Arden, Jann - Will You Remember Me Lyrics

Will you remember me when I'm gone
Will you remember me at all
I tried to be kind, I tried to be good
Will you remember me

God only knows why we try and fail
Is this heaven on earth or the fires of hell
I tried to be honest, it's hard not to lie
Will you remember me after I die
Will you remember me
Will you remember me

I've got a junkie heart in a cage of bone
I'm a scientific wonder, a sober son
I was born blue-blooded
So I've never made a cent on my own

I don't need to tell you that I'm afraid
'Cause I'll be paying for all the mistakes I've made
I tried to be thoughtful, it's hard not to be blind
Will you remember me after I'm gone
Will you remember me
Will you remember me

Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me
Will you remember me

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Arden, Jann Will You Remember Me Comments
  1. Kaylib Rand

    Gods angel !

  2. Etigress

    Grew up listening to Jann Arden and Bryan Adams, both my parent's favourites. I'm so glad I did.

    Perhaps 58

    You must be a Canuck!

  3. DarkWestern


  4. holly pietrzak

    this was jann ardrens first song

  5. Ðave LeBlanc

    forever hun :)

  6. Gary M

    Dedicated to Joan richards, she's got alzheimers and is janns mom.

    Her mind might forget but not her heart

    Dwayne Wladyka

    She just passed away.

  7. Deby Cedars

    I told you ..........How can I forget you when there is always a song to remind me.

  8. Ðave LeBlanc

    bless :)

  9. kjjmusic

    Time for Mercy is one of the best albums ever, - so many great songs on it.

  10. dougie James

    Fits with Remembrance Day.

  11. Tracy Dee

    Jann and Rick. Two earth angels.

  12. Bryan G1227

    What are those background vocalists singing (towards the end}?

    Plants, Breath and Dreams

    Bryan G1227
    Try with all my soul
    Try with all my might

  13. BIG Language Channel

    Her voice is full of Magic.

  14. BIG Language Channel

    Jann Arden is my favourit singer I listened her songs in 1999 by Audio Cassettes, I'd been listening her songs for 7 years but did know her name. I have come to know her name and videos her picture just 5 moths ago. Wow its unbelievable for me that at last I discover her.

  15. corrie lynn gardner

    I will remember you BEAUTYFUL Jan arden

  16. Jet Star

    what an angel

  17. Brian Lee

    I love music videos like this, they show a human connection and place into this world.

  18. corrie Gardner

    always rember you jan you have a beautyful and heart love you and all youte music it makes me feel and moves me love you jan..

  19. Harv Potts

    First heard this tune on the way to My Great Grandma's Funeral!!
    It taught Me that ones that mean the most to us are the most beautiflully treasured memories. Grandma MacKay, Grandpa MacKay, Lova Ya both, See You both in the new Kingdom with Christ!!!


    We remember her too.

  20. claude878878

    How is this possible that i am a CANADIAN, too..from Montreal.. i am in the same age group as her.. and i love music.. been listening to it my whole life.. yet i have no idea who she is, NEVER heard of her, never seen her ever... and i do NOT know 1 song of hers. is this possible? can someone tell me why pls? thanks.


    Because you weren't exposed to great Canadian music?


    i loved April Wine, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, RUSH, Burton Cummings.. just to name a few rodney. and all these are the same period as this woman.. yet i have no idea who this woman is nor have i heard of her. And don't say i didn't name some great cdn music here, rodney.


    You have, Claude - but, Jann Arden is one of the greats!

    Gary M

    claude878878 because montreal ignores anything from alberta. This country is to big to understand each other. Ive been to Montreal and HATED despite the fact i didn't know the person because i was from Alberta

    lisa clifford

    Hey if you ever get the chance to see Jann live GO!!!!
    Her music is amazing and with every show I have evr seen, large, small or intimate venue the added bonus with Jann is her eeadly sense of humour. So funny and thoroughly Canadian, eh.

  21. Somu Em

    reminds me of my Dad, Hey Dad, just know that your best friends remembers you even after a long time that you are gone.


    We remember him too.

  22. Dwayne Wladyka

    RIP Gaye Delorme & Frank Juskiw. Two great musicians who are jamming with the others in Heaven. RIP to our loved ones who have departed.


    We remember.

  23. keith clough

    luv it had a heart attach on sat..

  24. Dwayne Wladyka

    Such a beautiful song!

  25. Krysten55

    It took a little while to find this song. I like it a lot! :)

  26. alindartist

    ?? Who are you talking to? .. I do Not know anyone named Teri ..

  27. natalie duby

    How could we forget you, Jann Arden? <3

  28. alindartist

    ‎"will you remember me...after I die?" .. if you can't remember me while I live? .. and what will remind you .. when I'm dead?? .. if it is your guilt .. doNOT visit my final resting space with that sort of energy. You could have been a Positive force in my today .. if you wait til I'm gone to be any sort of force.. it won't be a good one.
    We have today ..
    Let's not make it "we HAD yesterday" ..

    will you remember me .. after I die?

  29. nutered

    i luv ur music and songs!!!!!!! vocal are amazing!!!!!!

  30. vanillabean38

    thanks for posting

  31. Mary Ann Glitteringsands

    don't plan on dying anytime soon for anyone, living my life, oh yeah.:))))

  32. Tracey Lee

    I will die myself,if 'he' goes first anyway.. <3

  33. mxkeys

    Cool song and great voice

  34. mimickick

    A true classic of Canadian pop. And a wonderful video too.

  35. Dave plum

    i like u

  36. tmussy17

    I love Jann!

  37. Kai-Ming Wang

    i would remember you, but good chance i will not remember myself., and it is helping isn't it