Area 11 - Homunculus Lyrics

Balanced Equation
Something gained something lost
It cost me an arm and a leg
But I won't lose you at any cost

As we abandon hope of comprehension
I can see something appear in the sulfur
Lines on the ground carry righteous intension
Hoping to God
That theories hold up

I watched you slip away
As all our dreams turned into dust
Such a price to pay
Exchanging flesh for steel and rust
We stood and watched as the flames embraced
All we left behind erased
And I'm lost for words to say

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Do you feel?

Lust, and Pride, and Gluttony,
Envy, Wrath, and Sloth, and Greed
Lust, and Pride, and Gluttony,
Envy, Wrath, and Sloth, and Greed

Humans are just weaknesses, that's what you believe (that's what you believe)
Now I have come to realise that's simply jealousy

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Do you feel?

Now, now, do you feel?

I watched you slip away
As all our dreams turned into dust
Such a price to pay
Exchanging flesh for steel and rust
We stood and watched as the flames embraced
All we left behind erased
And I'm lost for words to say
(Now I'm lost for words to say!)

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Now I freeze; paralysed
Terrified of what I'll find
In the shadows I hear the cry
Transmutation; Homunculi

Do you feel?
Do you feel?

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Area 11 Homunculus Comments
  1. Anarcha Media

    Also,in the 2003 Anime the Homunculi(With the exceptions of Pride,Envy,Greed and Sloth at first )didn`t even bother to hide the fact their hatred of humankind was based on jealousy!

  2. Francisco San Martín

    I watched and episode of fma when I was a child, I liked it but didn't watch more, 2 years ago I found this song, liked it, this year I watched fma and fmab, love all related to it, weeks ago I realized the lyrics of this song and I didn't know I found a song about fma 😂❤️

  3. Blue Zed

    My boyfriend sent me here

  4. Og Jrock

    Area 11 is the only acceptable weeb shit

  5. Monsieur Tea Slurper

    Viceroy Clovis commissioned this piece of art

  6. Charlotte Hardman

    Genuinely considering travelling all the way to London just to hear this song live again

  7. Kasumi Sasori

    This song was strangely paralyzing...

  8. Thedragon lover95

    Fullmetal Alchemist anyone?

  9. sondre holm

    This is one of the best Area 11 songs

  10. deathontwolegs

    I'm listening to area 11 for the first time in over 6 months and it's giving me so much nostalgia holy hell :,) also this song is giving me nostalgia from both area 11 and FMAB

  11. The sandwich

    Homunculus- a human made from alchemy.

  12. Charlotte Hardman

    Absolutely cannot wait to see these guys again at Slam Dunk Festival this year and scream along to this! I may well be the only one singing, but that's fine by me!

  13. Anna Zephyr

    great song 69maynnn

    Anna Zephyr

    omg like

  14. samantha p.

    its so meaningfull and depressing👍👍👌👌😁😁😢

  15. Anime Reality


    Tyler Burlingame

    ed... ward...

    Anime Reality

    That messed up my head....😢😧

    Tyler Burlingame

    my friend saw this and said
    "there's a special place in hell for you"

    Anime Reality

    +Tyler Burlingame (arklight 2) tell him - "along with Roy for blowing up nearly an entire race" 😂😂😂

  16. NQG420

    Am I the only one or did this song just vanish off of iTunes?!

  17. Shady Doggo

    If they ever make a Full Metal Alchemist movie, this needs to be song that plays during the credits.


    They've made two - The Sacred Star of Milos, and Conqueror of Shamballa - and apparently a live action one is going to be made now.


    better have this. PRob wont.

  18. Julia Elric

    Oh my, this is the first time when I find a song about FMAB, my love ☺.

    A Homesick Alien

    I don't think anyone cares

    Unoriginal Username

    Trivia can be [email protected] 211

    A Homesick Alien

    For people who don't have a life maybe



  19. Ashley Warren

    Huh so the homunculi got their own song

    Unoriginal Username

    More about the Elric brothers than the Homunculi.

  20. Elisabeth Cooley

    Hearing the words "balanced equation" and "it cost me an arm and a leg" shouted like that always cracks me up.

  21. Dylan Knight

    Who knows what this band is named after?

    Jack Bale

    if memory serves it's a reference to code geass and what Japan gets called after the invasion.

    Dylan Knight

    @Jack Bale Bingo.

  22. Ethan Aidan

    this is such an awesome sort of homage to FMA loved that anime

  23. Erik Ivey

    For once,without watching anime, I know when something is based on a anime. Full metal Alchemist

  24. - Mattrin -

    Nice job dad

  25. Dolphinjamez

    Watched FMAB after I first heard this song, all the way back when it was released. So glad I did.

  26. Orion

    Now that I've watched Fullmetal Alchemist, it makes soooo much more sense.


    Agreed 😂. Didnt even know it was a song bout FMAB

  27. eloise7783

    Is this song about Fullmetal? >^<


    +eloise7783 Yes, yes it is :)

  28. Sips' Number One Fan

    How come all the years I've listened to area 11 I never listened to homunculus until now


    +Gamer Newbz Pretty hidden song. It was a giveaway, so it's not as 'there' (i guess) as something like Euphemia or HPGD.

    Dylan Knight

    +Gamer Newbz Why have you been listening to Japan


    @Dylan Knight To hear the Japanese's muffled screams as Euphie kills them

  29. Anarcha Media

    @Ryan Gillet That`s because this song is based upon the Homunculi of the Full Metal Alchemist(Hagane no Renkinjutsushi which literally translates to "Alchemist of Steel" in the original Japanese) manga and anime franchise who are patterned after the Seven Deadly Sins.

  30. Anarcha Media

    Fucking love FMA!:)

  31. Andrei Gherman

    this could be a good song for kaijudo.

  32. Edward Elric

    best song to honour me

  33. Rawrlady01

    This song is literally Full Metal Alchemist. I think that's what it was inspired by.


    Yep, check the description.

    * EnvyTheJelly *

    More brotherhood I'd assume given the line "In the shadows I hear the cry" which I guess refers to how Brotherhood Pride works?


    +Dylan Thomas I was thinking when Ed and Al transmuted there mum. That creature "Cried" out, from what I remember.

    josh long

    +Sekishokudo I was thinking of the chimera but I think your one works much better.

    Unoriginal Username

    Sparkles* hasn't seen Brotherhood, or at least hadn't when this was released.

  34. Hylian Xbox

    This is my favorite song by Area 11

  35. gryffonmanic

    I'm really feeling this~

  36. Oscar Manners

    Can everyone just not talk about anime for one second, that guitar tone tho


    That's kind of hard when almost all of their songs are based on anime

    Oscar Manners

    Who cares? That guitar tone tho


    @Oscar Manners Evidently a lot of people care.


    @Oscar Manners Also, "Said no one ever" doesn't work as a comeback to somebody saying something, because that person just said it.


    @Oscar Manners 'that tone' i think my biggest gripe with area 11 is their lack of tone on guitar, in that it's just amp sims

  37. BioSuffix

    This song fucking mastered the chorus.
    Chorus is now a thing only Area 11 can use because of this song. This song's chorus should be THE definition of a chorus. Holy shit it's good


    So true. I've been listening to this song every day since the first time I listened to it...

    Erik Ivey

    +Lunarixis Same here

    Tim Smith

    BioSuffix Area 11 have mastered the chorus. Not just this, but In the Blind, Red Queen, and After the Flags are all up there too.

    Eric shumway

    i keep coming back this song... the intro is a lil weird but this chorus keeps me hooked!

    X Oni X

    BioSuffix are you high?

  38. LividNerd

    I can ruin this song for you, think about Envy when he rips out his stone while listening.

  39. Lauren Foudray

    OMG... This is amazing!

  40. Benjamin Ascencio

    It reminds me the movie of se7en :3

  41. quingsai



    @SarahIsNotRoyal I see you are(were) very excited for this song xD


    YES I WAS :) wow caps


    @SarahIsNotRoyal I guess that's only a good thing. ^w^



  42. g g

    Top 5 Hommunculi From both series: 5, Greed (Brotherhood) 4, Sloth (2003) 3, Wrath (Brotherhood) 2, Envy ,(2003) 1, Lust (2003)

    Chay Rice

    I'd go with 1-5 being Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust, Gluttony.

  43. Tee

    I'm not the only one who thinks these lyrics sound like they directly link to the Blackrock series?


    @Floatingbubbles Well I didn't but now that you mention it, I love that connection! Really great idea. Rhythian should know about it, I would like to know what he thinks.

    Hardcore Gaming

    @Floatingbubbles when i first watched it i thought it was about Blackrock


    Honestly, I think it is (Or at least was inspired by Blackrock) but they don't want to admit it XD

    Minecafter 1090239321

    These lyrics were most probably inspired by full metal alchemist.


    Inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist, as said in the description.

  44. The Mexican Midget

    My favorites go like this:

    7. Sloth. I mean, like someone else said...not too much on his character

    6. Gluttony. He kinda scares me. I'm not too fond of something that can eat me....

    5. Wrath. Meh.

    4. Greed. He's cool and all but he picks on Envy. He'd be higher up if he hadn't.

    3. Pride. Creepy as heck but cool.

    2. Lust. I just think she's a cool character. I don't really have any reason why she ranks at number two other than I just like her.

    1. Envy. He's my favorite because of how complex of a character he is. I just think he's a really well thought out character. An amoral jerk, yes, but I still think he's awesome.

    Unoriginal Username

    Judging by how you referred to Sloth as he and said wrath was meh I assume you haven't seen 2003? It goes way more into the introductions. It goes off track from the manga around episode 35 because it caught up to the manga, but the story's just as good imo.

    The Mexican Midget

    +Unoriginal Username I've seen 03 more times than Brotherhood. But this video is Brotherhood based so that's why I listed the Brotherhood and manga version of the homunculi.

    Unoriginal Username

    @#1 Envy Fan
    Actually Sparkles* hadn't seen Brotherhood when he wrote this IIRC.

    The Mexican Midget

    +Unoriginal Username I've seen both versions of the anime more than once and I own the whole manga. XD

  45. Arin Santry

    * listens to at 5:11 * IT'S 11:11 SOMEWHERE

  46. Chris Clan

    Is their a place that has a list of their songs and the title of anime their songs are linked to? If so please provide a link.


    @Chris Clan

    There you go buddy. It's under Influences.

  47. Samli

    When I listened to this before watching FMAB I had no idea what the lyrics were on about. However I have been enlightened and it's 100 times better!

  48. Maxtama

    Is this still being researched for DH?If so I want to help but I'm crap at this ;-;

    Lux E.

    @HeroBoy the Gamer Everything is always being researched for DH. New theories are coming up for this song alone every day.

  49. 007wxc

    FMA mutch?

  50. Whatthe4355

    YES, Fullmetal Alchemist!!!!!!!! I wonder what anime will they to do next...

  51. RummyB

    I watched FMA after hearing this song, and understanding the references make it so much better.

  52. Edward Barnes

    How can I get this on iPhone??

    The Eleventh Cassette

    I guess you'll have to connect your iphone to your pc, download it there (link on description), and put the file on your music folder.


    @Edward Barnes *cough* download filemaster, go to youtube mp3 while in the app download *cough* you didn't hear thsi from me *cough*

    Edward Barnes

    +FelipeBlackFire thanks :)

  53. Charlie Wright

    Full Metal Alchemist though :')

  54. Ryan Gillett

    I just realised that this song uses the 7 deadly sins...

  55. Olivia H

    diablo 2

  56. Des talks About stuff

    I knew this was about FMA with I heard "It cost me a arm and a leg"

  57. AllThingsNerd

    I love FMA with all my heart and soul ( which is not bonded to armor ).

    Sonic Dose

    @AJ McBride Its the thought that counts.

    Technomancer Zac

    @AllThingsNerd I get it :D

    alien lover 666

    Me too i love that anime

    m y s t i k

    @AllThingsNerd Ayeee




  58. Homex2020

    I'm not sure, but when I saw them live the first line sounded more like "FOR THIS EQUATION"

  59. Darren Chong

    This isn't the first song they based off an anime I mean they made two songs on code geass but their music is great

  60. McNuggies

    check out my pick of me weeing out rainbows ;P

  61. Simonarne Myklebust

    i smell full  metal alchemist here

  62. Cole Hartnett

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more screams like no joke it sounds like enter Shakiri but so much fucking better

  63. Jack Dewitt

    The moment I saw the title I thought 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

  64. Séx Romance

    Only just understood this reference since I've only been watching FMA for a couple weeks.  So good, the song and the anime.

  65. Connor Mendum

    Why isn't this on their new EP?

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @dannajude homunculus is like my 3rd or 4th favorite song from them xD

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @dannajude 1. Tokyo House Party 2. In The Blind 3. Between 'Are you listening?' & 'Homunculus'

    The Eleventh Cassette

    both songs are cool

  66. StarFire

    I'm pretty sure this is based on full metal alchemist.

  67. Zach Meade

    I wish they would tour in America

  68. Triten14

    It goes well with they story of FMA


    FMA stands for Full Metal Alchemist

  69. sonicshroom

    7 dislikes are Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Wrath and Pride.

    Envy The Jealous


    Nova Kid

    O_O. Oh


    @Dewayne C Except Sloth was last because... Well, you get it.

    Jaden Curtis

    +Emmy “sweet one” McC. Nah, that must be Dante for not being a canon character. XD

    sondre holm

    The seven deadly sins

  70. drumrguy67

    I don't know about this one i like the chorus but the verses idk

  71. Luke Cox

    Omg yes Fullmetal alchemist 

  72. Nameer Al-Shabibi

    I would love this more as an instrumental during the screaming parts XD

  73. Yarrow

    This may sound creepy but I listen to this 10 possibly 20 times a day.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @RUOOYMgaming the first week that it came out it was the same for me (;

  74. julia15325

    Do you know when it will be on iTunes??

    The Eleventh Cassette

    @julia15325 Probably when the new EP 'Underline' is out (;

  75. Old News // Kyrrone

    even though I know the song's about FMA, I still think of those monsters in maplestory xD

  76. Yorick .U

    Started watching this anime today... Episode 3 and i already cried a little


    Just wait until you get to the end.😀

    Yorick .U

    Finished it... Them feels...


    Which one did you watch? If you watched the original you need to watch the the conquer of shamballa to finish the plot properly. 😄

  77. Ailsa Goff

    you just HAVE to play this song LOUDLY!

  78. Julian Gilmartin

    My first time hearing it I like it

  79. MooMar

    Gah I love this song~

  80. Knightley

    I'm loving the feel of this song; I hope they make more like this!

    The Eleventh Cassette

    In my opinion, it's a different feel from the album ATLITS and i think the second EP will be the same feel as Homunculus ;P

    8-Bit Orbit

    @The Eleventh Cassette I cant wait for the new EP especially with this new Area 11 vibe in Homunculus :D

    The Eleventh Cassette

    same (;


    @8-Bit Orbit Gaming I'm sure it's gonna be amazing!

    8-Bit Orbit

    @Alexander Kaname :)

  81. Something Something Username

    This one's more clearly based on an anime

    tommy rouse

    Full metal alchemist

    Jur Bergs

    Hello Mr. Majora's Mask - Moon


    Looks like we juLooks like we just got... MOONED


    @Haonesle Nice typo :3

    Xavier Wiegand

    MidnightJam their name is an anime reference

  82. JayIsADino

    I can totally see how this fits in with the digital haunt.

  83. light green

    love this song 

  84. TheAirshipTV

    This genuinely makes me think of the Blackrock Chronicle.
    Seriously, if you listen to the lyrics, it honestly has links to BRC X3

    Lewis Cole

    uh nope, the entire song is a reference to fma, as much as i like blackrock and anything zoey, this isnt related.


    @Lewis Cole Ah right, didn't know that ^_^'
    There's just a couple of lyrics that made me think of Blackrock, like "Exchanging flesh for steel and rust" reminded me of Zoey's robotic arm, and then there was the lyric about seeing humans as just weaknesses which I felt at the time was a link to Rythian thinking that Zoey was just a weakness at the start of Blackrock: Rebirth.

    Lewis Cole

    Yeah. I can see those points. Blackrock chronicles will go on :D


    @TheAirshipTV The list can go on forever, just think about it.

  85. Gray Locke

    I can not wait for the new album.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    It's actually an EP (extended playlist)

    Gray Locke

    That still does it for me. I love this band.

  86. Miniwowdood

    'Homunculus' plural 'homuculi' a very small human or humanoid creature. For those interested that is what it means thanks google ^.^


    Or watch fma


    Not what it means in the anime this song is based off of.

    The Eleventh Cassette

    Basically artificial matter...

  87. F Utiger

    Someone needs to make an FMA amv with this song

    Clarinet Girl

    @***** Personally I like both, but Brotherhood is better in my opinion.

    Anarcha Media

    +Crafterkid123 Does not.

    Anarcha Media

    @***** Filler`s not intrinsically a bad thing,you dumb weaboo.

    Anarcha Media

    @***** Even with all the filler,a lot of people still prefer the original Dragon Ball Z  to Dragon Ball Z Kai.Why?Because Dragon Ball Z Kai is censored to fuck even on Adult Swim which may as well be called Teen Swim at this point. Naruto I`ll grant you a lot of the filler was unnecessary.

    Anarcha Media

    +Crafterkid123 "Bardock:Father of Goku" was filler and it was awesome so what was that you said about all filler being bad?

  88. Sydney Wolf

    This is amazing <3

  89. Church

    <3 this band so much

  90. Fenella Druce

    This song brought back so many memories from FMAB.

    m y s t i k

    @Regio Foxbow Not really, you're just an idiot.

    Sir Anonymous

    @Fenella Druce Am I the only one who thought that FMA was more accuate the FMA:B especially considering that Brotherhood started by following them on a random mission and THEY LEARNED ABOUT HUMUNCULI IN EPISODE 2

    Avaricious Ambrose

    +Sir Anonymous brotherhood was a remake because the first one was released before the manga series finished and it went wildly off track, although the start of the first one was more accurate because, well, i guess they didn't want the first ten or so episodes to be exactly the same, but the main story of brotherhood is the same as the origional manga. hope that made sense.

    ryan nolan

    +Luke Cox (Flulouch) I'm pretty sure sloth was, she just wasn't shown much

    Andrew Szlagowski

    FMAB is better than FMA

  91. milocat0316

    Holy poop it's based off FMA! Heckle yah!

  92. Writer's Block

    This is about Fullmetal Alchemist!!!

  93. kaiju groupie

    This reminds me of when the nuke went off in Yogscast Rythian's tekkit series

    kaiju groupie

    @liamash141 pretty much...

    Liam Ash

    @Marissa Brookhart
    Mostly Rebirth

    kaiju groupie

    @liamash141 IKR!!!!

    James Bond

    Its based on Fullmetal Alchemist.



  94. Geordie Bailey

    Hmmm, I wander what anime this is from