Area 11 - All Your Friends Lyrics

Habits tend to crystallize
Lines of sight way beyond your eyes
Did you waste it in the dark?

Camera lights set to amplify
Oscillating your vital signs
As you ask under the sky

Why were you sure it was real?
When you let all your friends tell you how to feel
The archetypes; the ideal
Will soon embrace you when you let yourself heal

Who are we to cauterise
Bleeding hearts that synchronise
Did he waste you in the dark?
Choose your friends just to canonize
You, as you let them fantasize
You're not fated to blue eyes

Why were you sure it was real?
When you let all your friends tell you how to feel
The archetypes; the ideal
Will soon embrace you when you let yourself heal

Why were you sure it was real?
The archetypes; the ideal

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Area 11 All Your Friends Comments
  1. Liam Needham

    I don't know if people still care about Digital Haunt, but if there are any elevens out there who have the power to edit the distorted voice used occasionally in this song. It is definitely not the same lyrics. I can hear "... open your eyes...", "every word" and that very last line goes "When you're ...... all your friends."

    That last line especially because what fits there seems like it would be a profound statement.

    Some other theories I pull from these lyrics. All in that first verse. "Habits tend to crystallise" and the "Dihydrogen Prism of fate" (Override A) seem to parallel, as if the fate of the being in question is determined by whether they can change, or stubbornly cling to old habits (rigid like a prism/crystal structure). "As you ask under the sky" could be a reference to prayer, which implies a god, which has also been implied a lot through other songs. Echo (Echodeath), "God Loves her Children" (Angel Lust), "The muses choose" (Fear of Cancer), "Built by the grace of a god, destroyed by the pantheons rage" (Processor). The list goes on.

    I personally believe the god is the creator of a robot/human hybrid or the first robot/human hybrid, and the future creations worship that creator/original.

    I really hope Digital Haunt still goes on, I used to love over-analysing all their songs and hoped that one day, we'd get some answers.

  2. UltraOriginalVoid

    man, I haven't listened to these guys since something like 7 years ago and that's insane. I was listing to them in 6th grade and I'm a senior in high school now. It also brings back memories of the yogscast, which were a surprisingly big part of my middle school years. I'm off to go listen to the classics now and wallow in nostalgia, you guys are still doing great!

    Izzy Mikestir

    I feel you man, I was I think 13 or 14 when I found them. I decided to listen to their all the lights in the sky album on my bike ride home recently, it was a trip. Listening to them all those years ago, and now when I am in my second year of college.

  3. Pye22


  4. Silverfish0161

    Only two?

  5. sondre holm

    This is a mix of the good parts of All The Lights In The Sky and the good parts of Modern Synthesis

  6. ben shapiro is my hero

    Hey im here from parv love from the Yogs fans

  7. 2066

    Please release this as a Vinyl single

  8. PandaGamer398

    I wonder what the age distribution of fans is. Probably quite a few kids since some people found them through the yogscast. Doubt many 30+

  9. ShovelBladeTV

    your predictive text is learning

  10. Praylop

    Nice to see some new stuff being put out!

  11. HalfelfHalfling Bard

    So good!

  12. Tim Smith

    With some bands, I hear a new album, and I have to listen to it a few times before I can say, "Yeah, this is them." Not so with this song. It's very different from anything on Modern Synthesis or All the Lights in the Sky, but it's also so instantly Area 11. Hope the rest of the album is just as good, if not better.

  13. Victor Gonzalez

    I've been waiting.Ya'll gotta release more often

  14. vastsky


  15. W. Culpepper II

    Nothing short of amazing! Love your work!!

  16. Sianna Scale


  17. sondre holm

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only norwegian to listen to Area 11.

  18. AnAmetuerAuthor

    boi's did you just drop these new tracks for the bristol show tomorrow!?? i need to play these songs until i sleep so i will be prepared for tomorrow

  19. Sebbir

    Well im off to the Digital Haunt. There goes my sleep

    Lachlan Landreth

    Not related to the Haunt?

  20. Rachael

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  21. Mihai Udubasa

    Long time no see. It's different but I love it.

  22. RuairidhW

    Say It Ain't So by Weezer? I see you're a man of culture as well

  23. William Day

    Am I the only one wondering why the time is stuck at 9:41?

    Carl Morrell

    William Day that is the time an iPhone shows when you screen record it

  24. LewisIsFail


    Ps great song, great work, keep it up 😫

  25. Sencaster

    That elicray person knew what was coming

  26. Christofferoff

    It's such a dumb joke but I can't stop laughing at the guy who wrote "Big mac with fries, supersize".

  27. oblaki

    It really fucked me up that they had weezer up!!!
    I was literally listening to on my phone when I started watching it.

  28. Jack George : Aperture on Fire


  29. DarkSoul5

    2 years and I'm not disappointed holy shit guys thank you

  30. Toon Sakurano

    YES THE BOYS ARE BACK! Loving the new tracks: incredible as always!!! This was such a wonderful thing to wake up to!

    I also love that you can hear parts of the Override [C] instrumental at some points in this one: a clever nod to Modern Synthesis! <3 Can't wait to see what other surprises you all have in store for us!

  31. Sam Christelow


  32. Séx Romance

    Aww hell fucking yes

  33. Tiger Bears

    Been listening to you guys for years, and I already love this song. Keep up the great work, you never fail to amaze.

  34. Emily Jane Lumsden

    Lmao thanks for the new tunes lads

  35. Leprechaun Butt Milk

    Time to put this on loop

  36. Meewthree

    Ooooh nice! I like it! Can you make it available to buy on google play for us android users?

  37. Fondu Froin


  38. Monsieur Tea Slurper

    Welcome back, gentlemen.

  39. beatboxgal Ivy

    OMG is this a dream? I turned 26 today and my favourite band drops a new track.. I can die happy :D

    Thomas P

    beatboxgal Ivy happy birthday and ikr, it's like Christmas I'm so happy abt this

  40. Pirikko

    I have to say, hearing Area 11 again is so damn nostalgic to me. The voice, the instrument, the whole sound. I can still remember hearing that one part of Vectors on the Yogscast outros years ago, was so mesmerize by the sound. Can't wait for more!

    C.I. S.I.

    Still thank whatever made me stay and watch at outro and discover them

    Total Trash Mammal

    Glad I'm not the only one who is nostalgic for that. Hearing the clip in everyone's outros when All The Lights in the Sky came out is how I originally started listening to these guys. That feels like it was an eternity ago.

    Sacred Stars TC

    Well, actually, that's part of Euphemia. It's only in Vectors in the youtube version so that people don't have to sit through the intro to listen to the song.


    It was part of Euphemia, not Vectors I believe.

    Winters Chill

    Same i remember that live stream where they played that bit of vectors and thats how i became a fan, after a couple of years, i thought i give it a listen, it all just feels so nostalgic...

  41. 神影Kamikage


  42. How To NOT Play Games

    yES MORE AREA 11

  43. DownWithLogic

    My favorite band coming back? Take all my hype

  44. Muon going .97c

    What a present to wake up to. I think today will be a good one.

  45. 「OTGT」

    Say it ain't so

  46. birbish

    I appreciate that they were listening to Weezer

    Jaime Ruiz

    John Blewett I only know weezer because of Feed Me Jack's burndt jamb cover

  47. RubyRedPanda 14


  48. Cie

    wow i didnt think InstaLyrics was a thing now it is

  49. Zach Crosset

    Did who ever they were messaging know? Or were they just really confused?


    Bluepikmin64 that was a post lol

    Jaime Ruiz

    that was their post. I just saw this this morning and I was confused with all those comments

  50. SyllabicHarpy

    Happy to see them back

  51. Tiana Halsey

    This is so good. Worth the wait!

  52. Michael Cunningham

    Will this be just on Spotify?


    Marmoth 1 Its already up on itunes

    Michael Cunningham

    Darkfalcon233 i mean on their store, google play ect

  53. tojer2010

    About time for new songs :D Been waiting for a long time.
    But they feel too far from the previous sound, which already changed from ATLITS with Modern Synthesis. But I guess we will see once the next album is released. Good song none the less. Keep up the good work.


    tojer2010 th but tune wise they kinda give me the same feeling Idk. Ghost cassette was recorded on less High quality equipment than this obviously and such but idk

    Jack Wyatt

    I'd kinda prefer that though. I'd rather they sound different than keep releasing albums that all sound the same.


    Jack Wyatt I agree, and these songs are still very Area 11 imo

    Jack Wyatt

    Aye, definitely. The best bands are the ones that can change their sound and not their identity


    Jack Wyatt 100% agree

  54. Darkfalcon233

    So all that Instagram lyric spam earlier today makes sense now

  55. DemonSpud07

    Why the fuck my peepee hard

  56. The Sea

    nice typing

  57. ZeroEleven

    I'm so happy...


    I missed these guys

  59. Ben Summer

    Why tho

  60. Lucy P

    Yes! Hype! Thanks for trolling us today btw

  61. Nora Reasons


  62. Bardo, The Saddboii

    Recent searches, weezer, my fucking guys

  63. Aidy Is A Tem

    hey look whos back its area 11 after spending today trolling us

  64. Oliver J. Turner

    Would you look at that... They're back.

    John Smith

    Typical Area 11. Awesome Music - Several Years Nothing - Awesome Music