Arden, Jann - How Good Things Are Lyrics

I'm just living 'cause I'm obligated
I keep trying 'cause I've got to get it right
I pull the trigger but I hesitate
Lying here beside myself

I go to work 'cause I've got nothing going
I count the hours by the second in my head
The guy beside me's gonna drive me crazy
Talking 'bout his children like that

I read the paper on the bus I ride home
I see the pictures of the people who are dead
And I imagine what it must be like to
Just lay down all your debts

Everybody's gotta find a God they love
Everybody's gotta figure out the end
No one can tell you how to live forever
And who would want to in light of all of this

I go to work just to avoid tomorrow
And I'm afraid that I am losing all my hair
I told the doctor just to medicate the part of me that still is here

I'm drinking water with my whiskey these days
I'm watching William beam himself around the stars
I call my mother every second Sunday
We talk about how good things are [repeat]

La la la

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Arden, Jann How Good Things Are Comments
  1. Ben Oltmanns

    Jann is a treasure. Funny as hell, and an amazing writer!

  2. Scott Blackwell

    I cannot believe I've been listening to Jann Arden for 25 years. Seems like a lifetime ago. I still love these songs.

    Dirty Burger

    I know eh

  3. Kaylib Rand

    good mother , an understatement !!!

  4. FrauEmily1

    Joey Potter brought me here 🙃

  5. GuysAmp

    Amazing voice! So much talent in Canada!

  6. Kerrie Davis

    god this is so under rated ! seriously, love this song

  7. s stingwray

    this song always made me cry every time they played it on dawson's creek 😭

  8. Bob Hooey

    jann arden rocks just love her xo

  9. borderlord

    Almost all my favourite songwriters are Canadian..but never heard of this lady or her songs...glad I have now ,regards from London!

  10. Brandon Moore

    I never heard that song from Jann Arden Good Mother! Great song!

  11. David Walker

    I have a great mother and i love you mom sorry for all the pain i put you through.

  12. Edward StMarseille

    Never get tired listening TO her

  13. grazamel

    Just simply beautiful!!!
    Bravo Dear talented Jann**********

    Best regards,

  14. TheStarseed'sCompass

    The plaid shirt the guy is wearing...I remember these shirts - my grandpa, uncles and cousins wore them. They were logging shirts, provided visibility in the bush. I loved them - they were EVERYWHERE in thrift stores in the 90's. If anyone knows who made them or where to buy them - please comment!

  15. Lili White

    Beautiful song and voice:-)

  16. Tsega Berhane

    Beautiful song calming voice !
    Bless you Jane

  17. Ryan Deffley

    Dawson's Creek

  18. Hunna Ferdinand

    I've got a great mother who has always been there for all her kids through thick and thin. I love you my beautiful mommy

  19. Mike B

    Still touch my heart.....Jan you coming to the Rose Theater in Brampton sooon?

  20. lori ewing

    Amazing voice Beautiful...

  21. Kelly Wass

    Happy Mother's Day M♡M!!!
    You are forever AWESOME M♡M!
    I Miss & Love You so much... ♡X♡X♡X♡X♡X♡X♡X♡X♡X♡
    ~"Not Gone...just Gone ahead"~

  22. Larry Smith

    A Great Mothers Day Song.

  23. P Laframboise

    My daughter Arianne did a bilingual version of this in high school for her friends.I think I have an old video, but would have to convert it to MP4 to share. With Jann's permission, maybe I could put if up on my YouTube Open Mic channel, Razmanpierre.

  24. Penny Leblond

    Beautiful voice Our Jann.

  25. Psycho Angry Drivers And People

    Sending this to my mom in heaven I miss her every day and night she was murdered on Jan 6 1996 right after Christmas hard to get through somedays but I know shes watching over me especially when I was hit by a car last yr she was there protecting me from being seriously hurt

  26. SuperRamona85

    Dawson's Creek sounds ❤😍

  27. Rita Johnson

    A great song, not well served by this video. Could have done without the pretentious in-and-out focus shots (for one thing). The song will live on.

  28. Mike B

    You can't Damn God

  29. Heather Graves

    G8 muther$

  30. Eddy

    love this woman!!..

  31. Paula G Whyte

    I had a good mother. <3 I love Jann Arden. She's amazing.

  32. Mike B

    My wife and love this song, carries in our hearts, perhaps someday we can meet?

  33. Tim Boone

    My buddies mom sings exactly like her it actually is crazy the resemblance

  34. BWA Prey

    Ok 1:29

  35. Joyce Bohachyk

    Jann just lost her dear mother recently to Alzheimer's.

  36. Marsha Langelaar

    I've always wondered how she'd manage to sing this after her mother passed away. Now that she has... I can't hardly listen to it. It's beautiful Jann! As was she. ♥️

  37. travelling crone

    RIP Joan <3

  38. Anneke Rotmeyer

    Love you Jann. She is so damn proud of you. 💕

  39. Fran Byers

    for Mom today!!!

  40. RJ Spear

    I used to remember my mother(she past in 1990) while listening to this great song.

  41. Nicolas Sartori

    The first time I heard this Song it was while i was whatching a episode of dowson Creek and i am Call in love of the melody

  42. Dwayne Wladyka

    Jann's mom passed away. RIP.

  43. What What

    I saw her at the calgary stampede, back in 2017, she was amazing.

  44. Shannon Matthias

    So sorry for your loss Jann

  45. kiwi rae

    So sorry to hear about your mom...I thought of this song straight of my favourites.

  46. H Gya

    This song is so beautiful it makes me cry !!!

  47. Dan Gamble

    I love this song so much!!!

  48. Sweet Mother53

    I am a good mother💋❤Love this song.My Mom taught me good.

  49. Richie Kaye

    Jann for Prime Minister!!

  50. TheUnseen

    Im currently watching Dawson's Creek......AGAIN :)

  51. sudburylawyer

    Saw Ms Arden in Kitchener last night. This song is so powerful when played live!

  52. Lynne N

    I miss my Mom and Dad

  53. Adrienne Kettle-Verleyen

    One of my favourite artists.

  54. Russ Ohlhausen

    One of the reasons why Canadian music hits you...right in 'the feels'. Such a devastatingly lovely song.

  55. ELDER


  56. Simply Ron

    Great song. Great vocal. World class.

  57. loleeta irving

    i love you jann ...

  58. Penny Leblond

    Nice! Our Jann! OurSongwriter. Never cease to amaze. MUSIC Genius. Triple threat Our Jann !

  59. Larry Smith

    Go Jann.

  60. Paul Myatte

    Beautifull voice

  61. Marc Abramsky

    Great artist and a powerful song. I foster kids and I know their lives. This song always makes me emotional. I wish I could help them all. The boy on the street in the pouring rain really hits home. How many of them are there? Our children.

  62. michael berthelette

    Love you Jann

  63. Andrew Gordon


  64. Marvin Acosta

    Why is this not on Spotify? 😭

  65. United Kingdom Of God

    Jane. I am a genuine young stud. You single?

  66. lynette cameron


  67. Simply Ron

    Great song. World class.

  68. Nelson Cloud

    Never sounds dated, real feelings. great melody, gorgeous sound and. video.

  69. Anand Bissoon

    God blessed us with mothers.

  70. Les Brown

    I lost my good mother 4 months ago.
    Thanks Jann.

  71. Ed Pringle

    For The Mom,s Out Cheers!

  72. Gary M

    Dedicated to joan Richards. Jann ardens mother

    Yes, when i too heard this song i thought of my mother

  73. Cheryl Bois

    yes jaqueline i remember that i was in ottawa

  74. Jason Spencer

    WELL the past is history and the present is what you make of it and the future is the present.......

  75. Jason Spencer

    Me again ha ha say I wish I wasn't even born , I was taught a lot of stuff through out all these years .........

  76. Jason Spencer

    I wanted a perfect life GOD

  77. Sheldon66

    Just saw Jann last night here in Medicine Hat....amazing show as usual.

  78. james watson

    what a beautiful song and person

  79. Donald Simmons

    Saw here in Toronto last night, she was great. And she's genuinely funny.

  80. Caramel Spice

    When you have a good mother, you have everything.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤

    Carlos Rodrigues

    That is so very true


    Amen to that!! and when that good mother is taken from you, you are so lost in your life afterward


    So very very true !

    s d

    True...but an intact family is better. That is why they went straight for the family values look at us...

  81. Lina Demedeiros

    I hope your dancing in heaven.

  82. kptwo

    This song was released the same year my Mother died...I was 16. 😔
    This song brings a tear to my eye!

    Gary M

    kptwo maybe jann made the song for you.

  83. Monica Major

    Can totally relate to this song this song makes me cry every time I hear it. Love you Jenn Arden

  84. Cody Cerny

    how the heck have i never heard this wonderful song before?

  85. Glósóli

    I've got money in my pocket
    I like the color of my hair
    I've got a friend who loves me
    Got a house, I've got a car
    I've got a good mother
    and her voice is what keeps me here

    Feet on ground
    Heart in hand
    Facing forward
    Be yourself
    I've never wanted anything
    No I've, no I've, I've never wanted anything
    so bad

    Cardboard masks of all the people
    I've been
    thrown out with all the rusted, tangled
    dented God Damned miseries
    You could say I'm hard to hold
    But if you knew me you'd know
    I've got a good father
    And his strength is what makes me cry

    Feet on ground
    Heart in hand
    Facing forward
    Be yourself
    I've never wanted anything
    No I've, no I've, I've never
    wanted anything so bad...
    so bad

    I've got money in my pocket
    I like the color of my hair
    I've got a friend who loves me
    Got a house, I've got a car
    I've got a good mother
    and her voice is what keeps me here

    Feet on ground
    Heart in hand
    Facing forward
    Be yourself

    Heart in hand
    Feet on ground
    Facing forward
    Be yourself
    just be yourself
    just be yourself

    Feet on ground
    Heart in hand
    Feet on ground
    Heart in hand

  86. filshtea

    Calgary Stampede 2017 grand show anyone? :)

  87. Mia Long

    Dawson's creek brought me here 😃

  88. Larry Smith


    s d


  89. valiant1968

    Thank you Jann Arden, for this incredibly moving song. I loved it when I bought the CD in 1994, and I love it to this day. My mom has always been my rock, and now that she's moving five hours away, I'm feeling a little lost. Your music is putting things back into perspective for me. Thank you so much! <3

  90. C. B.

    re-watching Dawson's Creek..........I forgot how much I like this song.

  91. Carrie Schugar

    This song gives me the chills.

  92. MsMauz

    Still love this song! A reminder to keep life simple as in the line "I like the color of my hair". Doesn't hurt that she's also Canadian!

  93. abcdevries

    I hope one day I can personally thank Jan for this beautiful song.

  94. Gerry St-Aubin

    what a voice! love her music.

  95. Laurie Harris

    That's my Uncle Dave's yellow 57 Ford in the video!!

  96. Kim Atkinson

    This song makes my heart Mother is my life.
    peaceful blessings to you Jann Arden...thank you for this song!
    Happy New Year.