Archuleta, David - Waiting For Yesterday Lyrics

You and me, all alone girl
What’s going on, would you tell me what’s wrong
It’s like you’re locked up in your own world
Oh-oh with nothing to say

You keep me guessing but I see in your eyes
He made you promises but gave you lies
You’re shutting down cuz you’re so sure
That I’ll be another mistake

I know that he left you in pieces
You know that I won’t be that way
I’m not gonna treat you like he did
Oh-oh whatever it takes
You think history is repeating
You keep on pushing me away
Oh but nothing gonna change
Waiting for Yesterday-eh-eh
Day-eh-eh, Day-eh-eh

Is it worth it any longer?
You’re so scared to fall in again
Yesterday can make you stronger
So why do you feel alone?
You know I love you better than he ever did
This could be all you ever needed
Hold on to me and just remember
Oh no, never let go


I’m the on for you tonight
I’m the one for forever
If it takes a little time (Whatever it takes, whatever it takes)
I’m the on for you tonight
I’m the one for forever
If it takes a little time (Whatever it takes, whatever it takes)

[Chorus x2]

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Archuleta, David Waiting For Yesterday Comments
  1. Ysa D.

    Love him for a decade now. Still him❤️

  2. Sweet Watanabe

    I wish my crush would sing this to me

  3. Antoine Saintandre

    Beautiful voice

  4. Austin Marbutt

    Anyone listening in 2019?

  5. janica rose ferido

    Feels 2019

  6. Jennifer Isha

    I love this song, just a little YouTuber 🥺🥰

  7. Maddie Haag

    I got to hear this song last night :D omg!

  8. Amit Singh Rana

    Listening to it in 2019 :)

  9. cheryl fotia


  10. pedro Aparecido


  11. Thongkham Khoukone

    good morning every body how you guy doing okay me to I'm doing okay from thongkham khoukone and 4013662737 tk 12 7 20 18

  12. Aaron Galavis

    Who listens to this in 2018? David Archuleta never dissapoint me 😎

    Olivia Gallup

    Aaron Galavis NO

  13. Sanuri Gimsha

    I think his voice has a power
    Like a miracle
    I ❤ your voice very much

  14. Thongkham Khoukone

    hi everybody I just wanna to say thank you so much for enjoying the vevo from thongkham khoukone and 4013662737 tk account aug 18 2018

  15. Jacqueline Gervas

    am waiting for yesterday

  16. Jon Sibarani

    nothing but nos

  17. Salamia Alawi

    I'm waiting for yesterday when you come back again...

  18. Jiemel Castrence

    we love yuo song all..

  19. Thongkham Khoukone

    Hi everybody this it my song I love this vevo and I love you David archleta from your fan thongkham Khoukone and 4013662737tkaccount Jan 26 20 18

  20. Gyro Steven

    David archueleta almost healed my broken heart...he give me happiness that I never felt before,not physically but emotionally and spiritually..he is my best singer !!


  21. henar balgañon

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  22. Maddie Haag

    I will forever love you David. Love your music!

  23. Devils Midnight

    I remember having the biggest crush on him when I was a teenager

  24. Ngọc Anh Hoang

    10/2017 never stop love him

  25. Aizamae Dodong

    All her song like it, I'll always play her music Aldo I have work here..

  26. Rosa Hernandez

    With Drugi cm show top his Hi hop too go year
    David Archuleta

  27. 0912 koala

    この人の曲 好きだなあ、、✧

  28. Hannah Price

    THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!! Still listening in 2017!

  29. riri rirey

    this is 2017 and im still loving ur song dav 😆

  30. Alain Nguyen

    I love you Kristen Raul Kelly Sarah Aycock's Carrie beth Uptegrove Danielle park Christina Leico Jaimie Leigh Kirby Erin Andrew Katelyn Sloan

  31. bobby riggs

    Archie's voice is so great period

  32. den mar

    Where are you now

  33. christina tina

    david i love you better than everybody did you know😔💚💚💚

  34. Laisa Vlogs

    Bruh, when my standards are still high (2017) lol :P

  35. Natale King

    good morning everybody this it thongkhamkhoukone how are you doing goog me too im doing okay thank you for enjoying the vevo from thongkgam k may 5 20 17 account

  36. Natale King

    david archuleta brasil com from your fan thongkhamkhoukone may 3 20 17 account

  37. Natale King

    dear todd and rein collard how you doing good me too im doing okay from thongkham khoukone may 1 20 17

  38. chen aloyon

    this song reminds me of being alert and active in BDH 😍😍😍 i miss those times

  39. Natale King

    thank you for the vevo from thongkhamkhoukone account april 24 20 17

  40. Natale King

    im all dancing anyway too singing and dancing one more whistle i know how yeah itrying my best i just hope you all enjoy it from david archuleta fan thongkhamkhoukone account april22 2017

  41. Natale King

    omg you guy call me natale king my name it not natale king no my name it thongkhamkhoukone that my account

  42. Natale King

    kk thonkhamkhoukone

  43. ping ping

    can i just meet u archie 😊

  44. Natale King

    hi can you guy stop calling me nataling king she my daughter im her mom my name it not natale king my name it thongkhamkhoukone that my real thongkham khoukone april 3 2o 17

  45. Natale King

    dear jpg please help me i have brain tama on monday i was shaking at 1am and 2 am in the morning please praying tell all david archuleta fan praying for me it very importants iamost die from thongkhamkhoukone march 30 2o 17

  46. Tyler RBLX

    If boys/guys listen to David's songs, you're not alone. I'm 20 and a huge fan of David Archuleta and forever will be. Justin Bieber or 1 Directions is nothing compared to this amazing, one awesome pact, singer.

  47. Rudy Alapag

    I love the song with the lyrics. It's so good and new.

  48. katie daly

    sweet song

  49. Anyona Herbert

    why is his music scattered , I cant find all his music in his page

    pat lily

    it is not all in his page..this from fans

  50. Reymart Dainal

    oh my god I like I like yore song Tito david

  51. Kham Khoukone

    god please help me im scare off winter storm kham khoukone jan 72017

  52. Kham Khoukone

    dear god i remember that god and his soul winning work must always come first yeah i want his blessings upon your life about my mom and my sister they all hate before she push me down on the floor on sep 9 2016 she amost kill me iamost dead yeah she bad please help me out kham khoukone jan 72017

  53. anan sem

    This my favorite song when I still in high school Who listen to this song today?

  54. jharence fardz

    #you made me fell ..Fall in love again.. With in des songs i recognized him. To back and be part of mylife.. # tnx ..For waiting for yesterday ...
    # 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  55. Torrance Nelson

    i love every song of his

  56. Hayden Callaghan

    he looks like Ryan

  57. Kham Khoukone

    hihoneyimgoingtoomissyoualotbecauseyounotgoingtoobeherewith[email protected]

  58. aveldkos lamlam

    He knw how to cool smbdys heart just by listening to his music

  59. Chan Chhaiya Sokmorn

    David Archuleta ,who is a singer makes me remembered when I was a child love listening his songs from the TV !!
    But now I'm really happy that I still keep doing like that !!

  60. Mary Hernandez Claw/Arcade

    He's so nice and sweet in person love his voice

    Jonelle Gonzales

    yahh...nice song's also

    Freda Acosta

    He so cute David Archuleta


    Jonelle Gonzales

  61. Watabi 22

    i love u so much. your voice is good.i like it..i love u full david 😀

  62. Asli Yusuf Issack

    July 2016......

  63. Rissa

    David is amazing, I enjoy hearing his music!

  64. lisa Khoukone

    [email protected]eyouhoney

    Thongkham Khoukone

    Lisa Khoukone

  65. MalinaVanilla

    2016! And I still love him so much!! 😭❤️

    Venice Lelis

    yes juhuhuhuhu i missed him so much

  66. Kamar Yahya


    Kamar Yahya

    +Jonelle Gonzales cool😂😂😂

  67. William Hawea

    love this song

  68. Mizzy Parilla

    I like the music and also your sweet voice.

  69. parasa savithri

    love u david!

  70. sasha slennon

    this song reminds me or everything in the past

  71. Hannah Burke

    It's been too long since I have listened to him and it makes me sad

  72. Jesus Amaya

    Brother David Archuleta gracias por sus canciones y su esfuerso en la juventud estamos muy agradecidos AQUI EN lODI RAMA CUATRO JESUS AMAYA

  73. Azalea Gauna

    2016 and still love his songs I wish he will make more

    Stranger Raid

    Azalea Gauna he have a new ep :)

  74. A Asha

    like it soooー much

  75. Hannah Price

    Love this song SOOOOO much!

  76. Firstlady Naj

    Good song keep it up david

  77. Sally Novita Nia

    2015! 😍😍

  78. Palupi Djati Purnamasari

    i'm watching this in 2015

    pat lily

    me 2017 and still love him..

  79. Palupi Djati Purnamasari

    i'm watching this is 2015

  80. Ashtyn Emerson

    David has helped me through a lot of rough times through his music. I love his voice and the messages his songs have💚

  81. zo lovebug

    this song is so how I feel when I got with the guy I'm with

    jhon mayer

    david was awesome

  82. Borel Obambi

    i love you david

  83. Joshua Nyangera

    David I'm a great fan of your music.I love it so!

  84. Daffydde Saint-Preux

    love you david archuleta you are my favorite artist. i love your voice.

  85. Ashley sartorious

    his songs are awesome

  86. Kelly H.

    very touching song !!!!

  87. Makenzie Johnson

    My future boyfriend has a lot to live up to if I'm keeping these standards I'm picking up from David A's songs...

  88. Blue Maknae

    David Archuleta looks like my exboyfrien. /3

  89. Putra Marpaung

    waiting for yesterday...

  90. alyna amor

    I Love It <3

    Deepak Gandhi

    Yes....u know that ;)

    Deepak Gandhi

    Why r u not replying  ???????

    Pawiii Pawiiipie

    cause you're an fagit!

  91. I Love Greyson Chance❤️

    OMG This song reminds me of my exboyfriend.

  92. Devils Midnight

    This is about my ex boyfriend. He knows who he is

  93. Dana R

    wow this is very touching ... thanks Ammy 

  94. Nikita Dhamija

    Omg  I can relate to his songs sooo well!!
    <3 it!!

  95. Sigit Prabowo

    if it takes a little time :| --"

  96. Ira Dn_7

    I love

  97. Devils Midnight

    exactly what ive been thru. Austin.p Bates if u see this then well u get the message

  98. Crystal S.

    i love this so much <3 my new favorite song