Arctic Monkeys - I Want It All Lyrics

Blind faith
Mind games
My sweet fireball
My sweet rigmarole
I want it all
I want it all

Old dogs
New tricks
Can you feel it?
Space age country girl
Stone cold miracle
I want it all
I want it all

And then suddenly it hit me it's a year ago
Since I drank miniature whiskey and we shared your coke
Ain't it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road
Leave me listening to the stones
2000 light years from home

Shoo wop shoo wop shoo wop shoo wah

I want it all

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Arctic Monkeys I Want It All Comments
  1. Jose Lopez

    Love the reference to the Rolling Stones' song 2000 Light Years From Home

  2. Nahuel Butcher Da Costa

    What a fucking song!!!!

  3. Bhoomi Makkar

    Grammarly does more than catch errors...

  4. Hector Eduardo Berón

    shuat shuat shuat shuat

  5. Joe From Chico

    This song has a hardcore feel to it, kinda dark vibe I love it

  6. Eran Boazy

    Only Alex Turner can do a duet with himself

  7. Mohi Tolipova

    I want this song

  8. Gigi D.M.

    Alright so basically, the shu-ap part is hella orgasmic

  9. Franco Zapatel

    Easily the worst song in their entire discography but still pretty good


    I disagree, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion.


    Easily the best song that they have made.

  10. C16 Link

    Good song 149

  11. D D

    Anyone who hates this song might be deaf.



  12. lovely

    my favorite off the album. second being fireside. <3

  13. MisterTalkingMachine

    Oh dear.

  14. Burak Deniz

    ıt’s a wonderful song

  15. Jiovany Munoz

    Give me a like

  16. Dumb Ass

    Everytime I listen to this song i imagine myself riding a harley down a twisty road

  17. arktyczna małpa

    Love it

  18. Sashmika G.

    Can someone plz make a hot edit of Alex with this song in the background. I'm begging

  19. Mayumi Chan

    I can play it on my guitar😱💗

  20. Joe Mama

    She's lost control agai... oh wait wrong song

  21. Zoned 247

    Summons up memories of Blondie circa Parallel lines, and that's a very good thing

  22. Nia DD

    When I listen to this song, it always reminds me of Doctor Who for some reason??? 😂😂


    Me too it has to be written for doctor who

  23. Andrea Su

    When my mom asks which am album do i want for my birthday- i want it all

  24. Andrea Su

    1:27-1:50 most beautiful thing in the world

  25. aaron bockmann

    My favourite song off AM


    Aaron Bockmann same

  26. Lorenzo Santoli

    i was looking for Queen...


    @N. doubt so

    arktyczna małpa


    Depression Cherry

    @Theskulls Op How is he a poser? Fucking idiot.


    @N. Nah

  27. Jake Cross

    Still Amazing

  28. Noel McGovern

    Nice cover of joy division She's lost control


    Nice try.. Completely different songs

  29. No vids here Move along

    Anyone notice that he referenced the rolling stones directly? "...Leave me listening to the stones, 2000 lightyears from home..." which theres a song by The Rolling Stones called "2000 lightyears from home"

  30. Jackson_ Canavan_2005

    99 Comments 2.9M Views?

  31. chrisybanks

    Thumbs up if your still listening to this in 2019. Leave me listening to the stones 2000 light years from home

    Corwin 18Wheeler

    Wait nigga what it turns 2019 in like 8 days chilll

    Corwin 18Wheeler

    Damn I have to just r/wooosh myself

  32. Luis Pacheco

    The 77 dislikes didn’t want it all

    Joseph Knowles

    132* as of June 2019

  33. ceren

    I used to skip this track whenever I listened to AM, but now it's just fucking stuck in my head like. It's so sexy and addictive.

    Francisco Estrada

    Ceren Erdogan same here, but i started to go back on some Monkeys songs i slept on. truly a golden band. so many different sounds and when you really listen to them it almost always works.


    Rick Estrada That's so true! They're literally amazing.

  34. Uma

    This song - is BOMB!

  35. Two strudels please

    This riff has a personality idk how to describe it

    partner pal

    Two strudels please is exactly what you mean


    Badass maybe

    Gabe Roman

    only two words i can put to it are confidence and FLEX


    Ramsay Bolton that’s a perfect description

  36. LFCFAN92

    1:40 !!! LOve :)

  37. Yvzcn Club

    Güzel şarkı vesselam

    Tomy Calduch

    eee gatooo

    Bade Aksoy

    Yvzcn Club sonunda bir Türk😅

  38. Maça Ası

    definitely one of the worst tracks of am with mad sounds but still like it.

    Luis Pacheco

    To me the worst is Do I wanna know? But they’re so talented that I still like it

    Sebbastian 27

    Lol so many points of view...This is one of my fav from AM,also OFTR, but I dislike Mad sounds

    Johnny Bonnany

    spore bubu Same, least favorite is easily oftr. This is probably one of my favorite of the album tbh

    Andrea Su

    R U deaf?

    Math Helper

    This is my favorite, while my least favorite is probably Why'd You Always Call Me When You're High, thought I don't dislike the song.

  39. Lari ssa

    This album is the best

    Maça Ası

    Lari ssa You've never heard of Humbug, Have you?

    Ithalo Moura

    Maça Ası or favourite worst nightmare


    Humbug and Suck it and See are like arctic monkey's awkward teen years


    this album is the best, but humbug is better

  40. Alex RC


  41. Jack Wilson

    Very similar to joy division


    yup rip Ian he'd probably be pissed off rn


    Jack Wilson Sounds so similar to the riff in 'She's Lost Control'

    Hannah G

    This whole album

  42. Sol Andrada

    I waaaaaaaaaannnnt ir allll

  43. Jack Rostron

    nice songs

  44. luciano maccione

    Qotsa wannabes


    Lol what, you don't want Josh Homme to have friends?

    Teddy Picker

    Josh Homme produced humbug too, two best bands in the world

    Steven Rodriguez

    Pretentious wannabe

  45. HM D

    the whole album is pretty cool...
    I'm normaly more listening to hard rock but this music is kinda chill so I'm going to listen to it until i don't like it anymore...

    Steven Rodriguez

    Man E prentious fag

    st n

    I guess you're still listening


    Jojo Hanna I discovered this album early last year and now I can’t stop listening to it. I’m not even sick of this album and I’ll never get sick of it along with Arctic Monkeys other albums


    @Man E this is better than that job seeker Manchester vibe.

  46. Kaan Keskin

    I love this fucking song so much

  47. Daniel Grant

    Morrissey - How could anybody possibly know how I feel

  48. K Bella

    Shout out to all the haters that disliked

    Oskar TT

    +You Ew Yes! Screw the 39 people who disliked!

    killer dream

    yeah you dog heads screw you

    Yvzcn Club

    K Bella aynen bro

    AM V

    K Bella dis i like bro

    little caesars

    Thig ar Latha 96 have you ever listened to a single pop song? Because it seems like you haven't. Seriously you fan boys can get so annoying, a band slightly changes their style and they're automatically called sell outs yet I haven't seen AM telling you to buy from companies they don't care about... you know like a sell out would.

  49. Porcaria Insana

    WTF? 22 coments with more than 1 million views, this is real?

  50. Inverted Games

    The book was better.

    Vlad zelastik



    Al ba

    i love you xDD

    The Dude

    You deserve so many more likes than that, this was the best comment I've seen all year.

  51. HAMSTER Gueri

    Es una muy buena canción 

  52. jjcherryx

    How come there is 1,034,025 views but only A million people in the world?

    I Got that Nope.avi

    @Ben Romero osht im soz


    Fake accunts?


    +alexander jackson YOU , are the only person alive in this world , everyone else there are  just random pieces of computer code in what You like to call the" MATRIX". I'm only letting you know because here on the planet you call MARS you are the star of the Reality TV show called " THAT ONE GUY FROM EARTH WHO LIKES TO SIT AT THE COMPUTER ALL DAY WANKING AND PLAYING VIDEO GAMES "  sorry dude ! ........... from Zorg !


    i never got that joke


    mila lytle wow your the dumb one

  53. Yefer Jaramillo

    Me parece buen tema este grupo me a gustado

    Fizade - FED

    me extraña que los conoscas recién en estos tiempos jeje x3


    +Yefer Jaramillo LOL re piola genia

  54. Derke73

    The guitar melody is very similar to the one in "She Lost Control" by Joy Division, but the song could hardly be more different.

    Noel McGovern

    Can't unhear it tbh.

    John Waddell

    It's supposed to

    Hannah G

    See that too, they're obviously inspired by Joy Division.

    Deni Suntoro

    @Hannah G and that cover too

    Hannah G

    @Deni Suntoro ikr!!

  55. Jorge Rodriguez Fuentealba

    Ase la cancion
    Guitarra electrica y bateria tambien zimpella

  56. Jorge Rodriguez Fuentealba

    Cancion egoista de la
    Pelea de matadores
    De hace 11 años

    Double M

    tu callate poco hombre

    fabian luiz

    de que hablan ?

  57. julian C

    my sweet babies

    Sofia Kelly

    fellow strokes fan 💗

  58. Julio Heart

    Love you Alex ♥♥

  59. Chad Thundercock

    Only 6 comments but 261,569 views?

    Ungrateful Kid

    @Reem Abdulaziz i just want to hear.. there´s nothing left to say

    raika oxo

    Jamo Say No
    91 comments, 2.7mil views

    Deven Agnihotri

    2.8 mil and 92 comments

    Jeb Jebinson

    Jamo Say No 2.9 mil 101 comments

  60. blonde7000

    This is a great tune, it reminds me of another tune, but not sure what it is?


    She lost control-joy division ;)


    @crazycodkiller Hi I think you are right :)  


    @blonde7000 Hi. I am always right haha

    paola treviño

    @crazycodkiller YEAH! this song remember me she lost control again a joy division song.

  61. Leah Felton

    I love this song so much ahh xx