Arctic Monkeys - Fireside Lyrics

I can't explain but I want to try
There's this image of you and I
And it goes dancing by in the morning and in the night time

There's all these secrets that I can't keep
Like in my heart there's that hotel suite and you lived there so long,
It's kinda strange now you're gone

I'm not sure if I should show you what I've found
Has it gone for good?
Or is it coming back around?
Isn't it hard to make up your mind?
When you're losing and your fuse is fireside

There's all those places we used to go
And I suspect you already know
But that place on memory lane you liked still looks the same
But something about it's changed

I'm not sure if I should show you what I've found
Has it gone for good?
Or is it coming back around?
Isn't it hard to make up your mind?
When you're losing and your fuse is fireside

And I thought I was yours forever
Maybe I was mistaken but I just cannot manage to make it through the day
Without thinking of you lately

I'm not sure if I should show you what I've found
Has it gone for good?
Or is it coming back around?
Isn't it hard to make up your mind?
When you're losing and your fuse is fireside

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Arctic Monkeys Fireside Comments
  1. 1amonf1r3

    Not bad.

  2. Bruce Martin Comedy

    Has a David bowie vibe to it 👌

  3. vixthor

    No one is gonna talk about that bass line?

  4. Jordan Adams

    Paul Anka?🤔

  5. mika aissou

    His voice is like electric guitar 😍

  6. yaliss nieves

    this song saved my life

  7. Dani Rib


  8. Alan Hílame

    Cara, ouvir isso é como massagear o cérebro.

  9. Jacquelyn

    this is my fave am song

  10. Doogie Carpit Burger

    I freed a bat to this song by a river at night in the Scottish Highlands...
    True story.

  11. H. Louise


  12. Joyce

    i could write an entire novel about how amazing yet underrated this song is

  13. Magami


  14. Ju Julee

    fascinating ♥

  15. Max William

    the song is so good but it brings sad memories...

  16. val val

    This song got reccomended to me after years. I haven't heard this since maybe 10th grade in highschool almost 5 years ago.... this just played and I felt my heart strings tugged at all over again

    amy haleeb

    Same thing happened to me when I rediscovered it :)

  17. Nermin Necefova


  18. pierric clot

    their best album by far?

  19. Mhipo Jhon

    MY LIFE.

  20. Anderson Mayrink

    fala pessoal, quem estiver afim de fazer um investimento em criptomoedas bacana, com uma rentabilidade mensal de 25 %... só clicar no link e fazer sua conta!!

  21. dontfootmydagger

  22. Ju Julee


  23. Charlie Lillys

    Feeling Lou Reed vibes from this track fucking love it

  24. K2 FAZZLE

    This song gets me deep in my feels bruh

  25. Gorila Animations

    ese playito

  26. Rafaela Neves

    29/07/2019. ❤️ ever...

  27. Gaycatapiner

    666 subs? +The songs name ????

  28. blackcatsarenopussies

    Fantastic song, beat. And the lyrics...If you have ever been in love you will love them.

  29. toby jackman

    I honestly couldn't care less if it's about Alexa Chung or the bassist from b*witched. It's lovely & that's all that matters

  30. Xi P

    Am i the only one getting fascination street (the cure )from this? Love both songs

  31. amy haleeb

    2019 and still an amazing tune

  32. Kats

    This song forces you to reflect on something you haven’t yet had. Something you yearn for but can’t picture it quite yet.

    Conor Haughton

    Kats fuck off

  33. Luke Fisher

    the base line is just so perfecto

  34. joe a

    most underrated song on AM. Alex's voice sounds sooooo sexy, especially at 0:56


    I used to not understand what this song even says for how the voice sounds like but now that I've listened to more of their songs I start to understand more and more of what they are even saying 😂

  36. Simon Hansen

    Reminds me of U2.

  37. Fatema Abu Rabea

    2:13 holly shit you just sink into the music and forget everything that exist.. this song is perfect <3

  38. Leslie D

    The only bad thing about this song its how short it is

  39. Caro Lala show

    Life gave us the chance to love each other from the bottom of our did not give us time to say "Goodbye, sweet heart", but we will be singing together "Arabella" during our mornings, forever...

  40. Gunel Memmedli

    Duygu dan geldim.


    hangi videosu yaa

    Gunel Memmedli

    @Simenzss instagramda gördüm storylerinde

  41. Alex Navarro

    Guys i dnt know but 2:13 in this song gets similar to 0:33 of Safe And Sound of Capital Cities... despite the speed of course... coincidences? idk! lolzz .. am just saying

  42. Quinn Fox

    Probably the best song on the record.

  43. Soledad Araneda Torres

    Mi favorita de AM !!! ❤️❤️❤️

  44. caroles

    puts hinao da porra

  45. Diana J

    Makes me feel intense emotion

  46. Joe S

    The instrumental on this is so much like an old song that i cant think of, especially the intro. Someone with deep a voice comes in...

  47. Frank Black

    Just another genius example of the songwriter that is Alex Turner

  48. Hisoka Ancap

    perfect song

  49. Mateo Minguez

    Hey go listen my acoustic cover of this beautiful song if you have nothing to do ;)

  50. Georgi Stefanov

    Strashna e !!!!!!!!

  51. cerulean

    Such a great song. I can’t believe this isn’t more popular

  52. Caroline

    A melhor música não é apreciada como deveria :(

  53. Excalibur

    La Caution - Ocean's Twelve Laser Dance Song - Thé à la Menthe

    part is stolen

  54. fleur-rouge

    AM keeps me going.

  55. smile it's just a game

    This song makes me very sad :/

  56. exo bap aoa dean hellovenus got7 monstax seventeen

    2:05 - 3:01

  57. Çağla Günbayı

    So underrated

  58. Yaren Yıldız

    2:00 - 2:20 Duygu Özaslan was here.

  59. burcu tan

    Duygu ozaslandan gelenler🙌

  60. ec lie

    Duygu Özaslan’ın hayatının arka planında çalmasını istediği şarkıya bakmaya geldim.

    Begüm Sayın

    Oha lannn bende

    Kunoichi _

    Bende diyordum bu yorumu acaba kim yazacak

    Jugemu Jugemu

    Bu kadar underrated bir şarkıyı duygu hanımcık biliyorsa illaki AM dinliyordur alkış


    2:00- 2:18 arasını söylemişti

    Esra Akyürek

    hangi videoda söylüyor?

  61. carrie bradshaw

    Duygu Özaslan'dan gelenler 😂

  62. Fellipe Matheus

    What a great song!!! Makes me feel alive!!!

  63. Mert Güler


  64. Charlie Lillys

    it's kinda like Lou Reed??

  65. Banan Tign

    Shoowap shoowap

  66. True Morrison

    I can’t explain but I wanna try

  67. Angie

    LOVE IT.

  68. Georgy Krasnokutskiy

    Best song of the album

  69. no mam

    *i just cannot manage to make it through the day without thinking of you lately*

  70. Ryan williams

    i honestly don't understand why so many people dislike this sound from them, its different to their first two albums sure but i think its fantastic. i like their early sound too, i like pretty much most of their stuff.

  71. Elizabeth Walker

    Fucking insatiable. 💚💚 Yes, Brown Eyes?

  72. Varga Suave

    The feels.

  73. Lali Chanqseliani

    i need play this music again again again...

  74. A Y

    AM at their best.

  75. leanne e

    Bill Ryder-Jones is amazing in this song.

  76. vagabundo de plantão

    Essa musica ahhh preciso aprender a tocar <3

  77. Marco Vener Bautista

    how did i end up here? i F with AM songs but i mean i'm just playing ocean's twelve capoeira song? Lmao

  78. Sam Kamble

    that bassline aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  79. Joe Tyler

    I like how some of these songs connect. In Knee Socks there is a line that states “I think you lit the very fuse we were trying not to light.”
    And in this song, it says “That fuse is Fireside”. Just a little observation I had.

  80. Eric Keating

    This album is the pinnacle until May 11th when Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino drops a rare 8.1 on Pitchfork media

  81. Shon Moses

    2:14 Safe And Sound?

  82. EDudeman

    Best song in the album imo

  83. Natasha Benitez

    always thought that this song is really deep if you listen to the lyrics..

  84. Valery Klipp

    deep song I will use it on my channel playlist!

  85. ghost cookies

    After 5 years , I'm here again to say that this album has Alexa Chung written all over it just like suck it and see .bye

  86. Panos Koklas

    Only 1.1 m. Views ? Fuck yourself..

  87. Synchronistic Observer 88

    It’s kinda strange now you’re gone 🔥

  88. mess cult

    i'm gonna go cry now

  89. Nathan Renault

    basically a Lloyd Cole tribute

  90. Ewan Mckinlay

    Hi Alex!

  91. ry4ncl48ke ar


  92. Gadiel Garcia L

    2:13 sounds like Safe and sound - Capital cities

  93. IndoSmoke151 FREE

    And your fuse is🔥fireside"

  94. Kevin Revallo

    Love This SONG! - Playing in endless in my AUDI

  95. Şengül balcıoğlu

    Year is 2018 ...