Area 11 - Cassandra, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Although it doesn't really matter now
I can't believe it; that I got so far
I got so far behind, my love

You use me and I use you
I; your savior, you; my muse
The best friend that you've been to me
But I wanna be your enemy
(I wanna be your enemy)

You stare at me with omnivorous eyes
You want a reaction, want a reaction
You wear a red dress when you're in a bullfight
You're drawing attention to your double life

In dreams, I'm coming to find you
And when I wake I want anyone else
'Cause I don't love you
It's what I'm telling myself

This was the moment, this was the place
This was the night that everything changed
I'm hiding from you
Hiding from you
Hiding from you
'Cause we are the same

We're not just numbers we are alive
A digital haunt in an analogue line
I'm hiding from you
Hiding from you
Hiding inside you
'Cause we are the same

Wait, just wait for me and I'll come around
Pack up, log on and we'll leave this town
And we'll run around
And live in secret worlds and say our secret words

And I'm still encrypted, I am a machine
The ego behind this computer screen
My best friend that I've never seen
That turned you into my enemy

"No, it's all in my mind" I feel
I should save myself before this gets too real

This was the moment, this was the place
This was the night that everything changed
I'm hiding from you
Hiding from you
Hiding from you
'Cause we are the same

We're not just numbers we are alive
A digital haunt in an analogue line
I'm hiding from you
Hiding from you
Hiding inside you
'Cause we are the same

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Area 11 Cassandra, Pt. 2 Comments
  1. Brooklynae

    Cassandra rising

  2. MrFunkyHypnoCat

    Does anyone have a link to an instrumental? Would love to see one!

  3. ayy lmao

    Anyone else notice that the silhouette in the album art shakes?

  4. KichiKacey Archive

    Tons of people think this is about SAO
    It's an arg

  5. The_Assassin_Potato

    Fuckin intro is mad

  6. taj zahid

    Some of this I think of Lelouch and Shirley
    Some of this also reminds me of Ako no Hana

  7. UnravelTheBlind

    All of these songs, every song by these guys just relates to me.

    Zap Gun

    i listen to such diverse music that I'd long ago given up on the idea that I could have a "favourite band". Then I discovered, that there really isn't any song by these guys that I *don't* absolutely love, so I suppose I was proven wrong.

  8. Duac

    I would like it better if his voice was stronger.

  9. Dai10zin

    Parts of this song remind me of the second opening to Rurouni Kenshin (the sound, not the lyrics).

  10. Gutsman

    I got some turtles today

  11. kenneth van dodewaard

    got the freaking tickets :D I'm so happy :3



    rice krispies

    +AetherMage I recognise you from wattpad :3


    +Pawtato that's awesome! I'm very behind in my books Bc I'm a huge procrastinator but meh

  12. tricoriner10

    this is a really true song. Sometimes you wanna hide from what you love because you’re afraid to love it or love them, but if you hide you might lose the choice alrogether. I fell for this girl named Andra (funny coincidence) and I tried to deny it to myself, but I decided to take a plunge for once in my life. This morning I texted her how I felt (I’m not good at doing this kinda stuff face to face) and she didn't text me back for the whole day, but she didn't see it at first because she was on a flight to Japan and her phone was in airplane mode. I had no idea, I spent the whole day looking around our college campus looking for her hating myself for screwing up, but when she texted me back and explained and told me she'd give it a try, I felt my life turn around. it was easily my best moment, even If I don’t know what’ll happen now. I don’t believe that much in fate or whatever, but sometimes the perfect thing is right in front of you - you just have to go for it, even when it’s hard. (:


    +tricoriner10 How'd it go?

  13. axel boström

    this speaks to me

  14. jae

    My best friend was quoting the lyrics to this in full caps... Then sent me the link to this... It's a bloody amazing song

  15. Cardinal Kyle


    mainman j

    +Kyle Napp other youtubers use their msic because its really catchy the yogscast used to use it martyn does highlits of it etc

    Kieran Lantier

    +Kyle Napp if i remember correctly that song was used as a recap of one years december yogscast charity , either that or a best of 20xx recap from yogscast =)

    mainman j

    yeah and the end part of the song was used for lewis and simons old outro


    +mainman j The end part of Vectors was used as the outro.

  16. blackout_v8

    Only me but i think i been playing all there songs over and over again and now it sounds so slow

  17. Sir Tsunami


  18. Land Of Tom

    The chorus of this song is my favorite piece of music in the whole album, I just love it!

  19. subpanda101

    SAO? Log horizon? Accel world?


    @subpanda101 Digital Haunt. Sparkles'* thing. Doesn't exist yet.

  20. Shauningt

    I love you sparkles* I want you to take me to japan where where we can make sweet sweet sweet sweet love

    Anastasia von Seggern

    I'm not sure if I should laugh or go *O_O'*...

    mike uffelen

    @Anastasia von Seggern  O_O for sure


    @Shauning Derp I laughed instead of going o_o.

  21. TheSilverWolfX

    This my favorite song of Area11!

  22. Z3R0theZ3R0

    I'm addicted to the beginning... Not sure why, Dat guitar doe

  23. Jebuss

    " Drawing attention to you double life " Cassandra is a persona of sprinkles* ???  

  24. Ailsa Goff

    loads of people argue about what this song is about but you could just enjoy the music

  25. Darren Roy

    Anyone else excited for the new album? Especially Cassandra pt. V!


    There's a new album?

    Sean's Mod

    @The Shadow Ampharos Yeah this took them 5 years

    Cole Downs

    @Sean's Mod
    all the lights in the sky came out in 2013...

    Supercraft Productions

    @Cole Downs Still took them five years though 

    Amy Mead

    @The Shadow Ampharos they tweeted it xxx 

  26. Blue Mage

    am i the only one who thinks some of the lyrics could be interpreted as references to death note?

  27. Amy Kent

    Who is the black silhouette supposed to be in the background .-.

  28. ari l

    Awesome album

  29. Samantha Odermatt

    First song I heard by you guys. And I love it! I'm actually using it as inspiration for the fanfic I'm writing.

  30. Big Boi

    8bit cover is better, still a good song though.

  31. NEG Rock

    All their songs don't have to be anime based and you should know that! Its their band not yours


    most of their songs are anime based though

  32. Abigail529

    The last little guitar bit kinda sounds like the intro to soul eater :)

  33. William Jones

    This is my favorite thing you guys have ever done. You guys really should consider playing it live!

  34. RaizerWalker

    This album was released when SAO was still on air so cannot be SAO. 
    Anyway, this song fits perfectly with Guilty Crown.

  35. William Aldred

    It isn't based on an anime but if it was it could be about btooom

  36. rat

    Everyone saying this is about SAO, The band said this is the one song on the album NOT based on an Anime.

    KC Sutherland

    @Noah Sanfilippo So wtf is Bosozoku Symphonic based on?

    Brenton Smith

    @KC Sutherland It's a part of Digital Haunt, Sparkles* secret plan

    KC Sutherland

    Oh, yeah. I hadn't thought to consider Digital Haunt, since I thought this was referring to animes that already existed :-P


    +Noah Sanfilippo it doesn't have to be SAO, there's many anime that deal with digital insertion into video games. .Hack, Log Horizon, Grimgar, etc.

    Jack Dever

    +KC Sutherland symphonic is based off of Akira I think

  37. Cassandra Moore

    Yay Imma song :)

  38. grilin18

    Everyone who types in it about sao stop this has to do with the system start thing

  39. Tezca Tlipoca

    "I wanna be your enemy," doesn't sound like kazuto and asuna or sugu.. and besides even though it says "log on" doesnt mean its about SAO. remember it says computer SCREEN

    KC Sutherland

    @***** Wait, they have songs about Minecraft and Dota 2? Where are these and why have I never heard of them?


    @KC Sutherland Minecraft Christmas & Dota 2 Beta Key

    KC Sutherland

    Oh. Duh. I forgot those were Area 11.

    Jack Dever

    +PandaHeroCommunity what songs are based off bakuman and death note?

    Aletheia Nyx

    Shi no Barado is Death Note. It's from Misa's POV

  40. AximusNetwork

    i hope we get to hear more information about 'digital haunt' soon, it sounds really interesting from what i have read about it but its kind of also quite creepy sounding about Cassandra and stuff


    Why wait for more information? Come to the Digital Haunt wiki and share and discuss theories before the real one is revealed :D (it's too quiet on the wiki nowadays, I get lonely T_T)


    @Zonaloxx i have posted some of my thoughts on the wiki. Have a look through the theories. My username is UnknownAK on that so just search my name on the wiki and you should be able to find my post :D


    Oh sorry, I thought you hadn't realised there was a wiki xD I'll check out your theory, I'm on the Digital haunt wiki as Zonaloxx :)

    sondre holm

    Update: Nope

  41. Heidi Morris

    This is like one of the most unpopular songs of area 11, but its one of my fav's :P

  42. Raikuman

    When I wake up I'm coming for you. Sounds like SAO to me :D

  43. RandomGirl119

    The fact that this song is about an online relationship (or at least seems to be) is awesome. I absolutely love it.


    it is actualy based on a guitar check the yogscast wiki because one of parvs guitar is called casandra


    @quinyc1 I'm pretty sure that it's based on the fifth band member 'Cassandra', who's also a crucial part to the Digital Haunt, maybe Parv named his guitar Cassandra after her?

  44. Norga plays games!

    This is my fav!

  45. MonkeyxMoo

    Even though this song has no anime it's based on it's able to be associated with SAO.

    Andrew Burnham

    @Bjarni Gunnar
    did you forget Euphemia?  She's a pretty big character in Code Geass

    Bjarni Gunnar

    @Andrew Burnham no just knightmare was more obvius

    Colin Monsma

    @MonkeyxMoo35 what anime is Bosozoku Symphonic about?


    Rumors are it's Akira



  46. sebastian whalley

    Heh, I'm eleven and I'm listening to area 11

    mike uffelen

    someone is jelly @biyan10


    @mike uffelen jealous of what exactly?

    mike uffelen

    dont know but definatly jelly of something


    15 now dude?

  47. Herobox

    So were is part 1? :/

    Der Kaisertoffel

    sistem;start, technically.

    Andrew Rodriguez

    @slendertataGames sistem,  really

  48. Danny Fox

    This song reminds me of Sword Art Online

    Ty Hobbs

    I'm fairly sure this about Guilty Crown based purely based on the lyrics.

    Danny Fox

    Not sure, i still think it could be SAO

  49. Kingasdfg

    I always thought this song was about Parv's DOTA obsession...


    his wife is called DOTA so... But seriously this song has a lot to do with project S*. We're still trying to work a lot of it out though

  50. Nathan Farmiloe

    I like this song

  51. Marybeth Baush

    It's not exactly worded like that but you get the point.

  52. Marybeth Baush

    When I wake up I'm coming to find you... just pointing that out.

  53. Marybeth Baush

    Is this for SAO...

  54. Marybeth Baush

    I do not listen to this one enough...

  55. Dan Xiao Long

    I have all the feelz

  56. WatashiWaOtaku

    Oh. Thanks *sweatdrop*

  57. Sam Morris

    *crie *evrytiem

  58. Lux E.

    But what about 'i cry evertim'?

  59. Lux E.

    Yeah, pretty much everyone.

  60. Land Of Tom


  61. Khalony

    Well, if it isn't (pt 11) then it at least seems intentionally misleading considering how much they use the number 11.

  62. Joseph G.

    no, because they are clearly uppercase i 's, and that is Roman numerals for 2

  63. Sainsy

    part 1 was system;start

  64. Georgia Marchant

    This is seriously the cutest comment I have ever seen.....

  65. Skystarry75

    "Pack up, log on and we'll leave this town and we'll run around and live in secret world and say our secret words"
    Essentially, the life of everyone on the internet...

  66. Ryan

    thats what the fans belive atm. Might have something to do with the digital haunt


    well this is a continuation of system start if you listen cerfully

  68. kirbymasta1

    Or part pause.

  69. Cosmic Paudel

    15 people that is not a download button!

  70. evilplummulplive

    Dayum. this music must be more powerful than I originally thought...

  71. Alex Mcelhaney

    *two thumbs up

  72. What if I didn't want a name?

    "And when I wake I want anyone else, cause' I don't love you"

  73. Quepertron

    'The best friend that you've been to me, but I wanna be your enemy'
    I never considered this song as being romantic o.O

  74. Max Blanchard

    X is the Roman numeral for 10...

  75. What if I didn't want a name?

    Mind blowen.

  76. R&S

    I love this song, I love the Yogscast, I LOVE AREA 11!!!!

  77. Khalony

    Well, I think the point of it being 11 (if it actually is) is to put more hidden meanings in. It might very well not be but I think, if it is, then they wrote it that way to make people think that it means 2. Area 11 loves hidden meanings a lot. Feel free to check out the Digital Haunt wiki site, it has lots of meaning analysis though I have no idea if my particular thought has been brought up there. I agree that it makes more sense as 2 but I'd just like to think I discovered something new ^_^.

  78. Aðalgeir Nóelsson

    This is actually based on "Digital Haunt". Sparkles*' little easter egg/wiki thing

  79. Aðalgeir Nóelsson

    too many things missing. Also Asuma never betrayed Kirito, or anyone else for that matter, so no one was a "best friend that wanted to be an enemy"

  80. Khalony

    While I know nothing about the Yogscast Wiki, I have seen a post by Sparkles* (on Twitter I think) that did say that "Casandra (pt II)" is the only song in the album not based on an anime. Not that I know what Bosozoku Symphonic is supposed to be based on...

  81. Khalony

    I realize that the name Area 11 comes from Code Geass. However, once they decided to use a name with "11" in it, they use it everywhere.
    Number of songs in the "All the Lights in the Sky": 11
    Length of the final song in the same: 11:11
    They use 11 all over the place, not because of Code Geass, but because that is their name.
    I was also pointing out (pt 2) implies that there's a part one but no one knows what that is. So why shouldn't there be parts 1-10 that nobody knows and this is (pt 11)?

  82. cool dude

    Sword Art Online... anyone?

  83. Harmless-Nightshade

    I hav a new favourite band! This is absolutely amazing! :)

  84. TheArmouredPenguin

    oh cool got confused there

  85. GreatBritGaming

    on the yogscast wiki it shows a post from sparkles saying that cassandra is a guitar player

  86. Smithyish

    Mind, well and truly, blown.

  87. camatte

    probably because alot of their other videos are gaming related...

  88. Luke Ventola

    mind blown

  89. Skystarry75

    None... It's based off of Spakles* pet project.

  90. Adam McN

    Why is this is gaming? The only remotely 'gaming' thing is the label!

  91. Manzisme

    You know, this song actually sounds like a credit song to a really good movie...

  92. Understand

    Seems like sword art online to me.

  93. bonkers022

    it could be you just don't know it

  94. charcharmunr

    It isn't, apparently. The only one that isn't based off of a manga/anime.

  95. Jackson Hunt-Yates

    No that was flcl

  96. Jackson Hunt-Yates


  97. Cosmic Paudel

    It's flcl isn't it?