Archuleta, David - Not A Very Good Liar Lyrics

You can't tell me anything that's true
You said that nothing does feel right
Don't stop your reminiscing
Somehow you're not convincing
Why even try to hide it inside

You say you won't (something)
Tell me that you're fine.
You know that doesn't work
I don't believe you
You're not a very good liar

You said it doesn't hurt, said you'd never cry
Go ahead deny
You know it's not true
You're not a very good liar
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Not a very good liar

Inside you're falling apart to keep it together
Something crying all night
It's for the best, you keep on saying
Something better is out there waiting
But I know lies, I see it every time

Yeah, yeah
Tell me that you're fine
I know it doesn't hurt (something)
I don't believe you
You're not a very good liar

You said it doesn't hurt, said you'd never cry
You can tell yourself, go ahead and lie
You know it's not true
You're not a very good liar

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
You're not a very good liar

Maybe it hurts too much to talk about
But you don't say nothing at all, no
If you ever need someone to talk to
Then you know who to call
Yeah yeah yeah

Not a very good liar

Say it doesn't hurt, that you'd never cry
You can tell yourself
Go ahead, deny
You know it's not true
Not a very good liar
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Not a very good liar
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Not a very good liar

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Archuleta, David Not A Very Good Liar Comments
  1. Law See

    It sounds like west life's song.. I like it

  2. Eliete M. dos Santos

    Lindo lindo 😍😍

  3. Samantha Acree

    I love you David

  4. Adam Furqan

    Ada sorang insan ni. Dia classmate aku and dia start masuk kelas since sem 2. And aku start suka dia time befday aku, lepas satu kelas wish befday. Tp wish dia paling bermakna . Sangat bermakna sbb tak de org mcm dia yg wish mcm tu kat aku. Smpai skrang aku suka dia. Sbb ? Sbb wish dia tu la yg naikkn semngt aku sbb sem 2 aku ada paper yg aku fail. Aku tak sedar yg aku betul2 suka dia... smpailah dah habis sem 5. And aku perasan aku masih suka dia lagi ..smpai skrang jugak. Walau mcm mana pun aku tipu diri aku, tipu kawan2 aku. Aku takleh tipu hati aku dowh. Aku suka dia lagi. Aku nk buat mcm mana ni?. Humm. Aku dh bg hint tp dia masih tak perasan. Dia mcm Naruto pun ada. Tak perasan ada org suka kat dia ke ?. Ganggu tautak perasaan suka2 ni. Perasaan ni ganggu and menyusahkn kita sebenarnya. Aku dh cuba nk buang perasaan tu, tp tak pernah berjaya. Apa patut aku buat ?

  5. Ariel •

    Nov. 1st 2017

  6. Ratna Sari Ratna Sari


  7. Natale King

    dear jpg i have a new vevo for you guy all ijust hope you all enjoying it i recroding my self i trying to be david archuleta the one he wearing the glasses she not you i very love this vevo please make more for me from thongkham k may 9 20 17

  8. Natale King

    dear jpg i heard that alot off poeples will be watching thongkham khoukone on line com it that true i hope they all enjoying the vevo may 1 20 17 account

  9. Natale King

    thumb up if you think he make a perfect boyfriend yeah he the best guy in the world he might make the girl happy girl have too make david archuleta too yeah from thongkhamkhoukone april 23 20 17

  10. Natale King

    hi micelle twitter house how are you doing and how all the fan doing okay ijust want too khank you for help me with the vevo thongkhamkhoukone april 4 2o 17

  11. Marg Camper

    im not a don't even see me how can say that when I didn't see since February. ..I swear to all my family that in the spirit world..

  12. Daffydde Saint-Preux

    i love you david

  13. sierra woradech

    i love this  song and i love you David  ^_^

  14. Zairrd Vordenta

    Maybe it hurts too much to..
    The time's good.
    I'm not taking sides but Zero Gravity is. Better .Halfwits. you focus on tune and lyrics but you can't see. The meaning of Song which reflects his experience or Maybe a Breakup.

  15. Zixian Montemayor

    Khalil ramos is copyin David's style ? haha ! not even a fact 

  16. Charlie Green

    Why isn't this on an album? :(

  17. Shie Argon

    Ouch! this one's for me I keep on pretending that it's okay..
    but deep down inside.. it really hurt's

  18. Jessica Tolentino

    i just heard this song and it was awesome! :D

  19. asma hocini


  20. inochi89

    Even though Khalil Ramos is trying to copy David's style, still there is alweiz a huge difference.

    ꧁༺ Lamb ༻꧂

    inochi89 weh?! Totoo?! Ginagaya niya? Hahahah

  21. Virginia H.

    even if you have a can still tell David makes a perfect boyfriend! hahaha

  22. Mary Charmaine Pamisaran

    feels like this is a song especially made for me.yes,i'm not a very good liar.:)

  23. Music Fan

    Thumbs up if u feel that he makes the perfect boyfriend besides yours if u hv one. =D

  24. Maddidaisy7

    david is soo cute

  25. Maddidaisy7

    i have never heard this one

  26. blah blah

    its amazing how he hasn't left a single real life event in a person's life that he hasn't sung about, he's brilliant :)

  27. muna babetta

    @rockinggal110 haha, me too

  28. appleg14


  29. Baylin Bradford

    AAAAAHHHHHH!!! i L-O-V-E this song!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hidayu cute

    wow... a great song.. i don't know about this song ^.^

    Marcos De Coro Yanes

    Marcos viurifor miusic lover 💘❤💜💖💗💞💖

  31. blisskasden

    @jhann062392 You're welcome

  32. jhann23

    @blisskasden thank you! ^__^

  33. blisskasden

    This song is one of David's "overlooked" classics. Great song and thanks for putting up the lyrics. Very nice video.