Area 11 - Everybody Gets A Piece Lyrics

In time you'll grow
I fucking hope
Step behind the screens
2D boy in a magazine
I'm outside looking in
At all the time we're putting in
Hear the gambling machines
Singing in thirds
Think I know what it means

And oh no
I won't say the right things
Just to open doors
I do believe they seem to break
How neatly spread their claws

Don't waste your time in the studio
I've been told to beg, steal and borrow
(Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)
I'm told it's not the way to go
(Oh oh oh oh oh)
Nobody listens to the radio
(Woah oh oh)

Everybody gets a piece
Everybody gets a piece
Everybody gets a piece
Everybody gets a piece

Better metamorphosize
All change and butterflies
Did you honestly say
It might have been, might have been me
But all this while
Did you think of me, you know
All this while
We were pure potential energy, dreaming

Don't waste your time in the studio
(Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)
I've been told to beg, steal and borrow
(Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)
I'm told it's not the way to go
(Oh oh oh oh oh)
Nobody listens to the radio
Nobody listens to the radio

Don't ask, you'll never get
You never asked so you never got nothing
Did you get all you wanted from me?
You don't ask so you'll never receive

Don't ask, you'll never get
You never asked so you never got nothing
Did you get all you wanted from me?
Can't lose when you're playing for free

Don't ask, you'll never get
You never asked so you never got nothing
Don't ask, you'll never get
Did you get all you wanted from me?

Don't ask, you'll never get
You never asked so you never got nothing
Don't ask, you'll never get
(One, One)

Everybody gets a piece
Everybody gets a piece

Don't waste your time in the studio
(Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)
I've been told to beg, steal and borrow
(Woah oh oh oh oh oh ohhh)
I'm told it's not the way to go
(Oh oh oh oh oh)
Nobody listens to the radio
Nobody listens to the...

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Area 11 Everybody Gets A Piece Comments
  1. my dad is unemployed

    this is so 2000-2010 omg i love it

  2. Batman's Pet Goldfish

    tbh I wasn't a huge fan of this song at first, but it's really grown on me. The bassline definitely helped that along.

  3. Silverfish0161

    I’m just waiting for their next instalyric video, and the next set of songs

  4. Jayden Powell

    yall these guys did the guitar on "hey yogscast" back in 2012, go check it out

  5. Foxtrot Lima Yankee

    I like this song. :D

  6. No LateGame

    Guys. That "backwards" bit sounds like radiohead 1 1. one one. 11. eleven. Seriously.

  7. JPU Records

    Loving the Persona 5 vibes!

  8. Og Jrock

    All of your music is consistently amazing please never stop I've been here for so long and you're the only band I haven't outgrown.

  9. Brendan Lock

    This is probably the only song from singlarity that I like so far, which sucks. Like, I want to like this movement and all the new music, but I'm having a tough time with that. I'm sorry. I'll continue to listen, but I really hope more music comes out that can effect me the way the old stuff effected me.

  10. lemuhnn

    it sounds so 2000's, I love it

  11. Undying Scorpio

    ahh Anastasia

  12. XyDz Media

    Yo, just heard this on Spotify, fucking love it. Keep it up.

  13. Leonismo

    The best band Of all Times

  14. pilzee101

    Been following since all the lights in the sky love your work wish you had more of a presence in the us :(

  15. COOKIE

    I remember my friend told me about you about 5 years ago and I loved all the lights in the sky and I’ve gone through my playlist and found you so I looked you up and I love this

  16. SanninShiMa

    I Hope we see this live in Manchester lads (hint hint). Stay awesome :)


    Found ya

  17. axel boström


    reminds me a bit of blackline which is definatly a good thing, love the legendary sanin so damn much

    axel boström

    Honestly this is like the best of Blackline and ATLIS mated together perfectly, i love it!

  18. Ewan23

    i fucking love this song

  19. Joseph Power

    Why is it "I fucking hope" the fucking REALLY seems out of place, and if it's purely for syllables then really works just as well.
    It stands out like a sore thumb.

    Joseph Power

    The intro is great, but "fucking" ruined it.

  20. Andy Edgar

    Can't wait for. The tour... See you in Newcastle boys

  21. Bradsurps

    Absolutely amazing

  22. mr leedles

    holy shit, we got a new song from these guys!

  23. Allen Lewis

    I wonder if the text in the background is actually a real text and what it is... unless it is just for effect, it looks like they wrote the song like an erasure poem or subtraction poem or whatever. It's cool.

    Thomas P

    I don't know if it actually is but i think somewhere they said it was something to do with their old contract with smihilism records, don't take my word for it though


    @Thomas P They own Smihilism, and i have the full PDF from the S* Discord

  24. CyanRose

    Everyone is discussing whether it's 'one one' or 'no no' but what if it's 'no one'? Just like the last line of the song?

  25. 《Zac.exe》

    Awesome song guys!!!!

  26. clawdore

    Your tour happens to be heading right to my doorstep! I've been following you guys for a long while now so I'll be sure to grab a ticket. See you in February!

  27. AnAmetuerAuthor

    so i've been playin this on repeat non stop since yesterday

  28. Siren_Atlantica

    Woot woot

  29. Baka

    so, with everything that got out of the reversed part, I have a little theory. Area 11 going to have their own radio. like a internet one. What I hear from the reversed part is "sing radio" and the 11 just after. maybe because they never got the chance to go on a "real" radio, they want to create one ? I don't really know if this as something to do with the Digital Haunt tho. If we're gonna get a radio full of Area 11 (and maybe podcast ???) this would be worth it even if we don't have new infos on the ARG. I really loved the tone of this song. keep up the good work !


    "no no sing radio", and yes Radio S* existed once


    it might be meant to be "radio 11" though, nice theory

  30. Jesse Cooper

    can anyone else hear some whispering at 2:19? use headphones


    Someone at me if they can isolate the audio plz

    idk man, I hate making decisions

    Any one figure it out yet?


    It’s probably a hint to the next song , as they have said there will be one soon


    @surreysmith the problem with that is that the instrumental has some minor differences that make it impossible to have only the vocals when inverting the audio with the main song. I tried doing it, it removed the bass stem from the sounds of it, but everything else is more or less the same.

  31. Total Trash Mammal


    Thomas P

    If you don't follow the band on social media, they have a patreon now and are releasing new singles monthly, patreon supporters get access to such music a week early

    Total Trash Mammal

    @Thomas P I had no idea! Thank you!

    Thomas P

    @Total Trash Mammal happy to help

  32. SnowyCaa

    the video is like an old school, but HD and high framerate MV xD

    great song!

  33. samygiy

    Who makes your music videos?

  34. oIW1LSONv

    This sounds like the next big Vectors and the new HPGD is around the corner

  35. Connor Sullivan

    I cant wait to see them In cardiff in Febuary, Already booked my tickets

    Dave Good

    Connor Sullivan I have also booked by tickets for the show in Bristol. It's gonna rock.

  36. fangere

    Whoa new music at 9 in the morning

  37. alex liggins

    Is this about Area 11 spending ages on songs and them not getting on the radio?

    alex liggins

    I think this is the first song that's about area 11 itself. I could be wrong, but it's usually about anime. It's definitely abut how difficult it has been try to become successful artists and wasted effort in general. Just keep at it lads, You'll get there. this song's awesome. Please never stop producing musical gems like this.


    Kinda. The first songs about Area 11 themselves were the ones on the Underline EP, In The Blind specifically, the chorus being "'Cause this is a new way", referring to how they essentially revamped the band. ATLITS was the only Album obviously based off of Anime. The theory about Underline is also supported by a line in Override[C], "We *start again* and *Underline*, Make a stand in afterglow." At least, that's as far as I know. Your other point however, I wholeheartedly agree with.

    alex liggins

    @Crimson fair enough

  38. Michael Kearns

    This is it chief 🔥

  39. The sandwich

    First you skip the ads.
    Then you get the jamming.

  40. Jack Phillips

    Has a very different feel to every 11 song so far. Actually, sounds like to me something like a Cassandra pt 3. Excited for more.

  41. Rick van Haastregt

    This is a really solid song! Very good, hyped for the next album

  42. GruntCatcher

    Oh Hi Cassandra

  43. Steve Hodkins

    Yes this is officially "Steve" new favourite song. God I like not giving Google my info, but yes, I already have this in FLAC :P


    how are you getting the FLACs? Are they multitrack??

  44. Lucy Spittle


  45. Tiana Halsey

    Mate that was lit, this is so good



  46. Ben Persson

    wit this channel isnt dead. much shock

  47. Nick Currie

    This genuinely sounds like Baby's First Punk Track to me. Maybe it'll be better through headphones. But I did not enjoy this as much as I wanted to.

  48. Static Dragon

    Is anyone else getting an early bond movie intro vibe from the visuals?

  49. Meewthree

    Ooooh, I like the new spin on this piece!

  50. Sianna Scale

    Yoooooo this is awesome

  51. Cactus

    This is it cheif

  52. Mrbubblesx1 PC Gaming

    Yes, I absolutely love the tone.

  53. Anikate Kapoor

    I dont listen to the radio cause I listen to Area 11

    Sondre Holm

    Anikate Kapoor Area 11 is too good for the radio

    Anikate Kapoor

    @Sondre Holm Agreed

  54. Quinn Drury

    I have Two questions, who does the female vocals? and are we getting a third album soon?


    New EP pretty much confirmed I think. Take a look at the tour poster


    The female vocals are done by sparks* partner adele! She's Adelicate if you want to find her on insta etc.


    @Elicray oh! They're dating?


    @Brooklynae yeah! They're currently rebranding sparkles* twitch to make it a joint channel!


    They dont have plans currently for a new album, cant remember all the details but they mentioned as much on their fb page and that they want to focus on releasing tracks again not 100% sure on the details

  55. Marshmiillow

    Well time to play this on loop over and over until i learn the lyrics and can maintain my status of knowing more lyrics than sparkles :)

  56. ATW

    Much better and clearer sound than Modern Synthesis. That was a mess in my ears

  57. Wyatt

    This is so cheesy. Love it. Only wish we had official lyrics.

    sondre holm

    Insta Lyrics?

  58. sondre holm

    The Digital Haunt Wiki Is A Mess. And This does not help.


    What happened lmal

  59. R K

    Big props to who ever did the music video, 10/10



  60. John I00

    At 3:04 it says "No no sing radio" backwards.


    Or as the captions thought "or your kids whining" haha

    Glaze Dazzleflash

    @Ewan23 fair reaction to all the tinfoilhatters in the Area 11 comments

    alex liggins

    sound like the radio one jingle to me. anyone in the uk will recognise it. might be wrong though


    @alex liggins I always assumed it was the radio one intro yea

    Sunderland Till I Die

    I thought it was like BBC radio 1

  61. Astro Aero

    Gods I love the sound on this one. First All Your Friends and New Majicks, now this. And the sound is just... I dont know but its great. Instantly a favourite.

  62. 「OTGT」


  63. Dawning Star

    Brilliant ❤️

  64. Shasskor

    For anyone wondering, the scrambled bit at 03:03 reversed sounds like two different people saying "sing" and "radio". Coupled with the "one one" after, it in total sounds like "no no sing radio"

    Alexis Burnham

    the one one isn't likely meant to be reversed. Done with the 1s forward it says "radio 11"


    @Alexis Burnham You might be right, but given the reversed beats that hits the same time as the "one one"; and the context of both being in the scrambled parts, I felt I should add that, so that others were aware, and maybe could decide for themselves.

    Hannah L

    @Shasskor It sounds distinctly like "one one," but in order for it to be "no no," it would have to sound something that is more in between "on on" or "own own"

  65. Andrew Sansum

    "Can't lose if you're playing for free, " I'm sorry but EA begs to differ

    Ben Rohrbaugh

    This is just such a lazy and terrible joke

  66. 2066

    Why can't I preorder the new emblem tshirt in blue :(

  67. Brooklynae

    No but seriously could the girl be Cassandra?

    Lachlan J Phipps

    She is the fifth member of the band after all


    @Lachlan J Phipps exactly


    definitely cassandra, she only pops up in this video during guitar solos.

    Kram Ballinger



    @Kram Ballinger eh?

  68. Lucy P

    This is so good and there are multiple potential screensavers in there too uwu

  69. Alfie haigh

    Ngl not feeling the last few tracks that have been dropped, the strings mixing doesn't give as deep a feel and just sort of prefer the sound of modern synthesis, however still can't wait to see them in Newcastle!

    Colin Russell

    @Alfie haigh Yeah I'll agree with that. It's good personally if you just cut the "edge" bit off the end. Hopefully it'll flow with the rest of the album to make it sound better


    Come on dude don't bait me like that, there's a newcastle in Australia...

    Alfie haigh

    @fangere I'm so sorry hahaha I'm meaning England


    It sounds like an Underline b-side. And I actually like Underline more than ATLITS and MS, but it sounds like they could have fleshed it out a bit more.

    Sunderland Till I Die

    They were fucking great, though the lead singer of October drift looked like he was on heroin

  70. izbug J

    Holy shit this day just keeps getting better. Love the new style of vid especially its artsy and awesome

  71. 神影Kamikage

    I wish I could click like on a video more than once.

  72. Boopeimi

    Sounds fantastic guys! Have you ever considered playing a show in Ireland? I would love to come see you guys play. ♡

    Zyklon Blæ

    Eimi-San YES YES YES. I've dreamed of that for years. A gig in Dublin would be fucking amazing.


    I KNOW RIGHT!? I've been listening to this band for about 5 or 6 years now and I've always wanted to see them. But as far as I am aware, they haven't played in Dublin, have they?


    At least you're on the same continent, as them, I may never see this band play ._.

  73. Bryanna Taylor

    My mum said you should have some one cutting out paper man from newpaper then got them to come alive

  74. Brooklynae

    Cassandra rising


    is out on patreon lol

  75. Cie

    hold on, just let me listen to this for the next 2 weeks.

  76. Mark Ibarra

    Is this singlarity?

  77. CloudCat*

    I've totally not just got this on loop XD

  78. David


  79. Fran Taylor

    Yes boys❤

  80. Alfred Williams

    To the digital haunt then


    @izbug J it sounds like n-nothing.. radio -Reversed section

    Kram Ballinger

    Also. If you look at the poster for the tour the skeleton is holding a tape that says cassandra uprising.


    @Skyier The beginning sounds almost like "Now-now sing" to me.


    @Skyier what I hear is "no nothing radio" but it doesn't make any sense xD

    Lachlan Landreth

    @Kram Ballinger Thats as they will be releasing new music. The singularities have been confirmed they are not related to Digital Haunt.

  81. loch238

    Already bought it on iTunes

  82. ZeroEleven

    Love this band, love this song

  83. Darkfalcon233

    When your not even a minute in and you know this is your new favourite song

  84. Ben Summer

    This is like ATLITS and GO! grew up and had an edgy baby and I love it