Arden, Jann - In Your Keeping Lyrics

Tell me I will never die
Take away my pain
Rock me gently in your arms
Say that I'll remain in your keeping

Brush the hair out from my eyes
Read me a good story
Kiss my fingertips goodnight
Say that I can stay in your company

And I know this much is true
I have lived inside of you
You have always seen me through
While I am peacefully sleeping

You have always been my friend
I can see you beauty shining
I will love you 'til the end
Long will I remain in your keeping

And I know this much is true
I have lived inside of you
You have always seen me through
While I am peacefully sleeping

While I am peacefully sleep...

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Arden, Jann In Your Keeping Comments
  1. Gustavo Monteiro

    Pena que no dvd várias músicas foram substituídas SACANAGEM. quem assistiu na época na Sony assistiu. Com essas músicas trocadas perde muito.

  2. No1Icebreaker

    Pacey Joey 1st break up
    “You should be the first to go this time”

  3. ce cezard

    joey/pacey forever

  4. Dark Flower - Artist & Composer

    Brings back memories for me

  5. Jan Ragusa

    It is giving me the chills to hear this song so many years later.. but now.. what it means to me is a kind of lullaby to the earth.. and how we must take care of her... mother earth.. lovely nature pics with this song; this I dedicate to all of those who are on the front lines right now in N. Dakota fighting for ALL of us and Mother Earth and her creatures upon her... Blessed Be. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

  6. Shelle Jay

    What is this song about?

    Young Hegelian

    I am a little late, but this song is about Josephine Potter letting Pacey Whitter know that they will not be able to continue their clandestine romance. You see, Dawson up to that point had been Joey's best friend, soulmate, and first love - sadly, last season, they broke up - then Pacey, the devilish rogue, in a most profound and chivalrous manner, leapt out of the friend-zone and awakened Joey's heart - stoking her unbridled teenage flames of el pasión! Now, at this moment, Pacey was Dawson's number one bromance, Joey still loved Dawson as a dear friend, and Dawson came to realize that he loved Joey as MORE THAN FRIENDS. Dawson was looking to rekindle his romantic relationship with Joey. Because of Dawson's recent development of "the feels", Pacey and Joey thought it best to keep their relationship a secret from Dawson in order to keep him from being hurt - at least for a little while, until things smooth out.

    BIG MISTAKE!! Blabber mouth Jen Lindley aka The New York Hussy (though she does later redeem herself & dies so very tragically in the series finale leaving behind an infant daughter and the saddest goddamn farewell video - watch it and try not to cry) anyways, back to the story; Jen freaking Lindley, whoopsy-daisy, let's slip to Dawson that Joey and Pacey are a thang, a secret thang, and Dawson literally shits the bed! His best friend, and his soulmate (spoiler alert: not really his soulmate) were having secret liaisons. Well, Dawson did what any self-centered only-child of an upper-middle-class, lily-white, recently divorced, but on their way back together newscaster mother and stay-at-home father would do: He went full DRAMA-QUEEN and unrelenting selfish bastard. First, he pretends not to know, then goes about passive aggressively torturing Joey for almost an entire episode.

    Dawson springs his gotcha trap on Pace and Joey and is quite a smelly hemorrhoid about the whole thing. Pacey is shattered; Joey is crushed. They hurt their best friend and he jacked up the guilt-hammer to 11. After Dawson's epic meltdown, Pacey leaves and Joey goes to reconcile with Dawson. Dawson makes her choose between her friendship with him, or her relationship with Pacey. She refuses to choose and is kicked out of his house.

    Pacey has a boat named "True Love" down at the docks - a damaged boat from a hurricane in season 1, that he, Joey, and the kid from Jerry MaGuire spend most of season 3 refurbishing. The boat is an obvious analog to the relationship they were building, and the docks is where they would meet for their secret trysts. This is where Pacey has finds himself, staring out at "True Love" on the water. Joey arrives and asks, "Ever have one of those days you wish you could live all over again?"

    "Yeah, you?" replies a sullen Pacey

    "Yeah," Joey sadly admits.

    Knowing what is coming next, Pacey braces himself and asks, "So what would you have done differently?"

    "I don't know. Everything. Nothing at all," She takes a pensive breath, "We'd still end up right back here."

    "And I don't think I know where here is," She adds.

    The doom ever closer, Pacey looks down and dejectedly answers, "Here is right where we started."

    Joey deflects and they both look out at "True Love", and discuss whether the boat will be sea worthy. Joey muses that the vessel looks sturdy.

    Pacey replies, "I don't know, I think I see some stormy weather ahead."

    Joey begins to cry; she knows this isn't about the boat anymore.

    "Pacey -," she can't bring herself to continue.

    After a long pause, Pacey slowly meets her tearful gaze, "It's over; isn't it?"

    Joey slowly nods, "It has to be."

    Cue Jann Arden - In Your Keeping!!!!!!! I start to cry a just tiniest bit, but only on the inside, like a real man, except with more snot, and I'm not ashamed to say - lots of convulsing. Just the deep, soul shattering mourning, that I reserve only for fictional characters and their shitty fictional love triangles - equal parts triumph, equal parts tragedy. Let's say we get back to Joey and Pacey, shall we?

    Pacey, devastated, answers "Maybe you should be the first one to go this time."

    Josephine Potter slowly walks up the dock; she knows she shouldn't but she an't help but pause and look back - Pacey is nowhere to be seen.

    Roll credits. And that is what this song is about.

    You're welcome.

    Jesus Lannister (Lord of Heavenly Rock)

    Young Hegelian - Dude, this was amazing! You really captured the essence of the song as well as its literal meaning. I laughed. I wept... openly...snotting and convulsing just like you did when you watched that amazing episode of Dawson's Creek. I bless you!

    If you ever want me to stoke your mid-forties (I'm guessing) flames of el pasión, just DM me, prayer-style. I'm always here to listen and stoke.

    Bravo sir! Bravo! A clear work of genius. Truly your opus, and for us, an Imago Dei!

    Kisses! Hugs! Kisses! True Love!

  7. melisa novak

    my cousin just lost her boy to cancer.. this reminds me of that love and comfort needed.. for both <3

  8. Mary Scoiattolina

    The Longest Day-Un giorno da non rivivere...<3

  9. llthevoicell

    Dawson's Creek 3x20.

  10. Mikey Fortune

    It is rare to find a song this beautiful and an artist this talented! BRAVO Jann Arden BRAVO!!!

  11. Christina Victoria

    Amazing song

  12. giorgio paparo

    Beautiful song and pictures

  13. Whitney

    Beautiful pictures