Arctic Monkeys - Riot Van (Demo) Lyrics

We got thrown in a riot van
And the coppers kicked him in
And there was no way he could win
Just had to take it on the chin

Smoked a bong a last night
And stole somebody's telephone
He thinks it's all alright
But they've left him on his own, on his own

But baby stop calling
Over and over yeah
And give me some funny cigarettes
And do what they told you, yeah

Pinched a car with one headlight
And lost control the passengers were screaming
Made him shut his eyes right tight
And think of you, and hope that he was dreaming

Then up rolled the riot van
And called the fire brigade
But it was already too late
And there was no arrests to make

But baby stop calling
Over and over yeah
And give me some funny cigarettes
And do what they told you, yeah

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Arctic Monkeys Riot Van (Demo) Comments
  1. otro pibe flashero

    This is like a sequel of the song of the álbum

  2. ocw_cv5

    Better version of riot van

  3. Maria Gutierrez

    The best version

  4. Tyree Flores

    I wish they kept the guitar tone for the solo on the album version, would’ve been a nice contrast to the quiet of the somg

  5. Carlos Delgado

    That ohhhhhh

  6. Calvin Griffin

    I like these lyrics better than original

  7. Big Kiech

    I know its a demo but the mixing is shite

  8. Yolo Clunk

    This is my fav version

  9. Tyler Yong

    I think I like it better than the version on Whatever People Say!

    suspicious fish dish

    Tyler Yong Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

  10. dayshawna

    i like the lyrics on the original better, but the instrumental of the demo is so good, i notice a lot of the demos are somewhat better than the ones on the album

  11. Andrew Cruz


  12. K D

    Anyone here from 2018??

  13. Greenock Catman

    Just wish the audio was clearer

    Ronnie Palmer

    Not True Scotsman I like it like this

    Am I right Folks

    Ronnie Palmer me too. I don't know why but it just gives a raw vibe to it.

    Remix Dragon

    Greenock Catman to be honest this is the best version of the audio,others aren’t as clear

  14. AgentJayHere

    When I first got into arctic monkeys, I had only had this version of the song and I thought that's just how it was, and to this day the album cut sounds so weird to me

  15. Leah

    oh my god i listened to this yesterday and tonight i dreamt that i listened to this on spotify (that wasn't the whole dream lol) but it had a different name what the hell

  16. burns83

    10 times this version over the other

  17. aunthau MV

    this is pretty cool too, but i like the album version better

  18. Tomek Lisicki

    the description "different lyrics and a cool demo by one of the best bands in sheffield" looks kinda funny looking at how big they are now :P

  19. Void Essence

    This is the REAL FUCKING VERSION !!!!

    Bepis Peps

    Wagner Villalobos it's not it's way different

  20. Adelina Sardothien

    give me sum funneh cigarettes

    Kenyon J


  21. Raymond Liu

    This version is terrible

  22. lazy

    So much darker than the album version, I love it all of their demos basically shit on the original. Not to mention their old music is so good.

  23. Msneworleans4life

    Love both versions

  24. nanaimoclipper

    I like swimming

  25. doobiescoo1

    This is pure musical enjoyment.....fucking love this version!

  26. Luiz Fernando Gomes

    This sounds so much better than the album version..

  27. John Wadsworth

    hi, you can download it on beemp3, just search arctic monkeys - riot van demo

  28. Moka Akashiya

    Where did you find a download this version? I have been in search of it for quite a while. . .

  29. John Wadsworth

    cheers, i downloaded it yesterday, i much prefer this version to the album version..

  30. John Wadsworth

    where can i get this version?

  31. Beth

    prefer this so much to the studio

  32. Viridiana Ruiz

    I fckn love & prefer this version ♥...

  33. philip demmon

    human league - 65days of static - give ema try - joe cocker - milburn - little man tate both similar to am

  34. Cheeseberry

    Fair play to you sir, I did not know pulp were from Sheffield! :D

    "I stand corrected said the man in the orthopaedic shoes." - Alan Partridge

  35. C M


  36. Cheeseberry

    Aren't they the only good band in Sheffield? :P

  37. Diego Corcino Padilha

    I prefer this version

  38. Kenn Chyna

    We like this a lot... Check My Channel For Kenn Chyna's Rap Version of Arctic Monkeys Riot Van Taken Off his Forthcoming Mixtape
    The Road From Oz If you like it Subscribe to The Channel Follow on Twitter and Instagram @MYNAMEISCHYNA

  39. Justin Barner

    I mean the album version is ALOT cleaner and like more for the general population, but holy fuck was this version dope!!

  40. C M

    'one of the best bands in sheffield'

    of? they are the best.

    mike mccord

    C M erm pulp?

  41. pikolon

    this version is much better than the one in the album!

  42. milton r

    ... and give me some funny cigarettes

  43. miguel Hernandez

    But baby stop calling, over and over yeah!!! and give me some funny cigarettes and do what they told you, yeah [fuc-king! times]

  44. Marcus Duffy

    It's not exactly rare if you can find it on Youtube

  45. Tom Jellis

    Awesome version, like Cigarette Smoke the demo is better than the proper version

  46. sukkkmyballs

    fk i love this version.

  47. TheThirdAmigo

    When the guitars and drums came in I was all like: =O

  48. jose neto Garcia

    this version is the BEST!

  49. atlastanatlas

    The demos is their best record. Every song is a masterpiece.

  50. Joao V.P.C

    thank god he choose the one in the record. I mean, this is not bad.

  51. Charlie Beggs

    wow... this version is really awesome.
    normally a lot of people say that about demo version just because they haven't heard it before and they're idiots, but this version sounds really different. it doesn't really sound like the arctic monkeys, but i like it a lot.

  52. Sean Shields

    im in love

  53. Glenn Yeahh

    i like these lyrics so much better...its like my life lol

  54. Alex Lloyd

    Such a tune! Do us a favour and check out our band please! Were influenced by these boys and are unsigned so it'd be great to have a bit of support. Much love, feel free to comment x

    /watch?v=Qtxyq7aRnrQ just add the youtube bit :)

  55. Richard Watson

    i kinda prefer the newer version

  56. kubicapanis

    @lishbabieh yea gimme a message in pm and ill see what i can do :)

  57. Charles Uzuegbunam

    Love it.

  58. Matteo Peronaci

    lol ya ive been tryin to download the original version of riot van but i found this one most of the times and i kept both of them now its sooo good

  59. nanaimoclipper

    fantastic just like the gers!!!

  60. EuroN

    this is the best version

  61. Behind The Counter

    this shits all over the album version!

  62. marigairi

    OMG!!! i like this version even better than the other one!!

  63. hoyfatboi

    I used to love the original version so much but when i just listened to the demo right now my mind was blown away. It was incredible.

  64. Wafficus

    This is the one i have on my computer. This is ten times better than the album version.

  65. MacKenzie Kendall

    I love how jazzy this one is. Well, jazzier than the more publicly known version.

  66. kubicapanis

    erm...yea i can...gimme a message and ill see what i can do ;)

  67. Simon Furphy

    looking for this version for fuckin ages, fancy sendin it to me bud :)?

  68. DJ Zura

    That's a pimping song

  69. Nrthern Line

    smoked a bong last night and stole somebodys telephone

    naughty naughty

  70. Norton Magiera


  71. DuenDaniel

    weniisimo !

  72. kubicapanis

    yea agree totaly and thanks for adding to ur favs :)