Arden, Jann - Living Under June Lyrics

Living under June, living under her
Living under June, living under her

I've got a black and white television
I've got an indigo gas oven
I've got holes in my head
Holes in my head

I've got filthy rotten wall-to-wall
I've got a couch made out of corduroy
My cat's dying, words flying
Leaking from the shower stall
And that's not all

Living under June, living under her
Living under June, living under her

I can't believe the things I hear
Falling from the atmosphere
Sexual atrocities are
Happening right over me
And I can't sleep

Living under June, living under her
Living under June, living under her
Living under June, living under her

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Arden, Jann Living Under June Comments
  1. Miss Melissa Lee

    “I am precious” could I be your girl!?” I can’t 😭 😭

  2. Gherie G.

    Yeah, nice voice and melody. Good track.

    .... but "LOVE is a demon and he's coming after you" ? WHAT ?!!

  3. Jason Gafar

    I heard this song this morning at a breakfast dinner. It literally brought me to tears. I suffered an abusive childhood and have been deeply wounded all these years. I was thinking of the type of parent I want to be just drowned in tears thinking of loving my kids.

  4. bobsbornfree

    Rhis beautiful song just popped in my head! And now I'm in love w/it again!

  5. Rob Henderson

    Jann Arden and Stone Temple Pilots, my first two ever purchased CDs not too shabby for a dumb 18 trying to figure out life

  6. Eric Hunt

    The Patriots got sidetracked. Probably the Scuds still floating on the surface.

    Whatever, that's what pistols are for. Of course, at THAT RANGE, eh..CapperTap?

    How you dooun, WinnaPig Police? Push the Button yet?

    And me, without my cravat!

  7. yurushii

    This is one satanic ass song! I see why Jann was jittery on her interview about the meaning of this song. It's sad that people are so stupid to like this crappy song. Love is a demon and you are the one he's coming for? WTF?! Then she says that she is Jesus? Mocking our Lord and savior? Good job in sentencing yourself to hell for eternity, Jann. Jann made it perfectly clear that she was sober when she made this crappy song. Then she covers her eyes like she saw an apparition and looks like she is about to cry in the interview. She totally sold her soul people. These comments praising this crap are asinine!


    Get some mental help.

  8. apumasterp

    46 dislikes???

  9. Pat Gaff

    Great song

  10. Corporal Slip-TiT

    Member wAking up to this tune from a bizzare dream in a hotel after bein kicked out n just realizing how beautiful life is LOL!

    Corporal Slip-TiT


  11. Karine Bouhacine


  12. Skankhunt42

    Love you

  13. Skankhunt42

    38 year old Winnipeger love you Jan dream girl 👧

  14. Lisa Thomson

    This song will forever remind me of driving home from the hospital with our newborn daughter. it was playing on the radio and it made me think it was symbolic of my 'girl' being precious and having angels in her blonde hair. I soon after bought the album. Early 90's memories! Jann's music is so beautiful. Plus loving her new show!!

  15. Holly Bischoff

    So underrated, Jann's voice and music is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

  16. Julian Rosati

    Is it just me or is this super Satanic ???

  17. Tapp Dat

    When women said this type of stuff instead of the trendy pop forced into our ears nowadays. I love this one

  18. Michael Guerrieri

    who's the little girl.

  19. Paula G Whyte

    This video tells me a story. About a little girl discovering her sexuality. The demon keeps tempting her towards men, on one side of the wall and women on the other. She secretly has a crush on another girl. She wants to be confident and tell the other girl and just be herself and be in love openly with a girl. She grows up and women are still dancing in the background, men are still there, but she still loves women. The demon is still trying every trick in the book, not unlike society, from pushing her away to doing tricks and dancing to tempt her towards men. It's not working and "he" looks like a buffoon for trying because, in the end, she gets the applause, as she should for being true to herself. I love it. And it may not mean that at all. I love videos like this. I love this song.

  20. MobiusBandwidth

    I saw you at the Paradise rock club in Boston when this came out, a sparsely attended show, alas, you made a joke about an invisible force field keeping people away from the stage so I got up close and was in the light, you saw me singing along because I knew at least some of the words to this song, afterwards I got an autograph and a hug and you said I made your day, which made my day! I remember reading in an interview where you said some record company exec said literally "you're 30 lbs away from superstardom" how obnoxious and sexist. More people should know about you! <3

  21. Ugochi Ike-Nwabueze

    the sweetness of this song brings a tear to my eye

  22. Paulette Dilks

    Great song! Goofy video.

  23. The Monk

    What a great song. The vid was shot at a bar in Calgary called "The Bank", not at the time it was shot was renovated after the vid, been there many times, got drunk there many times. Great song Jan, sorry to hear about your mother's recent passing.

  24. Michael T

    *jane was the first one to have a selfir stick!*

  25. Michael T

    *i love u jane, i know u will see this.💕*

  26. Richie Kaye

    Jann for Prime Minister!!

  27. andrea delves

    i have always loved this song and now jann appeared on Wynonna earp...amazing btw...i dug out my old cd and cant stop playing it x

  28. Ragle Gumm

    just fell in love ... with this voice ...

  29. Viktor Nikiforov

    Got my vote for worst song

  30. Rachel Perry

    Such good lyrics....

  31. breacat

    All this time I thought this was a Cranberries song. Learn new things everyday.

  32. Michael Guerrieri

    Who that actress.

  33. Sixty Seven

    I loved this song from the first time I heard it. I have even made an 'extended' version of it (I looped the final section a number of times) because I don't like when the song ends. :). Often I put the whole song on repeat, and let it run for ... a long time. I have for many years wished that I could meet Ms. Arden. Hopefully I will have the honour of doing so some day. [Benny Sanders]

  34. ssian5678

    Jan is so beautiful here, inside & out. I feel this on a deep level, it's universal.

  35. A T

    God I loved this song back then ❤️

  36. Marth

    Living Under June, great album.

  37. Dicky Micky

    (Duh!) I don't get Arden's lyrics here - Is this religious mockery? - or - Is this religious adulation? Is she really asking a dead person (Jesus Christ) if she can be his girl? 'Cause if this is so, then she's gonna have to think about being dead herself, too, in order to fulfil that morbid, dead-end desire of hers.

  38. NudistPoet

    I just heard this on the radio, and with the instrumental intro, I thought, "Could this be Bruce Hornsby and the Range?" That's a compliment! Then I went online and discovered, I need to start my Jann Arden CD collection, because "Could I Be Your Girl" by Jann Arden is my newest favourite song! In it, you say, "I am worthless sounds compared to all your perfect words," but I say, "Don't sell yourself short, Jann, because you have perfect words too, when you sing, 'He is the darkness that seeps into your fading light.' That line is poetic mastery!" -- Jonathan Tad Ketchen (@NudistPoet & http://JTK.CA)

  39. Sheldon66

    I will see Jann sing this song in about 2 hours from now!

  40. cardflopper

    i don't know why but i love this song so much. The lyrics are just so cryptic yet they sound so full of meaning. Does anyone have any clue what meaning Jann Arden was going for in this (from an interview maybe)?

  41. Justin M.

    "I am Jesus"????

  42. Jamal Sambare

    #TBT MuchMusic Countdown August 5 1994

  43. Chelle McCaffery

    I am worthless sounds compared to all your perfect words...
    She is one of the best lyricists. Love her.

  44. fat ass

    Love all the Calgary sights!

  45. Hyper 432

    It boggles my mind that this song only has 280k views...

  46. Dave Winsor

    Actually got to play this on KEZ-FM in Phoenix AZ when it came out. Still love this song today.

  47. Battle Duality

    posting to facebook cause iv'e had my dreams exposed and i hear your girl

  48. Blue Bell

    I think Jann is very underrated! She is awesome!

    Pat Farrell

    Way way way underrated , that's alright, i rate her high. Love hearing her speak. Not sure what she is up to, beautiful voice she has, beautiful lyrics. Cheers.

    James Robertson

    All Canadian bands are underrated because they don't get the air time down in the USA which is sad.

  49. homme maker may not be my girl...

  50. Cj Smart

    I love this song!!!

  51. simon marshall

    Is Jan Arden a believer ?

    Blue Bell

    I think so, simon.


    She's a belieber

  52. jason uttley

    umm, with a voice so sweet, with a dance step so graceful & amazing;
    could you do me a solid with just a question? Rhetorical or not, 3
    songs to sing in every tone to bring me to my knees, & all I can do
    is listen to each & every word as you entrance me in harmony...
    Thank you...

  53. Scott Persinger

    she is amzing

  54. Sheldon66

    I'm seeing Jann in about 3 hours from now! Can't wait!

    Catherine Bondy

    +Sheldon66 Saw her 3 years ago at Caesars Windsor ontario. Couldn't be sure if she there for the stand-up or the songs. good show anyway!

  55. Kevin Simpson

    I love the "selfie stick" showing up in a 1994 video, more proof of time travel.

    King-Of-The- Pac

    That wasn't a selfie stick, it was a camera extension

  56. Michael Guerrieri

    Who the little girl in the video

  57. fatcub

    Love it!

  58. Terri Schlaiss

    Always tugs my heart and lifts my spirit <3 I used to sing this whole album at the top of my lungs in my old Chevette :)

  59. ronstadtfanaz

    To answer the question Jann poses.... YES YES YES ....ANYTIME ANYWHERE :)

  60. Markith Harris

    new 2 me like it /why I love youtube

  61. Kevin Larson

    From Saskatoon, to two battlefields in Africa in the French Foreign Legion. You could be my girl. But yer way out of my league. God bless you and your awesome music.

  62. Al Huggins

    just so beautiful to my ears.... how about yours?? i'm sure you'll agree.....

  63. SilentBob731

    One of the greatest songs of all time by one of the greatest singers of all time.
    Jann brings the soft, rumbling thunder...then strikes the lightning right through your heart... :-)

    "There is no such thing as death; life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

  64. tsiame hui

    Bleck, you can be his girl if you GO ON A FUCKING DIET!!!!


    Your an a hole

  65. GlitterStar Beats

    1 of my fav from her..many years!!! <3 <3

  66. Static_Echo

    never noticed she said she's Jesus before. That's a little heavy on the metaphor that we're all children of God(s) or maybe children of the earth (I respect and admire all religions).

  67. Michael D.

    I love this song and video, very interesting.

  68. Dwayne Wladyka

    Calgary spawned lots of great musical talent. Paul Brandt, Lindsey Ell, The Stampeders...and on and on....

  69. candidandy52

    Hi  Jann, its Keith from then Lumby, I knew u were great then and still are, I did love u then, sorry I wasn't there when u came over but u were a mo. late. Still remember driving u to Kelowna in my old fargo truck. Do u remember? Love, Keith.

  70. wanisara miller

    I haven't heard from Jann for so long. Loved insensitive, gasoline and good mother. met her once. such a nice person

  71. R S

    im making native beaded earrings for her kalowna concert coming up woohooo i hope she loves them!!!!! 


    she will!

  72. Wenfred 34

    Love all your work! Your simply amazing!

  73. Marvcohen

    I think Jann should take Rick to a Karaoke Bar on their next date

  74. mrfoltz

    I saw her on The Mercer Report a few times... She is f'n hilarious!!!
    She should have her own show where she does daring things like Rick, or with Rick??? 

  75. Myron Gibbs

    an absolutely great song and video sung by a talented Calgarian.....

  76. Gypsrose

    Don't listen to the haters Jann, the sun probably does shine out your ass!! Cheers :D

  77. Martin Swain

    Yes Jann, you could be my girl. :)

  78. sultrytomato

    Such a gorgeous, timeless voice.

  79. Sharon Tanner

    right on! i love her!

  80. Rottenn Jonny


  81. SilentBob731

    I would marry Jann, based on this song alone....

    "Love is a demon....and you're the one he's comin' for"

  82. katpooh7

    how come I tried to get "Living under June" and get this one?
    yes, love her!

  83. mikensca1

    the best way to see Jann is live, great music and standup

  84. Twyla Amiro

    Amazing song...brings back so many memories.

  85. HomelessRomantic1

    I met Jann at a CD signing near DC after Living Under June became huge. What a genuine down-to-earth, talented (and very funny!) lady.

  86. Sworn to Secrecy

    My humanities played this song for a poetry lesson, and since then I fell in love with this <3

  87. cigarmikey

    I missed this song when it came out as I departed Ontario Canada that year for military service in America

  88. Andrew Haynie

    Sorry That comment came from me Andrew's dad - Bill Haynie. Don't know why it posted under his name. And don't tell him I posted it...he likes rap and crap.

  89. Andrew Haynie

    I discovered this lady in the early 2000's. Well, I mean I first heard her then....wish I had discovered her doh! Anyway, that first song I heard was so good it almost made me cry...well mebbe it did now I think of it....and grown men don't cry. Often anyway. But she really pulled a muscle in my heart. Haven't heard her since those times but I should have been listening all along. Vive Le Jann! I'm your fan and I plan to play some of your songs if you don't mind.

  90. MeagheanMae

    How are there only 122,000 views? This song was so prevalent in my life, it seems crazy that it's not in global terms.

  91. Sasha Carty

    This is a good song if you are feeling down. I like Jann's music, makes you feel loved.

  92. mikensca1

    omg...Jann would love you thought she was Alanis

  93. Deborah Jane

    I love love love this song! Years ago I played it so much my kids hid the CD. Like that could stop me ...

  94. Sandi Senkow

    I listened to your Living Under June CD a million times - you are a true Canadian treasure!

  95. Elizabeth Buttenham

    I love u Jan Arden... U mke my nights alone.. ove u