

    I love snow golems

  50. Holty The styracosaurus

    Merry Christmas, everyone

  51. Zenoth

    Back here again,

    Every Christmas Eve

  52. Claudia Sturgell

    I've watched this video every christmas since I was 12. I haven't watched a Minecraft vid in years, ive never watched this channel other than this video.

  53. The Last Wymsi

    Everytime I hear this, I'm filled with an indescribable sadness. It reminds of a time when before my world went to hell.

    I love you dad, wish you were still here. Merry Christmas.


    God bless you and have a merry christmas

  54. eeveegaming4798

    I’m still here merry christmas

  55. un weon

    A few hours and i'ts christmas :D
    Happy christmas from Argentina

  56. YaBoy TIG

    I came here from chrisrmas 2019

  57. Exiege Last week Gamer

    I never sleep during Christmas.
    So I get to listen to this masterpiece as much as I want to.

  58. kai crenshaw

    Amazing and beautiful as always. I love this song! Merry Christmas everyone and goodbye 2010s!

  59. Khalil Winston

    Y🅰️LL K♑⭕W ℹ♍ 🅰️🅱️⭕⛎✝️ ✝️⭕ 🅱️L🅰️5️⃣✝️ I ✝️Hℹ5️⃣ ⭕♑ ©️Hℹ5️⃣✝️♍🅰️5️⃣

  60. Joe 1418


  61. rockipship

    it’s that time of the year .)

  62. tay y

    christmas 2019

  63. tay y

    this makes me want to cry

  64. Peejay Goh

    christmas 2019 its 3am here but im here just to hear this song

  65. Thumb Guru

    Come back for this every year. Thanks for the childhood to all the yogscast! Merry Christmas all!

  66. Mason K

    My god the nostalgia

  67. Darkfalcon233

    Well it's Christmas Eve 2019 and it's not snowing, guess it's time to load up that seed again. Anyone else up for a Minecraft Christmas?

  68. BleachIsHere

    Nostalgia flashbacks when I was like 9 watching this and barely clued into the adult shit going on in it but coming back to it there’s so many memories rushing in...almost brings me to tears.

  69. DazSam

    Who’s watching in 3076

  70. maya gee

    back again for christmas eve


    7 years and going

  71. Doctor Gun

    Merry Christmas everybody! <3

  72. Kram Ballinger

    Anyone here on 68954012663 day

  73. djscout666

    0:04 the van says candy XD

  74. Schrade22

    Merry Christmas, still respect this song, no matter my age

  75. Harvey Bird

    Merry Minecraft Christmas Day to you all! (“It’s Christmas eve...”)

    Wishing you all the best holiday period 💕

  76. Huntero

    nothings better than playing mc on Christmas with a snow biome

  77. Sean Copper

    The only Christmas song I still need in my life!

  78. xavi448

    This is what I will put on my alarm on Christmas

  79. Dominik Orlovskij

    Can not believe this ce out when I was 9

  80. JCstock

    Christmas time again again again again again again

  81. Antonio479

    Tis the season


    @Mungo thank you but thats not what i meant to say


    Yes it was noob


    @Mungo lol no

  82. Keekhou

    Who else here every Christmas?

  83. Joseph Byrne

    Merry Christmas shitlords

  84. Xio Monroy

    Wholesome 100

  85. Hugo Magno


  86. Owen Wagner

    I come back every year, I even hid this song on the family Christmas playlist

  87. Frank Lin

    I so happy and G-Y
    Wait No
    I mean the old fashion way!!! 🙄

  88. I'm a Person

    Did anyone actually check the seed from the song?

  89. GameTheorist 101

    This is depressing. I mean the start.

  90. BadChu Kun


  91. Stoner Shag


  92. Fercy Y.

    I listened to this when I was 6.Im 13 now...Wow

  93. bru oof

    Visiting this song every Christmas

  94. ZenBoi

    Shame it’s no longer on Spotify

  95. Miguel_Font 914

    My brother thinks this is trash he’s just like schlatt

  96. HCGShibby