Area 11 - After The Flags Lyrics

"But still it moves" I heard you cry
Matters of fact attract, with time to bide
Thread sisters stay on my side
Heavy headed when we collide
Ten sounds at once reverberate
Coin-operations self-sustain in a cloud
Compulsion caught will penetrate
"Come on son do your country proud!"

Lead us down to the ocean
And wash our hands of campaigns for the self-assured now
Fading white in surrender
And weary from the beating sun that blinds you

Take a hit for catharsis
Take a hit for them all
After the flags they're selling off the wall
I wanna die for a reason
I wanna kill for a cause
Before they fall

The fall won't kill but it's gonna hurt
And for a moment clear the haze from your eyes
To redefine the lines of flesh and dirt
A sudden tenderness, viscera surprise
Dressed in red to mourn the dead
6 o'clock, do you watch just to wince at this?
Eyes are wide; we have been misled
And now you face the modern synthesis

Straighten out your fiction
As means to ends and ends to meaning guide you

Take a hit for catharsis
Take a hit for them all
After the flags they're selling off the wall
I wanna die for a reason
I wanna kill for a cause
After the flags I'm nobody at all

Take a hit for catharsis
Take a hit for them all
After the flags they're selling off the wall
If I could reach you with reason
You set us up for a fall
After the flags you're nobody at all

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Area 11 After The Flags Comments
  1. Evan Hocking

    How have I never realised that this was filmed in Cardiff. I thought that bridge looked familiar

  2. JRM 4 PM

    You guys have improved alot!

  3. PlasmaDrone

    Jeez, feels like a throwback to the good old early 2000s days.

  4. Sips' Number One Fan

    Tbh, I can totally see this playing with anime guy doing some running and parkour with some flips and other ninja shit

  5. Crella

    Sparkles is a librarian

  6. Silverdarlin

    The Parkour is cool until you realise he's in Bristol. The most unglamorous city in England behind Birmingham

  7. Thomogon

    Really digging the tune, apart from the smudgey filter the video is really cool. Reminds me way more of Old School Area 11 and that's always a good thing. (Innovating yet sticking to your roots is always the right approach to me). Overal good job on the mix, sounds really full, yet it's really tight esspecially on the bass frequencies which tends to peak a little with these types of tones in the guitar part. 8/10, really good production!

  8. ZXDarkblade

    The way Sparkles* looks at the runner and throws the mic gives me chills every time.

  9. Generic_nerd

    this is great love it can't wait to see where this leads

  10. kixlepixel

    I have that exact guitar!

  11. Matt Smith

    the nostalgia back to when they had songs icn yogscast videos. I used to love vectors and Go! Fighting action fighting power. Anyone else?

  12. Chromaphasia

    You've gotten to the point where I was watching something and they just offhandedly mentioned you guys, that's pretty cool

  13. JLJ

    Never thought I'd see the day you ended up on Kerrang been listening to you for a while now (ever since your release of Blackline EP) been a big fan and I'm so happy that you got a least a bit of mainstream exposure. Thank you for this song and all the songs throughout the years and I hope you will continue to make more in the future.

  14. Jo Taylor

    Whens the next tour! <3

  15. Lords Realm

    this song isnt made by rush therefore i hate it.

    Shut up its a joke...

  16. nicthetic ASMR

    quick question ,what is catharsis


    The 182nd a type of disease


    the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. From Wiki

  17. Marty Fly

    Leo is honestly goals

  18. Dr_cookie

    "Oh for God sake,Area 11 joined anonymous now we're all screwd"

  19. Abaven Dar'locke

    It kinda looks like S* and the rest of Area 11 are the bad guys in this, going by the looks they gave the parkour guy. I wanna see how this plays out!

  20. Michael Anthony

    Yay, I have the same bandana as the bandana guy but I got it in white

  21. Andrew Szlagowski

    why is he running? did he just steal someones doritos and book it?

  22. HalfelfHalfling Bard

    Amazing as always!

  23. Christopher Rice

    Darude- Sandstorm anyone?

  24. Grant Iodice

    I have chills now.

  25. Joshua Larsen

    Great video, great song! Waiting with baited breath to see more from you guys.

  26. Jay

    Probably one of my new favourite songs.

  27. kooly7000

    Who would watch an Area 11 movie?

  28. SCP_XxxMLGxxX

    I miss old area 11


    like all the lights

  29. Tellur

    Damn, thats nice. But what does it mean? I mean ...

  30. dragonlover22503

    Parv's fashion sense died faster than his youtube channel


    That end was digital haunting me...

  32. otaku trash

    ngl i would love to be mysteriously lead to area 11

  33. James Dewhirst

    How did you get to record it there? Are the dishes still property of the MOD or public property?

    Lalna Rocks

    James Dewhirst they got special permission to be there from what we can tell

    James Dewhirst

    Lalna Rocks that would make sense

  34. axel boström

    just pure awesome!

  35. Emily Jane Lumsden

    This is so cool! I like how the MVs are developing now!!

  36. FireRed

    Yusssss!!!! My favourite song from Modern Synth, and its got a video. NOICE!!!

    Also we now have a third symbol: the eye, the flower and now the face... Hmmm, what could this mean for the DH?

    Lucy Spittle

    Three parts to love, or so I believe


    MY GOD!!! XD

    Lucy Spittle

    but remeber, that's just a theory... a DIGITAL HAUNT THEORY! thanks for listening

  37. shotgun4haz

    Hyped to see them tonight

  38. Holden Reklaw

    Production value is better than it has ever been!

  39. Trite

    hmmm certainly an intresting one for the digital haunt

  40. ToastedJaffas

    Loving the music videos!!! If you're going to do another one Angel Lust or Red Queen would be awesome :D

  41. CJ Miaou

    Parv and Sparkles were scary in that last clip. This was awesome though holy crap!!!

  42. pugspite

    Those acoustic mirrors in the background are in like the only desert in the uk i believe.

  43. Callum H

    Oh nice it's filmed at Cardiffs Acoustic Mirror (like an early form of radar)

    Evan Hocking

    Lgr callum I thought those roads looked familiar

  44. The sandwich

    This has got to be one of my favourite area songs in a while. And I still need to keep google open to check what everything means in the other tab (yes, I am that sad.)

    The sandwich

    Jesus christ, IT'S BEEN TWO YEARS?!! ...and I found my own comment again. Well that's sad.

  45. Jochem Wessel

    I wasn't ready, holy shit

  46. Hannah L

    Leo's smile as he was playing was too precious <3

  47. JAFS UK

    You should do more videos they are sick

  48. Sean Allison

    2:18 That face though...

  49. Charlotte Hardman

    Holy fuck, this has just made me even more excited to see you guys live in Manchester on Monday!!! If this isn't on the setlist I'll be having some rather strong words with some people after the show! 😂 Awesome video as ever guys, well done!! ❤️


    @Issy Szemeti Nope but they played The Contract, Cassandra pt II, In The Blind, Panacea (their first time live), Nebula, After The Flags, Dreams and Reality etc.
    They're so lovely, make sure to get many hugs!! xD Have fun!!

    Issy Szemeti

    AetherMage did they play giga drill at the end like always?


    @Issy Szemeti Oops yea they always do! ^^^

    Issy Szemeti

    I thought so xD that's what I'm most excited for tbf


    @Issy Szemeti Yeah, the energy when HPGD comes on is Crazyyyy! xD
    Plus this tour has sick merch so be prepared xD

  50. llodoroo


  51. Vicki Kift

    A new era has begun

  52. Jamanator9

    wow, awesome shit guys. Glad to see you are doing so well. Love u guys, keep up the good work! :D

  53. RandomHobo4

    Looks like someone has fallen prey to smihilism.

  54. Jack Dever

    I loved the video. And I love the song. The only thing that got me was it didn't look like the bass playing in the video was matching the song. That might have just been me but it sounded fingered in the song but he was strumming in the video. Just sort of distracted me the whole video lol. But still I freaking love this album.

  55. Orion

    f yeaa ! !!

  56. Cie

    Sparkles* dropped the microphone in the douchiest way possible. I love it.

    The sandwich

    It's like he's saying "Well, we told you not to follow blindly!"

  57. Stubby Lad

    Donald Clinton

  58. Stubby Lad

    Nice narrative of Pokemon go terrorism

  59. SappyNyan

    It looks like they were in front of some old satellite broadcasting to that guy who was running. It was a really good video and I wish I could like something more than once

  60. ビー/Bea


  61. EpicTreePunchers

    Pokemon go isn't that good man, cool it with the parkour.


    EpicTreePunchers LOL XD


    EpicTreePunchers there was a dragonite though!

    Morthana M

    EpicTreePunchers he's actually geocaching

  62. Alex Smith Music Official

    After the Flags is the 9th Track on Modern Synthesis, Today is the 9th of December. We have received two new awesome things today the music video and the acoustic EP. 9 - 2 = 7. Cassandra (pt II) was the 7th track on ATLITS. Which means...

    Absolutely Nothing

  63. The Gaming Box

    3rd Album confirmed with that weird new icon???

    Martyn Skytech

    The third album/Ep might be named After glow.
    in Override C the lyrics "We start again and underline
    Make a stand in afterglow" this is obviously referring to the Ep Underline and maybe a album/Ep named Afterglow

  64. Carys Tomos

    Love this so much

  65. Chris Blackwell

    Honestly have no idea what the video is about XD absolute bangin choon though

  66. dj123401t

    where do i get sparkles jacket, i want one

  67. ScarletReptile

    Leo is so adorable

  68. It's Dark Out There (ง'̀-'́)ง


  69. T sparksy

    Seeing this makes me even more excited for the gig on Monday

  70. Lydia Tilney

    I love this song

  71. Lydia Tilney

    Area 11, still not over Pokemon go


    Lydia Tilney this has much better tracking

    Lydia Tilney

    DarkChronos well, that wasn't too difficult

  72. Luke Jackson

    First video that isnt just you guys performing, i like it!

  73. Sparky

    Totally not a cult... Nope :P.

  74. Jeff Barbie

    Damn this turned out great, I loved the album and this was one of my favorite songs on it, well done lads well done

  75. Isaac salt

    Love the song not so keen on the video

  76. Tiana Halsey

    Watched the moment it came out as I wait outside the gig

  77. UhhDylan

    Omg I love this

  78. nano cowie

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The best pokemon go trailer ever

  79. Darkfalcon233

    First thoughts, totally awesome! Then I noticed that this was most likely filmed in Wales due to the sign at 2:31 0_0

    Evan Hocking

    Darkfalcon233 it was a sign said Cardiff bay on it

  80. Lux E.

    they all look so good???

    Josh Switch

    +Lux E. its the jackets.

  81. Lux E.


  82. LlamaFluff

    For anyone interested, this videos tags are:

    Area 11 (Musical Group) area11 area 11 areaeleven area eleven sparkles* kogie leo parv jonathan kogan leo taylor alex parvis parv plays parvplays rock music band bristol modern synthesis after the flags versus contract watchmaker parkour album 2016 new song single ibanez sakae drums guitar solo cooking vinyl

  83. LlamaFluff

    New symbol? Exicte

  84. LloydTheHuman

    on digital haunt it said that the band are characters in that world but not the main characters, this has got to be something relevant

    Jack Wyatt

    First and foremost riddle to solve... what the hell is that second logo?


    Jack Wyatt could be to do with the inertia corporation

    Lucy Spittle

    I hope so, I can't wait to see where that aspect of the DH leads...

    Doot De Doot

    In the very end, where the band and that guy meet, Kogie is missing, which is probably relevant, at 3:59 you can see that he's not there.


    It's been confirmed it's due to the camera angle, is is in fact there hahah

  85. Nick Goodson

    when you try to go to a gig but are to late to buy tickets like

  86. Lucy Spittle

    To the Digital Haunt Wiki!!! *screen spins and flails wildly*

    RS* Quinn

    *gavin screaming*

  87. theZbanana

    Fav song on the new album!

  88. Brooklynae

    Could this be the second protag of the Digital Haunt?

    Josh Switch

    AetherMage The first being Cassandra?


    @Josh Switch Yup!


    what is digital haunt


    Oh my friend, look it up and be prepared for a strange and mighty journey, but be warned you may never look at an area 11 song the same again. XD


    Yeh beware, you will only ever look for clues XP (unless you're like me)

  89. GeorgeNash

    I didn't know Newton Falkner was part of the band ahaha... Amazing video guys ;)

    Lucie Davies

    This comment is gold !

  90. LlamaFluff


  91. david's head

    Dat smiley be scary

  92. Quick Games

    who was the guy running sorry if its dumb but dont reconise him

    Quick Games

    say bonerfarts in the shit post channel


    @quickhakker why

    Quick Games

    why not

    Quick Games

    Earl Robbie Wilson is it?


    Earl Robbie Wilson who's yersel??

  93. OMDolton99

    301 Club!

    Anyway, loving the video, guys! Fits the music perfectly! ^_^

  94. Ali Siddique

    What's that symbol though I'm so

  95. Leprechaun Butt Milk


  96. JLGE_

    this is some black mirror shit right here

  97. Jorick2u

    Holy shit a new EP and a new music video in one day! Fuck yeah