Arctic Monkeys - Nettles Lyrics

Sank into their calculations and snorted on a stench
A bare arithmetic
Look for the boy who was hanging his head low
More trophies and ideas
To follow their pretend

With a scowl in his pocket and a smile on his face
He followed with obedience and fell in the nettles

I flew in some spiky whispers and he bought his own rope
And skipped against the rode
Did start not to find the dark lead and catch that man i hope
Devices man are closed
He lost all his foot holes

And with a scowl in his pocket and a smile on his face
He followed with obedience and fell in the nettles,
Fell in the nettles,
Fell in the nettles

He was a toothpick and the garlic and the cinder upon the path
Failed to blunt or hinder, a slow collapse
And clinging to the door frame he was trapped
After a reminder of where he had been

With a smile in his pocket and a scowl on his face
There was nowhere to flee
Just had to tent in the nettles

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Arctic Monkeys Nettles Comments
  1. Santi fh

    recien veo esto

  2. Freda Rorie

    Can b a good [email protected] time

  3. Harry Giles

    Fucking underrated, this would've fit pretty well on Humbug imo

  4. Lunchbox Friend

    Salad Fingers sat content in the nettles...

  5. The Lee Stewart

    This song makes me think of The Fall. Almost if Alex is playing a character base on Mark E. Smith.

  6. Hiddn-_-

    Sounds a little like the Fratellis

  7. Dodger Palmer

    He was a toothpick

  8. Gandiik ovec


    Brown Gamer


  9. thisismusic

    but what does it all mean ??

  10. Haz SF

    Basically this is a cover of Am Horizont by Feeling B same riff, same rhythm 😂😂😂

    Maxi Rios

    Haha, it's pretty much different, this song is mostly in 5/4 metric, and 3 diatonicly descending notes can be found in a lot of songs ^^'

  11. marina vaiou

    ahh i can't,this song is just so inconceivably perfect!

  12. nodovesflyhere


  13. jdh Jakku

    Some singles can just be better than some album songs

  14. Marcelo Duarte

    the most humbug song of the favourite worst nightmare era

    Luca Vincent

    ∴ the best song

    Matheus Corrêa 2099


  15. Thomas Isola

    this is basically punk rock


    Thomas Isola You are right Travis

    Maxi Rios

    with 5/4 sections!!

    Santiago Bauzá

    The whole debut is punk rock, and many tracks from that phase are as well

    Santi fh

    the best critical opinion

  16. dance little alex

    why so short?

    Kieran O'Connor

    Because Punk rock baby!

    real human bean and a real hero

    I get that a lot in bed

    Rory Whelan

    Because it leaves you wanting more

  17. Clementine June


    Clementine June

    +Juan Gonzalez ah génial

    Thom Homme.

    qué asqueroso el comentario del tipo. lamento el mal rato!

  18. Ilse A

    fell in the nettles

  19. El Loco

    la wea loca !

  20. Delana Nettles

    Fell in my last name xD


    Delana Nettles Lol

    Rory Whelan

    Your last name hurts me

  21. eric

    This is like a beautiful combination of the ramones and the misfits

  22. Josh Reed

    im getting a very misfists vibe

  23. Stroke505

    Fell In the Nettles, Fell In the Nettles, Fell In the Nettles...

  24. Alexa rOcker

    De luux que rola tan rifaba lml

  25. constanza mendoza

    Que tema weooooon

  26. Belén C.

    la descubrí hoy, me voló la cabeza