Arctic Monkeys - 2013 Lyrics

Well the times are so a'changing
Baby even when it's live
You can press pause and rewind

You knew it would go amazing
But is this what you had in mind?
Oh there's nothing you can't find

It's two thousand and thirteen
All across the galaxy
It's two thousand and thirteen

On the back of a transmitter
There's a little shiny fruit
And it's coming after you

As for Instagram and Twitter
She got caught in both lassoes
And neither one will cut her loose

It's two thousand and thirteen
All across the galaxy
It's two thousand and thirteen
(Yeah) Yeah

So baby take a walk with me
Past flying cars and time machines
There's magic like you won't believe, no

It's two thousand and thirteen
All across the galaxy
It's two thousand and thirteen
All across the galaxy

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Arctic Monkeys 2013 Comments
  1. Mini TV Box

    It's two thousand and twen-ty, all across the galaxy... 🎵🎼

  2. Abdelwahab Lezar

    Its 2020 and its still good

  3. The stolen meow

    Change 2013 to 2020

  4. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine

    You could say that AM is their best, and I wouldn’t argue.

  5. Johnny The Johnnious

    It's 2020

  6. Kamil

    It's nearly 2020, but still listening

  7. Faride FB

    The same thing about technology but different era, 2013 for AM and Batphone for TBH&C

  8. електрик

    I listen to this song every time the clock hits 20:13

  9. Spooktacular Wheatley

    This is better than like 90% of AM, wow

  10. Batphoned 78

    That guitar at 1:31 ........ Uffffff....

  11. AVienna K-Dub

    I have yet to be lost in the Instagram and Twitter. Maybe I would have stumbled upon this album sooner.💋


    Why this song is so Unknow?

  13. AVienna K-Dub


  14. Solavi 17

    pinche cancion bien mamalona qlv ❤

  15. Cody Power

    Love this song for its instrumental and the chorus but the lyrics aren't my favourite but still ooooft love it x

  16. Haku Gulumian

    2013 - the best year ever. Not only in their life, but also in my

  17. *Andre *

    This reminds me to Bojack

    Generic 90s grunge song!

    Generic 2007 pop song!

  18. Lmao Whom

    I fucking miss 2013. I was so naive and small. Everything was so simple now it's all jumbled.


    same here

  19. Mauricio MJ

    No está en Instagram :(

  20. Falan Feşman

    Olummm çok iyi

  21. Artem Sholokh

    It`s two thousand and nineteen

  22. Javier Gómez

    2019 anyone?

  23. Justin Russ

    That moment when you go back and listen to arctic monkeys b sides you previously disregarded as “shallow” and but then it’s suddenly on repeat and becomes one of your favorite songs

  24. Cigarettes & Indie Music

    Musica injustiçada

  25. I need A life

    2019 and still a great song

  26. Emily Cannagh

    This is my new break up song

  27. sofía

    it's 2019 and i'm still listening this song

  28. Vintage Cherries

    Can we go back to 2013? What a great year that was to be alive.

  29. Bcabatista559

    I fucking love this album and ive always loved it.

  30. Sabrina Silva


  31. una poeta muerta

    y como chingados se llama la cancion? :v xd

  32. Sik Siko

    I dont understan what the b side is???
    Someone pls explain??

    Wholstebruhmofus Paranguaritimicuaros

    In almost every album there is B sides, which is like a mini album with extra-songs

    Sik Siko

    @Wholstebruhmofus Paranguaritimicuaros thanks

  33. Moy Fierro

    Y derrepente encuentras un comentario en español uwu

  34. Connor RK505

    oh its now 2019

  35. eden robinshaw

    who’s listening to this in 2019 not 2013? we’re So Quirky 🤪🤪🤪🤪


    Please don't tell me you're serious

  36. Faride FB


  37. beebjank

    sometimes i feel like the singular person on this planet who appreciates this song for its musical structure and doesn’t chastise the band for not having perfect and deep lyrics for each of their songs.

    Andreea Dobre

    Agree so much, sometimes music can be awesome even without much depth ✨

  38. Acme Rocket-Powered Products, Inc.

    for other artists this and anyways are album cuts
    yet, not for the monkeys, no

  39. Lucho •

    Someone in 2019,remembering the old times?

  40. Andreas

    AM was the best album.

  41. Jako Williams

    It’s 2019

  42. Silenty Alpha

    Here I am, on 31st of December, 2018. 2019 is in front of me, but I still miss 2013 that much..

  43. Felipe Viegas

    1:30 reminds me of that part in she looks like fun

  44. Anya M


  45. Ceci

    Next year will officially be the last year that you can replace with the 2013 and still have it syllably match and end in teen.

    Pr Covers

    That's sad, they don't end in teen but 2020, 2030 ect all work, 2024 for example really doesn't

  46. Red Star

    This song feels like it was made out of bits recycled from other scrapped songs they had lying around

  47. Enigma The INFJ

    This AM song taste like TBH&C song
    I mean... Flying cars & time machines??

  48. Wedfly reddeyws

    nice band

  49. Martin Anthonio16

    Brothers era Black Keys vibes

  50. JKO -

    Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino mixed with AM

  51. TheInnominato IDK

    It's 2018 and you can take it easy for a little while in Tranquility base hotel+casino; oh and for any further information don't hesitate to call Mark.

  52. Bob

    Listen to this on my little shiny fruit X

  53. michelle?

    ok but these lyrics reflect tbh+c,, similar vibe

  54. Koustav Bhattacharjee

    Is there a live version of this song?

  55. Pinkmaroon

    i like 2013 the year

  56. Juan Ocampo

    It's two thousand and eighteen, all across the galaxy

  57. Jishwa Wishwa

    Too bad it's 2018 now

  58. John Doe

    Is there an instrumental version of this?

  59. Lol Jeny

    i can feel my soul leave my body

  60. Ross Forrest

    I thought it was 3013

  61. EyalBeja

    It's so hard to find live of this song without to find all the tours from 2013 instead

  62. Giovanna

    I love this song

  63. Duran The Man

    I gotta admit, I was able to understand why this song got hate, but the hook is like crack for someteason

  64. Kelly Nirly

    Is the song actually called "2013" ? Please, someone help me with that doubt 🤔

  65. Ar Dkr

    come on 2018

  66. jake wsquires

    This song should of been on tbhc

    Shon Moses

    only 1:43 - 2:00

  67. Michelle Dean

    Good song. It's just the lyrics that are a bit, eh... lol

  68. Faride FB

    2 0 1 3 A BOMB YEARRRRR

  69. August

    is there a instrumental of this ?

  70. TheFifhFab

    Worst am tune maybe ever

    Nathan Wright

    Until you hear their latest album.

    Shon Moses

    imo four out of five might be their best song ever.

  71. Luis Alonso

    It's two thousand and eighteen all across the galaxy

  72. kuvitelma

    not my fave AM song, I feel like mentioning Instagram and Twitter wasn't the best choice 'cause that lyric might not age well, dunno

  73. Vkook’s Child

    It’s 2018

  74. Erick Nigma

    Best part 2:27

  75. Georgie is kinda sad

    Alex, you might have to change this a bit, its 2018 now

  76. Jack Yagá

    2018, alguien más?

  77. Mariana Ribeiro

    best year of my life <3

  78. i am not ok


    Ivo Montemurro

    Ryan Clark Tranquility base hotel &casino, humbug/fwn, whatever people say I am that's what I'm not, suck it and see, AM


    The first 3 albums are the best and that is a FACT

    Muffled Audios

    AM is the best if you're looking at appeasing critics opinions and fitting into standard "rock and roll". in my opinion humbugs the best but AM is still top 3

    Luca Vincent

    @Ivo Montemurro humbug, tranquility base, suck it and see, favourite worst night, AM, whatever people say i am

  79. Malk

    2018 and the new album might drop this month! HYPE TRAIN WOOWOOOOOO

  80. Jugemu Jugemu

    4 month until firefly

  81. Guilherme Silva

    Its 2018

  82. Andrés López

    It's 2018 all across the galaxy, in 2019 maybe the galaxy explodes.

  83. Joan Puig Layrón

    So fucking hot

  84. lizzie loya

    It's 2018 actually

  85. 김수웅


  86. alice last

    am was the best.

  87. Sabrina

    Musica tão boa e tão pouco reconhecida... o povo so ouve "do i wanna know?"

  88. Büşra Altan

    WHAT??? This wasn't on the album.

  89. Luma Braga

    2k18 (TT)

  90. lanabananana.mp4

    it's two thousand and eighteen
    and there's still no album

  91. thedarkunicornx

    Listening this in 2018! 💪🏻