Arctic Monkeys - All My Own Stunts Lyrics

Caricatures of your wrecking ball gown
In my mind all the time

I wanna be in that damsel patterned alley
Where you go for a smoke

And sorrow slow dances
The phones are lighting up
Taking no chances
Close but never close enough

Been watching cowboy films
On gloomy afternoons
Tinting the solitude
Put on your dancing shoes
And show me what to do
I know you've got the moves

All my own stunts
High noon has changed its tune
Linking arms, sinking hearts

And sorrow slow dances
Around the edges of her eyes
Taking no chances
The last one out to win a prize

Been watching cowboy films
On gloomy afternoons
Tinting the solitude
Put on your dancing shoes
And show me what to do
I know you've got the moves

'Cause I'm from High Green
I'm from High Green

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Arctic Monkeys All My Own Stunts Comments
  1. Ieva Jachimaviciute

    Hello, song that will play on repeat until i get sick of it.

  2. Lily K

    On the cowboy films part I really happy

  3. Kay _

    Way underrated tune for sure

  4. Eric Layton

    This is much better than I remember

  5. Robin Olivia

    Auto Chess

  6. callum hutchison

    Michael crawford.

  7. Remix Dragon

    Am I the only one who feels sad listening to this song especially during the cowboy films part

    amy haleeb

    Remix Dragon Yes, it makes me sad but it’s a good kind of sad :)

  8. suspicious fish dish

    The lyrics are so good

  9. Val

    One of their best riffs

  10. Andjela Mitic

    Im really from high green

  11. Anya M

    Sorrow slow dances

  12. Mate Ito

    2:43 Is that a reference what I´m hearing?

  13. Martin Anthonio16


    Carbon Void

    Are you tho?

    Султанбек Малесов

    @Carbon Void he was refering to the lyrics

  14. sunny

    One of the best songs ever made!

  15. Mardy Bum

    this song makes me want to watch cowboy films

    Pepa Vašata

    On gloomy afternoons I suppose...

    Ronaldinho McDonaldinho

    +Pepa Happypepik just to tint the solitude.

    KA Lip Care

    Put on your dancing shoes.


    Show me what to do 😀

  16. schizophrenic hipster

    one person doesn't do their own stunts

    Nascha Lecter

    Jackie Chan does

  17. Kata Kálmán

    one of my very favourites😍❤

  18. Alcoholic Tom

    the ending...WHAT THE SHIT?

    Anya M

    It's a teaser of another song that still hasn't come out yet

  19. starfun17

    OMG the ending WTF

    Johnny Crossar

    @Lawrence Th3An9ryArti5t theyve always been alternative really. A few songs you could say were 'punky' but not a punk band.

    Lawrence Roberts

    I'll be damned


    @Thig ar Latha 96 Exactly:) Like they've never been officially punk at any point in their career.

    Lawrence Roberts

    +starfun17 I thought they were punk, and then became something else. No need to loose shit, I assumed one thing but I was wrong


    Haha you were the one who lost his shit because i commented about the ending of this song. But yeah, let's move on:)

  20. Ana Y

    References to Dancin Shoes and I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor or am I imagining...?

    Jorge Correa

    I think the same

    suspicious fish dish

    Where are the references to I bet you look good on the dancefloor

    cirilo infante

    i guess its just because of the words “dance” “dancing”

  21. julawis

    Gut hut