Archuleta, David - My Hands Lyrics

Accidentally, on purpose
I dropped my watch behind the tire
Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace
Yeah, and I put the parental control on,
On the news and the weather channel
I'm outside in my robe I'm looking for you, oh

If everything'd stop
I'd listen for your heart
To lead me right to you, yeah
I tried every way I can

But it's harder to hold on to your hands than the hands of time
I need a hand, girl, trying to hold on
Losing strength in these hands of mine
I need you here
I'm trying to hold on
Standing here, open hands and I
Know I can't do this alone
Hold on, oh, hold on
Baby, hold on (to my hands)
Hold on to my hands (don't let go of my hands)
Don't let go

I don't think this is working
Reaching so hard my hands are hurting
Ought to let go in the first place
And I put the phone on the front lawn
Everything that shows time is gone
I'm outside in this cold
Still looking for you

If everything'd stop
I'd listen for your heart
To lead me right to you, yeah
I tried every way I can


If everything'd stop
I'd listen for your heart
To lead me right to you, yeah
I tried every way I can


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Archuleta, David My Hands Comments
  1. Peecha Buasila

    I love david 🥰😍

  2. Francesca Ramirez

    2019 ♥️

  3. Malik Brown

    Love you David Archuleta

  4. Jewel Beren

    2019 <3

  5. A K

    It's 2019 and im still listening to this precious song. Love u David. 💜

    Arianna Martinez

    A K same

  6. waqas nisar

    August 2019?😊

  7. kpopster

    2019 and I always find myself listening to this bop. I miss my childhood. 😢

  8. kpopster

    2019 and I always find myself listening to this bop. I miss my childhood. 😢

  9. Jeffrey Ibarra

    We back then, I thought this guy has a huge boom from the show..

    Take MY HANDS David! Missing your songs❤️😘👏

    More up bit songs

    Goklas Edison

    July 2019

  10. Demian

    still inlove with this song even if its already 2019

  11. Claris Ng

    Listening in 2019, all the feels from high school ~

  12. Zahara Halsss

    2019 and still listening😍😍😍😍

  13. Eliete M. dos Santos

    🍇🍓🌷🍎🌲🌞frutas é um sol lindo

  14. xycquiel bobola


  15. Sy Cabanela


  16. c i T R u s


  17. Ivory Thomas

    Here in 2019... Something this good shouldn't be forgotten❤

  18. Ariel •

    Its 2019 ma dudes. Idk why this song feels so New Yearsish to me but also helps me cry over my life and boys that left me lolololol

  19. Hiba Abdulla

    2018 and will never stop listening...old is gold 😍

  20. Tana Yapu

    19 December 2018 age 16

  21. Alicia Bong

    still loving this song even after 10 years

  22. Elandreson Silva

    2018, alguém?

  23. seeen zed

    2018 ❤

  24. David Gaveston

    This song should get a music video! I imagined it being filmed in a running Volkswagen van 🚙

  25. Shivani Mehta

    2018 and nothing beats this :)

  26. Nur Azwani

    After 10 years, I'm still here. 😍😍😍

  27. Beautiful Sound GaminG

    still learning this song

  28. InCouragement Jones

    When I first fell in love...

  29. den mar

    2018 her

  30. yi Zheng

    Listenning in 2018~~

  31. Personal Gabi Souza

    Amo!! 2018! <3

  32. Odessa Marie Olea

    David archuleta parin 😍😍

  33. Salamia Alawi

    david is very nice voice... so inlove

  34. Karina Bernardes

    2018 🎧❤

  35. Amjad

    2018 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Jasmine

    Love this song and love his voice even more.

  37. melusvic lobo

    Always listening in 2018...

  38. Dina Khairul

    2018. Still in love

  39. Mikezia Cardoso

    Bjus David

  40. Inigo Robles




  42. marii_h

    Similar to jt-mirrors

  43. Natale King

    Hi beth mccarter i just want too thank you so for enjoying the vevo you so amazing and awesome from thongkham k and 401 366 2737tk account aug 30 20 17

  44. Aegean Ville Pascua

    reminds me of my childhood crushies 😊

  45. Mary Christine Iloje Longasa

    still listening in 2017

  46. Daniel Barros

    Uma das minhas preferidas do David Archuleta

  47. Giuliana Schnaider

    2017 💙

  48. Prince Azor

    May 19, 2017 . One of his best songs ! But didn't become so popular :(

    john paguntalan

    I'Mar Rosales i really love this

  49. Sther Cunha


  50. Natale King

    hi everybody who listening to david archuleta please push your up inthe air for me please who ever enjoying the vevo from thongkham k may 8 20 17

  51. jhon eduard Nanit

    Who's listening in 2017?

    john paguntalan

    jhon eduard Nanit me

  52. Tuấn Anh Hoàng

    still listening in 2017!

  53. Natale King

    hi beth mccarter hold on too my hand dont let go from thongkham khoukone are you single you so cute sorry im not single im the mom from thongkhamkhoukone may 1 20 17

  54. Josephine Bongiovanni


  55. darto juntak

    still listening in2017

  56. Natale King

    hi beth mcc carter how are you thank you for enjoying the vevo from thongkhamkhoukone account april 25 20 17


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  58. Emine b

    Still listening in 2017

  59. Natale King

    hi beth mccarter how are you doing thank you for enjoying the vevo khamkhoukone march 8 2o 17

  60. Chris Arabia

    still listening to his songs....

  61. Natale King

    please dont let her take this one out it very importants khamkhoukone feb282o17

  62. thomasophy

    haiz where did he go

  63. Ru Pezpez

    I have always loved David's voice! still gets me even 7 years later!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙

  64. Vero Vcrx

    Escuchandola enero 2017 ;!! Chileeee 😅

  65. Davao Mega DSO

    still inlove with this song even if its already 2017

  66. Agri Mandasari Damanik


    Mike McCleve


    Jorrick Arguilles

    Ang masarap talaga pakinggan ang mga music ne david.

  67. Kham Khoukone


  68. Eva Bueti

    adoro tuas músicas essa então sou louca por ela Obrigada por existirs irmão bjsssss

  69. Claris Ng

    love this song so much, brings back so much memories :)

  70. Ruby Red

    September 12, 2016

  71. Kham Khoukone

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  72. Kham Khoukone

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  73. Kham Khoukone

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  74. Kham Khoukone

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    Natale King

    Kham Khoukone that me thongkhamkhoukone account may 1 20 17

  75. juan carlos Aramayo


  76. Kham Khoukone

    hieverybodypushyourthumbsupfordavidarchuletaifyouguy[email protected]

  77. Kham Khoukone

    hibethmcccarterhowareyoudoinggoodthankyousomuc[email protected]

  78. Ramsha Durrani

    whose listening in 2016?

  79. Mielle Pintucan

    whenever I hear this song . every memory of him starts to come back... two years ago

  80. Beth Mccarter

    i love this song!

  81. Payton Rifley

    i went to his concert in Alaska forever ago... my whole family loves his music!!!!!!

  82. Presley Vavu

    still rock in 2016....dam love this song

    Merelyn Waqalala

    Presley Vavu p

  83. luis Camacho

    omggg this song makes me cry everytime

    Roth hudson Pereira branso

    cool your fallin love to him hehehe nevermind cry as much as you can hehe

    Roth hudson Pereira branso

    cool your fallin love to him hehehe nevermind cry as much as you can hehe

    Roth hudson Pereira branso

    cool your fallin love to him hehehe nevermind cry as much as you can hehe

  84. Lara Babes Abellana

    i miss David so much.. :(


    Hai Nguyen

  86. muhammad hidayat

    love this song.. nice

  87. Shawn Antonio

    Still listening in 2016 --

    Romina Coretty

    hands up !


    me too ...and i'm still in love with it

    Kenzie Sauer

    me too lol

    Tasha Cyar

    Kiddo Trigg 2017

  88. Bryan Bombita

    wondering where/how is he doing?!??!?!??!! its been too long since i last heard from him.. lol


    +Bryan Bombita check his youtube channel(david archuleta) and his facebook with the sam ename-he's active on those platforms <3

  89. ALi ZEE

    love dis

  90. After1AMii

    love love love this song! miss you David <3