Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm Lyrics

Top marks for not tryin'
So kind of you to bless us with your effortlessness
We're grateful and so strangely comforted

And I wonder are you puttin' us under
Cause we can't take our eyes off the T-shirt and ties combination
Well see you later, innovator

Some want to kiss some want to kick you
There's not a net you couldn't slip through
Or at least that's the impression I get cause you're smooth and you're wet
And she's not aware yet but she's yours

She'll be sayin' use me
Show me the Jacuzzi
I imagine that it's there on a plate
Your high rendezvous rate
Means that you'll never be frightened
To make them wait for a while
I doubt it's your style not to get what you set out to acquire
The eyes are on fire
You are the unforecasted storm

Calm, collected, and commandin'
(Top marks for not tryin')
You leave the other story standin'
With your renditions and jokes
Bet there's hundreds of blokes that have wept cause you've stolen their ...thunder
Are you puttin' us under

Cause we can't take our eyes off the T-shirt and ties combination
Well see you later, innovator

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Arctic Monkeys Brianstorm Comments
  1. 岡田恵



  2. 岡田恵



  3. Stephanie Principal

    Live performances>

  4. Paige •

    I still fuck with this song so hard.

  5. Stéphanie Schmitt

    Vous êtes géniaux les ARCTIC MONKEYS! MERCI! De France.

  6. ArieJan Ensink

    ¨Favorite Worst Nightmare¨(:

  7. Eran Boazy

    Poor Matt... His hands are on fire every time he plays this song

  8. Brainstorm HQ

    Somebody here from 2019?

    luis albornoz

    Like that music

  9. javiseh


  10. Giovanni Luzzi


  11. B D

    Favourite Worst Nightmare is highly underrated!

  12. B D

    I could do with more Alex in the video, more anything really, as long as it isn't girls dancing that dance.

  13. golangd Merry

    No buses

  14. Ersan Aşkın


  15. Estefan Leandro

    o la wea buena ctm, RENUNCIA PIÑEARA QLOOOO

  16. Celine

    fuck, I love this song

  17. Red Devler

    I love how everybody used to think it was called brainstorm 😅

  18. Isaac Zor V. G.

    This song is so memeable

  19. Arthur Rous

    I heard green needle.

  20. Astropop

    1:58 what the hell is that

    Penetrated Anus

    It's joe

  21. kane 80

    from japan

  22. Jose alfredo Maldonado barbosa

    Ahí alguien que hable español

    Diego Garrido

    Jose alfredo Maldonado barbosa hay*

  23. Juan Llerena Llontop

    The intro would be good for a zombie movie lol i remember 28 weeks lather

  24. Adriano Pompeu

    Saudades MTV kkkk

  25. Bart Jupi


  26. Tome4kkkk

    {school skanks dancing band established to mask skankiness with "dancing"} fits this song like a saddle fits a pig.

  27. Adolf Hitler ???

    Espero no ser el wey con 15 que recién escucha este magestusidad del 2007 :')))

    krono morales

    yo los conoci cuando tenia 13 en el radio y desde los 13 hasta mis 20 los sigo escuchando como si fuera la primera vez que los escucho jaja


    Yo ya soy ese wey jajaja


    no, no, no te preocupes, no sos el único.

  28. Rigor Mortiz

    Some cover band.

    Vocalist: Lets play Brianstorm
    Drummer: Fuck you.

  29. Frey Fairy

    I love guitar sound so good.

  30. Maxim Morozoff

    "Нот всего семь, а петь хочется всем"))) ""System of Down"???

  31. mavissing!

    and now tell me what of today's big music names are capable of giving you that kind of energy?

    Lucifer Sam

    Who cares if they're big or not?

  32. Red Devler

    The drummer is insane keeping up with the beat
    What a song!!!

  33. Josue Jimenez

    q bonita cansion

  34. N Anathean

    Are you guys programmed to say "out" when the song ends? Or is it just me.

  35. Hannihr

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  36. Leonardo Ronu

    Cuando eran chidos

  37. Paddy McKeown

    Wit this is not brainstorm

    Big up Brian

  38. Paddy McKeown

    12 years on unfortunately

  39. panda sakusaku


  40. ᙏ̤̫こさかな

    King Gnuのルーツ辿ってきた人⬇

  41. Juan Carlos Guillandeaux Barett

    Just Great!!

  42. Adam


  43. Mollie Brianne

    Attempting this on drums knocks me out

  44. MijicoArts

    those girls like stupid,,,

  45. Crypt1c_Legend _

    First 1080p video....huh...

  46. 守谷透


  47. Milanutje

    The very first 1080p video on YouTube!!!

  48. Thebabyvoice

    is this the first 1080p video

  49. суслик 228

    Alright, that is 100% first 1080p video

  50. Spencer Rees

    Brainstorm by HAWKWIND is a better track... Much better!

  51. Felipe Mota


  52. Mahonia Luntao

    Is this the first 1080p video?

  53. Wally West

    First 1080p video on YouTube!

  54. E-Quibly42

    First 1080p video?

  55. Sindingbat

    it took me like a decade to realize that despite the song being about a guy named brian, the song wasn't in fact called Brainstorm...

  56. Nicolas H.C

    I got blisters on my fingers!

  57. Cillian S

    Fun Fact this is the first 1080p video on YouTube but most people think it is Bohemian Rhapsody by The Muppets.

  58. Chazz Meister

    With that drumming, Brian better be worth it

  59. Ben Watson

    This song made my balls drop 😂

  60. D0M1N1QU3 NL

    The real question is, who’s brian?

    Tanzina Yasmin Tani

    a guy they met after one of their gigs years ago

  61. Ximena Gonzalez

    love it

  62. Christian Rothwangl

    First 1080p video on youtube

  63. The LMB Channel

    World’s first 1080p video...

  64. 渡邉晃平

    そう待って キス待って 京急



  65. Ελένη Βλαχάκη

    🇸 🇭 🇮 🇹  🇭 🇪 🇱 🇩 🇪 🇷 🇸  🇭 🇦 🇸
      ˢ🇰 🇮 🇱 🇱 🇸

  66. Hanakko Chan

    Nothing like riding my rock centipede pet

  67. 昌昌


  68. LiamStudios

    first 1080p vid

  69. XanderCreates

    Ah yes. The first 1080p video

  70. Arquimedes Perez

    El video es de los arctic o de las bailarinas

  71. Bruno Miranda


  72. hamoud habibi

    0:39 nice

  73. sh0ckv3l

    Are you putting us in a Zonda? :D

  74. Nash Marius

    This song was hard asf on Guitar Hero

  75. iloveyoutubeverylittle

    see you later, or i’ll be fainted - said the drummer.

  76. sw toni

    Instant time travel to teenage years!

  77. ana maria garcia ramos

    Best Song

  78. Tobija 19


  79. Lion Sin

    this song is fuckiung amaizng im in love and I can't stop listening to this lshfhs;gdfg;bdf!!!!!!!!

    Alrich Hills

    You wrote that comment 15 hours ago, you know what? The song Stays that awesome for ever

  80. Walter Alfaro


  81. club audiovisuales isntitucion educativa la paz

    Fuck 4mmo

  82. djs 20062

    The drum part itself is not too hard, the hardest part is the speed and keeping it up for so long without dying

  83. Avinse

    Isn’t this the first 1080p video on YouTube?


    Yep! Do you come from Reddit too lol?


    olof yeah lol

  84. Unicorn Betrayal

    are we all going to ignore the fact that this was the first ever 1080p video uploaded to this site

  85. XIX BruhXIX

    " when some one says you can't dance to rock music"

  86. Neku

    Holy jeBus isn't this the first YT video with 1080p?

  87. Charlie Badulake

    El batero es una bestia!!!!

  88. BAYSTARS2019

    1:12 そう待って キス待って 京急🎵


    BAYSTARS2019 とても不謹慎なのは承知ですが、今回の京急の一件をニュースで見た時このコメント思い出しました。

  89. Nena de Hiroshima

    I hate this music video so much lmao

    Nena de Hiroshima

    @Alrich Hills
    the girls dancing

    Alrich Hills

    @Nena de Hiroshima oh they probably got payed, so don't worry

  90. Pixel the Frolf

    0:39 B r i a n

  91. Guido Campostrini

    This song make's me want to draw the top 3 cards of my library and then put 2 back