Archuleta, David - Running Lyrics

Words keep fallin' out of my pocket.
Runnin' late, missed the train,
Everything is droppin'.
Holdin' onto my heart,
And I rush out, almost forgot it.
I must admit it, I'm tired,
But I'm comin' to you.
Don't know how far I've got,
But I don't care.

I'm not gonna stop runnin'.
'Cause without you,
I've got nothin'.
I know you're somewhere runnin'
Straight to me.
Don't stop runnin'.
Don't stop
Keep on runnin',
Don't stop.
Keep on runnin'.

Let's keep givin' out,
Breakin' down; I'm fallin'.
Head keeps tellin' me,
This can't be worth all of this.
Holdin' onto my heart, feel the rush.
I'm ready to run forever.
I'm holdin' it together,
'Cause I'm comin' to you.
I don't know how far I've got,
But I don't care.

I'm not gonna stop runnin'.
'Cause without you,
I've got nothin'.
I know you're somewhere runnin'
Straight to me.
Don't stop runnin'.
Don't stop

I got my good shoes.
I got my winning, girl, I'm focused
And I'm 'bout to navigate straight to you
And nothing's gonna stop me, girl
To keep me from comin'
'Cause I got to have every part of you forever.

I'm runnin', I'm runnin'.
Keep runnin', I'm runnin'.
Keep runnin', keep runnin'.

I'm not gonna stop runnin'.
'Cause without you,
I've got nothin'.
I know you're somewhere runnin'
Straight to me.
Don't stop runnin'.

I'm not gonna stop runnin'.
'Cause without you,
I've got nothin'.
I know you're somewhere runnin'
Straight to me.
Don't stop runnin'.
Don't stop runnin'.

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Archuleta, David Running Comments
  1. KippKippeyDoo

    Omg I’ve listened to this video 50+ times and I’ve just now noticed the “Music on Demand” at 1:53 😂

  2. Jake Parker

    I will never get tired of listening to David! Ever since I saw him LIVE in St. Louis a few days ago, I have been more inspired than ever by him! 😇 #blessed

  3. Natale King

    hi joe smith how are you how doing i just too say thank you forenjoying the vevo from thongkhamkhoukone account april 25 20 17

  4. Mike Carl

    Brenda Cruz 😚😚😚😍😍

    Carl Michael

    wow for months ago i started falling for you . brenda cruz

  5. Danielle Wyckoff

    I love David Archuleta voice.

  6. Kerinafly4 angel

    If you replied that would be like the greatest thing ever like ever, I said ever lol.

  7. Kerinafly4 angel

    I love your voice like sooooo much.

  8. Kham Khoukone

    but they are fan off my vevo I think so idont know they see my picture from Google on line com

  9. Kham Khoukone

    his s b and another one name Ivan two of them sir I'm [email protected]

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  14. Joe Smith

    I wonder if David really knows how awesome he is. What an incredible talent.

  15. Joe Smith

    I just LOVE this guy!

  16. Joe Smith

    David, u have one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard. I am going to follow you because you are amazing. Keep making music!! I can't believe out of that young boy body such amazing sounds comes!! You are way too young looking to have such an amazing voice. This is truly God-given. You are my fav! Keep singing! We (of all ages) really love you!

  17. Thomas Ling

    Love this song so much. at the top of the my list from all of his songs!

  18. José Rivera

    "Words keep fallin out of my pocket" good start!!!

  19. Victoria Drew

    oldie but a goodie

  20. seriousgeorge001

    Mafia??? Please s'plain.

    samaria sylvester

    lol mafia is the name of the producer company that produced this song. Mafia says that in the beginning of all the songs he produces like Justin bieber's back down to earth. Its his or their thing.


    +samaria sylvester ooh okay that makes so much more sense 😅😂

    Casey meyers

    Was wondering the same thing.

  21. Nigel Chikukwa

    i have a kool aid smile on....this was my shit.

  22. Ellen Butkin

    I'm still in love with his voice .

  23. Charlie Green

    hes on his mission

  24. Namtan Kitiwatwarangkoon

    3 years ago but I still love this song.
    David Archuleta I miss you ♥ #DA2012

  25. faithfulforever1

    It's kinda sad, he really should have been more popular. I hope he comes out with a new album.

  26. Leonela_Rdgz24

    David explains sexyness!!! thumbs up if yhu agree
    at les 30 likes

  27. Beth Millward

    isn't the first word of the lyrics ma love for ya, not mafia???

  28. Ellaiza Rae Andres


  29. Hazel Hill

    i love this song

    Mohit Sharma

    And I love u

  30. danwasfreakinhere

    Best song on the album!

  31. Amanda Rowten

    He can sing any kind of style of song he wants! Not everyone has a voice that can sing different styles.

  32. Mymaddecember Poetry

    @playkick1 Don't worry about it sweetie. I wasn't upset what so ever.

  33. Mymaddecember Poetry

    I'm a guy and I enjoy some Archie every now and then(: Funny, I actually have a crush on a runner but there's too much barriers between us and i don't know if i should give up on her.

  34. peanutbuttertoasties

    hhaha omg he's like the male version of taylor swift! ><

  35. brookealison11

    no one has it with out it saying music on demand : (

  36. TheBob69er

    u suck girrls!!1hhhha

  37. Azhaar Alamoudi

    wallah love ur songs ya booy =P

  38. Chi89

    omg!! he is my new love now. love him.

  39. Abby Leah

    @luvzsoccer1 runaway love

  40. Abby Leah

    @bieberboy316 no jbs is runaway love

  41. Abby Leah

    @ImHappyWithYouxD no justin biebers is runaway love

  42. Abby Leah


  43. Abby Leah


  44. Morel Laurence

    @khalithejonasfreak i dont understand with justin bieber !! What he did ??

  45. Leonicia Williams

    Justin Bieber is good and so is David Articulate soo STOP comparing

  46. ftmgllrd

    Justin`s is Runaway Love not Running =))

  47. njwade_

    @khalithejonasfreak- jb has a song called running? lol i didn't know that

  48. Mary Stroh

    i love this song! check out my cover!

  49. The Q-Tip J-Hope throws in the YNWA Preview Show

    K this is going to bother me until the end of time. Can someone please tell me what he's saying from 3:18-3:22? I didn't notice it until recently so you have to listen carefully to know what I'm talking about.

  50. RealMVP93

    love u so much archie :)

  51. Arlen

    y is there 'mafia' in front??? BTW i dun like justin bieber 2!!!!1

  52. Dalia Elena

    que singifica mafia-'

  53. Dalia Elena

    que significa el "mafia"" lo he escuchado en varias canciones?

  54. 31january

    yeah i agree! its so annoying and anti-climatic D: whenever i hear it im like ARGH shut up?? lol

  55. Rain Nguyen

    I say the beginnging is horrible but i go use to it but the chorus is amazing lool

  56. 31january

    hmm the thing at 1:48 actually says "music on demand" i think! haha. its on some copies of a lot of other songs too, i think its like a kinda watermark of the site that provided the downloads!

  57. Alexis W

    the feeling of when this first came out still comes back every time i hear this song i would never stop running for someone i love no matter what<3

  58. loomonda18

    Love this song!!! :D
    EVERYONE, PLEASE vote for David Archuleta on the 2009 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!!





    GO TO w w w (dot) teenchoiceawards (dot) com (no spaces.)

    LETS DO IT FOR DAVID!!!!!!!! :D

  59. Ladasha Clark

    His voice is soooo incredible luv this song!!!!!

  60. jamie150741

    i LOVE david's voice in this song.

  61. lightphoenix67

    I love this song!!!!! David u did a good job on this song cuz I love it.

  62. tnao123

    I love David Archuleta so much

  63. MenacingMoppet

    why does it say "mafia" at the beginning?

  64. jamie150741

    oh yeah .. he IS! just LOVE his voice.. i'm like totally beat at WHY he didn't win AI!!

  65. Archie Onglim

    if you read this you die tonight
    There was guy named james who was told if you say
    bloody mary three times in the dark in a bathroom you die.
    So he tried it he was found dead a hour later in the bathroom. Post on 5 other videos or die

  66. Dunia Ba da wi

    i love this song and david is so cuteee!

  67. onewholaughsalot14

    I cant get this song out of my head! Its too freakin awesome! David rocks! :)

  68. queenofgames314

    he says "I'm not gonna stop running"

  69. Sandy Tran

    put your hand over your mouth
    2.make a wish in your hand
    3.make it into a fist
    4.put it against your head for 5 seconds this on 3 videos
    6.tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  70. Anaa

    thats true spike!! love this song!!!

  71. Udeesha Kannangara

    put your hand over your mouth
    2.make a wish in your hand
    3.make it into a fist
    4.put it against your head for 5 seconds this on 3 videos
    6.tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  72. cedcoc01

    Very good SonG !!!

  73. alimays04

    i love this song and david too

  74. Liezel Cams

    i love this song
    it's so nice.. and david is the best.. so hottt

  75. Ladasha Clark

    i love this song!!!

  76. esmée gilbert

    AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!! wow, he is a freaking amazing singer and i luuvvvv you david!!!!!!!!!

  77. Donavon Harbison

    Mann i love tis song

  78. Rapidfire55x

    this song is awesome!

  79. pompom2001

    geez. love it

  80. MykellMessiah

    "Mafia"!! That's the producers that produced the record, "Midi Mafia"

  81. mymistakewasgold41

    1:01 !! i love how he sings "ohhh"

  82. Mistivious

    I've only heard Crush until I heard this one HOLY CRAP HE'S GOOD!

  83. Marina Loehr

    that is really funny, I give this video 5 stars.

  84. Nicolle Lu

    jaja yeah me too

  85. Karley Strongoli

    hes like the Godfather of music :)
    lovehim to deathhhh

  86. Sarah

    woah?!?! whats wit the mafia in the beginning???

  87. Sarah

    ohh okay thanks :)

  88. Samantha Mazzola

    mafia? lol. love this song!

  89. 31january

    the voice is saying "music on demand"... sadly it seems to be in a lot of his songs, like a kind of watermark, except its a voice...

  90. Sarah

    what is that voice saying at 1:55??

  91. SDannieG

    It says "Music on demand"

  92. Josh

    He is an amazing vocalist for his age. His lyrics are true... i relate to them in many ways

  93. LifeDuzntGivMeLemons

    i love this song its amazing

  94. Gustava V

    mafia? :) cute! <3 cool song btw!

  95. narutoismylove112

    Lol I think it's actually 'Oh yeah'

  96. Virginia Beasley

    i know before i played the song and i saw the lyrics i was like wah

  97. gina petolicchio

    good job nice song david

  98. Jamie Corbett


  99. BlenderPower

    yeah its a free country and u can haf yur own opinion :)
    but sometimes its better to keep them to yurself, *points to shocked David Archuleta fans* yknow? ^^