Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Lyrics

Break a mirror
Roll the dice
Run with scissors
Through a chip pan fire fight
Go into business with a grizzly bear
But just don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair

Find a well known hard man
And start a fight
Wear your shellsuit
On bonfire night
Fill in a circular hole with a peg that's square
But just don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair

Ooh... Yeah yeah yeah [x2]

Bite the lightning
And tell me how it tastes
Kung Fu fighting
On your rollerskates
Do the Macarena in the devil's lair
But just don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair

Ooh... Yeah yeah yeah [x3]

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Arctic Monkeys Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Comments
  1. Ata Uysal

    this is how alex sees i think

  2. Tange rines

    If their next album with be like this song I can die happy.

  3. dels

    dont stand up cause i moved your floor

  4. beckiiee

    that hit at 0:40

  5. Robsu137

    the clip looks like social cues
    from cage the elephant


    Ana Marines

    Social cues looks like the clip*


    @Ana Marines or the alex came from the future and copied the social cues

    Ana Marines

    @Robsu137 nah I don't think so

  6. tyrone boboo

    did they reupload yesterday

    Mih Vieira

    And Was blocked. Why?

  7. Masiu

    Sospechosa la wea justo un 1 de Enero

  8. Tubzy Wilson

    Do the macarana in the devils lair 🎶🎶🇬🇧🔥

  9. oevc

    why did they just post this again and delete it?


    They test the upload - button for videos they may be releasing soon? (hope so!)

    Poij Mc

    In my subscribtions the thumbnail is still avaliable but when I click on it I can't watch it. Do you still have it too? It's very strange

    Cole DesJ

    @Poij Mc Yea that's the same for me

  10. Khryzel

    Who else got the email with the reupload of DSDCIMYC in 2020?

  11. wrel skywalker

    Reupload? Huh😰

  12. freekade1ka

    Why did they reupload it and don't let us watch new video?

  13. Dalslap

    I don’t understand what is happening, but ok.

  14. Shafiq Jamil

    Ermmmm what is happening??

  15. Abram Santiago

    Yo si puedo ver el video putos c:

  16. José Pareja Galindo


  17. Ryan Campbell

    Yeah what he heck?

  18. bøne

    I'm so confuse rn


    what the freak is happening was it a mistake?????

  20. Jared SM

    México 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  21. Kevin Santos

    I wonder why they released this on their Vevo channel, maybe just to remeber us their grungy side of music 🤷🏽‍♂️


    did you watch it? taken down already

  22. Mateo Ifrán

    muinto bo ese macaco artico
    sou gramde fanzasoo muinto mezmo
    big day

  23. emluvy


  24. thicc_ Iida

    This song makes me feel like i've just had 5 buckets of coffee

    In a good way

    Also the music video is amazing

  25. Shaqiel Haykal

    idk why but this song has the Humbug's vibe


    Eles não descobrirão a roda mas são muito muito muito bons

    Mateo Ifrán

    mas eles vão descobrir

  27. Jdabomb93

    “Don’t sit down, cause I moved your chair.”

    Well that’s rude.

  28. Cody Brown

    Love this song

  29. andromeda160

    AM has to have one of the biggest pussy fanbases i've ever seen. And half the people criticizing the music clearly know very little about Alex Turner and how he has tried to evolve his music as he's progressed, trying to differentiate sounds between albums, find different mediums to deliver his music and create new and exciting art. AM has always had underlying notes of Acid Rock and lately seems to be exploring the grungier slower beats. Personally I love it all. but alot of people need to research the band itself

  30. Frank Flores


  31. Ciggia Blanco

    My eyes during a sunny day

  32. ☣FalloutBoySVK☢

    From now on, this clip is being watched by Peaky fookin' Blinders

  33. XxX CNT YT XxX


  34. Marcus Lewington

    One of my favourite tunes by these guys, ridiculous underated.

  35. Cyborg J

    Steve Wilkos' theme song

  36. Arctic Pilot

    1:14 when I saw that I immediately went “rArEr thAn A cAn oF dAndIlIon bErDoCk” idek what I’m on anymore

  37. Mas_Aco

    Sparkys dream?

  38. Karl Delaney

    Imagine an AM album like this featuring Tame Impala

  39. Matthew Gillman

    Josh homme rocks

  40. Ángel McFly

    I don't know man, i just think that every Alex, in the diferent eras of the monkeys, are so fuckin cool.

  41. Alex TURNER

    Came here from the cherub rock video

  42. Lovely Nut

    1:13 a dandelion and burdocks can

  43. Luciana Fernandes

    Lúcifer ?

  44. Eva toland

    the original sicko mode

  45. Renan

    This video looks like they've just discovered video editing and are just putting every effect possible

    KA Lip Care

    Its cause they did

  46. Kakashi Sensei

    Fk Beaky Blinders

  47. Mark S

    Any idea why this song out of any got the full on psychedelic treatment?

    KA Lip Care

    Mark S no idea but I am in love with this song

  48. New Wave

    No sé porque está canción me hace recordar Masacre en Texas.

    Stefano Bossellini

    wtf dude, why?

  49. New Wave

    No sé porque está canción me hace recordar Masacre en Texas.

  50. sik guy

    Coolest video they ever made

  51. L4zorWolf

    People say suck it and see is trash, but honestly it's not that bad. This is a good example of how good that album was.

  52. KA Lip Care

    889 people sat down

  53. rafa

    ele dança Macarena nesse vídeo meu deus eu nunca esperei

  54. jose gregorio celis vasquez

    Buena música...

  55. Swift Slayer

    885 people sat down

  56. Emily Mackay

    885 people sat down

  57. Lery C.

    the fockin peaky blinders brought me here.

  58. Bella Sullivan

    My phone after I dropped it for the millionth time.

  59. ngeorgiadis

    Peaky Blinders brought me here!

  60. Robin Olivia

    Shopee Summer Sale

  61. Heath Ledger

    2019 🇧🇷

  62. yes no

    Very grunge

  63. Alessandro Tioli

    Great track, love the lead guitar! It sounds like QotSA!

  64. Sammy Salami

    screenshot at any moment and BAM you have a cool desktop background.

  65. bruno dias



    pscicodelia pura

  67. Septimus Heap

    I like montages with music in the backround

  68. Pity Martinez


  69. silene regina rodrigues

    Glory to Peaky Fucking Blinders

  70. inkacceli

    In the concert in Peru, they sang this but i did not know the lyrics; and now i am obssesed with this masterpiece

  71. Mila Flores Rangel

    My favorite álbum. 🖤😍🖤

  72. Luke Bradford

    Love this song. So underrated as well.

  73. Taylor Perkins

    This song has a vintage vibe to it. Awesome track

  74. Vladislav Kuznetsov

    surprised that at 2:03 Al is actually doing some macarena

  75. Dom -_-


  76. Carlos Mota

    2:00 do the macarena in the devil's lair

  77. Daniel Puentes M.

    holy shit perfect

  78. Hadrien Nostrenoff

    1:26 is it really Julian Casablancas, or just Alex trying to look like him (cause if it is Alex he did a nice job !)

  79. Robin Olivia

    Artist spotlight stories: Shawn Mendes

  80. Acoustic Showcase
    It the answer to this song? LOL

  81. Matthew Miltenberger

    Sounds good, way too short.

  82. Rockthecasbah3535

    Thomas Shelby

  83. Gilvan vidal


  84. Isabella pipitah


  85. Ornint Khunwisetkul

    *hit blunt*

  86. eggo Franklin

    This is basically 'dumb ways to die ' indie edition

  87. Pepa Vašata

    Studio: Okay, shooting's finally over. What effects do you want for the video?
    Alex Turner: Yes