Arden, Jann - Until This Lyrics

Are you sleeping?
Can you hear me?
Are you dreaming?
I’m confessing, reassessing
What this all could mean
All the strangeness
I can’t change this
What we’ll be, will be

I don’t remember who I was
Withered away with wander lust
I don’t think I knew happiness
Until this, until this, until this

All love’s questions
Let me write them down
In a letter
Sealed forever
Where they can’t be found


Until this is something that I’d thought I’d missed
Until this
Until this
Bruised and busted
Stained and rusted
Hopeless, until this

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Arden, Jann Until This Comments
  1. William Darling

    Jann, out of all the musicians in Canada, you are the only one i would love to sit and have coffee with 😁

  2. Experimental Experience

    Thank you Jann

  3. G C

    What a voice

  4. Ghostbuster Gabe

    We're Not Gonna Die

  5. Elartesoyo

    The most beautiful song ever... God bless Canada, God bless you Jann!!! Thanks for moving such a beautiful emotion. And awake beautiful feelings on me.

  6. Mike Flindall

    Jann deserves millions of views... Us Canadians know good music when we hear it...

  7. Léo NJ Maisonneuve

    I had the honor to serve you @ GG just recently. You are a kind and so polite soul! Love you!

  8. Chemo Boy

    Now it’s like 8 billion people surround us...

  9. Roseanne Lidstone

    one of her best

  10. O Justiceiro


  11. Dave N

    The best relationship : give me your disappointments and I'll tell you my secrets. Love it Jann

  12. A Brighter Star

    You're my favourite Canadian artist Jann!! I love your books too. 😍

  13. Anna Lucca

    Just love your songs.

  14. Ian Campbell

    One of my all time faves!

  15. Chris Belcourt

    been seeking these words and tune for years.. :) "so many souls lose their way.."

  16. Chris Belcourt

    thumbs up if youre sleepless in 2016

  17. sbe79

    Damn... this song brings me waaay back. I live in the US but my now-ex and I decided to drive to Montreal for the weekend, back in 2000 when it wasn't impossible to do it without a passport. I picked this up on a whim at a Tower Records in the city. I knew the song "Insensitive" and loved the phrasing of it's presentation, so I grabbed this not knowing "Happy?" even existed prior.

    Thank you, Jann Arden, for recording music.

  18. Sean Andrew McGann

    pretty Nice !

  19. Brian

    I love your songs Jann Arden .. especially 'Sleepless' .. you're a blessing to Canada!

    Chris Belcourt

    Brian damstraight


    Ty Chris

  20. Ann Renaud

    God Bless You and your Family and Friends Jann  ;)

  21. Trish Whelan

    Love Jann Arden. A kickass take no shit kind of woman!

  22. Robert Bradley

    Your BEST song but your video's are 4th rate.

  23. Deena Bobeena

    this one is my favorite

  24. Mary-Ann Rozsa

    Great song Jan Arden ****

  25. Jay Lane

    I love this song Jann <3  Thanks darling ! xx

  26. paul elliott

    This is a beautiful song
    Nice one Jann

  27. Zeta McMillan

    My favourite song by Jann is Sleepless and wanted to sing it at Karaoke forever now but has not been available :(  Jann Arden please release this song on Karaoke, your #1 Fan Zeta

  28. chiefmoks

    Never ceases to amaze me..... Jan has and incredible talent.....

  29. Steve McKinley

    filmed on our street.    love the arrangement.   great tune.   music used to be so good .....

  30. Ðave LeBlanc

    Filmed in Vancouver!!   :)

  31. paul dionne

    This Is an ANGEL this Woman,God sent Her ,Oh Yah

  32. Adam fechner

    what is the obsession about labelling/classifying this lady's art and spotlight on Vancouvers Eastside the poorest neighbourhood in the country? GET IT DUDE

  33. jeess07

    Does this song talk about God or Jesus???

    Tim Irons

    jeess07 God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy there a difference?

    Chemo Boy

    Which Jesus? ...

    Black Jesus? New Jesus? Sexy Jesus Rock&Roll Jesus? Walmart Greeter Jesus? Robot Jesus? Lizard Jesus? Ninja Jesus? Funky Disco Jesus?

    Be more specific!

  34. njova82

    I first heard this song on Dawson's Creek and I always remembered it.

  35. Gerry Pilon

    Hi Jann you haven't met me yet but i am your cousin your Grandmother Clara Albers and My grandmother Doris Albers where sisters may they rest in peace But any ways you music is amazing and the song you sing invincible is my favorite hopefully one day we can meet :)

  36. jeess07

    This song... is just PERFECT <3'

  37. Johnny K

    this one goes out to julia tao the most beautiful girl i could have ever known

  38. Tony Chu

    Take your coat and shoes off. Come and sit beside me. We could talk for hours. Or we could just do nothing. [[Four billion people surround us. So many souls lose their way. All that we have is each other. And that's all I've ever wanted. Yeah, yeah, yeah.]] Don't you think it's funny. Tell me what the point is. We could die tomorrow. Might as well enjoy this. [[Chorus]] Give me all your disappointments. I'll give you my secrets. We could lay our heads down. Or be forever sleepless. [[Chorus]]

  39. xVortigauntx

    @hootie242 Must everything become a flamewar of who's better? Why not let Taylor Swift fans enjoy their Taylor Swift and you can listen to Jann Arden. They're not even really comparable

  40. G C

    love this song!!! incredible voice

  41. bushbaby001

    Post Script: Jann Arden has the most outrageous sense of humour! You could, in a nother life, if you choose, to become a comedian! CAll me if you do, for that is one of my latent desires and talents...
    Love to Your MOm and Dad!
    Love, Bridgette

  42. bushbaby001

    Thank you!

  43. ron murphy

    awesome post - thanks!!!

  44. Alicia

    This song is marvelous.