Archuleta, David - Save The Day Lyrics

Tied to the tracks and I hear you call
Your voice is shaking
The train is coming faster than you thought
And there's no escaping it
And you think that you know
How the end of the story goes
That's a page I rewrote
And I'm taking away the ropes
There's more hope than you'll ever know

So keep breathing
I said that I'll always be there
Now I mean it more than ever before
There's a future worth fighting for
So don't be scared
I know how you must be feeling
No one to help you carry the pain
I'm coming to save the day

Hands of the clock
Are standing still
But your heart is racing
You're losing your grip on the windowsill
Pulled down by the weight of it
And you pray for relief
As you lie on the bathroom floor
As you wait
You can see
There's a light underneath the door
This is the day you've been waiting for

So keep breathing
I said that I'll always be there
Now I mean it more than ever before
There's a future worth fighting for
So don't be scared
I know how you must be feeling
No one to help you carry the pain

We're finally breaking
Into the daylight
Feel the warmth of the sun
I will stand by your side
Till your fear passes on
So just look in my eyes
Baby, try to hold on
And you'll find
It won't be long

So keep breathing
I said that I'll always be there
Now I mean it more than ever before
There's a future worth fighting for
So don't be scared
I know how you must be feeling
No one to help you carry the pain
I'm coming to save the day, yeah

Comin' to save the day
(There's a future worth fighting for)
Don't be scared
I know how you must be feeling
You know that it won't be long
No one to help you carry the pain
It won't be long

Tied to the tracks and I hear you call
Your voice is shaking

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Archuleta, David Save The Day Comments
  1. Eliete M. dos Santos

    David Archuleta 👏❤👏

  2. Monica Wolfe

    This was always my favorite song by him. Still listening to it in 2019. ❤️

  3. Thatha Thataa

    I'm fevoret song

  4. musiclover

    Such a great song!

  5. Kham Khoukone


  6. Romina Coretty

    forevermore 😍💖💜 2016 👌 #DavidArchuletaLove ❤

    JJ Prince

    David is the best!

  7. Romina Coretty

    2016 👌

  8. Radna Manis

    Nice song...I really like it

  9. Radna Manis

    Nice song...I really like it

  10. Maryam Amanda

    2015 👍

  11. Valzee002

    Someday I will hear this LIVE . . . I know it.

  12. CasperWasHere118

    This song sort of saved me when I was younger....... David in general kinda saved me when I was younger.......

    Diana Chahine

    Me too...

  13. WyeSun

    Love this song!

  14. carlo katug

    i love song

  15. Jonerzz

    That was supposed to say he needs to perform this live when he gets back! LOL

  16. Jonerzz

    He needs to perform thus when he gets

  17. brittany jager

    I have always love this song!!

  18. funfee1966

    Fallen in love with this song again! Beautiful words too!

  19. marlen aguayo

    like if your listening in 2013! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  20. maria angelica Gaspe

    2013 :))

    Thatha Thataa

    maria angelica Gaspe I'm favorite song David

  21. Lyndsie M

    I don't think it's possible for me to forget him!

  22. Tatiana Lima

    i'm listening to this in 2013, am i the only one who didn't forget him? DAVID <3

  23. jessskaaaaa

    same omg im on a crazy david archuleta downloading spree :')

  24. Lyndsie M

    Can't believe it's 2013 and I'm just discovering this's my new favorite. Can't stop listening!

  25. Angela Rodríguez

    Amaizing... I wish to send to someone this but I have to refrain of it 'cause i have to follow my destiny and leave him alone with his mother. No one like her for him, I'm positive!

  26. kirashane lobo

    he's so amazing ever in every where he is........he's so adorable,FANTASTIC voice!

  27. Tripletzful Productions

    I love David's voice, and his smile in this is beautiful

  28. Louise Sanejo

    this a song wen my bf, leaving to my house :(

  29. msarchangel1120

    My heart just melted. -3

  30. Baylin Bradford

    his voice is soooooo dang enchanting!!!!!!

  31. Nurul Aqilah

    this song is beautiful :)

  32. jemenids

    I like this song so much!!

  33. จิสตรีญา รุ่งเรืองกิจ

    i love you and jay thakorn

  34. Mary Priola

    I got my song awhile ago by buying a Schick razor that had free music downloads and this was one of them. I love this song so much. Not sure it is available to buy.

  35. RERDZ

    Like this if you're listening to this in 2011!

  36. Ronald Lina

    I love this song. It always makes me cry.

  37. Ken lowell Tiin

    You and I are identical face.

  38. Musicchoob

    Lyrically, the best song David Archuleta made,
    Totally love the lyrics,
    They´re very touching,
    His voice is totally amazing,
    Every song is sung so well (even live),
    Please David keep on making songs like this,
    You're worldclass!

  39. Brawlerish

    @Basandar43 i think he/she meant he because the E and R are right next to eachother just sayin lol

  40. Cesar Santos


  41. sweetstuff141

    david its amazing awesome i love her voice

  42. Tara Castaneda

    they should have put this on the album, not a bonus track. It should have been released to the radio. Definately radio material. great song

  43. strongerthanyouknow1

    and its not always the lyrics, the music, the lyrics, they make up the song, the could be separate and you can picture one thing, but together, the story is set free and is told in whatever way the song is going

  44. strongerthanyouknow1

    dang, im so happy i found someone who's as devoted to music as me, i cant sing it, i cant play it, but i can apply it, and my world has always been just me, no one has figured me out yet, and while it seems sad, i know someone out there can unravel at least a fraction of my world

  45. Dominic Abrams

    @Gurizin - actually it was released as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of his debut album (hence the reason the poster described it that way)

  46. terrabowser765

    i know, but i just found that funny xD

  47. Gurizin

    It's not bonus track, its a release that is unlabelled to any LP

  48. terrabowser765

    lol "japanese bonus soundtrack" on an english CD that just made my day lmao

  49. Hermes Melendez

    u a stalker??? or just plain weird?

  50. strongerthanyouknow1

    whatever he sings, its somehow always what i need, i cant explain it right, but music is my soul and i can find little meanings, even if its only one word or sentence, i have that gift i suppose

  51. Dannie C

    the lyrics are real meaningful

  52. strongerthanyouknow1

    he always knows how to speak to me

  53. Lindsey Hill

    Put simply: LOVE

  54. Angelica Munoz

    wow. this is my new favorite.

  55. magmaman007

    I think this song is about u and ur friends... and staying close together
    thats why i want this to be my graduation song

  56. Theresa Toledo

    i think depending on who hears it, it can be about a person or about God. either way, i love this song! it almost made me cry~

  57. Nabiha Sahak

    loooove this song!!!!!!

  58. Mary Priola

    This is such a great song. Love it.

  59. Brittney Moreno

    I like this song its really cool and the band sounds really great.

  60. thyranniaveluxe

    i think this song is a break up soong... hiks .. at july 15th 2009 it was the day that i hate .. i'm brreakkingg uup with my boyfrrrriend !! but i'm try to make this day still the best,i'll save the day .. stay strong .. i'm breaking up without regrets and without tears! thanks God and thanks David . i sang it for my boyfriend at that day with my guitar. :(

  61. dolores frisella

    amazinnggg song

  62. xoMusicGirl

    xLuVaRcHiEx.. i think this song is about a girl who's about ready to give up on life.. but david is telling her to hold on & dont give up jus yet.. he's giving her hope that her life will get better..
    well, that's jus my interpretation of it.. lol.

  63. xoMusicGirl

    i love this song..
    everytime i hear it, i cry..
    these words sang by his voice..
    idk, jus something about this
    seems so touching..
    like u know he means every word he sings...

  64. Liezel Cams

    i Love <3 this song

  65. WCWSting1

    Wow, i just really listened to this song and know im in love with it. it's so good :)♥

  66. Jade Tope

    this song is meant for smallville season 9...... And ALso watch for it.... :))

  67. Ladasha Clark

    i see ur point on the breking dawn thing.

  68. Ladasha Clark

    I love this sooooo much!!!!!

  69. MusicalGrandeur

    this is one of my favorite songs of his and it's not on the CD. go figure :P

  70. andrienaline

    it does, doesn't it? (:

  71. JBgenno17

    it made me inspire..

    archuleta is my inspiration..

  72. Danielle Elise Esplin

    where did this song come from and where can i get it?! :D

  73. Ladasha Clark

    Love this song so much its touching!!!!!

  74. basketballplayer11

    nice song :D very sweet! how i wish im that person whom he is talkiin about

  75. Ladasha Clark

    Love this song soooo much!!!!!

  76. Ladasha Clark

    This song reminds me of New Moon....It sounds like Jacob saving Bella