Arden, Jann - Unloved Lyrics

There will be no consolation prize
This time the bone is broken clean
No baptism, no reprise
And no sweet taste of victory

All the stars have fallen from the sky
And everything else in between
Satellites have closed their eyes
The moon has gone to sleep

Unloved, unloved
Unloved, unloved

Here I am inside a hotel
Choking on a million words I said
Cigarettes have burned a hole
And dreams are drunk and penniless

Here I am inside my father's arms
All jagged-bone and whiskey-dry
Whisper to me sweetly now
And tell me I will never die

Unloved, unloved
Unloved, unloved

Here I am an empty hallway
Broken window, rainy night
I am nineteen sixty-two
And I am ready for a fight

People crying hallelujah
While the bullet leaves the gun
People falling, falling, falling
And I don't know where they're falling from
Are they

Unloved, unloved
Unloved, unloved

Hoping that the kindness
Will lead us past the blindness
And not another living soul
Will ever have to feel

Unloved, unloved
Unloved, unloved

Unloved, unloved

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Arden, Jann Unloved Comments
  1. Chuck Wilburn

    There seems to be a Jim Croce influence on this song

  2. Randy Tait

    This song was originally written by Jann Arden. When Jackson agreed to do the duet, she sent him the track in California. He added his voice to the track then returned it. The first time they ever performed it together was in Ottawa Ontario Canada I was there. She introduced Jackson, he walked out on stage and I guess someone near the stage made him a little nervous, I remember him request security. They continued to perform the song flawlessly it was truly an amazing performance. The year was 1996

  3. Ole Nielson

    Who wrote the song -- Jann or Jackson? I love it for both the music and the lyrics.


    Jann is credited

  4. Melanie Beaulieu

    This has been on every single playlist (and burned CD) I've made for the past almost 25 years 💛

  5. Drew Marshall

    Jann and Jackson!! I'd love to hear their rendition of "Leather and Lace"

  6. Paula G Whyte

    So damned beautiful!

  7. Delores Ebersole

    This song touches my heart and soul.

  8. Frank Howell

    I'm a huge Jackson Browne fan but I didn't know Jann.  I sure as hell do now.  Thanks for a great post.

  9. Valerie Foster

    I love your beautiful voice and soul Jann

  10. Kevin Allen

    just a beautiful, beautiful touching song

  11. Shari Crocker

    I will love you, if nobody else does.😎 you guys sound dreamy.

  12. Shari Crocker

    I'm sure you guys. Are loved.

  13. Shari Crocker

    The songs, ok. It's sad.

  14. P. Bhraonain

    Such a consummate songwriter and performer!

  15. 44 annetta hunte.

    May 10 2018

  16. em couts

    One of my favourite collaborations....what a sweet blend of voices...

  17. Penny Leblond

    Oh yeah! Our Jann and Jackson Browne! Beautiful ! First for me hearing it!

  18. candidandy52

    Hi Jan, remember Keith from the Lumby, Vernon area back in 1979. I told you that you would make it. Those four handwritten songs you gave me and I gave them back knowing you would be a star. Sorry, I wasn't there when u came back, something important came up. Just wanted to say hi because I still remember Your beauty and your so cool mind. This is not the first time I tried to say hi. How about saying hi to a special fan of yours. Sincerely, Keith.

  19. Cheryl Bois

    love this song its me unloved all my life

  20. Stargazer

    How 'bout that back up / co-singer J. Browne? Don't know what year this was, .but by then he had not only learned to sing well, he had really learned how to harmonize with the female voice. There are lots of other examples. Of course, he could also harmonize with the male voice. Hope no gender identification people pick a fight with me.

  21. Gordon Austin

    Jann is just awesome

  22. Lisa Worrall


  23. funknbr49

    First heard this song as background music on a DVD of the TV show Due South at 2AM on a cold December night. Got up reviewed the credits to see the singer and immediately searched Amazon for the download. Listened over and over and over to what haunted my soul... hoping that kindness will lead us past the blindness and not another living soul will have to feel....unloved

  24. jackfrostyfly


  25. Val

    RIP @pantydestroyerpresidentofthestayfatclub

    Tree House

    sorry for loss. keep keeping on and enjoy life. theres so much to do and see! take care

  26. Blue Bell

    I have this CD but never knew Jackson Browne was the one singing with Jann!


    I'm a huge Jackson Browne fan and i didn't know it was him for quite some time.

    Kevin Allen

    Me either...I also have the is probably in the fine print, but I can't read that shit no

    Kevin Allen

    I have it too and me either, I can't find a credit for him on the song anywhere

  27. Alex Schonski


  28. Susan Peters

    Love jann

  29. J M

    Jann Arden is Awesome. I love her music!

  30. Dana Courtoreille

    Heard this on Due South episode "Bounty Hunter"..........

  31. John Riggs

    If I could write just one song this good .....................

    Robert Shea

    Yeah,yeah,yeah....spiritual contentment,,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. Will Liam May

    what an awesome song performed with Jackson Browne

  33. StarGoddess

    Saw her in concert ❤️ she is Amazing

    Young Reezy

    My Mom Did Too

  34. angela tracey

    Great song~

  35. L C.C

    LeeAnne, what great memories we shared. Every-time I hear this song, I think of you and our time together way back when. Its amazing how some songs/music can take you right back to that time, place and person. What a great song! Thanks for the post.

  36. nnewell66

    This song always quieted my little grandson in the car. I think he was listening.

  37. Saeed Parvizi

    I heard this music first time in TV serial due South

  38. Susan Carpenter

    What a beautiful song. This is the first anything from YouTube I have added to three lists! I'm so glad a friend introduced me to this song today. Thank you for sharing it and for adding the lyrics!

  39. Al Huggins

    when you've already reached the pinnacle at the top of the music world and do a duet with someone as incredible as Jackson Browne, you know you've made it as close to musical heaven as you can get. what an amazing song by a duet by what i would say is a "musical dream team". just beautiful in every sense of the word.... just incredible!!!!

    Lisa Worrall

    Al Huggins

  40. Mark Wisland

    Their Great, Smooth, & Gutzy....

  41. Cee Ess

    thank you for sharing.  i didn't even know this song was written about me, in terms of compassion and love.  For all the criminals in jails, all the homeless wandering our streets, the sick, the dying, the lonely.  What an anthem!  A great pairing of tender vocalists.  Amen.

    Christina Wilson

    Your comment was so tender, I loved it. You have a heart for too...smilin.

  42. Dennis Mackey

    great duet....they should have done more together

  43. mysticannc

    One of my reincarnated parts....23 Leslie Ann's and one is named Jann....xo

  44. Ryck Houle

    This song as awalys ment so much to me, thanks Jan

  45. Rhonda Burton

    This song shaped who I was back then, and inspires me today. Not another living soul would Ever go unloved.

  46. Michael Morrison

    My Banishment

    I will live quietly in my banishment
    Singing my songs of deep lament
    Quietly trying to climb back out
    Of a deep dark hole...
    That even now haunts my soul.

    M.S. Morrison

    Eddie Black

    Sounds like self banishment, a terrible thing to sentence yourself to, step once more into the light of forgiveness and redemption,for the dark hole also hides the good and redeemable in us all!

  47. Patricia Fallis

    Id forgotten this beautiful song .........ty wow 

  48. angel1329us

    I don't think I believe this is Jackson Browne singing with her.

    Robert Younker

    Living Under June is the second album by Canadian singer/songwriter Jann Arden, released on August 10, 1994 (see 1994 in music) in Canada and February 28, 1995 in the United States.
    "Could I Be Your Girl", "Insensitive" and "Good Mother" were all significant hits for Arden in Canada, with "Wonderdrug," "Unloved" and "Looking for It" also becoming Canadian adult-contemporary hits. "Insensitive" was Arden's biggest hit internationally, entering the Top 40 in several countries, including Italy and the United States (#12 on the Billboard Hot 100). In the U.S., "Could I Be Your Girl" was also a minor Adult Contemporary chart hit (#33). Total worldwide sales for this album come to 1.3 million, with 600,000 Canadian, and 500,000 US.
    Jackson Browne appears as a guest vocalist on "Unloved".

    Eddie Black

    Well , it is , I saw them perform this together!

    Eddie Black

    Actually Jann Arden is such a sweetie, though not a facebook friend, when she inadvertently saw me post it on facebook, she sent me a thank, you e mail That was so cool of her!!

    Lisa Worrall

    You obviously are not familiar with Jackson Browne.... I on the other hand am!!!! Sorry bout your luck ... he is amazing!!!!!

  49. Stephanie Durham

    but... then it wouldnt have rymed with sky and eyes silly... hahahha its music...

  50. Stephanie Durham

    Gosh this takes me way back! Ah how I miss my early twenties.

  51. Vucumprá

    no you're not

  52. BitSizeStudios

    no you're not.

  53. 3offtlevinson

    Sorry about your luck.

    Try some new glasses and go see the hairdresser. Maybe you'll get loved that way.

  54. Ginger Hendrix

    I'm unloved.

  55. Joe Smith

    7 people are unloved.

  56. totallyunmemorable

    I hope it hasn't been beaten to death at this point, but "reprise" is pronounced 'ree-preez'.

    I love Jann, but I'm more an anal retentive PITA than a lover.

  57. Marlene Ful

    Jackson Browne is amazing

  58. Julie Hazzard

    she did this last night in Windsor-one of my faves

  59. bluemoonink

    Haunting, intelligent, beautiful lyrics....

  60. rebecca crewe

    I know :) The writing in this song is amazing!!

  61. EasilyWowed

    I know this. My goodness.

  62. SuzyDee30

    Beautiful - powerful and sad.......

  63. headlyl

    Great song, another one, by a great artist.

  64. Frank Newcomb

    @dkassaca Canada loves peace loving people from any part of the world ,may your bellies be full ,may you have inner peace on your pillows and love in your heart when looking at the world as we all know it needs it.

  65. circe6222

    Wow! Powerful and compelling song...

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  68. Sheldon Ki

    This song hits so hard.. I don't know how much longer I can hold on.

  69. Brian Zschiesche

    @irishberry6 that makes me sad for you. Why do you stay?

  70. RoryAddict

    what a beautiful song! hugs and love to all listening in....

  71. Kurt

    tell me i will never die


    the hard road to travel


    this song seems to heal ?


    this woman has a story to tell -unloved oh yeah -nice world

  75. scuba green elk

    i only have i word. wow

  76. bushbaby001

    @acadianscorpio Thank you! What a great message to send to the masses!
    Love, Bridgette

  77. ZCountrySound

    Wonderful song. Thanks !

  78. Mary Jane Sibbitt

    My fav song. Makes me cry.

  79. strat3251

    no personal comment here just a bloody good song. !

  80. bushbaby001

    We love you, Jann, in British Columbia and I especially love you for singing to me when I HATE men for the pain that they have caused me! lol
    Love Always,

  81. 4FabBEATLES

    Jackson Browne is also a wonderful singer-songwriter, his vocals on here add to this great song

  82. Charlie Roberson

    it's really hard for me to believe that 5 people were even smart enough to find the thumbs down button... if they weren't able to tell a great song when they hear one!

  83. Jess Legacy

    @alessandrosgirl There's love in the world, and a lot of it is for you. :)

  84. TheJodilena

    @acadianscorpio thanks :)

  85. Bill Simpson

    AMAZING - AS always!!!

  86. Daniel K

    Jann Arden
    Addis Abeba, Africa

    We love you down here in Africa

  87. Alison Macrae

    Fantastic singer, and with Jackson Browne even greater.

  88. Randall Owen

    This was a great duet

  89. Sue B


  90. Charlie Roberson

    Simply put, this is what music is all about...jerking the emotion from any person who has ever loved and lost. I can't believe 5 Justa Dweeber/Lady Gagamaggot fans would vote it thumbs down.

  91. Baffone nicola

    Fantastic love song!!!

  92. Thunesite

    This woman is amazing on so many spectrums... she knows the hurt that life forces you to battle!! I Love Her!!

  93. Blair Gunderson

    One of the most powerful songs lyrically ever written/sang. Amazing!

  94. bsunami

    JB didn't write it, Jann Arden did..

  95. Robert Martin

    WOW, what a singer. I was watching a song with Michael Buble' and her in it. I had to wait all these years to hear her. I searched her music and found "insensitive", and became really hooked. She needs a new manager. I'm a fan.

  96. percy worsey

    i think jackson browne wrote the song,,,he sings on it as well, as you well know.

  97. Annette Guidry

    Hoping that the kindness will lead us past the blindness and not another living soul will have to feel unloved . . . Truthful and beautiful -- I want to credit Jackson, but have just been informed that it was Jan that wrote these lyrics. Bless both of them for writing songs that touch our hearts, minds, and souls.

  98. bab3lu

    @worldrunner Jan of course!