Arctic Monkeys - Four Out Of Five Lyrics

Advertise in imaginative ways
Start your free trial today
Come on in, the water's lovely
Look, you could meet someone you like
During the meteor strike
It is that easy

Lunar surface on a Saturday night
Dressed up in silver and white
With coloured "Old Grey Whistle Test" lights

Take it easy for a little while
Come and stay with us
It's such an easy flight
Cute new places keep on popping up
Since the exodus
It's all getting gentrified

I put a taqueria on the roof
It was well reviewed
Four stars out of five
And that's unheard of

Mr. Bridge and Tunnel on the starlight express
The head of special effects
In my mind's eye
Hokey Cokey with the opposite sex
The things you try to forget
Doesn't time fly?

I'm in no position to give advice
I don't wanna be nice
And you know that

Take it easy for a little while
Come and stay with us
It's such an easy flight
Cute new places keep on popping up Around Clavius
It's all getting gentrified
The Information-Action Ratio is the place to go
And you will not recognise
The old headquarters

All the nights that never happened
And the days that don't exist
At the Information-Action Ratio
Only time that we stop laughing
Is to breathe or steal a kiss
I can get you on the list for all the clubs
I can lift you up another semitone

Take it easy for a little while
(Take it easy for a little while)
Come and stay with us
It's such an easy flight
Cute new places keep on popping up
(Cute new places keep on popping up)
Since the exodus
It's all getting gentrified
The Information-Action Ratio
(The Information-Action Ratio)
Is the place to go
Four stars out of five

Take it easy for a little while
(Take it easy for a little while)
Come and stay with us
Now, it's such an easy flight
Cute new places keep on popping up
(Cute new places keep on popping up)
Around Clavius
It's all getting gentrified
I put a taqueria on the moon
(The Information-Action Ratio)
It got rave reviews
Four stars out of five

Take it easy for a little while
(Take it easy for a little while)
Come and stay with us
Four stars out of five

Take it easy for a little while
(Take it easy for a little while)
Come and stay with us
Four stars out of five

Take it easy for a little while
(Take it easy for a little while)
Come and stay with us
Four stars out of five

(Take it easy for a little while)
Four stars out of five

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Arctic Monkeys Four Out Of Five Comments
  1. Faris Kamaruzaman

    this look so rich

  2. Bipul Parajuli

    I get The Beatles vibe from this song..idk why though..

  3. kimjoan212

    I hear Bowie and Marley.... Love it ❤️

  4. John Horning

    I'm not going to lie or front, but when I heard this song for the first time, I thought this was a song on David Bowie's last album. My children pointed out the Arctic Monkeys, and now I'm HOOKED. Stellar album, better voice. Thank you for reminding me what 80's music would sound like if still made today.

  5. Axel Huachacona

    Esta es la mejor canción de Arctic Monkeys. Gracias por tanto giles culiaos!

  6. Helane Ruslan

    There's this very sexual energy about Alex Turner I just

    Tienna Amanda

    Alex turner created sexual energy

  7. Samai Carvalho

    I love they

  8. Mateus Heck

    Does anyone know anything about that piano intro? Is it from somewhere or did they create for the mv?

    Fakhri Lison

    star treatment

  9. Stephanie Principal

    This doesn’t sound like Alex Turner’s voice. Live performances are still great though.

  10. Rafał Czarnecki

    Alex Turner == Richard Hammond.

  11. Jaiwaaah Miaaa

    Damn he'd look 10x hotter if he'll tie his hair into a man bun

  12. Maya 55

    Didn't know it was legal to be that hot

  13. Swang Kung

    Akita americano

  14. Liberty Schaefbauer

    His voice ages like fine wine.

  15. Namir Din

    Gak ada yg dari indonesia apa yak?

  16. Marisa Micale

    Cute dog ❤️

  17. ZurielStark

    Te pondré una taquería en el techo mija.

  18. Estela Camille

    Buceta pq choras?

  19. whoarenevan

    respeita o base tranquila hotel & casino em

  20. R Triana

    In this video Alex Turner takes me to Tim Roth

  21. Николай Миронов

    Хочу уже новый альбом))))

  22. ezarel


  23. Edward Rojas

    The entrance piano song has a name?

  24. Mathias Nuñez

    I would like to see what is the result if Alex worked with Waters, seems like a nice clash of egos


    Rammstein pfp I see there hello fellow friend


    The transformation of Alex Turner from the boyish look in the late 2000s to this look is very similar to the transformation George Harrison had over the years. He's like George Harrison II

  26. William Schneider

    This song has big Pink Floyd energy

  27. Ivan Arcajo

    2 veces el mismo anuncio,voy a quemar youtube

  28. Jasmin

    This reminds me of the miracle aligner music video just after a few years

  29. The Starman

    Oh good song

  30. Ludmila Oliveira de Arruda


  31. Kem Chiu


  32. K-BTA

    Cadê os BR?

  33. xDemon_Hardtx

    I didn't realize til now that the intro piano play was "star treatment" which is a song in their tranquility base hotel & casino album lol

  34. Luke P

    This video is giving off heavy Stanley Kubrick vibes

  35. Thalia Lima

    The intro sounds made me feel in an uncomfortable undertale moment

  36. Dansoy Kun desu

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in part 5 be like...

  37. andrea slaski

    Private Events Management is here for all your event needs+! Check us out!

  38. isa bella

    os brabos tem nome

  39. Oriza Sativa

    damn he looks hot af😳

  40. Muhammad Prayoga

    Arthur fleck

  41. Estela Camille


  42. michael scott

    this is some david lynch shit

  43. Offa of Angeln

    I like richard hammonds band...

  44. Omkar Ghumare

    Why is he walkimg like tommy shelby

  45. eric shun

    Why does this remind me of The Shining

  46. baricade47

    Psychedelic masterpiece...

  47. baricade47

    This fucking timeline in the universe is WILD...

  48. Maria Merino

    Baby, how can you look cute and sexy at the same time, tell us the magic poison🖤

  49. Hermetism -

    One went out.

  50. B D

    TB H+C is about Alex doing his grown-up thing, and I love it but, I miss the old one fooling around always. Anyway, so many thoughts about TB H+C; I'm just glad to find so many people here calling it a "masterpiece". That's the exact word I use to describe it. The most wholesome record I've ever come across.

  51. Diogo Masan

    Maaan, a fuckin' masterpiece

  52. Barlito Crigante

    Alex Turner Look's like the joker in this video

  53. Honey Tea

    His look reminds me of Loki and I'm digging it. And the akita is so cute.

  54. Eliothebeast

    His hair changes every 3 years

  55. John Horning

    C'mon.... who thought this was David Bowie when this song first came out?! The song lyrics, the singing, the tone of the song relating to the past... Bowie would've been PROUD. For this song alone, I will be an Arctic Monkeys' fan.

  56. B i a n c a S o p h i a

    He sure looks like a dad here

  57. michael breitenbach

    I can hear Bryan Ferry singing this...

  58. greek

    they've used the same guitar tune ever since R U MINE

  59. Laburnum alpinum

    I just realised the dog is Laika!!

  60. Jack Satinov

    have a good day everyone. I made a re-created version of this song on my channel - check it out

  61. dani cali

    hate how he's gone all posh

  62. Rafael Ruiz

    Overlook Hotel and Casino

  63. tom Martins

    4:37 pra glorificar senhor!! Amém irmão!!



  64. Brian Axe

    David Bowie clone...

  65. Kevin

    deserves better

  66. neztore ewe

    Damn my boi alex reminds me of the great béla lugosi

  67. Leonardo Nogatz

    Alex style fu** off

  68. sam

    there’s a lot of things i love about this music video but i gotta say
    that dog?? the absolute best. i’ve only seen like two clips of that dog but i love them so much you have no idea

  69. Luis Eduardo

    Je t aime turner

  70. Luke Douglas

    I so want a dog like that.

  71. The Doors

    This song makes me feel so nostalgic and I dont even know why because I just knew about this song this month :( hahaha


    I feel like in a Wes Anderson film.

  73. Andru Alcazar

    yokerr now sacd furmai arctisow

  74. daniela

    very fucking addicting

  75. Мороженое

    Почему так много смысла?

  76. yisuss 666

    Buenardo diría el coscu

  77. Abduljaleel Asani

    What is this sex happening to my ears? Can't believe I haven't listened to these guys before.

    JEEP McCann

    Check the early albums as well

    Abduljaleel Asani

    @JEEP McCann That indeed is the plan. Starting from the debut works.

  78. riverdale fan


  79. crizz 1321

    Aún recuerdo cómo esperé a que se lanzara este disco uwu

  80. Jet Black

    Just go marry Lana del Rey already please..


    Yess Alex and Lana best couple

  81. Wyx

    me encanta su voz !!

  82. eartheclouds

    Alex Turner for a Peaky Blinder!

  83. jerome valeska

    it's like rusty lake

  84. Jam LikeJelly

    the beeping at the beginning triggered my fight or flight response and for once i actually didn't flee from it lol

  85. Joana Kola

    Puse una taqueria en la luna

  86. bella xx

    5 stars out of five

  87. Vittoria Miranda

    E não é que essa música me deu idéia pra um artigo, thank só much Alex Turner!

  88. Daniel Aguilar Servin

    For Arctic Monkeys:
    If you are reading this i just wanted to tell you that i dont want you to become another band that ruins himself with the last álbum, do you remember Coldplay?
    It still sounds good, but nothing like AM

  89. peter gomes

    Alex Turner was a visionary in creating this album ...
    I'm curious to know the next album ..
    Will they return to rock, which both ostntou the early career?
    Let's wait...

  90. Rafaela Pons

    Cadêeeeee o Brasil aquiiiiiiiii hehehehehehe 💚💚🌡

  91. Mr. Bungle

    Jeff Buckley Everybody want you with Peter Murphy on vocals=4 out of 5

  92. Sarah medouni

    anyone else getting a pink floyd vibe out of this

  93. lulu gomez


  94. luis jeronimo

    Putos todos

  95. Guillermo Martinez

    this is just art.

  96. LeeNohe

    The dog is sooooo cute

  97. ArcticMonkeysVEVO

    Arctic Monkeys’ new album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’ is out now on Domino Record Co.
    Buy & listen:
    More from Arctic Monkeys on YouTube:

    Celine Barclay

    Shite, a last fuck off was too kind

    Rugs Match

    I love how this has 5.4 likes. No one ruin it, please

    sinaa L

    Kith me

    Soumyajeet Chakrabarty

    Grew up listening to your songs, felt like my thoughts oozed out through you. Loved the monkeys, love the monkeys now.

    anony mo

    Mí banda favorita ;)