Archuleta, David - Nandito Ako Lyrics

Mayroon akong nais malaman
Maaari bang magtanong?
Alam mo bang matagal na kitang iniibig
Matagal na 'kong naghihintay

Ngunit mayroon kang ibang minamahal
Kung kaya't ako'y di mo pinapansin
Ngunit ganun pa man ay nais kong malaman mo
Ang puso kong ito'y para lang sa iyo

Nandito ako umiibig sa iyo
Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso
Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
Huwag kang mag-alala
May nagmamahal sa iyo
Nandito ako

Kung ako ay iyong iibigin
'Di kailangan ang mangamba
Pagka't ako ay para mong alipin
Sa iyo lang wala nang iba

Ngunit mayroon kang ibang minamahal
Kung kaya't ako'y di mo pinapansin
Ngunit ganun pa man nais kong malaman mo
Ang puso kong ito'y para lang sa iyo

Nandito ako umiibig sa iyo
Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso
Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
Huwag kang mag-alala
May nagmamahal sa iyo
Nandito ako

Nandito ako umiibig sa iyo
Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso
Kung sakaling iwanan ka niya
Huwag kang mag-alala
May nagmamahal sa iyo
Nandito ako

Nandito ako

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Archuleta, David Nandito Ako Comments
  1. Bernardo Vellapasibi

    Bravo David!!!

  2. Maycom Álisson Leiva

    David arrasa💣

  3. Maycom Álisson Leiva

    Thalía Nandito Ako 💣💥👏

  4. Jared Jacquelyn

    Lds proud of you....coming from Philippines

  5. Arby Image

    January 8, 2020 anyone?

  6. Michelle Bono

    I feel inlove this song! I really love it.

  7. diwatanggubat

    Love this guy!!!!! I voted for you so many times on American Idol. I was sad when the other guy won.

  8. Jenn Zurc

    Wow. He sound really good singing Tagalog song. I always love his voice ❤️

  9. gary demesa

    Why the fuck am I crying while listening to this? ... Shit!


    He's a brazillian? I thought he was a Filipino when i was a child, well i thought so but not anymore also he sings it like he's a filipino.

  11. Suely Silva



    It's incredible David you sang it very well the way you pronounced every words I can't believe your tone of voice it's like filipino's it's amazing keep it up David more cover Filipino song,,

  13. Cristal Jane Lacida

    OMG!!!! You just made me cry David !!!!! 😭😭😭, I love your music and your character as an artist ! Praying for you , love you 😘 #neverbeensofangirling

  14. Mhar Caadan

    this is perfection( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  15. John Master

    2019 here. I heard this song and I didn't thought is was sung by David Archuleta. Good Job

  16. Little merMay

    The saddest song ever for me. Tapos c david pa ang kumanta.. Iyak nalang..

  17. Andre John Almazan

    if only He was exposed to GMA or ABS-CBN 😔 The fame would be more than this.

  18. Beborr Mondejar

    Waaw!! Nayce David

  19. Paolo Planas

    Speaks Filipino more fluently than Sam Milby or any Fil-Ams who have been in the Philippines for years.

  20. Starlette Babor

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  21. Lukas Recto

    2019 anyone?

  22. Novrida Firsella

    Hello from Indonesia 😊

  23. em mu

    Sayu lang wala ng iba

  24. chansoo on the beat


  25. Nate Jeslohim Solis

    ganda first note palang

  26. ash m'cknight

    I miss u david. Where are u now? 😢

  27. Adriana Silva I.S.A

    Thalía: Nandito Ako.

  28. Shanaia Kyla

    It's 2018 and I'm listening to this song, this is just simply wonderful.

    Kerwin Arquiza

    yeah. me too 😊

  29. So Ju

    Where are you now David? I'm your fan.

  30. Kevin Chen

    why is this song not on spotify?

  31. Arjay Uchiha

    thanks to the beautiful song ,,david,,more song pa sana,,
    kaka realate kasi ehh,,

  32. Levy Manlapaz

    Where to get instrumental of this version? So nice!

  33. Maria Nida Estobo Desantores

    Thalia and David Nandito ako

  34. Star Bim

    Why is this song sounds like God’s message to you
    Anyways David Archuleta sings it well and pronounced every words correctly he sound like a Filipino

  35. Joanna Debulgado


  36. Botbot Bitbit

    Ang galing

  37. Kuan Kanang

    wow, he pronounced everything perfectly.

  38. Thalia Perez

    thalia is my name😹😹

  39. Angelyn Macapinlac

    Since i hear this song from David i love to listen even watching the drama in TV 5 before every time i remember the anya said to josh the word Lampa i laugh bec. Josh is so cute... I hope David Archuleta make show or movie again in philliphines ..

  40. Allan Gentle Rudio

    Thalía and David ...Nandito Ako ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Thalía Victor

    Thalíaaaaaaaaaaa❤Nandito Ako😘👏

    Allan Gentle Rudio

    Álisson Leiva Awww!!!

    leonisa islam

    Álisson Leiva andito ako

  42. Thalía Victor

    Thalía is Perfect😘❤

  43. Thalía Victor

    Thalía Perfeição 😍😍😍

  44. Arielle Maglalang

    keep it up

  45. Leo Fontoura

    Thalia's version is better, but, this is very nice too.

  46. Grace Condicion

    This song, i dedicated to my first love....

  47. Sunny Side Up

    Why this song is not listed in Spotify

    Les Buffe

    Noel Saliba my sentiments exactly

    Nelson Ferrer

    I Think spotify can't understand tagalog

  48. Rem Lozano

    Nostalgic 😩💙

  49. Madelaine Pagtakhan

    Honestly I still don’t understand how David Archuleta ended up at the Philippines at one point. Does he have any Filipino in him or

    kyra manpula

    His maid is a filipino

  50. Hikazaya Nikushi

    Fuck!, I love his voice! It soothes me and make me go wild

  51. Batang Biboo!


  52. Patrick Andrei Villegas

    iyak na ako

  53. Lady Gwyneth Tan


  54. Reizen Spears

    I cried a tears while listening to this song😢😢😢 i dont know if its the lyrics or the harmony of the song which holds up...

    james calag

    Reizen Spears 😔😘

  55. Reana Ranada

    Is he a filipino? Or does he even have a filipino blood and stuff? Cause he pronounces the words really well. I'm mind blowned

    phil700 ag

    David archuleta have a tv show "Nandito Ako"

  56. Junior Tangunan

    you nailed it David. keep it up

  57. Jhun Ercel Godinez

    Just wow. It's like you're a Filipino. You pronounced the lyrics very accurate and sang it from the heart like you exactly know the meaning of each lyrics. AMAZIIIING :D

  58. MayBe Entertainment

    Are you serious?! I think he fell inlove with PH already 😂 but anyways when was this audio or album released?

    John The Great

    Eliz Behnke 5 years ago.

  59. Kent Limbaga

    Missing you!

  60. chas 28


  61. Dominica Domingo


  62. Maria Mikaela

    Remembered the times when I keep on checking if there are new updates about David A. until I found out that he came here in the Philippines I'm shookt. I want to go to Kia Theater 😅

  63. Kimryan Besoro

    nice one idol... love it . hope ill see you in d philippines..

  64. criminology

    I really love this song.. you are amazing David. wow

  65. Ritcheru Chan

    sakto! Broken Hearted ako!

  66. Luis Magat

    Nailed it!So why Filipinos love David Archuleta.He sang it accurately and perfectly!

  67. Aexha Lugtu

    because of this song I remember my Auntie we're always compiting who is more accurate if David Cook or David A. haha just sayin

  68. Ville John

    Ang galing. Isa sa pinaka paborito kong kantang ito.

  69. Gori Liya

    Melon, talong, mais, gulaman... Maaari bang mag-talong?


    Gori Liya lmao


    Gori Liya lol😂

    Jad Wooz


    Joseph Sebastian


  70. Angelie Miravalles

    idol kita david...simula nung nirelease mu ung kantang crush...
    i start to follow ur songs on myx channel..

    Ramble Bee

    Angelie Miravalles may bago siyang kanta! Orion EP yung latest album niya then irerelease sa August 25, 2017 yung Leo EP

  71. Jomar Leona

    idol kta kua davib

  72. Maureen Cabanatan

    I am always here for you no matter what..:)

  73. MagicianFlip69

    Awesome Brotha. What is your mix ethnicity? Filipino / Brasilian?

  74. Kham Khoukone

    khamkhoukone mar 72017

  75. Susan Arquisal

    he really has a romantic voice!!! I LOVE YOU.

  76. Noriel Mercado


  77. Rose Ann Abara

    ma eshare nga

  78. Rose Ann Abara

    ang galing ni idol

  79. davejohn Revil

    gwapo MO pala

  80. davejohn Revil

    pero gusto KO si majika

  81. davejohn Revil

    ganda inside MO david

  82. diane laxamana

    ang cute ng boses nya

  83. Freeze Bliss

    I've no idea what's this mean, but it's just so beautiful..

    andrew car

    It means that im always here for you even though you don't love me and you has already someone in your life , though my heart is keep on bleeding , and if he leaves you , im here waiting for you , ;)


    +Rizcha Putri sigh.

    Adolph dela Torre

    are you an indonesian?

    phil700 ag

    I know you are not a filipino

  84. Jokar Anduhol

    love this song ever. nakakainlove.

  85. Moses Rivera

    nice song

  86. Moses Rivera

    ede w0w

  87. Rosemarie Descartin

    nice song nkarelate ako tuloy.

  88. nhme patsy

    I love it nice voice...:-)

  89. nhme patsy

    I love it nice voice...:-)

  90. Mortelle

    He's pronouncing the words really well that I'm quite surprised. His voice is really great.

    andrew car

    Yeah right


    Are you like agreeing or being sarcastic?

  91. Pamela

    props on him being able to sing the lyrics! :)

  92. alessandro caluya

    i want that song thats why i love this song

  93. Donna Ramboyong

    I love it 💖💖👍👍

    Donna Ramboyong

    Grabe ung pinaparating nitong kantang tuh .. nakakarelate ito sa mga nag papanakip butas o sa mga one sided love ..

  94. Bong Magallanes

    Wonderful song

  95. emmanuel cuizon

    maganda ang song para sa mga taong naiwan at nasaktan ng minamahal mo at handa mong iwan ang lahat para sa kanya yan ang tonay na nagmamahal ng pangmatagalan at wagas na pagmamahalan