Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick Lyrics

I wanna build you up (Brick by brick)
I wanna break you down (Brick by brick)
I'm gonna reconstruct (Brick by Brick)
I wanna feel your love

Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)
Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)

I wanna steal your soul (Brick by brick)
I wanna rock and roll (Brick by Brick)
I wanna rock and roll (Brick by brick)
I wanna rock and roll

Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)
Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)

I want a brick by brick (Brick by brick)
I want a blow by blow (Brick by brick)
I want an episode (Brick by brick)
I want a brick by brick, by brick, by

Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)
Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)
Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)
Brick by brick (Ahhhhhh)

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Arctic Monkeys Brick By Brick Comments
  1. Alessandro Tioli

    Love this song, it’s just amazing

  2. Steve De Taals

    Lego island

  3. El Borre

    She´s Cigarette smoker Fiona?

  4. Twenty-Four

    I sometimes imagine this song playing while a montage of Trump building a wall is playing, it helps.

  5. Cap'n Coldheart

    I didn't know this before but apparently Alex said in an interview they didn't want to do a lyric heavy song for once, and this was the result.

  6. RFA

    hey this isn't lego island

  7. Veka Vex

    Alex living is fantasy of being brick layer. Usually he dreams about vacuum cleaners but that one Tuesday... he is brick layer...

  8. Comment Connoisseur

    Genius songwriting. Turner at his best.

  9. cerulean

    I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone says, definitely not their best but not terrible either

  10. Brayan Ortiz

    Me gusta el video
    Y usan algunas escenas del minidocumental de Making of Suck It and See

  11. Manu52 Dain

    This is gold!

  12. José Garagarza

    "I wanna brick by brick, brick by brick" i loved it

  13. ` tobias

    bricc by 🅱️ricc

  14. oli

    brick by brick by the arctic monkeys but everytime it says brick it gets faster

  15. Roześmiana

    Kaz was listening to this song, when he was destroying Pekka Rollins brick by brick

  16. Paulina Chávez

    😍😍😍😍😍❤ estos.monos nunca me.van a dejar de encantar ❤😍

  17. sketcheadiscoming

    How is this album 8 years old man 😮

  18. plainlake

    Best LEGO song!


    lmao that song gave me nightmares

    Nascha Lecter

    the adult version of bob the builder's new ost. alex would play bob to promote the song

  19. Gigi D.M.

    I would like to insert myself into this girl's aesthetic, please.
    And this video, please.
    And the set of this video, please.
    And anywhere I could potentially meet AM, please-

  20. Joseph Luna

    Pressure by MUSE is soooo similar to this song

  21. Júlio César

    Fifa 09

  22. Riddler Riddler

    they really do sing about bricks more than any other band

  23. Jaime Iriarte

    Girl, you have no faith in medicine

  24. Andrew Cruz


  25. Radityo Bima

    2 december 2018 i'm here

  26. Isabella pipitah


  27. Corinthians Até a Morte

    So Cream

  28. Delfina Larramendy

    alto temita

  29. Donovan Dvorak

    Yo the riff is so ripped from the White Stripes

  30. Yvzcn Club

    yapmak için yapılmış boş bir şarkı.

    idil kümbetlioğlu

    Yvzcn Club ya bi git Allah için başksşmcpsnflfajdl

  31. Matheus Holanda

    Gosh, It has been 7 years. Time flies!

  32. Kevin Thompson

    like kasabian

  33. Carolina Ferrer

    Qué bolas.

  34. Chad Jones

    brick killed a guy

  35. Dddhfjdjsslswk Nznznznsnsnsnsns

    Donald Trump favorite song

  36. sri watiningsih

    I want to build you up (brick by brick)
    I want to break you down (brick by brick)
    I'm going to reconstruct (brick by brick)
    I want to feel you love

    Brick by brick (ah)
    Brick by brick (ah)

    I want to steal your soul (brick by brick)
    I want to rock 'n' roll (brick by brick)
    I want to rock and roll (brick by brick)
    I want to rock and roll

    Brick by brick (ah)
    Brick by brick (ah)

    I want a brick by brick (brick by brick)
    I wanna blow wide berth (brick by brick)
    I wanna melt this soul (brick by brick)
    I wanna brick by brick, by brick, by

    Brick by brick (ah)
    Brick by brick (ah)
    Brick by brick (ah)
    Brick by brick (ah)

  37. wylie

    listen i love these guys more than any other band but am i the only one why really kind of hates this song? i’m sorry i just,,,,, really don’t like it for some reason please tell me i’m not alone


    They were probabilty just messing around with this song. Like they literally weote it in one night

  38. The Mad Modder

    Good song, but "Brick by Brick" from LEGO Island is still stuck in my head

  39. a dove that wants to become president

    This sounds like what The Hives w/ The Black Keys and a little white stripes.

  40. Pedro Gabriel

    worst song of theirs

  41. Generic Horse

    This kinda sounds like a copie of girl you have no faith In medicine by white stripes

  42. Your Moist Grandma

    Brick by Brick

  43. Adorenu アドレーヌ

    The lego island version is much more catchier and better

  44. Robert Galster

    The most Queens of the stone age song they have ever done XD

  45. Michael

    Watch this at 0.25X speed

  46. Alpcan Ogan

    T H E U L T R A C H E E S E

    Ross Forrest

    José M. New album




    @Ross Forrest yeah new

  47. dec Wilson-Clayton

    The ultracheese

    Spam singles


    Tyree Flores

    Spam singles One Point Perspective

  48. August

    My replikas favorite song.. Lmao

  49. Francisco Muñoz

    happy bday brickbybrick

  50. Vjotkr

    Replika AI suggested me to listen to this. Good that AI have a good taste in music.

  51. Willuminati

    b r i c k b y b r i c k

  52. Ximena Torres

    They have a music video I’m shook

  53. ** Dreamer **


  54. Scrub Cat

    i came here from jameskii

  55. Sima Lisboa

    Self made video clip :) but still great . Even though the lyrics is all same lol

  56. Ez life ez suicide

    Pickle 🅱️RICK

  57. anthonie marten

    "i wanna brick by brick" fav line

    arda çokak

    Ahahsjdhahfkajr fuvk yes

    Julia Blehm

    Omg its so deep

    Something stupid

    plastique I wanna brick by brick (brick by brick)

  58. Andrea Loor

    This song has a riff similar to ''White stripes- Girl you have no faith in medicine''

  59. Defin Italy

    only 5 mil???

  60. The Last one

    trumps favorite song

  61. UglyOnion

    wtaf is the like to dislike ratio

  62. joao vitor novaes

    eu lembro de quando esse vídeo estreou na MTV.

  63. Cooper Ace Drummer3R Drums

    this is Donald Trumps fave song

  64. Carpet Bomb

    This video is sponsored by Donald Trump incorporated

  65. arctic puppets

    I wanna rock u baby brick by brick ❤

  66. Dylan Murphy

    Yeah this is their worst song...

    YouTube Account

    Dylan Murphy nah mate. listen to You're So Dark.

  67. Wolfyy2D

    it goes from an intact cigarette to a burnt cigarette great editing there

  68. Christine

    Super cool video!


    Just another brick in the wall ...

    Toby Hendricks

    Jeremy Clarkson hi


    Toby Hendricks hi

    Toby Hendricks

    Any leaks about the new series?


    No because it is not Jezza. If he is Jezza then I have a 10" knob. My wife doesn't call me 'tiny' for nothing.

    Toby Hendricks

    Yeah I realised

  70. Maciek Bos

    Trump's favourite song XD

    Jelena Gavrilović

    @Kieran Saul exactly lmao

    Sinar Iqbal

    Lmao hahaha


    yes ... hahahahhaa

    Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd

    Trump and his illegal white ancestors

    All the good names Are taken

    Maciek Bos i literally just snorted

  71. Sofia Andrea

    1541 estúpidos que no saben que es música 1541 idiotas


    quizás solo sea porque es su peor canción, lejos.

    Sofia Andrea

    Si a alguien de verdad le gusta la banda, no creo que encuentre una canción mala de ellos..


    Es la unica mala que le encuentro, obviamente son gustos, algo que no aclaré y con lo cual quedé muy mal es que si te gusta está perfecto, pero en calidad es muy mala para mi, sonido muy sucio y una letra malísima jjajaj.

    Sofia Andrea

    Pues entonces si, pero a mi parecer no es mala. Pero bue tus gustos no los míos.

  72. Hoppocompus

    is that the same beach aviation was shot at?


    @***** LOL look when it turns i guess east when facing the sunset

  73. Shajae Pinnock

    How does one 'rock and roll, brick by brick'?

    S R

    If you have to ask, you won't ever understand.

    Spam singles

    How does one brick by brick brick by brick

    Cristian Cannata

    @S R if you have to ask, you'll never know.

    jacob petersen

    You wouldn’t get it

    Ruben Morales

    Im gonna be a nerd here and say brick by brick is another way to say step by step just for people who want to know

  74. BackFromNowere

    The lyrics may be shit but the riff is unbelievable/

    Mikayel Mkrtchyan

    they revealed in an interview that the point of this song was to contain few words and meanings, they talked about how they always had a thousand words in their songs, and did this for a change.

    Jancellor Clementine

    You mean to tell me, "I wanna brick by brick, brick by brick" isn't the most insightful thing you've ever heard?

    sofia •

    cmon their songs are always full of words, we all know alex’s ability with those, but they simply decided not to focus on them in this song :) it’s a meditated choice and i personally think it works well with the rhythm and the riff

  75. Ira smirnova

    я единственная русская?


    нет :)

    Kris Tina

    да :)

  76. Leah

    you know what i clearly was a dumb ass freak back then. this is literally nothing like pf


    i'm here again, 3 months later and now i have no idea how the fuck i could think this sounds like pink floyd


    omg yes it does


    maybe the voice?

    Annika Offermann

    It really doesn't, more like White Stripes

    Pablo Bass

    It probably reminds you 'cause you build The Wall Brick by Brick

  77. Jules Phoenix


    kermit tatlıses

    +Katie Cobain I miss you Jeff Buckley..

    kermit tatlıses

    +Will Just check Katie's avatar. :3

  78. Davide Meani

    accidenti a pene secco e alla samsung!maeldetta pubblicità

  79. djhero0071

    Is that Josh Homme in the beginning?


    +djhero0071 No, it's their drummer, Matt Helders

  80. Pia Andrade Braganza

    How did I not know that this was recorded in Sound City? God I've missed so much!

  81. Rayyan Khan

    Very much like the Black Keys

    Rayyan Khan

    @djhero0071 The solo's thick tone is like Weight of Love and the riff, and the chorus guitar reminds me of Fever. But it is more like QOTSA like that cowboy upbeat solo gives me those vibes. 


    Ehhhh,I'm pretty sure there might be better songs that invoke that heave feel you're talking about but I know what you mean.

    James Stephenson

    +Tobasse Gaming Sounds a bit like Pearl Jam at the beginning, imo

    Mistura Nerd

    +leonardo mota kkkkkk

  82. Pasztet z morsa

    I'm here beacause I thought that this's bmth oops

    one in 24

    bmth to gówno

  83. Jules Phoenix

    this is my jam

  84. rest Trash Talker

    Kobe's song.

  85. Iraa

    I don't really like this song compared to other AM songs but the video is bomb

    Mario Jakopanec

    this is from suck it and see tho


    Is it just me or do these guys have the best videos ever.

    d a n i o ᄉ o

    no, it's true

    • cams •

    It's true

  87. Yonis Aweel

    Brick by boring brick ;)

    Yonis Aweel

    @vertigoEdits lol, it's fine. Just thought there might've been some miscommunication.

    S R

    Well that de-escalated quickly.


    It de-escalated brick by brick...

    Damie Smith

    Are....erm... are you both canadian? ;)

    Tyree Flores

    Damie Smith They might be but, i sure as hell am not

  88. Elena Kielak


  89. Ester B

    Sheffield's coat of arms in the vinyl's center. Yeah yeah yeah

  90. comicahmet

    the meaning of this video?

    konni lol

    +comicahmet brick by brick often means basic, and the video is basic tho


    @konni - how does that mean basic???


    comicahmet google it

    ima airplane

    the don't sit down cause I've moved your chair video was kinda pointless too though. Not every music video they make has to match the song I guess

    Remix Dragon

    ima airplane well that’s kinda make sense because the song had weird senseless lyrics so it make sense the video matches that

  91. Carol V

    brick by brickkkkkk

  92. Phanny Siharath


  93. Karen Conlan

    inspires me so much~~I make vlogs on my youtube channel now~~~♥ ha

    Neil Noble

    They're not that great. I looked.

  94. Harry Budini

    Bric-à-brac. That's crap.