Archuleta, David - O Holy Night Lyrics

O holy night, the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till He appeared and the soul felt it's worth

A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn'
Fall on your knees, O hear the angel's voices
O night divine, O night when Christ was born
O night divine, O night, O night divine

A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn'
Fall on your knees, O hear, hear the angel voices
O night divine, O night when Christ was born
O night divine, O night, O night divine

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Archuleta, David O Holy Night Comments
  1. teceyS3


  2. Suzuki Taro

    I am here before 2019 ends. Bless you David. This version will always be favourite.

  3. Jason Caldwell

    I miss this kid

  4. Νικόλαος Πανταζής

    Good morning David and happy Christmas

  5. MixedNutsMs

    Difficult song to sing, and he aced it!

  6. Νικόλαος Πανταζής

    Hello David I hope for you Merry Christmas I believe that you are very good boy ILove you

  7. Savvy Fager

    David and Josh Grobin have such angel like voices! I will never get tired of hearing them.

  8. Anna Syme

    Does anyone know where to get the sheet music to this??

  9. Katie Williams

    I loved his voice on American idol as well as David cook so I really wasn’t disappointed his voice is so beautiful and I just love his music

  10. anthonyfranco88

    I wish he had kept the simple piano arrangement from that video clip we all love of him singing at church

  11. Armando Pasague

    His rendition is one of the best. Feels Christmas on summertime. Cant get tired listening to him.

  12. Muil Cil

    So nice oh today is chrismax

  13. pedro Aparecido


  14. Lexy Maus

    First shivers in a long time due to a voice

  15. Toren Karlsson

    Love listening to all David's Christmas music. We hear so little Christmas music in China, it helps to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

  16. Jessica Hernando

    Am I the only one who hear phantom of the opera music at the begging of the song . I so weird . I love his voice so much . he makes these songs sound amazing .

  17. Saryanti Pasaribu

    Merry Christmas... God bless.. 😇😇😇😇

  18. Frank Chacon

    He is famous, he has us!

  19. Caroline Traven

    Ó Noite Santa

    Ó Noite Santa, de estrelas fulgurantes
    Ó linda noite em que Cristo nasceu
    Estava o mundo pecador errante
    Até que o Cristo a terra apareceu
    As almas gozam nova esperança
    E em clara aurora nova luz se ergueu

    Povos, Ajoelhai, ouvi a voz dos anjos
    Ó noite, divina, em Belém Jesus nasceu
    Ó santa noite. Eis! Jesus Nasceu.

    Com corações, alegres nos curvamos
    Aqui no berço de Cristo, Jesus.
    Magos também, do Oriente aqui chegaram
    Guiados por uma estrela de luz

    O grande Rei, nascido pobremente
    Eterno amigo, vai se revelar.

    Nossa fraqueza, o Cristo bem conhece,
    Ó eis, aqui, nosso Rei, vinde adorar!
    Ó eis, o Rei dos reis, vinde a joelhar.

  20. SingWith BaraMe

    Have someone else's watching in 2018??? This's an angelic🎤


    Thats very nice boy and he has very good voice

  22. JAy Vee

    Woooow. Incredible voice.

  23. Gamer Girl101

    You know, why do they call it a Christmas song? Technically, Christ was born in July, and it never actually says 'Christmas' in the song. Its really just a holy song people interpreted as a Christmas song.

    Heather Roessler

    Umm, April.

  24. Brett Bryant

    Of all the version and renditions of this Christmas hymn, this is by far my favorite. Thank you, David. You sing beautifully.

  25. morrismartialarts

    Beautiful, but when did the word Noel get put into this song?

  26. Jerome Pamor amazing...!

  27. David Ringlein

    The Redeemers 'birthday' is September 11th, following YHWH's calendar. Just putting that out there. "Honoring" the pagan "god" Tamuz, is NOT being a Follower of the Way.

  28. christofaganda lulu

    Whos listening nov 29 2017?


    ME in Feb. 2018

  29. Mella Bella

    On another note, I would love to hear David and Lea Michelle do a duet of this song because their voices are sooo beautiful!!

  30. Mella Bella

    How do we live in a world where people like Justin Bieber become more famous than underrated people like Josh Groban and David Archuleta?? People must not know real talent when they hear it 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Finn Jake

    yo, justin is super talented man and i got nothing against him. it's just sad that david didn't get enough recognition cuz he deserves it too.

    Savvy Fager

    Yes, Josh and David need more recognition.

    Ruth Ann Hewitt

    Absolutely. I feel it's true meaning of how God thru their voice. Its crazy how these talents are not felt by humanity.

  31. Michelle Kirby

    Beautifully done!!

  32. MixedNutsMs

    One of my favorite versions of my favorite xmas carol!

  33. Violène Honore

    C'est merveilleux ! That's wonderful

  34. Military Veteran

    Excuse ME??! "The Proper lyrics and ending"??! You are SO VERY CLOSE-MINDED, "Mr. i like..."!

    Obviously, you have NOT hear THE TRUE AND TALENTED, COUNTRY SUPER-STAR = THE BEAUTIFUL MISS MARTINA McBRIDE (HER VERSION IS ABSOLUTELY 10 X MORE BEAUTIFUL than this kid's Version, and Yes, BOTH of us are going to DISAGREE. However, i KNOW i AM RIGHT, LOL)! So There... teehee! :-P

  35. beckistan C


  36. I like YouTube

    Sooo glad to hear someone sing the proper lyrics and ending. Fantastic!

    Military Veteran

    Excuse ME??! "The Proper lyrics and ending"??! You are SO VERY CLOSE-MINDED, "Mr. i like..."!

    Obviously, you have NOT hear THE TRUE AND TALENTED, COUNTRY SUPER-STAR = THE BEAUTIFUL MISS MARTINA McBRIDE (HER VERSION IS ABSOLUTELY 10 X MORE BEAUTIFUL than this kid's Version, and Yes, BOTH of us are going to DISAGREE. However, i KNOW i AM RIGHT, LOL)! So There... teehee! :-P

    I like YouTube

    I would never argue about Martina.
    I stated that I am glad, of all of the "newer" recordings, used the proper lyrics.

    Mella Bella

    Military Veteran “you are so very close minded” says the close minded person who thinks their thinking is the only right way of thinking. 😂😂

    Kent Jarvis

    Military Veteran Teehee Writing that idiotic combination of letters sounds like you are telling someone quietly “look how stupid and childish I am teehee”. Why would anyone civilized even write, for the world to see, how brainless they are. Way to go kid.

    Kent Jarvis

    Military Veteran Excuse me! Take your sickening anti LDS rants back by your others. Maybe while you are there, get you ears cleaned out!

  37. I like YouTube

    Sooo glad to hear someone sing the proper lyrics and ending. Fantastic!

  38. Ryantrev88

    The best version I have ever heard omg


    Mariah Carrey's version is the best, then David's

    Daniel Santiago

    Monaray618 its actually josh groban and than Mariah Carey and then David

  39. L.R. Dodd

    he took some time off to go on a mission trip

    Irene Peters

    he only got better...........

  40. Novianto Sunarno

    where is he today? does he stop singing?

    Alyssa Stephens

    Novianto Sunarno your mean

    Brittany von Savoye

    He is still singing, I just got back from his concert.

    Novianto Sunarno

    Brittany von Savoye aahhh great ... i am from Indonesia... i love his voice so much..

  41. Denisse Victor-iriarte

    love his voice

  42. Marco Velasquez

    its already ber...

  43. Romanneque Romaneque

    love his version!

    Denisse Victor-iriarte

    ikr his version is so cool 😍😍😍😘😘😘😙😙😙😚💜💜

  44. Eli Sobirin

    His voice was great exactly..

  45. TheToyReviewer 1984

    wow! I forgot how great of a voice he has! One of the best male versions of this song!

  46. 5455mickey

    So beautiful. Sung with with deep emotion! Amen

  47. Tereza da Cruz Thompson

    This voice is from the Heaven and he is an Angel. Divine!

  48. sdc12crazy

    One of the best versions of O Holy Night I have heard

  49. Kenneth Christopher Daculug

    2015 Christmas

  50. prasert85

    Has he come out the closet yet?

  51. Per-Øivind Martinsen

    WOW! He should do something with Libera.

  52. Cherry Lone

    Love you David Archeluta

  53. Name

    It's hard to believe humans can create such beautiful things such as this.

  54. rfif1541

    He sang it really well. This is my favorite Christmas song. He still cant touch Michael Crawford or Josh Groban 

  55. Sonja Wright

    to sing this song properly you must possess a strong testimony in Jesus. you can feel how strong his testimony is when he sings, you can see it on his face, truly an angel among us to lift us all with the strength of his love for the Lord.

    Sonja Wright

    You completely miss the point to my comment. It's not about having a good singing voice. The point I was making is that if the performer wants to move people spiritually, the performer must have a true testimony in Jesus. Anyone can sing this song, but if the singer doesn't believe in Jesus or in his teachings, then the singer is doing an injustice to the words of this song.

    pat lily

    +lagunagreg I think u are alone in your opinion here.. most of the people here says he give justice to the song and that he sings it beautifully..  u seems to be an unhappy person in this earth ha ha ha!!!!


    +pat lily and Sonja, you can like Archuleta's singing all you like. But the fact is that neither of you get out much, do you? And if that's a "spiritual commitment to the Lord" staring back at us, then every cheap carnival barker and side show performer is a true disciple and believer.

    All I see in Archuleta's face is the beaming thought of all those CD sales. It has nothing to do with god.

    Sonja Wright

    lagunagreg,  you are entitled to your thoughts and opinions just as we are. but don't be so hasty to judge a stranger. because it would be just as easy for me to say its obvious that your an overly critical narcissist who trolls the internet just to have an opportunity to say something mean. perhaps you feel the need to criticize others in the effort to make yourself feel superior.

    Kent Jarvis

    lagunagreg You need your ears, eyes and brain cleaned out dingleberry.

  56. lokvienesjoropo

    Esta interpretación y otra también de David cuando tenía 13-14 años me parecen superlativas en comparación con la de cualquier otro/a cantante con más renombre que él. En cualquier caso, inolvidables... Parece que es un ángel el que canta. Tesoros para guardar. Gracias por subirlo. 

  57. Yodi Manroe

    That voice ._.

  58. PXY FAN

    God this song. You can here the passion in his voice. Incredible. Just incredible.

  59. claymon hills

    Awesome........ Oh what a Holy Night indeed..... Cheers mate

  60. Hendrick Louie Apique

    love it!

  61. Timothy Brown

    ^___^ loved it dave. very talented..remember watching you on American idol.

    Mary R

    +Timothy Brown ......Me too when he was 15...Now I believe he's 20 or 21... :) ..!!

  62. Andress Obenza

    I love how he sang "His Gospel is peace" "Chains shall he break" it really showed that he did this song in his own interpretation. Definitely wish he'd record more songs..

  63. sherry erickson

    gave me major goose bumps....such a beautiful much emotion.

  64. Victoria Stroud

    Wow. Kelly Clarkson's version has always been my favorite, but I may have a new favorite. David's voice is so pure. <3

  65. Kael Moore

    One of my favorite Christmas songs!! David definitely does it justice!!!

  66. filipinas


  67. Beam baam

    david's voice is an example of angel's voice

  68. Elizabeth Williams

    When David Archuleta sings,
    Cars stop driving, babies stop crying, phones stop ringing, and angels gather around to cry ;-; omg

    John tialcungling

    wow so nice and sweet comments ...and finally, people start reading your comments,,,

    Adriana Parker

    David archuleta Christmas from heart David archuleta album love like it

    Michael ThaArchAngel

    Are you his mom😂

  69. cerys britanyl

    Is there an album because I want it !!!!!!!?????

  70. Dorothy Wicker

    David Phelps version does not move me, although he has a beautiful voice. Variety makes the world an interestin place

  71. Hannahcode1

    Beautifully done, he is blessed in many ways!

  72. Paul John Villacampa

    I Love His voice ツ♬♪♬♪♥

  73. Dorothy Wicker

    this is a beautiful version of a beautiful song, but John Berry's version is unsurpassable!


    listen to David phelps its amazing

  74. warayut kongkaew


  75. Piper Wilson

    <3 <3 <3

  76. Jackie Smash

    oh that high note..... this man.... he is so loved and so talented <3

  77. elmer zu,',.he's.not.layback.when.he.sings,.5stars...david's.okey.but.not.dynamic.enough.on.this.carol.

  78. jonathan redd

    i wish i had a voice like his. But, i'm pretty sure i'm close

    elmer zu'''

  79. Camilla Christensen

    He's voice is just amazing! 

  80. Erica Mortensen

    I LOVE his voice!

  81. eijizen4

    I've been a fan of this artist for 5 years! and I HAVE BEEN LOVING DAVID for all of these years! And I won't stop supporting him! I got this album since I was high school.. and now that I'm a college student... Most of my albums are his collections../ :D

  82. Annie Flores


  83. Daniela Rincón Vera

    Eyes!! :*

  84. LagBoy86

    Have you heard Nick Pitera? That guy can carry a tune.

  85. upandupp

    Wow.. I'm actually tearing up(': David is perfect

  86. Nathan Grace

    Merry Christmas from Canada Ottawa Stake!

    Feel free to listen to my 2 Christmas songs on my page.

    Lots of Love.

    Nathan Grace

  87. Pinka Montgomery

    2nd!? This guy deserves 1ST straight up!

  88. PlanBskata69

    he got 2nd place on American Idol lik 2 yrs ago if ya didnt no :p

  89. Pinka Montgomery

    I found this guy by accident, and he is just simply amazing! I never thought I'd find someone who could sing my FAVORITE Christmas song as good as Celine Dion. God bless you David! <3

  90. tiffsaver

    As long as there's losers like you to support a no-talent like this, he'll be around FOREVER...

  91. bentleyr00d

    Hey, you're the one who claimed "his career wouldn't last as long as an after dinner mint." "Count on it" you wrote. Now you have conceded that his career has lasted at least five years. OK, if you possess an after dinner mint that lasts for more than five years, you should really market it.

  92. Vannesa OS

    really beautiful♥!!!!

  93. Rafa Romero

    listen to josh groban's version! amazing i love david's though

  94. Anderson Coelho Ribeiro


  95. OcarinaofCrime

    His voice is so clean. It is so simple. He sings the song without overdoing it. He keeps it simple, and that in itself is amazing.

  96. Alexander Giat

    yeah, nice.

  97. Gian Mojica

    Where can I find a instrumental version of this?

  98. Jack Lumbanraja

    oh my God

    i'm Crying

  99. Dina Southon

    Professional musician or not, there's no need to use that kind of language.