Arden, Jann - What About Me? Lyrics

There are things that stay locked deep inside
You cannot fight them all by yourself
You need someone to bear the blunt
There are nice and linger beyond the fray
You cannot hide beyond the bed that long
You're not that strong, you need someone

What about me? [x2]
I'd fall, I'd crawl for you
I'd keep them at bay (the daemons in the dark)
I'd lie, I'd try for you
I'd chase them away, I'd never let you down
I'd never let you drown

There are things that hide deep in your heart
That never see them all, the ghost of dreams
Will never see the light of day
There are nights that punish the words you break
You cannot hide them all, when darkness comes
You'll need someone to light the way

What about me? [x2]
I'd fall, I'd crawl for you
I'd keep them at bay (the daemons in the dark)
I'd lie, I'd try for you
I'd chase them away, I'd never let you down
I'd never let you drown

I'd never let you down
I'd never let you drown

What about me? [x2]
I'd fall, I'd crawl for you
I'd keep them at bay (the daemons in the dark)
I'd lie, I'd try for you
I'd chase them away, I'd never let you down
I'd never let you drown

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Arden, Jann What About Me? Comments
  1. Instant Karma

    Love this song except for the memories it brings back!!!

  2. Edgar Celadez

    14dec19 one of my favorite song hope spotify upload the original version not as popularized by version

  3. TimfromChicago

    This song hit close to home during that time. She couldn’t of been any more insensitive. Hearing this on the radio I immediately who is that singing. That voice is so beautiful and sounds just as beautiful today. Not sure how she does it but this became one of my all time favorites and those vocals with that melody just never gets old

  4. Colin McMahon

    Try the Anal Lube. It's got no nonoxyl 9 at all.

  5. Colin McMahon

    Molative Bread Baskets. It's not a wrestling move

  6. Colin McMahon

    No less whore today, just as much frost, I see.

  7. Rebecca Mcnaughton

    Great song xo

  8. ellawhocares

    Can we start teaching ourselves how to reminisce on the old days without shitting on today? No wonder the kids say "ok boomer" to everything we say.

  9. Rodrigo Soares

    Música para o Acasalamento.

  10. Ryan - Food Consultant

    EPLL... Insentitive...

  11. a girl from new york

    From the movie bed of roses 🌹🌹🌹

  12. Garth W

    4.8M watched
    24K have delt with the insensitive.
    898 are those insensitive.

  13. Paolo Valdez

    Highschool days 😂

  14. Jay M

    Reminds me, I have to watch Bed of Roses movie starring Christian Slater. I think this song is in it.

  15. His Royal Dudeness

    only 4.8 million views? deserves at least 48 million. I just ordered "living under june" on LP

  16. Syro Nightcore

    Nov 2019

  17. Bobier Anna

    2019 here we gooo

  18. Kristin Koops

    What movie is this song on? I can’t think of it!


    Bed Of Roses (1996)

    Kristin Koops

    Thank you. I couldn’t remember and it was driving me crazy. Gosh I haven’t seen that movie in so long.

  19. David Bustam

    Congratulations!!! if you are here it's because you have a very high musical level and a very good taste ;)

  20. Iris Stevens

    Brings back lots of memories xxx★

  21. Miguel Javier

    Any advice to give on how to be insensitive?

  22. Shawn Lee

    Oh no, not another Canadian moliset "ironic"

  23. Abdou

    shes a mean lady and treats people that work with her like garbage. one hit no one gives a f


    Watching November 2019. Amazing. My fave.

    Anne C

    Watching Nov 6_ 2019 My fave too.

  25. Peter Stawicki

    Which one of us 80s kids had the cassette single??

  26. Angela Arnold-Cruz

    Not just men... hell women too. Can't trust men or women!

  27. Paranormal Corner & So Much More

    this is for Russ Kelly who is the most insensitive guy i have ever met...

  28. hangblague

    Melodically, this song has a great moment at "Maybe, you might have some advice to give". The rest is forgettable.

  29. Ryan Mendiola


  30. Pritchette Deaton

    Makes me think of my ex-husband! 😕

  31. Donna Carr

    Unless you came up in the eighties all we can do is tell you how great it was!!😊😊💕

  32. Taurus Guy

    This songs was a hit in 1996. Back when I was in highschool.

  33. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  34. Jeniffer Lugo Estrada

    Wow, I think the last time I heard this song was probably 20 years ago. I'm so glad I found it during my trip through memory lane.

  35. Lena Rincon

    I love this song ❤️ 2019

  36. Karla Charmaine Valleta

    love this song reminds

  37. R 092

    one of my fav 🖤

  38. brian noriega

    Everyone has that one person they think of when they hear this song. It can hit you hard.

  39. Joyous Jhoie

    October 2019

  40. TOP.

    Great song

  41. Cherokee Rose

    I remember this song when I was little. So beautiful

    Omar Polaris

    When was that?

  42. Celeste C. McCarthy

    Her voice❤❤

  43. Ericka Locklear

    Off the soundtrack to Bed of Roses

  44. SavageBrat13

    This was me all those years ago....

  45. Iris Stevens

    Janns a smart wee lassie
    She could almost be Scottish xxx

  46. Mervin Otian

    2019 awesomee

  47. J.R. Lobinsky

    Beautiful song

  48. Miranda Newsome

    Hearing this song takes me right back to 1998....I love it so much

  49. Luanne Dennis

    Love you Jann oxox

  50. Felisha Duran

    Love this oldie

  51. Rachel McGuire

    The first time l heard this song was on the soundtrack of Bed Of Roses with Christian Slater and Mary Louise Parker. Twenty years later and l still love both this song and Imperial Roses because of that movie.

  52. Ross McBride

    I've been giving insensitivity advice since '95!

  53. vanessa lewis

    I'm pretty sure we've all been insensitive a time or two in this life 😏

  54. Mirland Forgetful

    Wlang kupas.😍

  55. Mrs Dixon

    My song after my break up

  56. Ginette Trudel

    Still love this song so much!! 💜💜💜

  57. Luanne Dennis

    Love you Jann oxox

  58. Georgie

    This begins me back to sophomore year when my first boyfriend ever, dumped me lol . I was the ONLY one who fell for him.

  59. Karine Bouhacine

    Bed of roses 1996
    My favorite movie of all time 🌹❤

  60. tania Mackrill

    Love this song

  61. Sara Croughan

    My son actually brought me to this song he is 12 years old and he keeps making these jokes about how I’m insensitive and this song came to my mind LOL. So I’m actually glad he’s driving me nuts by constantly telling me I’m insensitive about everything because I love this song.

  62. Jeffrey Price

    all rhetorical questions, my first love has all power over me

  63. A LS

    I HATED this song soooo much, I was like, 9. Then, when I fell in love and got my heart broken for the first time, I finally understood why songs like this are written. Loved this song since.

  64. Pickinbuddy

    Jann recorded two versions of this song and they are both beautiful.

  65. perds

    The first time I've come to know about Jann Arden because of her duet of this hit with Anne Murray! What a talented artist wow. 👍👏😲❤️🤯😎🇨🇦

  66. Christoper Aguas

    I love this song timeless

  67. John J. Sanchez

    oh boo hoo. Stupid chicks with low self esteem fall time and time again for "insensitive" jerks... all "Because I LOVE HIM!"
    you cry. No sympathy for you ignorant woman ... grow a spine, don that burqa and make us some sandwiches while you're at it

  68. Jim O'Hicke

    My dad spent too much on a turntable so I got my mom this album on wax. She's ok with it now. Jus Sayin

  69. FearIsTheMindKilla

    I fell too fast I feel too much

  70. Michael Burke

    Jason Isbell's tweet sent me here .... "That song Insensitive by Jann Arden? Now there’s a good song"

  71. vincent bonus

    please make this available on Spotify!

  72. ZethWrath

    Where's the Spotify on this song? argh!

  73. Matt Downer

    Thank Jann Arden for teaching me the word, Insensitive. Love is a sick joke!

  74. Valerie Jamison

    Proud 90’s child. Was 14 when this came out. Wonderful. I miss the music. 💛🙂

  75. michael jackson

    Still a top Song

  76. Yan Yan

    How do you cool your lips
    After a summer's kiss?
    How do you rid the sweat
    After the body bliss?

    How do you turn your eyes

    From the romantic glare?

    How do you block the sound
    Of a voice you'd know anywhere?

    Oh, I really should have known
    By the time you drove me home
    By the vagueness in your eyes
    Your casual good byes

    By the chill in your embrace
    The expression on your face that told me
    Maybe you might have some advice to give
    On how to be insensitive, insensitive, insensitive

    How do you numb your skin
    After the warmest touch?
    How do you slow your blood
    After the body rush?

    How do you free your soul
    After you've found a friend?
    How do you teach your heart
    It's a crime to fall in love again?

    Oh, you probably won't remember me
    It's probably ancient history
    I'm one of the chosen few
    Who went ahead and fell for you
    I'm out of vogue, I'm out of touch
    I fell too fast, I feel too much
    I thought that you might have some advice to give
    On how to be insensitive

    Oh, I really should have known
    By the time you drove me home
    By the vagueness in your eyes
    Your casual good byes
    By the chill in your embrace
    The expression on your face that told me
    Maybe you might have some advice to give
    On how to be, insensitive

    How to be
    How to be
    How to be

  77. Sarah Green

    I don’t know how I was already feeling these feelings at 16 but I was. I was a Virgin still but oh I felt this song at the time, boy problems.

  78. Rosel Tremblay

    Like the singer.

  79. Neicie Gonzales

    Shelly are you still singing this great song Love to here your voice Plv Tx

  80. Wendy Wyatt

    Seen jann arden back in the mid 90's at Oneida Shores in Syracuse N.Y. loved her ever since

  81. Christoper Aguas

    Nice throwback song

  82. W. K.

    she is smoldering hot babe!! little bit chunky and just totally adorable - sexy mama with classic beauty mark and that awesome auburn hair !!

  83. jdsim9173

    Back when everyone had their own look and style and got famous, now everyone is the same.

  84. Shahryar Bhutto

    Hottest singer 👩‍🎤

  85. matt Wray

    that guy has a really nice hat

  86. Carrie B

    I loved this song - so fantastic to rediscover this lovely artist!

  87. Jeanine Simard

    When I was in grade 5, a boy asked me to go to a school dance with him, I said no. He asked me again in grade 6 and in grade 7, I said no both times. For whatever reason, I started to like him back. A snowball dance was coming up and so I worked up the nerve to ask him. He said no!! One evening we were skating at the rink - we pushed over a hockey net and he was pushing it around on the ice as I laid on the netting. He would pick up speed and then jump on the netting beside me while the net slid across the rink. At some point he says to me "ask me again". We did end up going to the dance together and shared our first kiss to this song. We dated for the rest of grade 7 and then again for two years after high school. We're still friends and this is still a sweet memory for both of us.

  88. atkayma

    The anthem of my 90s broken heart

  89. Kathy Collier

    I forgot how moving this song is. It gets me right in the feelers every time. The words are so rich and ring true because when someone who says they love you then treats you the opposite is truly being insensitive.....and an asshole.

  90. Blazing Pika

    Mid of 2019

  91. Tim Jones

    Nobody could ever duplicate the good old days of 90’s music. Even the early 2000’s were underrated.

  92. Monique Page

    Listening still in 2019, deep song, they don't make songs like this anymore!

  93. Marie Cynthia

    So sexy 😍

  94. plutosunshine do u do all those things..

  95. sheikh Raheel

    Anyone listening and feeling the love in the air in July 7th 2019 5:11 am, as I am and missing those beautiful days of early 90's