Archuleta, David - Somebody Out There Lyrics

Sittin' all alone in your room
Thinking that the world's let you down
All you ever wanted to do is trust Someone to always be around

You've had a lot of lessons to learn from
Some of them hit you so hard
And I keep believing that someday you'll see
You don't have to be alone

There's somebody out there
somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
somebody to hold you
When worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me

I've been watching you go through
All of these things for a while
There's gotta be a way to bring you back
Cause its worth it when you smile

It doesn't have to hurt you forever
It doesn't have to last too long
If you're wondering where to turn to
I hope that you know

There's somebody out there
somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
somebody to hold you
When worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me

I wanna be there when you're in need
I would never be long if you were waiting
When you gonna see
If you could only see

There's somebody out there
somebody somewhere
To show you the tenderness you need
somebody to hold you
When worries control you
I'd give anything if only you knew it was me

I'd give anything for you
Anything at all
I think it's time that you knew it was me

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Archuleta, David Somebody Out There Comments
  1. Malik Brown

    I ❤ Love you David Archuleta

  2. Lalrinchhani Khiangte

    wow!... what a beautiful voice and song... love this song very2 much from mizoram, india

  3. YV _daily

    I'm falling in love with this song ❤

  4. Chrish Canosa

    All songs are sooo good!!! Thank you David love you mouhhh.

  5. Kham Khoukone

    hidavidarchule[email protected]

  6. Ashtyn Emerson

    Oh my gosh the memories... This song hits home big time.

  7. Fayruz Tarwadi

    Miss him :( david please comeback

  8. Veronika Ruth

    Somebody out there 

  9. Madeline Leggett

    this sounds just like me. something i could never put into words. Thanks David for singing this.

  10. Gabi Saez


  11. y3110wcake

    I love this song, and I love David Archuleta SO MUCH

  12. Melia Trowbridge

    this song has soo much meaning to me

  13. Tasmia Haque

    This guy is incredible! Love this song

  14. Shaniah Davis

    Yet another song that I can relate to, sung by David Archuleta;)))

  15. Maddie Haag

    I can relate very closely this is how i really feel. I don't have a "somebody" just yet and I am only 19 and a freshmen in college

  16. pabuckie

    It's hard sometimes to stay positive in this world :( That's why I came to listen to this song. Thanks, David. It reminds me to just keep trying.

  17. Rebecca Brown

    Love this song! you should see Troye Sivan's cover of this song! <3

  18. homestay homey

    yêu giọng hát ngọt ngào của anh !

  19. Maddie Haag

    love this :)

  20. C H E N

    yah, your right.. i believe much more David when it comes to this... yeah, he's sincere... The best for me.

  21. pabuckie

    Thank you David for this song. My favorite.

  22. Beatric Sagala

    somebody out there,,,,

  23. K May

    The best Idol ever....although Phillip was pretty close. At least I watched last year because of him. But David was by far the most sincere and most talented.

  24. C H E N

    iDollllllllllllllllllllllllllll... till my last breath.. gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. C H E N

    very very inspirational song.... i do relate my own.. thanks for this.. God Bless You.. and wish you more lucks.

  26. Shelby Greer


  27. Eirene Lakshita

    amen! :)

  28. Johanna G.

    this song could have been written by my heart :( love you, david archuleta

  29. Jessica Allen

    he looks 16

  30. Seline Racey

    He's 21 :)

  31. Ana R

    i love him!!! <3 dose anybody know how old he is???:)

  32. Keykey Armour

    I'm sorry

  33. Keykey Armour

    I'm proud of him

  34. vannesa sanguino

    aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hermosa! *--*

  35. TheKarlitaVen

    big time rush's boyfriend sounds like this song. not the other way around

  36. KeyboardKarate

    This is how I know God feels about me. He cares. And He's always there. :)

  37. bianca rendon

    Awwwwwww I luv this song so much

  38. Maddie Haag

    The beginning of the song relates with my life right now. David has good music for sure. :)

  39. bianca rendon

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww I am in love with the last line and pretty much all of them but the last line is my favorite favorite

  40. bella angel

    dang.....his voice is so perfect/flawless and beautiful it makes me melt
    i wish he was still making music. he is very talented
    miss you david
    LUV YOU!!!!!!<3<3<3

  41. NaNaYaj

    If only he did more music right now in 2012.:( Good Singer

  42. Susie N

    this is beautiful,he has such a flawless voice,omg

  43. Abraham Ríos

    Para My amiga Maritzaaa :D
    You tienes a lot de lecciones to aprender ;)

  44. Lyka Mae Quillosa

    This song is very Real ! i can't stop clicking the REPLAY BUTTON !
    thanks David :)

  45. Nekomancer

    I sent some lyrics to this song to a crush of mine. He said it was very sweet. He's dead now :( He died from lung cancer. This song will always remind me of him :'(

  46. InsecurePurpleCupcak

    @whitedovegrl66ify uhm what ???

  47. InsecurePurpleCupcak

    i had that kinda guy.......till i pushed him away.......and now he`s gone :'(
    he really dissapeared :'(

  48. Jessica Abram

    When I feel lost I always listen to this aha

  49. muna babetta

    the biggining sounds a bit like big time rush, boyfriend

  50. Ginger Juelfs

    I think I love this song

  51. James bartlett

    this really helps my empty heart :)

  52. Lanna

    2012 (:

  53. Alyssa Kumer

    This song means so very much to me...<3 i wish you knew, though.

  54. muna babetta

    please come to begium

  55. Ma. Shiereliza Agana

    u are still my idol :)
    wish you all the best <3

  56. Emily Newman

    Dang freaking Asian release of his CD 0.0; I want like all these songs >.>

  57. pabuckie

    Still my favorite DA song :)

  58. MUSIKlover4LYFE

    @orangebear15 me too :) this song is so pretty <3

  59. mariam hameed

    love this song

  60. Ana-Karen Grimaldo

    I <3 this song(:

  61. Jahanara Mehreen

    1st commenter this is a awesome song and i love david archuleta