Arctic Monkeys - One Point Perspective Lyrics

Dancing in my underpants
I'm gonna run for government
I'm gonna form a covers band and all
Back there by the baby grand
Did Mr. Winter Wonderland say
"Come here kid, we really need to talk"?
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought

I fantasize I call it quits
I swim with the economists
And I get to the bottom of it for good
By the time reality hits
The chimes of freedom fell to bits
The shining city on the fritz
They come out of the cracks
Thirsty for blood

Just as the apocalypse finally gets prioritized
And you cry some of the hottest tears you ever cried
Multiplied by five
I suppose a singer must die

"Singsong 'round the money tree"
This stunning documentary that no one else unfortunately saw
Such beautiful photography, it's worth it for the opening scene
I've been driving 'round listening to the score
Or maybe, I just imagined it all
I've played to quiet rooms like this before
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought

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Arctic Monkeys One Point Perspective Comments
  1. Dio Brando

    Crap album, not mather what the fanboys say

  2. Zetiu

    "Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought"

    *proceeds to actually lost his train of thought*

  3. jorge arias

    at the beggining i didnt like it at all the album excepet " she looks like fun" and " ultracheese" but after hearing 30 times the album* i have it also in Vynil, for me nowdays its a masterpiece one of the best lps of the decade and as far the best album of Arctic monkeys

  4. Halloween Jack

    Why the piano reminds me the piano intro of Nine of Afternoon-

  5. Rebel Kebabs

    Stewie Griffin seems to be doing well these days...

  6. gabriela felippe

    Great album! ♡

  7. Anthony

    It’s not like anything else they’ve released but it’s still so good. Wonder where they will go from here

  8. Kristy Fowler

    When Alex sings "OHHHHHH" I feel that in every cell in my body

  9. Luana Torres

    3:00 alex in live haha

  10. Alvaro Espeche

    Best song of TBHC

  11. Ambrose

    Half the comments say they don't like the album and the other half are complaining about the complainers.
    I loved arctic monkeys at the very start (i am actually from their city of origin) and while i liked their first couple of albums i am not bothered about the latest few. But that does not mean i am going to give them shit about changing their style. They should do what they want to do and i respect the fact that they have. It is just not for me. When they bring out new music i stop by and check it out.

    This song is actually pretty good tbf.

  12. doobie doo

    The beginning of the song before the vocals sounds like a song by mars argo called runaway

  13. Beauty Queen

    When this album first came out, I wasn't into it, but over a year later I'm into it now😁

  14. Sarah

    nick finally got the recognition he deserves for this banging bassline

  15. Giovanni Abba

    Can you hear the beep of the Sputnik-1?

  16. Silver Fox

    Help me.

  17. Faride FB

    Fucking Kings!!!!!

  18. Faride FB

    Love you Alex!!!!!!

  19. Jana Žáková

    I remember not liking the album on the first, second, even third listen.
    Now, after some time, I'm giving it another chance. And I am beginning to find pleasure in it.

  20. Jana Žáková

    It's a song to listen, not to sing along.

  21. Nicky Gonzales

    Really wish I could change and better myself.

  22. Spinach Pineapple

    I wouldn't mind seeing you dancing in your underpants Alex.

  23. Luke

    753 people lost their train of thought

  24. Brian Gomez

    This is betther than the ultracheese and the dream sinopsys maybe not

  25. OG Avocado

    I know everybody’s gonna hate on me for saying this but I liked the Arctic’s better before. Like this album’s ok. But It’s just not my uhh how do I say it Style.

  26. Anton M

    This whole song but especially the outro and guitar solo makes me feel like I’m Charlie in the glass elevator ascending to space while looking out into the distance and seeing the sun setting as it hits the clouds and sky forming beautiful colours and gradients

  27. Jean Carlos Ortiz

    I'm supposed to be learning about art techniques but I ended up here and I do not regret it

    Guy Man

    This is art

    Patricio Martinotti

    same here with the Konklins Plesiosaur Album

  28. Mali Melon

    i wish they would come to austria.. they‘re wunderful.. the AM album and this album🥵

  29. Cursed_BrianFreakingMay 123


  30. Odet Otero

    Me encanta este álbum es lo mejor ❤💓💘💗❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Tasnim Naz

    1:26 OMG this part blows my mind

    Plam Zzz

    Probably listened to that one part a thousand times 😄

  32. Nicholas RL Hawkins

    Amazing song. Is the song supposed to end like that?

    anthony diaz

    Listen this song + american sports

    K J

    It goes directly to the next track of the album (American Sports)

  33. CELL ·

    I was just looking for an idea for my art class, I got something better

  34. benjamin

    i’ve been driving round, listening to the sCOOOOOOOOre

    K J

    Love that part

    Paulina Andrea Nuñez Diaz

    i read this at the exact moment I heard it ... jesus


    K J the best part 😂


    Paulina Andrea Nuñez Diaz hahaha!

    Ε. Μ.

    @Paulina Andrea Nuñez Diaz ME TOO

  35. Angel Arias

    The fact that every instrument has its time to sunshine in an organic way is a testament of qualiity

  36. Murilo Brito

    Bro, listen it on 1.25x, IT'S SO GOOD

  37. Omar Almaraz

    Este tipo de canciones no se escuchan... se sienten 😇

  38. João Emanuel


  39. Takashi Shirogane

    If this album were a movie, this would be the part in which the main character realizes the hotel is actually there to distract people from the important shit going on in what's left of society that he should probably stop; and the reason he doesn't seem to want to leave is because everyone's locked inside (and nobody else seems to realize it but him). He's there in the armchair in 'his' private suite, liquor bottles leaned up against the furniture and strewn about, the official Tranquility Base soundtrack playing on an old record player. He wonders why he hasn't heard this song until now.

  40. Vic 051

    1:54 y 3:00 mis partes favoritas <3

  41. PXR3 Playz

    Imagine if he said multiplied by 505


    it would sound horrible

  42. Alex Edwards

    I can listen to this drunk, but not when I'm sober because of my ex, I love it :))

  43. Jess H

    bare with me m h a n
    *ive lost my train of thought*

  44. Tristan Ho

    Why the fuck was I expecting Nine in the Afternoon?

  45. Nicole

    I love listening to this album while im on the subway, its a mood

  46. Jose Mendizabal


  47. Ángel McFly

    July 2019, and i still need an official video for this.

  48. some human

    I love this song more than bretman rock

    K J

    who the fuck is bretman rock

  49. Pomietek

    kurr gituwa dzk pola

  50. Ana Carolina

    such a great song

  51. Carlota FP

    Why is the entire album so sexy

  52. Carlota FP

    Why the fucking guitar is so sexy

  53. Carlota FP

    Why is he so sexy

  54. Marjo Zepeda

    1:46 :3

  55. Abril Larramendy

    alto temita compas

  56. Dylan Conner

    Listen to the beginning of this song, than listen to “Two weeks by Grizzly bear”

  57. Oscar Geovani Mendez Lozano

    i really love this song.💕

  58. michele kou

    music for few !! never get bored of this album!

  59. LazuliKafe

    This is a materpiece...

  60. randrews1806

    The bass is pure filth

  61. Eliana

    this album is so dreamy

  62. Moe's club

    Esto es jazz o rock?


    creo que una unión perfecta de los dos.

    Moe's club

    @Lucas la simbiosis perfecta👍

  63. Daniel Calva Lozano

    It's beautiful 🖤🤩

  64. CapricornRising

    "Bear with me man I lost my train of thought" - Alex Turner while writing the lyrics to this whole album

  65. Dom Nez - Comacone

    Thank you Alex for the music! Thank you for inspiring me to form a band and get songwriting.

  66. BruXo8


  67. yngcalico

    slick shit

  68. yhara marine

    lagunya mantap, aku turn on

    yhara marine

    iya mba, rahimku sekarang anget

  69. Inês Castro

    Eargasm 1:54

  70. Silver Fox

    Freedom and success...

  71. macris

    1:26 this make me crazy i Love this

  72. harveygouch1

    Let's just all appreciate the fact they uploaded this on the day of release, free of charge.

  73. Predø

    This song reminds me of Clarence, The Optimist
    I think he's going to become an economist when grows up


    omg this is so sad alexa play the ultracheese

  74. sophie n1k

    why is the way he says "maybe" so perfect? 2:44

  75. Sergio Arteaga


  76. Sparrkie

    I was so pleasantly surprised by this albuM, I love it!!

  77. John Bayani

    Not gonna say its a bad song. Just not my type of song

  78. indo with bad english

    You know why this is the best song in the album? Listen how they ended this song.

  79. sunshine daisies butter mellow

    I've been listening to this song and batphone for months on end and I really want to listen to music that have a similar vibe and tune

  80. zurkyz 11

    666 dislikes

  81. Alejandro AA

    best way to end a song 2:57

    K J

    and I love how Alex does a little acting after that part during their live performances.

    Alejandro AA

    K J yeah me too i love it, every time he does something different

  82. Bruyeri Garro Ramos

    Perfect Song <3

  83. martin araya

    timber timbre

  84. Carlos Medina

    Only Amazing

  85. Vienna Buhl

    This album is their best so far and i will not discuss at any point

  86. Vasquez Elbretto

    Such beautiful song.

  87. QuasWexExort

    Listen it at 0,75x SUCH A GREAT SONG

  88. gatinha comunista

    aaauuuhh .. just as the apocalypsss

  89. Lavinian

    What's that band that likes to mimicking them

  90. Jorge Méndez

    this whole album is so surrealistic. I love it.

  91. Ângela

    uuuuuuuuu love this, sooooo good

  92. andrea

    It's over

  93. yee yee

    this song makes me feel some kind of way

  94. Karol Valenzuela

    Muchas gracias por venir a Perú, fue increible

  95. Renato Ponce

    eso brad