Arctic Monkeys - If You Found This It's Probably Too Late Lyrics

Under constant correction, a fraud, a fraud
Someone's perception, trying not to bore
I'm a cold-hearted kidder, applaud, applaud
If you're the highest bidder, I'm yours

You figure out pathetic sets
We're not sure of the etiquette
We think out pathetic sets
We're not sure of the etiquette

And if you found this, it's probably too late
Clinically cynical, hereditary hate
If you found this it's probably too late
Approaching the pinnacle, I'm running out of mates

If we concentrate on being off the cuff
Not sure we're ready, but probably rough
Frightened that honesty isn't enough
And it's nothing on the early stuff

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Arctic Monkeys If You Found This It's Probably Too Late Comments
  1. Fajar Nur Alam

    Ahh shiieeettt im too late

  2. Faɛɨɨ Mʊռɨʐ

    I'm six years late...

  3. Merve

    Too late

  4. EXkilinho

    Using this as a B-side is just genious, cuz I fuckin found it too late! LOL

  5. Yane Murillo

    Me encanta c:

  6. J B

    truly is too late now

  7. Diego García

    2019, llegué tarde :(

  8. Lovely Nut

    Cuando TLSP y Arctic Monkeys se combinan

  9. petit gateau

    wow, its been 4 years... I guess I'm definitely late

  10. Abril Larramendy

    gracias reyes

  11. juan gabriel ojeda

    Que hijos de puta, mira como suena esa viola guachin

  12. dani valonga

    Too late

  13. Eli As

    Qué buen power!
    Tiene esa canción.... /m/

  14. joshie

    still underated

  15. Alexa H

    It's 2:40pm damn I should go and come at 3am

  16. MADAS 00

    Too late ...

  17. David Bazán

    Too late

  18. Daniela Solis

    Damn, it's too late

  19. Keyla Gaviño

    OMG! It's too late. ):

  20. TxSebas

    Too late

  21. kurt cobain

    Damn... I'm too late.

    I am Mark

    Look at me Curt

  22. SecretDoor666

    ¿Qué clase de pretty visitors es este? :0

  23. Samuel Arreola

    And this was rap before

  24. Lazy Cherry.

    I'm late as always, sorry:'(

  25. Oscar Miguel

    this album almost nobody knows them then if they are own

  26. SoCK WoOd

    Late for what?

  27. RoryIbbo

    I think I'm too late

    M Marques

    RoryIbbo Noooo, I’M think i’m late

    I am Mark

    @M Marques hahah look at me boi