Archuleta, David - Reaching Out Lyrics

What must I do to make you understand
You mean everything to me
Don't have the strength to say
Give this heart of mine a chance
And maybe then you will see
That I'll do anything, do anything that you tell me
I'll be there, I'll be there, if you need me

Reaching out to you
Do you feel it to
Loving you is all I wanna do
I'm completely sure
I've never felt this way before
When I smile, you know that there is something more

What must I do, so I can make you see
The light that shines in my eyes
You brighten up my day
You even help me find my way
I wish you're always by my side
And I cant stop, don't know how to stop thinking of you
I'll do anything, do anything to be near you

Reaching out to you
Do you feel it to
Loving you is all I wanna do
I'm completely sure
I've never felt this way before
When I smile, you know that there is something more
Something more

Reaching out to you
Do you feel it to
Loving you is all I wanna do
I'm completely sure
I've never felt this way before
Deep inside you know that there is something more
Deep inside you know that there is something more

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Archuleta, David Reaching Out Comments
  1. Nix

    10/13/2019 hit

  2. Kimberly Alegado

    still my hearthrob😍

  3. Dominic Dulay

    hi david

  4. Arjay Uchiha

    i always reaching out,,i didn't give up on you,,

  5. Thongkham Khoukone

    David archuleta brasil hi how are you doing okay me too I'm doing okay from thongkham khoukone and 4013662737 tk account sep 9 20 18

  6. Mai Anh

    When I smile, you know that there is something more💖

  7. Soso


  8. Thongkham Khoukone

    David archuleta Brazil com how are you doing. From Thongkham Khoukone and 4013662737 tk account 22 2018

  9. Gunn Burn

    I hope you cover more opm songs, thank you very much David A. my man!

  10. Natale King

    Hi everybody i just want too say thank you for enjoying the vevo you all so amazing and awesome from thongkham khoukone and 401 366 2737 tk acccount sep 12 20 17

  11. Kham Khoukone

    this it my favorite song iloveyou david archuleta your song this one it so amazing khamkhoukone mar 72017

  12. James Geoghegan

    love it

    Kham Khoukone

    James Geoghegan

  13. baltazaraquino

    Mid-80's song by Gary V in the movie Hotshots..whew, melancholic!

  14. riaguteza_ 12

    waw . :O amazing . :) <3 david archuleta ! ! :3

  15. gesileheart


  16. jessie adigue

    ai nkakabaliw ito. nkaka adik pakinggan ung mga songs, there are still more beautiful opm songs like take me out of the dark.. sana kantahin nya rin to sa sususnod .. i wish my part 2 pa ito. at tsaka ung sana maulit muli english version.... sana maging 220 ito someday.....

  17. maine isorena

    really glad hearing him singing opm songs

  18. maine isorena

    love the lyrics...

  19. Zen Fran

    David chose the most beautiful OPM songs for his OPM album. It's such an honor that David's singing them. :)

  20. Maddie Haag

    this song is so cute! Love it. :)

  21. Julie Bello

    i really love this song! so much i tell you

  22. lene C.

    wow...ang ganda nmn...nakakatouch

  23. James Cotze

    beautiful song! :) where can i buy this album?

  24. directioner94

    amazing song.

  25. directioner94

    lol. :)

  26. cherboom gray

    he sang it clean...very nice...i have been listening to this song over and over...

  27. Pheak Sophea

    <3 I can't stop, don't know how to stop thinking of you Archie <3

  28. Deo Viernes

    Love yeah David <3

  29. Anna Tricia

    ngaun ko lang narinig tong kantang to kung di kinanta ni david !! tsk tsk..

  30. Danielle Andrion

    You're everything to me David!!!!! :D

  31. John Paul Caburnay

    hey this is Gary V.'s another OPM

  32. pajimacas

    Play... Repeat... Play... Repeat... Play... Repeat... My ears will be bleeding if I don't get over this song soon...

  33. Joseph Calatrava

    galing ng asawa ko ! hahaha xD


    nice song

  35. hll818

    hahaha nice

  36. kaecie2002

    i think it was Gary Valenciano ...

  37. The Buko Studio

    Though David's covers of other OPM songs are better than the originals, in this song, Gary V's original is still better. Great cover though.

  38. mark lester Misajon

    the original singer of this song is gary valenciano.. a popular filipino artist too

  39. Jason Perez

    Gary Valenciano,but Lea Salonga did a cover of this song too,by the way check my channel if u want the lyrics of this song Gary V or David thanks :)

  40. requiem0821

    gary valenciano

  41. crazzieoverjesse20

    i really love it when he sings, he gives his heart in every song.. ;)

  42. raniel cuevas

    gary valenciano is the original singer,,,

  43. The Upward Blip

    Gary Valenciano is the original singer.. =)

  44. richard arcaya

    wow nice voice

  45. eugene eric del carmen

    Garry V original Nice version David :)

  46. VhonZhou

    i used to sing this song when i was in high school.. XD
    glad to hear this again..

  47. Raine Rafael

    Gary Valenciano. :) Lea Salonga has a nice version, too.

  48. Lady Lyka

    Gary Valenciano

  49. shepz03

    This is originally by Gary Valenciano. :)


    hahhaah..funny..but music is just extremely contagious...

  51. lettucestar

    a Gary Valenciano classic. :) Nice cover by David A. Thanks for sharing. :)

  52. rozz

    so Gary V is the original singer. :)) Thanks for all the reply!! :D

  53. Caique Silva

    My mother is starting to say that I'm crazy because I listen to the same music EVERY day. But I caught her singing David's songs sometimes and then she says that it is my fault. LOL

  54. Em Salvador de Luna

    Gary Valenciano is the original singer of this song. Lea Salonga also has her own version of this.. now its David A. Great to hear his own version...

  55. Lauren McAlexander

    Hey all US archies! Forevermore is now on iTunes! Everyone go buy it! :D

  56. Dekada 80

    Gary Valenciano is the original artist of this song

  57. fpinto2

    Thanks for the reply! Very interesting. That would be great for him!

  58. cy jonas

    internationally idk but there's annual Myx Music Awards (Philippines) He could be nominated in best remake/best international artist/song of the year etc. :-)

  59. cy jonas

    Gary Valenciano.

  60. Jayson Zoreta

    PERFECT!! Love it ^^

  61. fpinto2

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorites on the album. I'm enjoying all the songs, though. David's voice is amazing.

  62. fpinto2

    Would he actually be eligible for any awards??

  63. Jasper Holly

    gary valenciano

  64. joan kim Sanchez

    david did a GREAT job in reliving the OPM songs! I hope the people can hear worldwide how great FILIPINOS are :)

  65. joan kim Sanchez

    Gary V. is the original singer of that song :))

  66. Edgar Jose

    AMAZING!!!!! How can David be so good???!

  67. PAT HUNT

    This is the first time I listened to this song,I am speechless with tears in my eyes. #DA2014♥♥♥

  68. Keilyn Jerez

    The lyrics? :(

  69. zeraeign

    Uu nga. Sorry po. Apologies.

  70. Rutchie Malinao

    i think gary v. is the original singer,yes it's true he did a great cover..thanks david a. for singing the OPM songs..

  71. Efren N

    @zeraeign. I think hindi pinoy yang si cherrythantam kaya ganyan yung pagsulat nya. Maraming fans si David sa Asia na hindi English ang first language.

  72. Mil Tv

    Nice rendition! you make it your own Dave! - I love you!!!!

  73. joshdax2

    Gary V.

  74. zeraeign

    pwede wag nalang mag English kung wrong grammar rin naman. no offense intended.

  75. wengski772003

    Beautiful song, Beautiful arrangement, beautiful vocal!! it brings back the memories of my bagets time (highschool) days!!! David did a great job here on this song....
    worldwide class!! An award is coming your way believe me…congrats in advance David!!

  76. Everardo Jiongco

    Gary Valenciano is the original artist for Reaching Out.

  77. Lauren McAlexander

    Yeah I bought it from Amazon...but I don't have it yet :(

  78. safa shahid

    Thank you so much for uploading these beautiful songs!

  79. suangit quiño

    NOW REALLY EXCITED FOR "TELL ME"..where did i go wrong.....:)

  80. hunk5525

    Its $18.80 @

  81. FirArchuleta

    finally.... good ! haha

  82. Chi89

    his voice is so beautiful that it always make my heart melt.

  83. amlehope

    so nice. i love his voice. made me missed david archuleta so much. :(

  84. Efren N

    The original singer is Gary Valenciano i think in 1984. David's version is really really good.

  85. rozz

    who's the original singer?! cant remember. but david did a great cover. :)) im waiting for 'Tell Me'. :)) thanks for posting anyway. :))