Arctic Monkeys - No Buses Lyrics

Lady, where has your love gone?
I was looking but can't find it anywhere
They always offer when there's loads of love around
But, when you're short of some, it's nowhere to be found

Well, I know your game, you told him yesterday
No chance, you'll get nothin' from me
But now she's there, you're there, everybody's there
He's in turmoil, as puzzled as can be
Just like me

Let's go down, down, low down
Where I know I should not go
Oh and she thinks she's the one
But she's just one in 24
And just 'cause everybody's doin' it
Does that mean that I can, too?

Lady, where has your love gone?
It was the anti-septic to the sore
To hold you by the hand
Must be first, be in demand
How he longs for you to long for him once more
Just once more

Let's go down, down, low down
Where I know I should not go
Oh and she thinks she's the one
But she's just one in 24
And just 'cause everybody's doin' it
Does that mean that I can, too? Oh...

Her eyes went down and cut you up
And there's nothing like a dirty look from
The one you want, or the one you've lost

An ache in your soul is everybody's goal
To get what they can't have
That's why you're after her
And that's why she's after him
But sayin' it wont change a thing
And they'll realise that it wont change a thing
Realise that it wont change a thing

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Arctic Monkeys No Buses Comments
  1. ImFastm8

    2020 anyone ...

  2. Kirit Solankii

    Looks like somebody edited music in a video of him just talking

  3. Charlotte F

    he sounds like yungblud's soft older brother and i'm here for it

  4. caviar guitar

    This song reminds me of my best friend. He’s had a crush on me for 3 years. And I’ve been rejecting him all this time. Now he’s so distant and he won’t text me or call me or even talk to me. He wouldn’t even hug me on the last day of school. We haven’t talked in over a month. I only rejected him because I loved the feeling of somebody having a crush on me. I’m a terrible person and I don’t know what to do. We both love Arctic Monkeys

  5. iNagaX

    I fucking hate my life

    Eva Renouvin

    it's gonna be ok don't worry

    Eva Renouvin

    i swear, trust me

  6. Nancy Goor

    Pendejo eres guay por gustarte está cool cansion :D

  7. Thy Bad Vocalist

    This is gonna be on repeat the whole fuckin night

  8. Semaj Soroj

    Should I send this song to my ex?

  9. ボルグハウツ,ジュルカ

    - my last words

  10. Bissan HD

    Silly question bit is the intro electric or acoustic guitar ?

  11. jocelyn

    i’m losing my mind

  12. Ask why?

    Santai bisa gojek

  13. Save Gotti

    Prima o poi ci tornerò sul letto di charlotte

  14. Hurtado XII
    Anybody interested in learning this song, here's my cover with the chords in the description

  15. Francis F

    i used to listen to this song so much. last year, i was heartbroken over a boy who made me love him and then he just left... then, my best friend helped me heal... almost a year together as a couple now💛 and with this, i hope you realize you deserve THE BEST in the whole world💖 ...and you’ll find it. Or it will find you.

  16. Insert Name Here

    I sent this to my gf when it came back. Told her it made me think of her.

    We are married now and she says this is our song

    Margo Floreva

    That so amazing!! I hope y’all have a great time together

  17. S J

    uh hello

  18. LoquuiZM

    3 years ago today!

  19. Maleah Abbott-Newland

    alex sounds like cook from skins in this

  20. Den JR

    Is like "forever alone" of KMF

  21. I’m Kool

    im like always feeling feelings i didn’t have like 2 seconds before listening to this song and I’m like oh where’d you come from

  22. Ulfric Stormcloak

    This always makes me think of her. Always makes me cry.

  23. dat boy gamer

    Anyone else just spam down in search bar like 5 times to find this song because it played once and forgot the name

  24. Marauder 314

    This music is something else, so sad yet so happy, so beautiful, it transmits a feeling of, anguish, yet of peace, you simply can't turn away from it.

  25. kronk

    public transport in yorkshire is fucking terrible

    Tyler Savage

    kronk takes proper piss sometimes dunnit, can’t even get on x78 at right time cause some bald cunt had slept in bed too long or doesn’t know how to fucking drive, pricks

  26. Cristian Damian

    Suena como the stroke

  27. Sude Göçmez

    when alex turner says lady it’s like somebody’s shooting me w a gun right in my heart...

  28. Товарищ сталин

    Anyone else listening to this until it breaks them?

  29. Ramón Sandoval

    Dude, i was a dickhead with this girl... now i badly fell in love with her....but, she doesn´t love me, she has a long distance relationship, she hangs out with me, but is be cause... she knows she can fuck my feels up doing that, i think i deserve it, i fooled her, when she loved me, and i used her be cause i didn´t want to feel alone... this was the song i found in her phone in our first date, when i was a douchebag back then, and i said "Oh! do you like Arctics too?" And she... god, i want to go back in time, and say to myself to don´t screw that up! ´cause she really fell for me, and i used her... I´m sorry Denisse, hope you´re doing better with him <3

  30. Umut

    Alex doing very difficult job. Obsessive Love seeking.

  31. Stuka •

    This song makes me realize how fucked up life is... because I’m 14 but it feels like I’m wasting my life... and it also reminds me of this girl I really like and I keep on playing over and over again 😅

  32. Suvam Pal

    "How he longs for you to long for him once more, just once more"

  33. HEV Suit

    I was searching for the band No Buses but ok

  34. Cleverson Moraes


  35. yellow


  36. janeyloubylou

    Just coz everybody's doing it, does that mean I should too?

  37. janeyloubylou

    And now she's there, you're there, everybody's there. Jane out.


    And I'm back here again. Fml.

  38. janeyloubylou

    No better song to mong to

  39. 멜우

    ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 너무 좋아서 맨날 듣는 노래ㅠㅠㅠㅠ😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Will C

    How have we gone from this to TBH&C

  41. Eoghain Swayne

    Is this a cover? If so what is the name of this beautiful though heart breaking song? Thanks in advance.

  42. Klimt Did It

    I come back here after every breakdown

  43. maddyy.x

    is this an unreleased song from them because i can’t find it anywhere :(

    Jasmine Gartland

    Its from the album "who tf are the arctic monkeys"


    Jasmine Gartland oh yeah i know that but it doesn’t show up when i try and put it on my instagram story, you know when you can put music on your stories

    Jasmine Gartland

    @maddyy.x ah okay

  44. Onat Piran Bilen

    i have been reading the comment section for at least 30 min and i can say that even not knowing you at all it would have been great to have met you around.

  45. Nights edge

    690th comment yesss

  46. Dynamoduck 1234

    I just want a hug

  47. crackhead riley

    small youtube check? _—_ me

  48. Andres Vera

    Anyone else get a 21 pilots feel?

  49. Akash Patwal

    so evocative lyrics...

  50. Twenty-Four

    Their lyrics are so depressing, yet the music makes you want to dance around like crazy. Love it.
    Way better than today's music industry where everything is just trying to imitate emotion. Never change, Arctic Monkeys.

  51. karla laniña

    Ahh amo esta cancion tienes una nueva suscriptora esta cancion me hace poner tanta emocion dentro se si es trizteza impotencia o alegria ...tengo murcielagos en el estomago literal creo q me enamore de una voz q jamas podra volver a ser la misma ni del tipo de canciones q produciria ahora mismo ...uh😪

  52. Alexandre Brasil

    Amazing song, never die 🌹

  53. Not Yet Here

    Thanks, a lot, it helped me get over a break up.

  54. Sodium Hypochlorite

    Can someone please suggest other songs that have this kind of vibe? Pleaaassseeee :<


    Try the neighborhood songs


    Maybe check out Alex Turner submarine songs or other older Arctic monekys songs


    Also Alex has band Last shadow puppets songs like Meeting place and My mistakes were made for you

  55. soso

    *and that’s cause evebody’s doin’ it, does that mean that I can do it too?*

  56. SyMa X

    good shit this is

  57. àaalcmeneé uwu

    most recent comment😂

  58. Kiara Pullen

    “They always offer when there’s loads of love around, but when you’re short of some it’s nowhere to be found”!!!!!!

  59. transporeitor

    bruno campos, essa é pra você

  60. Kéninger Levente

    That's a train.

  61. Anna Banana

    The "she thinks she's the one
    But she's just one in twenty-four" part gets me every time 😖

  62. eandgraybeans

    they never fail to make me love a song

  63. Flopflopians TBT

    Your best song!!!!

  64. Anna Car

    The first time I heard Arctic Monkeys, my parents were playing their CD while they fought and I was like 'Ooh.' 😂💓

  65. Alguém Qualquer

    Grande bot pro discord

  66. Agustín Castiñeira


    They are in the video asshole

  67. Racheal Baker

    0:41 I thought it said I know you're gay before I read the lyrics lmao

  68. Kimberley De faria

    I am happy to be sensitive because I can feel even more the sadness and joy that comes from that song, God bless the AM :)

  69. Mikel Mendibe

    I'm gonna eat 7 apples in a row to this song

  70. Phoon

    all these idiots saying its a train station but its a metro station

  71. Rᴇᴀʟ ᴍᴇ

    I wanna play this song on a guitar alone at the side of the beach while singing and my future husband finding me like that and falling in love me.

  72. Rose Fernandes

    this was perfect til i saw the z in realise


    Cant you spell it both ways?

  73. Ulfric Stormcloak

    This is like music to my ears. Oh wait it is music and damn good music at that.

  74. Musa Simone

    Hi, I'm sad.

    Rᴇᴀʟ ᴍᴇ

    Hi me to

  75. Jess the Valiant

    A vital question that is apparently eating me alive: is the train station in this picture in staten island or brooklyn?

    Kevin Mazick

    Jess the Valiant great question that i need the answer too as well

    Will M

    I also recognized just now that its New York lol

    Rᴇᴀʟ ᴍᴇ

    Its new york

    Jess the Valiant

    @Rᴇᴀʟ ᴍᴇ .... Both these places are in new york

  76. It's Christi

    "Well I know you're gay."
    Legit sung this for the longest time

  77. Ha Ku

    There's nothing like a dirty look from. The one you want .. or the one you've lost .. Aah I relate to this big time

  78. Ivona Rambosek


  79. Blank YD

    So this is where the band no buses got their band name, pretty good song.

  80. Izaro Martin

    fuck g trigger the beggining of this song is much triggering

  81. Tamar Zakalashvili


  82. Max Keane

    Who ever made Alex this sad should die

  83. La Gata Flora

    Escuchala conmmigo fede

    Facundo IC

    Mi nombre no era fede, era Facundo . Señora flora

    La Gata Flora

    @Facundo IC colgué con eso ups

    Facundo IC

    @La Gata Flora No hay problema, igual no te quería, como la queria a ella

    La Gata Flora

    @Facundo IC te olvidé muy rápido querido, da igual

    Facundo IC

    @La Gata Flora jajaja esa necesidad de bardearnos me gusta, pero me lastima al mismo tiempo

  84. Maryam Assad

    He’s in turmoil as puzzled as can be .. just like me

  85. Franco Ahumada

    lucero te extraño

  86. Ulfric Stormcloak

    I feel this

  87. Shakezula

    Listening to this today with my boy tyler at tiki fucking beach

  88. Ulfric Stormcloak

    I want to fucking run away. Just drive west till I feel far enough away. Otherwise I might fucking kill myself.

  89. ᄐᄒᄀ

    한국인 없누


    아직도 없누

  90. jarixxee j

    Well this is actually -shit- _masterpiece_