Arctic Monkeys - Golden Trunks Lyrics

Last night when my psyche's subcommittee sang to me in it's scary voice
You slowly dropped your eyelids
When true love takes a grip it leaves you without a choice

And in response to what you whispered in my ear
I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too

The leader of the free world reminds you of a wrestler wearing tight golden trunks
He's got himself a theme tune
They play it for him as he makes his way to the ring

And in response to what you whispered in my ear
I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too

In the daytime, bendable figures with a fresh new pack of lies
Summat else to publicise
I'm sure you've heard about enough

So in response to what you whispered in my ear
I'll be upfront, sometimes I fantasize about you too

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Arctic Monkeys Golden Trunks Comments
  1. Almaliha Qurratu Fitria

    this song gives me slight Ghost vibe

  2. godoftrail


    "When true love takes a grip it leaves you without a choice

    And in response to what you whispered in my ear
    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too"

  3. Cristina Coro


  4. Eliothebeast

    Love this

  5. Faride FB


  6. Isa Collins

    Underrated af

  7. Mooseadecahedron

    If you love this album, thats great. But in my opinion, the future of modern rock doesnt look very bright. This is not a very rocky album at all, and the new muse album is also kind of a dissapointment imo. This is a good song tho.

  8. Grazielem Fragozo

    Essa música, queria um clipe..

  9. Beryl

    The best

  10. Odet Otero

    Amo esta canción me gusta mucho la voz de Alex mas

  11. Jack Norman

    Absolute shite I think I'm gonna leave before the lights come on... Call me a Fluorescent Adolescent or a mardy bum if you will but I'm going back to 505...... On a serious not please give up the poor man Bowie act Where's the guitar the drums and the relatable lyrics. Can't imagine anyone singing along to this crap.

  12. Jackson Harden

    This could be a supervillian's theme song

  13. laurxn ᪥

    Friend: What are your favorite songs?
    Me: Science Fiction, Golden Trunks, The Ultrachees-
    Friend: *Wtf is a ultracheese?*

  14. sik guy

    This song sounds like you're going to the hell in a soft way

  15. Abril Larramendy


  16. Pattie Boyd

    Because - The Beatles.

  17. Royce Jose

    There's an MGMT song that sounded like this. Dada's Nightmare?

  18. Ady46

    i''m here coz rhoma irama

  19. Rae ofLyte

    And in response to what you whispered in my ear
    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too

  20. Nicole

    It took me soo long to realize how good this album is 😭 better late than ever

  21. Carlota FP

    I feel like he is talking to me and I don't understand anything

  22. Alejandro Emmanuel Pescina Meza

    La penso, mas bien en el punto de vista de alguien perteneciente al nuevoorden mundial donde estan perdiendo el dominio, haciendo referencia al subcomite y como es que estos tienen destruida su alma humana(psiquis) . Planeando un nuevo plan para el dominio del cual se enamora y es por eso que al igual que las otras personas comparten la fantasia hacerca del plan de dominio y no de una persona moral. Al parecer estas personas para celebrar el trato se reunen a ver el box sabiendo que ellos son el mundo libre (haciendo referencia al FMI los bancos de occidente)... El paquete de figuras flexibles con un nuevo paquete de mentiras se refiere a que es un nuevo gobierno (su plan es ser el mismo poder, pero con diferente mascara) con la misma manipulacion siendo flexible a la epoca en que se encuentran.

  23. Jeska_Rosi

    2:26 😍


    Best song of new álbum

  25. Citlali Gonzalez

    If you like this song, you should definitely listen to the Beatles' song Because

  26. Sour Girl

    Alice in chains vibes ♡

  27. Isa Collins

    The whole album is underrated

  28. Warhol

    This would be a good soundtrack to a reading of Lovecraft’s short stories

  29. Lo Gos

    The best song of the THAC album, but they have never played it live.

  30. That Lu

    Ya un año de este bello álbum💛

  31. Simon Janc

    Year 9164936491987342649349? Anyone? No one? Seriously? Unbelievable.

  32. Demian Presser

    Amazing album

  33. Rick Alves

    Lô Borges style!

  34. Orange Cloud

    2015 anyone ?

  35. Luis Morales S

    How can you contrapose absurd verses about society with romanticism in the chorus?

    Just like Alex.

  36. ayiza salman

    This is so darn amazing I CANT

  37. snappy

    I picture the clockwork orange gang drinking milk. You?

  38. Antonio Cres

    The loveeee

  39. Antonio Cres


  40. Zeke250

    This reminds me of the Bully theme

  41. DIO

    When you quickly realise this has nothing to do with Dragon Ball.

  42. March Stardust

    This reminds me Mike Patton's Mondo Cane

  43. Vania SPS

    replay buttom 00:00 , THANK ME LATER

  44. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    The more I listen to this song, the more I love it

  45. cerulean

    So underrated, especially the vocals and the opening guitars

  46. Brian Storm

    Even Alex Turner fantasises about U2 sometimes...

  47. this Kid

    This song is so scary it reminds me of reading the lorax when I was little

  48. Lukcy_Charmz

    I feel like I'm in an al Capone era of gangsters and im saying down a foggy new York alleyway with a mysterious figure following behind me.

  49. Daniel Valjin

    And in response to what you whispered in my ear I must admit...

    No one whispered. No one answered

  50. Uriel Giron

    I feel you hear the soundtrack of gta vice city

  51. Veka Vex

    This album was strange to me until that one night of love making while listening to this song..and then whole album. So beautiful and tender and immensely sexy.
    It sets perfect mood.

  52. Aiming Tong

    Some people say this album is a piece of shit, but it isn't, is a treasure

  53. Wolf Kevin 99


  54. Katta Lady

    Late 60s baby

  55. Rory Nell

    How many English people are here. Cos i call this the American album.

  56. kknice ls

    2:00 to 2:12
    sounds like im in heaven

  57. Asesino En Serie


  58. Arthur Furlan

    This music give me chills everytime

  59. CJG

    This song is F'in amazing!!

  60. Tubi Tub

    Idk why but this really gives me vampire/ castlevania vibes

  61. Liyam Hetz

    I love that reffrence of the line " the leader of the Free world, reminds you of a wrestler wearing tight golden trunks", in my opinion it reffrences the time Donald trump was in wwe


    Very insightful, I thought I was crazy for thinking the same thing. I also think that "He's got him self a theme tune." Might refer to the National Anthem of the US.

  62. jaacee moore

    I feel like i’m at an illegal freak circus when I listen to this album

  63. Andrea Su

    Underrated song

  64. Veronica Franson

    Someone needs to make a movie about the Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino where this is the soundtrack.

  65. Yvargas 12

    Go ahead hate them
    *so i can have them for myself*

  66. Tasmant

    Just noticed there are no drums in this song :O

  67. Jackson Harden

    I love the ending to this one. Goes from the a sinister vibe for most of the song to almost melancholy the last few bars.

  68. Tee Turner

    This album is like an aged fine wine, marvellous

  69. Galo Hernandez

    sounds like Ghost BC :v

  70. Collapsible

    I'm living in the science fiction world this album creates atm. It's all about brutalist architecture, retro-futurism and escalators going up and down...leading to a better life in the future past.

  71. joy walters

    Joker teaser trailer with this must feels amazing

  72. Swift Slayer

    No need to put this into earrape

  73. Emilio GCh

    So cool as unknown.

  74. Sparrkie

    F U C K

  75. Silvano Sebastian

    damn, this song reminds of a song from the band GHOST.

  76. Bob D

    Play it at 0.5x speed

  77. gw birlzar

    Yay Or Nay?

  78. Cucumber Man

    Stop saying it's a masterpiece. It's just an okay album. Nothing more.


    I disagree

  79. Gigi D.M.

    I'm addicted to this song

  80. Fernanda García

    Saquen luego el video po oe 💖😪😪😪😪💖💖💖💖💖💖

  81. Red Wolf

    Sometimessss *pop*

  82. electrocute1979

    This album is specially great because it dismisses basic fans.

  83. Jason Grey

    He ' s started a great era .

  84. laurxn ᪥

    I luv this song uwu

  85. José E. Cárdenas


  86. Bringas sundu

    I love you arctics monkeys😘😘😘

  87. Maui Ibabao

    anyone else hear the "pop" at 0:54?


    Now i cant unhear it

    chingas tu y chingo yo

    @Weethetniet i feel you bro

    Isa Collins

    Oh my god

  88. Juju Souza

    Ai meu Deus, que música boa, MEU PAI AMADO

  89. KnoBs KnuTs

    Love Arctic Monkeys but this is basic bitch shit. Bigger boys and stolen sweethearts didn't make an album but it'd "Trump" this. Not gonna disrespect but this wouldn't be fit to lick the boots of previous albums. Still love you's though x

  90. zomgseriosuly

    The backing vocals are what you hear when u first enter heaven

    milex is real

    I hate that I can't sing main vocals and back up vocals at the same time

  91. IAmAvocado :

    This song gives great vibes walking to school on a cold morning and thinking about that one girl

  92. Joan Quinapallo

    This give me chills.

  93. CupidStuntBoyZ

    The riff sounds like it should be the riff for a song called science fiction

  94. Andrew Cruz

    2 SPOOKY 4ME

  95. Roberto Salemme

    Golden Trunks=Queen
    She Looks Like Fun=The Beatles

  96. Thiago Rocha

    Golden Freeza

  97. Bryan Elizalde

    Alexa Chung Song

  98. CoroDaNem


  99. Russ Leeming

    Proper sounds like Super Furry Animals this


    Frogs - Alice in chains