Arden, Jann - Counting Mercies Lyrics

When we’ve been though, all this?
It goes to prove, how much we fit
We’ve made mistakes, we fail a lot
But here we are, look what we’ve got

Count the mercy, count the pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all

Nobody said, that life was fair
You do your best, and hope like hell
You grit your teeth,
And bite your tongue,
You hold your heart, out to the sun

and Count your mercies, count your pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all

If this is it, and now it’s done
I’m more than glad, for all I’ve won
To feel your love, has been my life
I hope you know, that I’ll be fine.

I’m counting mercies, counting pain
Summer’s running from my shame
All the blessings, all the falls
Count the days when, we almost had it all.

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Arden, Jann Counting Mercies Comments
  1. carol scott

    I cant be alone in thinking, this is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my long life!

  2. Christine Newland

    You have the biggest heart to hold so many beautiful songs in! ox

  3. Ty Mac

    Celtic flavor...beautiful

  4. Barbara Copeland


  5. Mike B

    Splendid......lovely song.

  6. Mike B

    Brilliantly written, and song...touches my heart this evening. tk.

  7. Christine Newland

    Tears Jann....Omg! So beautiful my heart races! ox

  8. Melanie Beaulieu

    The life story of my marriage

  9. Cajun Plaisance

    Love this and jann

  10. Sandra

    Enjoyed your show at the Montreal Jazz Festival last night! Such a beautiful song! Thanks for bringing your light into the world. Proud Canadian.

  11. Lisa Marley

    all the best to you sunshine. I know it must  be hurting you like hell to move your mom to a home. you are such a shining spirit. allowing us to see your true being

  12. Monica Mason

    Such a moving and lovely song.

  13. William Hrynkiw

    A true Canadian Gem, Talented Lady indeed.

  14. diane petersen

    This is life.


    Love this song!!! So beautiful. And Jann looks awesome.

  16. tina sperdakos


  17. Scott Batchelor

    Fell in love with this song the moment I heard the opening cords....thanks for blessing us with your talent!.

    Lisa Shears

    you should listen to her 90's music

    Scott Batchelor

    Thanks, i do have all her older cd's...kinda lost touch with her music, but I'm sure glad I found this song...just really touched me...

  18. Duxoop Douglas


  19. Kaykatniss G

    Nobody said 'Life was fair' do your best...♥ your voice. :)

  20. Tommy and Dede Nicholson

    Heard it for the first time at the concert tonight. My new favorite! Thank you Jann!

  21. Kathleen Collins

    Way to show off your talent. Screw the people that said you had to lose weight when you were young. Your voice carries, and I thank you for it. You were part of my initials inspiration.

  22. sophia gjendem

    My grandma and I went to see her live and a few days later my grandma died. So right now I can crying.

    Official KrisKoriTM

    so sorry about your grandma...a great concert memory though. hugs to you

    sophia gjendem

    Thank you so much ;)

    brian chaput

    Tears came to my eyes when I read this.

  23. sandra Stent

    Great sounds of Jann Arden. Love the music thank you

  24. Home girly Girl Ish

    You have a beautiful voice!!!

  25. FiorDiCiliegio86

    The best singer in the world, for me <3

  26. Maranda Bell

    I love your voice. So unique and great.

  27. cutie pie

    Amazing Canadian talent!

  28. Astral Frost

    This is a nice song. It deserves far more than 14,600 views.

  29. megamusictoronto

    Beautiful song Jann, I've been a fan for many years!  I love your music.

  30. unicorn kitty

    Jann , I love you. Please release more songs love from Africa!

  31. Xeno G

    There's a purity in this song that only Jann Arden can express. 

  32. Dwayne Wladyka

    Nice guitar!

  33. wee2souls

    Healing words of an emotional comforting song ,,loved this song so very much.. Music can give comfort to many who are struggling in life...loved it much

  34. KelseyLeeBee

    Beautiful song, I remember going to your concert when I was 9, best choice of my life,,

  35. Katherine Skipper

    Such an amazing song! One of my favourites from "Everything Almost". I totally get lost in it! Thank you Jann are so amazingly talented!

  36. GlitterStar Beats

    Holy jeeezzz!!! I think so too!!! What that mike casey guy said!!!!!!!! Omg..

  37. Mike Casey

    it's cool that a song can change your mind about some things. I was very sad about something and this tune changed everything

  38. Jennifer MacIsaac

    I had all the feels about 20 seconds in. I think this reflects the journey you're on with your folks, and it's that more touching. Your soul pours through every word as always. Pure Jann, Pure Musical Joy.

  39. fittynfabulas

    Love it!

  40. Carolyn Keating

    perfection as usual jann.

  41. Blue Bell

    Beautiful song by Ms. Jann. Love her. <3

  42. Mamacpj

    Beautiful = pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically = this beautiful song (and really anything you write), even your facebook posts.  Love your talent Ms. Arden!  A gift in my life for sure.


    Really wish your tour included Langley, Surrey or Vancouver (in that order), lol.

  43. lauritag

    Breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you!

  44. September Dee

    Beautiful song and beautiful video. Congratulations. Wishing you a great tour!

  45. Sue Coy

    Jann....So many words reflect my world, gave me tears..! Have a wonderful year

  46. John Wilkes

    by 1:30 minutes in I was crying, when I share this with my wife,I hope she understands how much of my life I give to her to just stand close by and adore her. Happy Valentine's Day you wonderful soul Jann.

  47. Carole O'Hara

    Absolutely stunning! Love everything you do! You look great!

  48. Kate Hendricks

    Beautiful story, kudos Jann!

  49. non sibi

    Love everything you do.