Area 11 - In The Blind Lyrics

Hold the line? Thespianic answers.
Abode of time annihilates advances.
I redesign, I realign.
Frozen, as in, foetal.
Red-shift bathes the hours when it's weakest.
Space-gap-space; repeat; release the secrets.
I redefine, and yet resign. My only hope: to feel.
And when I phased out the "privileged" and the "purpose"
I realized that art can never true be separated
From the frames, and the veins. Incumbent carcinoma
That should define who I will never be. Sorry.

Cause this is the new way,
Still spinning cycles in my mind,
Spinning cycles in the blind,
Tryin' to catch me out.
Hold me back and keep me down!

Cause this is the new way,
Still spinning cycles in my mind,
So many cycles in the blind,
Tryin' to catch me out.

Refluxed detest, integrity I passed on.
Take this fuck, rejected on the last one.
Drop the weights, accept my fate, and trigger the explosion.
I scar lives in neurons; ink on ripped skin.
Countermand: the paradigm is shifting,
Now keep the faith as illusions break and we'll show you something real.
And when I reach out into event horizons
Will there be light and sound, or will it be just me?


And as I stepped into the unknown I got the sudden realization that everything is strangely familiar as though I've been carrying this feeling, in every moment and every place I've inhabited and existed, and more to the point after many occasions been made to feel awful by the continuation by chemical anomalies.

Because everything around me is a viral indication of an internalized ideal of what I believe to be reality, but it's also completely and unbelievably unique in every sense of the word, and that I am as much in control of this construct as I am in control of how you feel hearing these words.

And all the time I got confused, angry, and insatiably discontent with the reaction of punishing the certain events of creation and they are, in conclusion, the same thing, in a computer reality, created only since we care too much about the petty construction that was built up around our existence, surrounded by a placeholder until we've been manipulated into believing, a single electron moving in all directions and all times as we watch from our vantage point at the edge of the explosion.


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Area 11 In The Blind Comments
  1. DownWithLogic

    Man what I would do the have an HD version of this (with the spoken section just a tiny bit louder)

  2. Prof Google

    This is a pretty good song.

  3. TheMattster5000

    at first i thought the visualizer was a cheap way of making a video, but then i realized that it fits perfectly for the theme of this song.

  4. Orion

    This song is so fun singing along

  5. Monster King Solomon

    i like it


    Shut up you don't have rights

  6. GabrielleCC66

    Does anyone know who does the spoken part? I can't tell if it is Sparkles* or Leo.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    +cutiecreeper66 Sparkles*, in a livestream with Martyn he said he did it.


    @The Eleventh Cassette Alright, thanks! I don't know why, but it sounded a bit like Leo to me! :P

  7. SomeguycalledSmithy

    I'm not the only one who hears Tokyo House party in most of this. The best example is that you can hear it's solo in the build up to the chorus.

  8. Zephyrus Mapping

    And I'm sitting here not even knowing what the digital haunt or Cassandra or Ghost Cassete or anything like that is supposed to be.

    Zap Gun

    +Unoriginal Username Was that a wholly different band, or just the name of the band before it was called Area 11? I remember reading somewhere that the band was named around October 3 years ago, at the same time that they wrote Euphemia.

    Unoriginal Username

    I believe Ghost Cassette is a different band. It has different members, save for Sparkles*, and a distinctly different style. @Zap Gun

    Zap Gun

    @Unoriginal Username Alright then. Then again, at what point is a band a different band? When all the original members have been replaced? When the name changes? When they decide to play a different style/genre of music? All of the above, or only some of them?
    But yeah I guess you'd be right, to be honest I don't know much about what came before A11.


    +Zap “Gee” Gun Lol let's not bring The Ship of Theseus into this.

    Zap Gun

    @Summy99 But it's such a mind-break, I love it xD

  9. Brooklynae

    I originally came her to find out what the spoken part was. yet reading the comments and listening to the song many times, caused for me to know the true meaning of the song, helping me understand it more. ^-^

  10. Vanessa


  11. Sips' Number One Fan

    1:40 as I was watching this video I noticed a rather interesting line that I had never noticed before and never would have unless I saw the lyrics 😂 XD


    +Gamer Newbz The part "Take this fuck" I image Sparkles* talking about himself and if there was a music video, he'd be bouncing backwards with his arms out, forming himself as a cross or something, He'll look like a human T and then go back up to the microphone.

    sondre holm

    Take this fuck

  12. Tails802

    It's been awhile since I've seen the anime, but is this referencing A Certain Magical Index/Scientific Rail Gun? The line "I'll keep the faith as illusions break" seems to point to it.

    melvin smid

    +Tails802 derline isn't based on anime just the digitahaunt

    melvin smid

    +Melvin Smid underline and digitalhaunt

  13. Sam Jones Photography

    I don't understand music these days
    I mean it's all sexualised
    When I go on the bus to school the bus driver always puts on heart or bbc radio 1 to make everyone happy on the bus
    But i hate it
    When i get home from school i HAVE to listen to atleast one area 11 song just so i don't get all that crap from the bus stuck in my head

    Also is anyone else here pre ordering the Album II?

    Incumbent Serif

    @CrossBow Ray
    There is actually an artist that did a song about this called "Bo Burnham" (he is also a comedian). It's called "repeat stuff". It's not rock, but its still pretty funny.

    Sam Jones Photography

    @Shifter 104 I love that song
    Bo Burnham FTW


    +Basically Sam Jones Got an ipad or a 3ds xl like i do? and a computer that has area 11 songs downloaded onto it? transfer area 11 songs to the sd card for the 3ds and you can always listen to area 11 all the time like me :)

    and yes, my mom preordered it for me before she passed.

    Sam Jones Photography

    @Caeser Or you could just use a phone like I do


    I dont have a phone ;-;

    i mean i do, but i dont use it. Its a Tracfone 

    My 3DS XL is better!

  14. ATTOR gaming

    I love this sssooooo much

  15. Simaniac45

    Aaaand... mind goes BOOM!

  16. gabijonesmusic

    I love their word choice


    +gabijonesmusic Same! I feel like Sparkles* is a great songwriter and would make a good poet!

  17. KC Sutherland

    Are these the actual lyrics, or just what you heard? I'm pretty sure half of those words are made up, and even the sections where I understand all of the words rarely make sense.
    It's like listening to someone who is trying to speak English as a third language, using a 500 year old dictionary. Sometimes they don't know a word so they use the one from another language, and other times they look the words up but put them in an illogical order which causes confusion in any attempted comprehension.

    Cryptic Nation

    @Jack Jack XD I love your comment


    @Go! Kentaro I know this is old, but just saying, "take this fuck, rejected on the last one" may be more literal than you think. You know in Override, there are the lyrics "the product of rape"? Well, maybe he's telling Cassandra to literally take the fuck, and maybe last time the baby wasn't conceived. It's a weird lyric, but it's what makes the most sense to me

    Go! Kentaro

    @enderrevolution2 That's a pretty good idea, actually. But it's digital haunt - so who knows :P


    +enderrevolution2 holy moly that might actually be a thing o.o but it may not so much be cassandra, but perhaps her parents? would give her a reason to be pissed off... (leading into override and versus/the war stuff)

    Shelby Bayer

    Its actually the lyrics

  18. TheStevieP

    This is my least favorite of the new ep. Are you listening is ok and I love Override. This song is the most like the old Area 11 though. And I like that. All the songs have good qualities.

  19. Marco G. Verbruggen

    that spoken part in the middle is crazy banana sauce, man


    That's the point :-)

    That Guy

    It just blows your mind doesn't it.

    ben is a beautiful boy

    @Marco G. Verbruggen Um I dont know how tro do it.. hehe course i dont


    @Marco G. Verbruggen It sounds like Tom from the office. Or maybe I'm mistaken XD But that is some crazy sorcery shit.

  20. Koschei

    Every time I listen to a song of theirs, I need an online dictionary..


    +Talia Sykes Don't we all?!

    ayy lmao

    tru dat. Screw word of the day calanders

  21. Ryan Gillett

    What programme was used to make this if i may ask?

    The Eleventh Cassette

    4 years later, but Camtasia Studio. The background is from the windows media player.

  22. Matthew Romero

    I'm not saying it's a bad song, I like it a lot, but I do think it would be better if it was more organized. It sounds like it's all over the place. I feel like the words were just thrown together because they fit. Not because they belonged. Also the spoken part in the middle does not go with the song very well. Other than the lyric organization, the music is very good. And he is an amazing singer.


    I think that's the point, its random and erratic.

    Sips' Number One Fan

    the un-organization and sporatic-ness is what makes the song good. its called "In the Blind" and the style is suggestive to the title


    You could say they wrote it... Int eh blind.


  23. neon

    C-could this be? Area 11 has made a... good song for the first time since Blackline? I don't believe my ears.

    Hardcore Gaming

    @The Eleventh Cassette i love homunculus :3 and FMA/FMAB mostly FMAB :3


    @MrPixieWarlord FINALLY! Someone who shares my opinion! Nothing was as good as Blackline or the original Knightmare/Frame single. Vectors and the Strays were okay, as well as Homunculus, but this is the real shit.

    Hardcore Gaming

    i love knightmare/frame its one of my favorites and its based on my favorite anime :3!

    KC Sutherland

    @im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username wait, did this come out after Homunculus?

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @KC Sutherland yes.

  24. Bee Barto

    Maybe my favorite. I don't know. But I love it <3

  25. Jordan Cumming

    Good to see one of my favourite bands is still making awesome music. A little saddening that, like most songwriters, Area11 is now including swearing into their music. Not to sound like a prim or anything, it's just really rare for awesome modern music to not contain swearing and/or sex drugs and alcohol.


    That line is actually a reference to Tokyo House Party where there was the line "Fuck it I don't care" which was removed. Plus it's not like swearing is actually that bad, just most swear words can be used for a myriad of meanings, making them pretty useful.

    Marco G. Verbruggen

    i think swearing in songs is fine if it makes sense in the context, you know what i mean? like, if the song isn't just about booty and bitches and they just swear for the hell of it (i'm looking at you, most-mainstream-"musicians"-it-really-disapoints-me-that-people-listen-to-that-shit) besides, i think the only other time i ever heard them swear in a song was in the ghost cassette days, and even then it wasn't pointless swearing.


    @Jordan Cumming I was a little surprised as well, but not necessarily put off. I'm also a frequent listener to the Rolling Stones(whose music isn't exactly new) and they don't talk roses and rainbows.. But hey, I think we can both agree that Area11 doesn't need any shock-value to be great.

  26. Jess Darke

    This is my favorite out of this one are you listening and override

  27. Koality Friends

    Sorry. posting another comment. seriously though this entire album seems to be referring to digital haunt and the whole cassandra concept. Maybe it's referring to the idea that she's not a hundred percent human and that she's being updated but her mind is the same. if she has Hard Drives for a form of memory then spinning cycles could be referring to the discs on hard drives showing that really cassandra hasn't been caught up with the newer Solid State. I feel like this song is sparkles representing cassandra like the words he is saying are  what cassandra is feeling, thinking, and doing at the moment. perhaps cassandra was set free and literally flip shit after system start and destroyed the world.... Sorry if none of this makes sense. just trying to get my random thoughts onto paper.. well ermm the screen

    Sips' Number One Fan

    When u think about it, having all these fans who are communicating and working together and sharing theories, really creates a great tightknit community for the area 11 fanbase. Maybe that's the whole reason behind it is to get the fans communicating and sharing their theories which creates a friendly and livid community. For example: almost anywhere on the internet, if somebody shares their idea or belief or theory about something, there are going to be like a million other people telling them that it's stupid and they suck but in this community that area 11 has ended up creating due to the whole Cassandra thing, instead of being judged, people can give their opinion and others will be like "ok that's interesting, you have a pretty good idea, I like it, but here's my take on it"

    Sips' Number One Fan

    +Gamer Newbz

    Long comment short: Area 11 created the whole Cassandra idea with the end goal of creating a nice strong community within their fanbase so they could go on from there bc you can't build a tower (a large fanbase) without first creating the foundations (this friendly well-knit community of Elevens)

    Sips' Number One Fan

    +Gamer Newbz

    Long comment short: Area 11 created the whole Cassandra idea with the end goal of creating a nice strong community within their fanbase so they could go on from there bc you can't build a tower (a large fanbase) without first creating the foundations (this friendly well-knit community of Elevens)

    Sips' Number One Fan

    +Gamer Newbz

    Long comment short: Area 11 created the whole Cassandra idea with the end goal of creating a nice strong community within their fanbase so they could go on from there bc you can't build a tower (a large fanbase) without first creating the foundations (this friendly well-knit community of Elevens)


    +Gamer Newbz Actually, it was Sparkles* who created the Cassandra part and the band went with it.

  28. kaiju groupie

    This one and Override are my faves from Underline

  29. gamegraps

    this makes me think of steins gate

    The Eleventh Cassette

    The Steins;Gate song was going to be called: 'Human is dead; Mismatch'.

  30. Amy Lander

    Awesome song, can't figure what it's about though

    Incumbent Serif

    Actually, I think its based on the beginning of time and black holes because if the line "Event horizons".

    Amy Lander

    @erick sanchez yeah, that also popped up in my conversation too.

    Technomancer Zac

    @CrashLander3000 Gaming The entire thing kinda hints towards the LHC which would make your big bang idea make sense.

    Amy Lander

    @Technomancer Zac cool =^-^=*!

    Ethan Sarien-Averin

    I don't mind but that middle part is just so...........I have no clue awesome tune, weird words...,,......I LOVE It maybe

  31. Paul Myerscough

    What is this about??

    James Kerrison

    I believe that this is about a new beginning as it references the beginning of everything through thr scientific creation theory the big bang through 'red shifted' which shows that everything is moving away from everything else meaning it was all in one point, a singularity, that expanded to make the universe. This is also shown in the whole spoken part just analyse it and youll understand.

  32. Nora Reasons

    4 words. A-we-so-me.

  33. TheGrayHouse

    I like that all the Underline songs are a lot more like Ghost Cassette than Area 11.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    The only song that sounds ghost cassette-y to me is override :P


    @The Eleventh Cassette the outros and chord progressions in all the songs on underline sound kinda ghost cassette-y to me :P maybe thats just me lol :P

    Sips' Number One Fan

    +The Eleventh Cassette yeah I agree, Override is the only song that sounds like Ghost Cassette. Honestly I feel like it has way more of a Ghost cassette vibe than an area 11 vibe

  34. Lux

    You know this is gonna get taken down right?

    Gareth Parker

    Yeah, sure


    @Haxxor Me too. They gave them both away for free on 11/11 last year on that site.


    +Lux_u_ray lol 10 months ago

    Gareth Parker

    +Benjameme Guess not ;)

  35. Blind Guy Gaming

    That spokeon part in the middle is insane.

    DOXXEL Gamer

    I listen to it over and over again in case there are any clues. And because it sounds flipping awesome.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @DOXXEL Gamers
    the hole thing is full of clues, we just need time to analyze it

    Sips' Number One Fan

    it sounds a bit all over the place but the thing is, that just adds to the depth off the song. the fact that it is like that, makes it totally fit the tile of "in the blind"