Arctic Monkeys - The Lovers Lyrics

Up from the pastures of boredom
out from the sea of discontent
they come in packs like hungry hounds
Up seekers of the dark enchantment.

They haunt the boulevards and bars
they pray to wishing wells and stars
they ride the hurricane of hope
not looking back but on they go
toward the distance and deceiving
and all the while they keep believing
they are special and apart
the lovers, the lovers of the heart... the lovers.

And when they pair off two by two
they feel they are the chosen few
and though their beds are made of straw
they feel like velvet in the night
and so the night is never ending
its made of distance and pretending
coz they're special and apart
the lovers, the lovers of the heart... the lovers.

And when love goes away
and when love goes...
catches in their throats like cotton
rises in their hearts like rain
the good times suddenly are all forgotten
the hunt begins again.

They search the subways and the streets
their faces tired, like their feet
their bodies aching to be warm
and so they hide behind the moon
their loneliness inside them growing
but they take comfort in just knowing
that they are special and apart
the lovers, the lovers of the heart... the lovers

And when love comes again
and when love comes
rises from their throats like singing
catches in their hearts like wind
the good things
strangers in their arms are bringing
makes life all right again.

They turn their faces to the light
no longer hiding in the night
so unashamed and unafraid
that they can face each others faults
and though the waltz will have its ending
there is no harm in just pretending
that they are special and apart
the lovers, the lovers of the heart... the lovers.

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Arctic Monkeys The Lovers Comments
  1. Natan Santos

    Alex Turn is a geniuos. Had he been born in the renaiscence he would go through history as one of the great artists of the times.

  2. Rafaela ela

    We are special and apart...

  3. Rory Whelan

    Why have I never heard this?

  4. Chris The Impaler The Impaler

    kitschy and inspired, nonchalant yet wired. a ditty for the self - chosen, whose lives are love's token; the heart says naught yet rules the height, the good doctor Ann who sent me this song is all goddess and moonlite

  5. david warburton

    if you ended up here you are special and apart 😘

  6. Pamungkas

    fucking beautiful

  7. kalopsia

    probably the most beautiful lyrics I've ever come across. up there with Cornerstone for sure

  8. Cielo Dennis

    These lyrics make me feel so tired

  9. VANII

    Reminds me a lot of Lou Reed :)

  10. Beata Z

    Thank you for this song! 💕💕💕

  11. Angelina P.

    I listen to AM very often lately,but this time I clicked on the video because of the thumbnail.#HIDDLESTONER

  12. Victor Mihaita

    Does anybody know where I can find the chords for this song? they're not on ultimate guitar

  13. Perrito González

    3:39 One more, Jonathan, I promise.

  14. nianwa weado


  15. Alexandra Dicu

    So beautiful...

  16. yisus of negrura

    The man talking sounds like Jonathan Ross

  17. Jay Jay

    Rod Mckuen.

  18. Beatriz Batista

    this song is a part of my life when i met my ex boyfriend. i used to listen to it and i was so happy, it seemed to me i was one of "the chosen few", and now we're over... now i see the other side of the song :/

    Santiago Mejia

    Carry on girl:)

    Juan Raul Hernandez Coria

    I'm with my girlfriend just now, but she lives miles away from my city, and I love the first part of the song, because we are special and apart. But I'm really afraid of the second part :(

    Rory Whelan

    Juan Raul Hernandez Coria I have a similar situation, I feel you bro

  19. Guillermina Luco

    1:43 what happened? what did they say?

  20. roger221b

    Listen to the original by Rod McKuan here on youtube. This version is dreadful

  21. Laura F

    I listen to this song when I'm sad, but when I hear their laugh, I always smile

  22. john smith

    So many beautiful and honest songs in the world, and I'm forced to admit it: this is definitly one. It sounds true, true poetry.

  23. goblin hours

    i think i like this more than the original version

  24. Rainbowbest

    lembra a versão de Stars da nina simone em algumas partes

  25. Spartan Jon

    Just got a ad from a condom company, I think they're trying to tell me something

  26. In My Life

    ¿quienes son los de la miniatura?

  27. Sego [Dj Hanzel]

    this video isn't muted, yet... I.D.S.T.

  28. stefano carlo Celsi

    fuck youtube i love your lyrics videos!! they are not just copy paste, they make me enjoy the songs more

  29. carrot

    is this real?

  30. Miloš Maran

    ja sam pomaloo geejjjj

  31. DRAZ Mustard

    the Bakery porfavor :(

  32. Luisa Souza

    alex's laugh, omg i'm going to cry

  33. TheDivisionBell

    The lyrics makes me cry and his voice makes me smile.
    Now i'm criyng and smiling at the same time.


    TheDivisionBell ME TOO

  34. Angela

    I fell in love with everything about this song's natural feel

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    Mi canal de gameplays en español! Me ayudarías mucho con tu suscripción! Gracias!

  36. BriarJay

    this song makes me want to cry? idk if its a happy or sad song....but it makes me teary eyed.

  37. Bella Doveny

    esta canción me causa felicidad, no sé. ❤

  38. Rodolka


  39. Tâm Phạm

    Their smiles are one of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. Love that sound of smile so much.....

  40. Tamara

    alex's laugh ♥♥

  41. Rachel Astbury

    Fucking Jonathan Ross :/ rate song but fuck me... Jonathan Ross.

  42. Pocletros

    There's a poem from Jaime Sabines (A Mexican Poet) called "The Lovers" I don't know why but when i hear the song i remember that. / hay un poema de Jaime Sabines, llamado "Los Amorosos" me recuerda mucho a esta canción. lo recomiendo!


    Pocletros A mi me recordó más a "Los Amantes" de Cortázar. Es tan hermoso como el de Sabines.


    Yes! I thought about it too!! It must have been the inspiration for this song


    a mi me recordó a un cuadro de René Magriette "Los amantes". Sin duda el de Cortázar y Sabines también tienen esa vinculación de ser extraordinarios

  43. Iván M.

    Please do The last shadow puppets - miracle aligner

    Ford: BuiltTough

    Uriel Cabrera That's my favorite Last Shadow Puppets song! I agree.

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    only lovers left alive is one of my favourite movies

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    pendejos me la pelan

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    Alex TI AMO

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    Alex's voice gives me chills!!!

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    Seriously, he is so old.. Wonderfull

  49. Leah

    alex's laugh omg i want to cryyy

  50. Kaorii .Lu Han

    Amé el video. Gran trabajo!!! ❤

  51. staggy pants

    It's been a year this video came out, and man the lyric video is never old.

  52. Giulia Correa

    sounds like juno soundtrack

    Lauren Dreyfus

    Giulia Correa I was thinking the same thing omg

  53. Elizabeth Trejo

    quien mas canta esa cancion?

    Elizabeth Trejo

    +Rosario Santillán gracias

    Génesis Turner

    Quien la canta??
    No me aparece él comentario :(

    Endrina Rosales

    genesis alcaino Rod Mckuen!

  54. Pure Heroine

    this is so shakespearean

  55. Tams Turner

    am I only one who don't like this music thom o.o

  56. Geovannazzz


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    This is such a beautiful song :,)

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    lol omg this is precious

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    I can't stop smiling.

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    I really like your videos !

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    Do you do this work for other artists? How do I contact you about making one for myself? I'll pay!

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    Can you please do a song by The Last Shadow Puppets

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    The lyrics killed me..

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    Omg Alex's laugh is killing meeeeeeee <3

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    Alex's voice is phenomenal on this one

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    this song has rendered me speechless

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    I watched this movie. Why did I not know my favorite band did a song for this? :D :D

    Strega 0

    i knew that. lol


    Strega 0 what film is it from?

    Strega 0

    Only Lovers Left Alive. It's about vampires.


    @Strega 0 Thanks :) 

    Strega 0

    @AFMakers no prob.

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    the rawness of this song..

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  74. a fluørescent teenager turned in tø gøld a car radiø


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  90. Angel Ev

    sadly this made me remember what i had, lost for being a fool, and for being fools we both let go the purity of the thing we created, and now i live the past of what i had and lost since you have not come and made me put this at ease. yet thank you, for you showed me a part of my life that i needed to learn for that person that will show me the next step that you are not there for me.

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