Arctic Monkeys - You're So Dark Lyrics

You got your H.P. Lovecraft
Your Edgar Allan Poe
You got your unkind of ravens
And your murder of crows
Catty eyelashes and your Dracula cape
Been flashing triple-A passes
At the cemetery gates

'Cause you're so dark, babe
But I want you hard
You're so dark, baby

You're so dark
You're so dark
You're so dark
You're so dark

And you're so mysterious
Got that obsession with death
I saw you driving your Prius
And even that was Munster Koach-esque
You watch Italian horror and you listen to the scores
Leather-clad and spike-collared
I want you down on all fours

'Cause you're so dark, babe
But I want you hard
You're so dark, baby

I know you're nothing like mine
'Cause she's walking on sunshine
And your love will tear us apart
And I know I'm not your type
'Cause I don't shun the daylight
But, baby, I'm willing to start

You're so dark

Got your H.P. Lovecraft
Your Edgar Allan Poe
Got your unkind of ravens
Got your murder of crows

You're so dark, babe
But I want you hard
You're so dark, baby
But I want you hard
You're so dark, oh
But I want you hard
You're so dark, baby

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Arctic Monkeys You're So Dark Comments
  1. Knee socks Girl

    This is my egirl theme song.

  2. B D

    Neither Arabella nor Cornerstone, this is me. The thing is, everyone thinks they want a dark person but, everyone's scared easy if they ever get close. Us dark people are to be wondered about from afar only.

  3. Maryam Assad

    I love you Turner I really love you

  4. Sophia Bobia

    thank god im emo

  5. toby ellis

    This “wasn’t good enough” for the album. Just let that sink in

  6. Plata

    The B-side better than the Single.

  7. Megagamer724

    i have no idea how works b sides and singles, but i love it

  8. Nilza Bernardes de Souza Duarte

    demais essa musica amoooooo!!!!!!

  9. Dimi Tsap

    Now I wanna read hp lovecraft...

  10. Elpida Ko

    And I know I'm not your type
    Cause I don't shun the daylight
    But baby I'm willing to start DAMN

  11. Iliya Sivkov - Trading Fanatic

    I am not seeing a comment from 2019!
    Thumbs up for the best band ever!

  12. Schmetterling ::

    When Alex said “I want you down on all fours”
    We all said 🤰

  13. AVienna K-Dub

  14. bologneseboy 42

    Honestly I only clicked because I thought it said you’re so dank

  15. Val :D



    Valeria :D RIGHT

  16. little baby

    i came :)

  17. Enver Kemal

    i feel tranquility base hotel and casino vibes..

  18. D D

    I wonder who this song is dedicated to

    reduction in consumption

    I think it's dedicated to arielle vandenberg

  19. Belen Sanchez

    Yeah my skin is dark HAHA

  20. Public Rest Room

    This song is why I'm fucking goth. For Alex.

  21. shirley

    can someone fucking dedicate me this song im not even joking anymore

  22. Cl' Júnior_

    You're So Dark

  23. biaky __

    Oh lawd I want Alex so BADDD

  24. lyncubus

    legend has it this is where the goth gf meme started

  25. bella michaels

    Whys this not on Apple Music anymore?

  26. C.C. Monroe

    I see a From Dawn to Dusk and Lost Boys type of video for this.

  27. C.C. Monroe

    It could be mixed better. But it would be great in a soundtrack.

  28. S M M

    So stay away from me. I told u my life style as like Jim Morrison.

  29. Sabrina Silva


  30. Guillaume Ishpatao,BFLR

    #DarkSide ##Nostra#famille #Famille

  31. madison marchese

    So upset this isn't on apple music!😔😫one of my favorites!!

  32. samuel 1336

    i thought the title said "You're So Dank"

  33. Val

    I hear a little tranquility base in here

  34. Robin Olivia

    Netflix - Iron Fist

  35. eyes on fire

    it just hurts me that this song is so underrated!

  36. Gigi D.M.

    This could be on TBH+C

  37. tazia oxendine

    big tiddy goth gf aesthetic

  38. Anna B

    So he wants to fuck Robert Smith, ok

  39. cammer ammer

    This totally describes one of my friends, she reads Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe too.

  40. Mr Wolf

    My n 😍😍💓💔

  41. alejandra flores


  42. Amida Butsu

    Hope this song is a satire

  43. Maryam Assad


  44. Callus Klaus

    alex was the first to want them big tiddy goth gfs

  45. Felipe Freire

    The most pretentius lyrics I've ever heard. nice music though.

  46. Maria Chrysanthou

    This is a 🅱op

  47. stuffed dinosaur

    i’m still inlove w this song that’s the tea

  48. Mama Usagi

    Is this song basically just goth gf pls

  49. Starving Buddha

    Just learned of this group. Holy shit this is beautiful!

  50. will h

    I love this song. I had forgotten about it! 🎧💯💯💯💯💯💯

  51. Oguz Kerem Ünsal

    too much underrated...

  52. Benjamin Leyva

    This gives me a TBHC vibe idk why

  53. Pato Rc

    The “you listen to the scores” sounds just like “I’ve been driving listening to the scores”

    Maryam Assad

    Pato Rc exactly

  54. Arif Aguilera

    Este tema me hace acordar al amor de mi vida, Cande <3

  55. Andrea Su

    Sounds like tranquility base hotel 🧐

  56. IrGregular

    that bass is smooooooth

  57. Moon Land

    COOOOOOOL love it

  58. ben vq

    you sure you aren't from dc universe?

    Mr. Burns

    I understood that reference

  59. Alperen Koç

    This is like one of the TBHC songs.

  60. CorporalCrumbBum

    A b-side sent from the gods

  61. La Verne

    alex turner being a thot for 3 minutes

  62. Yosie


  63. yoinktae

    I’m so triggered they actually took it off Apple Music


    mAd esTreLlA same

    okaay a

    Apple Music got me fucked up mate literally over here trynna listen to this monkas tune and they decide to fucking remove the whole b side

  64. stuffed dinosaur

    italian horror and you listen to the scones

  65. BLOOP

    sounds like it belongs on the new album

  66. Andrew Maggs

    Alex wants a big tiddy goth gf

  67. Yán Nekola

    Non-metal "Black No. 1" :p

  68. Seth Carter

    Holy moly, Alex *really* wants that big tiddy goth gf

    Evelyn Ivison

    Seth Carter lmfao

    Camilo Cárdenas

    Dont we all?


    If he does then he should go to ‘Hot Topic’ 😂🤣

  69. dagisha

    Underrated song

  70. streakyshad

    I keep listening to this song. its mint.

  71. Felix Kapranos


  72. Jelena

    I need that jacket so baaadd 😩😩😩

  73. Saeko Busujima

    2018 ❤️

  74. Sean Nolan

    I’m here listening in 2018 the night before going to see them play for one of the first times in years 🙏🏻

  75. Valery Klipp

    I love this song and I love his voice! He can sing to me anytime lol I will use it on my channel playlist!

  76. • cams •

    love it

  77. Tatoom 346

    U from DC univers ?

  78. Martin Anthonio16

    Are you sure you're not from the DC Universe?

  79. Shoot One

    This could be on TBH+C

    Batphoned 78

    It could be anywhere really ... That's what happens with such great songs.

  80. Destro7000

    Arctic Monkeysbe like: I want to fuck a Goth ......ok not much mystery in the lyrics there! xD

  81. Robert Honour

    Better than ANYTHING off of TBH&C. Such a shame...

  82. Amazing Thoughts

    Anyone can be. But I just wana see like y’all

  83. bloody hell

    "I want you down on all fours" really alex ? 😏

    Yaro Dvoukhretchenski

    What's wrong with that? You don't like that pose?

  84. streakyshad

    Great song. Should've been on the album.

  85. Carla Beneto

    es el mejor tema del mundo!

  86. Carla Beneto

    es el mejor tema del mundo!

  87. Dann XdxdXdxD


  88. stadioarcadio

    how is this not on the album.

  89. but turner

    can you believe that we have a 2018 version of this

  90. İrem Çelebi

    Bana bunu söyleyecek birini arıyordum

  91. dqzlm kjazldkd

    alex is basically saying he wants a goth gf

  92. Kata Kálmán

    it had me dying lol

  93. Mr. Burns

    They played it live for the first time!!!!!!!