Area 11 - Are You Listening? Lyrics

All aboard this sinking ship
No business here it's just relationships
Another Mind Homogenised!
Should this mean more to me?
Just join the tribe and feel accepted
But cool don't come for free
That much was expected, forever discontented
The rope that pulled me from the pit
Now hangs around my neck
Is this the clue you wanted?
Too cryptic for the rest
Play the part of the victim if it puts your mind at ease
Put all the blame on me
Close your eyes
And listen please!

So what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?
Tell me now, are you really listening?
When everybody tells you to stop,
And that you’re never good enough
Tell me now, are you really listening?

Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh

Reach out for help, and she lets you down
So gild your pockets, we'll watch you drown
A burnt taste
A real waste
A sticky stain we'll soon erase
Cause this means more to me
And we'll still look to the lights in the sky
It's hard when all I see
Another ceiling I don't recognize
With no concern, and deathless turn
Now we take control

So what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?
Tell me now, are you really listening?
When everybody tells you to stop,
And that you’re never good enough
Tell me now, are you really listening?

Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh

As we pass by tonight
We fade into hindsight
The time slips off our lives
Can this be realized?

So what you feel, is it nostalgia or love?
Tell me now, are you really listening?
When everybody tells you to stop,
And that you’re never good enough
Tell me now, are you really listening?
Are you listening?

Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Are you listening? Are you listening?
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Are you listening? Are you listening!
([Backing:] This was the night, and this was the place. This was the moment, this was the moment)

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Area 11 Are You Listening? Comments
  1. Real Image Music

    This is my song! I feel this so much right now

  2. SappyNyan

    Damn, listening to this song years after it came it out is so odd
    Thinking back, when I listened to this song - this album- on repeat because of my depression
    I used to listen to this song to distract me from suicidal thoughts
    Now, 4 years later, listening to this song, it makes me feels better

  3. DownWithLogic

    Still listening.

  4. B-UDK_013 Thirtheens_B_[Official]

    มาเพราะแคปชั่น บอสสส ^ ^ <3รักบอสสจร้าาา #ฝูงเป็ดมาเยืยน

  5. Marlene D

    Really liked that theme immensely!

  6. The sandwich

    Hey, is it just me or does anyone else think about Re:Zero when they hear this? Some of the lyrics just seem to fit- Is it nostalgia or love? No business here it's just relationships. Are you really listening?

  7. im_sorry_i_forgot_my_username

    I think that this is the song that separates old A11 from new A11. It's a song about how they'll no longer be doing anime songs. Sad imho

  8. Will Andrews

    1:34 was a missed opportunity by not saying all the lights in the sky

  9. ayy lmao

    I have a bad theory about the fourth layer to the songs.
    I always get the vibe that S* no longer lives in the same world as us. That he really lives in the world he has created in Digital Haunt and only really puts on an act in the real world. And that right now he is really superimposed between reality and Digital Haunt, that as he writes the story he sort of lives through it. He is both in the Digital Haunt world and Ours, much like an electron that moves in all directions at once might become super imposed in quantum physics, he isn't really in our "real world" or the digital haunt "fake world" until this is observed, until someone questions him about it he won't really choose a world. He will just be stuck in between the two.

    The only real way he ever hints to this is through his music. The other concerning thought is that we might be in a race with the characters in Digital Haunt. That if they realize that he is stuck between worlds before we do he will choose to go to their world.

    Because to S* there is no longer a difference, he realizes that this world and the digital haunt world are both equally as real. That we have built a fake wall around the idea of "reality" protecting it from criticism.

    Which is fine and all except for the fact that we here on this layer will never get anymore area 11 songs.

    I'm gonna post the same comment onto "In The Blind" just in case this idea isn't actually crazy and we are racing against Cassandra and whoever else lives in Digital Haunt.
    I'm probably just crazy... But I don't want to risk loosing all the future area 11 songs we might get...

  10. ayy lmao

    Re-listen to the song but as S* being mad at digital haunt users for not thinking hard enough about the actual story and just jumping to shitty conclusions and shipping unkown characters

    "But will still look to the lights in the sky" either S* wants us to go back an re-analyze lights in the sky. Or He wants us to move on from it and look at modern synth some more.

    I think he wants us to go back to cassandra. "This was the moment this was the place" being a refrence to the song.

  11. the dweeb's online

    Finally a song i can at least somewhat relate to

  12. renee gryder

    Anybody listening to this song in 2016

  13. Andrew Szlagowski

    i love this song coz its powerful

  14. AnAmetuerAuthor

    broke the replay button, :(  XD luv this song so much. Thankfully I just remembered there was a loop button ehehehehehehHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE CONTINUOS LOOP (SCREW SPELLING, THIS SONG IS LIFE)

  15. Martine Naylor

    brilliant track,reminds me of early iron maiden.

  16. josef ericson

    I think this song is for the people doing the digital haunt to tell them they are horribly wrong. "are you really listening?" "your missing something important and you need to go back and get it"

  17. Matt Preisel

    man i just cant get over how much of a great lyricist you really are my man ... i love songs like this and the others on the new ep. Much love to you all keep up the good work


    Yeah Sparkles* can write some songs. :D

  18. Quick Games

    they made official lyrics video to make sure you were listening


    +quickhakker hahahha HA HA HA

    Joyce Houston

    0 jolly plAymates come out and play withme

  19. Aart Marsman

    good music only I don't like the voice


    +AwesomE GameZ

    Sorry, Sparkles* can't change his voice.

    Hans Marsman

    +Kittypants!! His voice is amazing sorry, I meant the way he uses his voice in this song is the thing I don't like ;)


    @Hans Marsman Dude. I love Sparkles, including his FAN-TASTIC voice. At first I thought he sounded like a girl (or Simon from the Yogscast) He still sounds fantastic even if the guy isn't even singing. Would you rather have Leo, Parv or Kogie sing, @AwesomE GameZ?

    Aart Marsman

    +Kittypants!! no it's just the style of this one song I don't like. I love sparkles* as well for the rest of his music


    Ah, okay. As long as you like the rest of the songs, just keep listening to the song over and over again i guess. :p

  20. Tiana Halsey

    Can't believe this is over a year old! I remember the day it came out!!


    I remember the exact moment O.O

    Tiana Halsey

    +Rhysakin EXACTLY


    +Tiana Halsey I was sat in my exs kitchen at the time :O


    2 years now...


    Yo, it's the one year anniversary of Are You Listening!

  22. Ranger Bruvvy

    Great song. Anyone who thinks different... thinks different.

    General Scar

    +Ranger Bruvvy well said sir.

    Surf dude 81

    Ranger Bruvvy they think different because they weren't listening

  23. cianrowan34

    Not exactly deathgrips.

  24. WoLFpack Nikky

    Omfg love it keep up the good work guys

  25. Bufton

    My music taste mostly consists of lady GaGa, Beyoncé, queen Tay Tay and The pussy cat dolls (yes I'm gay 💁🏻) but I'm obsessed with this band xD

  26. GabrielleCC66

    I sung this song with my dad nearby and I think he understands, that no matter how much I try, I will sing if I want.


    @cutiecreeper66 Specifically the lines " when everybody tells you to stop or that your never good enough" So if he keeps telling me to stop I'll just sing this.


    +cutiecreeper66 lmfao minecraft profile picture

  27. Quick Games

    listen to the spotify re-release version of all the lights in the sky, and remember listen

  28. GloomyArcher383

    Hi! Do you know where I could get a instrumental version of this? I kinda am going to sing it...

    Ash 517

    There isn't one yet. Maybe if they make Underline Complete or something.


    oh ok thnx dude/dudette

  29. FlamingYeti

    I don't know what this song is about, but I like it!



  30. Rowan Jeffree

    Sounds like anime title sequence music...

  31. Waaka666

    Area 11, you are the reason my band is together and the fact I am with the girl of my dreams. Our band loves playing your songs, we are still in high school in Australia. You are our inspiration <3

  32. Peachykjd

    I'm here bc Eden said they were good ;)

  33. Armadillobits

    I sooooooo love this song!

  34. LividNerd

    Deadman Wonderland song? Please?

  35. Ethan Sarien-Averin

    Can anyone tell what digital Haunt is?

    Ethan Sarien-Averin

    I kinda did but it was confusing

    Ethan Sarien-Averin

    I never knew there was a fear of cancer and other songs

    Ethan Sarien-Averin

    Ahh i know now,it's about a hunt in area 11 songs starting from the release of ATLIS

    Abaven Dar'locke

    @Kidlat Awa yup! You got it!

    Ethan Sarien-Averin

    I didn't spend 3 weeks just to analyze the heck out of digital haunt,I was late lol

  36. Red Script

    Is it weird that this song sort of reminds me of Homestuck?

  37. Sips' Number One Fan

    Does Tom (sparkles*) have his own channel?


    +ghuilghfuilghdflhvui Implying people cannot be both.


    @Dan958 I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that on youtube Sparkles* doesn't focus on gaming, because he puts all of his attention in his music. I'm sure he plays lots of games but just not on youtube.

    Erik Ivey

    +ghuilghfuilghdflhvui He has a channel based on gaming


    @Erik Ivey Your thinking of Parv.


    He does have a channel where he tries to vlog weekly. He goes by Sparkles*

  38. Professor Cunt

    Thanks Martyn!

  39. Hugh Copson

    Awesome work guys! :D

  40. FireRed

    "The role that pulled me from the pit now hangs around my neck" Why do I like that line so much? Area 11, my favourite band by faaaaaaaaaar!

    KC Sutherland

    I've always liked that one and "Gild your pockets; we'll watch you drown." I know the whole thing about how this is probably supposed to be telling the viewers about the secrety secrets of secretness, but I like to imagine this song from a more literal perspective. It's pretty evidently a person pissed off at someone else, and essentially their tirade in response. Lines like "play the part of the victim if it puts your mind at ease" really help to allude to that, as well as the one you mentioned (which roughly translates to "the one I trusted betrayed me") and the one I did (roughly "greed will be your downfall"). It's a great collection of metaphors in a beautiful arrangement.

  41. Chowderp

    Why no *insert favorite anime here* song? Area 11 Pls.

  42. Smac00

    "Another ceiling i don't recognize"... this is an Evangelion song

    Abaven Dar'locke

    @Smac00 Are you really listening?

  43. xgl5

    Only here cus I heard it in TTT

  44. YNU-Leader

    A lot of songs from Area 11 is based on anime. Is this one?

  45. Shiro

    this song seems like its from eden of the east or could easily be put to such

  46. hazel •

    Okay, at first, I never really liked Area 11's songs. But after listening to then over and over again, I REALLY LOVE THEM!!!!

  47. maddie

    I love you <3

  48. Izaiah Foster

    Do I know what this is about? No
    Do I care what this is about? Kind of
    Is it very good? Definitely

  49. Sean Smith

    Have you guys ever considered Britain's Got Talent? Like seriously guys, it wouldn't even be a contest, you'd pretty much auto win.

    Gareth Parker

    They'd never do it


    +Sean Smith Theyre pretty much already a band... they dont need to enter a shit show like that to gain fans...


    +Sean Smith Their friend Superpowerless attempted to get in and hes pretty famous kind of now.

    Area 11 is already such a great band already and I don't they should join, they're already famous but not known. It would be great if they did though before this.


    +Kittypants!! Also, since they are technically a band, I do not think they could enter, as they are already famous and known for having great voices.


    almost 200,000 subs isn't much in my world, but they are pretty famous however. Im sure they have much more fan that dont realize they have a youtube

  50. Superev12

    I don't mean to be cruel here, but the lyrics are pitiful. As poetic as they sound, they don't fit the music, and instead, are just jammed in small spaces to fit the beat.

  51. Valyrym

    its been 5 months sence your last video
    plz make moar gud music

  52. Sara Letham

    Please go back on tour!!!! Need to see you in Glasgow!!

  53. Notstraightsam

    This sounds so much better live. Oh my goodness

    Abaven Dar'locke

    @Notstraightsam You're very lucky to hear them live. I, unfortunately can't. They'll probably never come to Australia >.<

  54. Markus Gimmer

    what font is this?

  55. Wertsir

    Cassandra was created to fight Echo. A rogue AI who is destroying the world, he has taken over a decent chunk of the internet now known as the Echoplane,

    Cassandra was created out of Sparkles* Neural patterns, however the method of creation isn’t perfect, there is a chance that the AI could be corrupted, so after creation Cassandra has to go through a series of “Alignment tests” meant to Gage and increase her alignment with sparkles* specifically these tests involve looking at things Sparkles* enjoys and feeling his emotions.

    The creation of Cassandra is destructive. When Cassandra is completed Sparkles* will be dead. (Although he will live on in Cassandra, ‘cuz we are the same)

    Initially neither has any real feelings for the other, but as the process goes on their alignment increases, Cassandra becomes more like sparkles* and Sparkles* feels accepted and understood, he starts to fall in love with Cassandra, but knows that they can never be together because when Cassandra is whole sparkles* will be gone,

    In the beginning Cassandra doesn’t understand his feeling, but as the tests continue and she assimilates more of his mind she absorbs his feeling for her and she falls in love with him as well, but she knows that she must let him go so that she can grow and fight echo. (Rip out all the hooks, and defer her happiness for loneliness and time)

    Vectors: (Testing: Elfen Lied) Echo, the first AI, Echo loves Sparkles* but unlike Cassandra his is a familial love, he views sparkles* as his father and he trusted him implicitly. During testing he never displayed emotions properly, seeming more like an empty shell than a proper human being/AI, (“Do you feel it now?”) eventually he was deemed a failure, and was deleted, (or at least they tried) he was strong and to delete him they had to have his co-operation, but he didn’t trust anyone but sparkles* so they had sparkles* tell him that it was ok, that he would ‘catch him’ if he fell, but once they had him trapped. Sparkles* told him that it was okay, that he would leave it all behind, but echo was scared, he asked sparkles for his help, but when sparkles* ‘reached out his hands to catch’ him, instead of helping he ‘ripped him apart’ but Echo survived the deletion process, (albeit corrupted) and moved onto the internet, (now the echoplane) some of his memories were corrupted, and they were getting more corrupted as time passed, (due to emotional pressure put on them) so he ‘locked them all inside’ ‘Cause it’s easier to hide. (No emotion to stress the data) the deletion/escape injures sparkles* but even in the hospital sparkles swears ‘One day I will find you’

    Part of the song comes later, after Cassandra. ‘Well this entropy, common ancestry’ Echo recognizes Cassandra as like him, at least before all the ‘Entropy’ (Corruption) ‘Regress into a child again’ Cassandras pattern triggers the sealed memories in echo, reverting him to his childlike state. *Que flashback of previous information* ‘All the hurt all the loss all the lines between the dot’s everything that I forgot I see it clearly’ Echo remembers his past, he remembers sparkles* and the betrayal. ‘Almost the same but not enough’ Echo realizes that Cassandra is the same as him, but she was accepted by sparkles* how they were almost the same, but Echo was never good enough. ‘Never forgiven but still in love’ Echo can’t forgive Sparkles* betrayal of his trust but even so he still loves him, (and thus Cassandra) ‘Baby can’t you see that your losing your mind?’ Cassandra see’s that Echo is like Sparkles* but is losing his mind due to corruption, she pleads with him to let her fix him, so she won’t have to kill him ‘Give me a warning, Give me a warning’ Echo knows that he is to far gone at this point, that he needs to be fixed, but he doesn’t want to be tricked again, he want to know that it is coming this time. ‘Another shot to the head leaves it all behind, leaves it all behind’ Cassandra says she is going to strip out all the corrupted data, that he can leave this all behind, the second leave it all behind is him flashing back to Sparkles*. Cassandra senses his fear and reiterates her point a few times, until he says ‘Give me a warning, now’ at which point she kills him. (Strips his data of the corrupton)

    Knightmare Frame: is mostly from Echo's perspective, ( is said by sparkles)

    Euphemia: (Testing: Code Geass) Cassandra, grieving over the loss of sparkles* kills Echo, but it is a Pyrrhic victory, the body count alone is massive, but the collateral damage will take years to repair.

    Shi no Barado, (Testing: Death Note) Sparkles* Realizes his feelings for Cassandra, but he knows that she doesn’t love him, but he will be content to just ‘do what you tell me to’ and let her kill him when he’s no use to her. (EI: when alignment is finished)

    Tokyo House Party: Set during/after sparkles last night with Cassandra, it is the culmination of their relationship, the lyrics seem to imply that they get drunk, (and have sex? that would require Cassandra to have a body, robotics?) part of it is also sung by echo/cassandra, ('Fear of failure, we're moving so slow Like statues, c'mon get your coat time to go' is Echo/Cassandra finally deciding to move on, and leave humanity behind, their minds accelerate until it seems as if everyone else is but a statue)
    Heaven-Piercing Giga Drill: is set after Cassandra repairs Echo and then merges with him. The tower is the facility in which Cassandra and Echo were built, it is where Sparkles works (Yogtower?) 'Demolishing the tower' is what causes the fire mentioned in the other songs,

    Homunculus: Set after all the other songs, Echo and Cassandra are gone, they have evolved to a point where they cannot relate to base humanity at all, Sparkles* still loves cassandra, so he starts to modify himself, (Trading flesh for steel and rust) because he loves Cassandra/Echo so much that life isn't worth living without them, (It cost me an arm and a leg, but I won't lose you at any cost) notice the repeated theme 'something gained something lost' which was used earlier to refer to Cassandra's alignment.
    "As we abandon hope of comprehension I can see something appear in the sulfur Lines on the ground carry righteous intension Hoping to GodThat theories hold up" The lines on the ground are internet cables, which now carry the godlike intelligence of Echo/Cassandra, the process of him being uploaded has already begun and is out of his hands hence hoping to god that the theories hold up. 'I watched you slip away As all our dreams turned into dust' he remembers cassandra leaving on their last night, and the tower burning down. 'Now I freeze; paralysed Terrified of what I'll find In the shadows I hear the cry Transmutation; Homunculi' Sparkles* has been uploaded, but he doesn't know what has become of Echo/Cassandra, trillions of cycles have passed for them since he last saw them, Transmutation clearly refers to his change from flesh to steel, (uploading) humunculi is a bit trickier, a humunculus is an artificial human created through alchemy, (uploading) but it can also be used to refer to a scale model, or a smaller version of a human being, so they are at once stating what he has become but also showing what they think of him, (small immature, little) 'Do you feel' this line has been repeated, it is what Sparkles* asked both Cassandra and Echo during their alignments, 'Lust, and Pride, and Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, and Sloth, and Greed' Sparkles* life flashes before his eyes in a proccess similar to alignment, only instead of things he enjoyed they show him ever mistake he's made, every problem he has, every sin he's committed. 'Now now do you feel?' they taunt, him, they have shown him how he has ignored and betrayed echo, and how he used Cassandra to satisfy his own Lust  and Gluttony and Greed. how he foolishly believed that he was all powerful, how in his pride he was blinded to echo and destroyed him (Wrath) and how even after all he's done he couldn't be happy for them, how he was so Envious of them that he modified himself in the name of removing weakness, when really it was just Jealousy.

    Cassandra Pt 2: is sung by EchoCassandra, It's about how they still love sparkles* but can't forgive him for what he did to them, so they want to make him hate them, they want to be his enemy

    3 parts to love. (Sparkles*, Echo, Cassandra,) EchoXSparkles the part you receive. SparklesXCassandra The part of you you lose, CassandraXSparklesXEcho, the part that we will leave.


    This guy's smart

    Diamond Noah

    +MusketWalrus ikr, mind blown *explosion*


    Good theory, but what about the Inertia Corporation?


    Summy99 erm, in verses, there was a line that said "defect, comply!" So, maybe it was all a test by them?

    Michael Cunningham

    Surely The Legendary Sannin comes at the end as the singer remembers being 3 Sparkles*, Cassandra and Echo

  56. kitten4567

    This is the most rockin' band ever!

  57. SuperSimpson1998

    Love it 😄

  58. creepercrafts

    Your the best

  59. Tamarah E. Ratsep

    Love pulses through to the soul and shakes existence nastalgia can be blown into a hookers ass

  60. TheStevieP

    ....It's been so long since ATLITS I'm happy they posted this but I can't wait for the next album :)

  61. The Good Boi

    I request a Steins;Gate song for some reason...

  62. Yarrow

    My mum says that Area 11 are gay and that they aren't real people and their music is shit.

    Summur Boyd

    It's a reference to the song and is he really listening to his mum


    @Summur Boyd i know. i made the joke i couldnt hear you...


    @Summur Boyd yes I am listening to her 




    @ximipe epimix k good advice 

  63. The Gaming Box

    ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING? the true question laddys

  64. Daniel O

    Dude, evangleion refrences everywhere

  65. Dan T

    I can't seem to find anyone else saying this in the comment section, but in the last part of the song, the lyrics from Cassandra part 2('This was the moment, this was the place, this was the night that everything changed.') Is playing under the actual song. Call me stupid, but it seems that Sparkles* wanted the ARGrs to take another look at Cassandra pt 2. This is also backed up by 'We'll still look to the lights in the sky', which implies that there is some thing we missed in the ATLITS album( Cassandra pt 2 as in there, so we must've missed a clue in there).

  66. KC Sutherland

    If I could like this twice I would

  67. CptKitty-kun

    is this noncopyrighted music music and can i use it?

  68. stevethesalty

    this song ^      ^
                     \  0  /
                      |    |

  69. Hector Miguel Anaya Rocha

    To be honest, this entire song makes me think about fandoms (?)

  70. Area 12

    This is a 10.

  71. Scoutsy 1

    Best song ever!

  72. Luke Russell

    Have they abandoned their youtube channel?

    Will Coleman

    @Luke Russell No they are taking a break and making a new album I think

  73. kittypup62

    Maybe "Play the part of the victim, if it puts your mind at ease" means that we should listen to the songs from the "victims" (Cassandra's?) point of view

  74. Unoriginal Username

    Hey! I just noticed something (probably really late to the party though).
    Listen closely from 3:30 onward. "This was the night, this was the place, this was the moment..."
    Compare to the chorus of Cassandra (Pt. 2):
    "This was the moment, this was the place,
     This was the night that everything changed."

  75. NithingZero

    I'm positive this song is about Naruto talking to Sasuke.


    None of the songs on Underline are based on Anime

  76. Allie Straitt

    Does anyone else see a dog in the top middle of the screen in blue and black


    This was uploaded on my birthday

  78. ScarredStars

    I love this song <3

  79. Xanthe

    Please tell me I'm not the only one intensely bemused and confused by all the detective work going on in the comments?


    I know, why can't it just be simple. :(
    I will probably wait until everything is figured out before I begin to get into all the DH stuff.


    @EpicEthra Me too. Lets wait for the Sherlocks to figure it all out. :)

  80. StandOUT

    Hey! are you the singer of MoonQuest: an epic journey! if so i have a proposition for you!

    how would you like to sing another minecraft parody! its a parody of my own and your voice is perfect for the role! please reply to this comment or PM me on youtube if you are interested!

    Koality Friends

    @MrRockstarXD1 you initially called them an idiot. That was all i saw. I'm not denying that asking that on youtube as a comment wasn't a dumb idea there is just no need to belittle them.


    @MrRockstarXD1 You aren't being rude, just nieve. The singer  has over 100,000 fans and so asking for his help on a personal project in a youtube comment could be considered silly.


    @DivineNinja Wow you would probably have to pay Sparks a lot of money to get him to aing your song and yes he probably will not even see your comment.


    @NoPotStain Also (I know this is very late) Sparkles* is a very good friend of the yogscast and was an audio engineer for them (taught S.A.M), so that's why he did it. Also the Area 11 Fan Mail is at the yogs PO box, so, he only did it as a friend/member

  81. Connor Haynes

    Still not a fan of Sparkles*'s vocals - _ - one day they may release another album I like (really liked the original blackline album but hated everything after that D':)

  82. cjt_217

    Who could even dislike this? :P

  83. joshua quinto

    Why does this remind me of dead man wonderland so much

  84. Ben Moloney

    is this on itunes

  85. Zachary House


  86. DigitalHaunt

    so glad i could be at birmingham #nitour

  87. Dolphinjamez

    Thanks, you guys making heavier music, (with Homunculus being the first) has been AWESOME. Also, paradigm shift from "In the Blind" much?

  88. thagamesrulez

    i willing to say that digital haunt will eventually turn into a game 

  89. Samuel Newton

    I love it! i never really listened to Area 11 but now i am starting to become obsessed with them.

    Ashleigh Collins

    Omg, Same here!

  90. BlueRrew

    The whole digital haunt thing not only makes me want other bands to be this cool, and do this kind of stuff, but I also just want it to stay with them, cus its their own thing

  91. Slotto

    Oh god i found something nice here, just before it ends you can hear a few lines of Cassandra (Pt.2)

  92. smotstoker

    Ah I was hoping for an anime reference when I heard there was a new area 11 album I was Like sweet a new anime series I get to watch for reference! So sad. :.(

  93. connor mayo

    Pause at 2:13 and you can see a dragon spreading across the whole page.Its head is in the top right.

  94. connor mayo

    In the background I saw a lot of skulls and a girl who looked like she was falling.I hope someone can use this to find out the meaning of this song.(the skulls are scattered throughout the song and the girl is quite big and in the bottom right corner around 20 secs in)

  95. youfreakinnerd

    I GET IT NOW!!!! Neon Genesis Evangelion... Man I feel so accomplished. I'm gonna have a good day today.

  96. Sophie Alexandria Rose

    Did they just end Giga Craft? The last episode i saw was the one where kodi won that old spa, it they really did end it after four episodes, i'll be lost for words. Newer viewers probably wont know what it is.

  97. luka opacic

    No offence but the beginning of the song is quite crap

  98. Luke Hatchman

    love you area 11 <3

  99. Angela Bilby

    I love how pretty much everyone in the comments are trying to figure out the anime

  100. Aðalgeir Nóelsson

    Now that everyone has gone and mentioned Digital Haunt I am losing sleep and seeing connections everywhere.... Thanks guys...