Archuleta, David - Let's Talk About Love Lyrics

Sometimes I wondered what Id be when I grew up
And then I remembered it was anything I dreamed of
I could be a poet or a singer
Or I can be a scientist
But before I make that decision, lets talk about my list

Lets talk about love, lets talk about peace
And living in perfect harmony
Lets talk about hugs, and talk about ways that we can share

Lets talk about you, lets talk about me
Lets talk about how we can be one big family
Lets talk about love, lets talk about love

Sometimes I feel like I want to give my friends a call
To tell them what Im dreaming and everything I want
I want us to be a little closer
And to always reach out a hand
To be kind to one another
And always understand

Its all about love, its all about peace
And living in perfect harmony
Its all about hugs, its all about ways that we can share
Its about you, its about me, its all about how we can be one big family
Its all about love

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

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Archuleta, David Let's Talk About Love Comments
  1. Eldy Nabong

    After 10 years I got to listen again to this song. Brings back so much memories 😭

  2. Camille Garcia

    2019, anyone?

  3. archieprincess

    I was 22 and a half and now I'm 32. Just turned 32 Oct 3rd (same day as Claudia, Archie's older sister) She's three years younger than me.

  4. archieprincess

    I never had a normal life. I still don't. My whole life I was bullied in school. Still do because something about me that some people just don't understand of what I go through until someone else goes through it too. Its like what people say, "put yourself in my shoes" its just an expression. What I felt when I was bullied, wondered if other people went through it as a child through their adult years. I mean, I'm a single mom. I've never been in a relationship or a boyfriend my whole life. I know, weird, huh? I move around a lot. And I mean, a lot. Going from one house to another. And sometimes going from one state to another, one city to another city. I'm just so sick and tired of moving around so much. When my mom told me that we were moving five hours away from Philly...I froze. I started crying instantly. I didn't want to leave my family behind. Family means everything to me. I've always want to be closer to my family. Specially around with my dad and my brothers and nieces. My mom just doesn't get me. I guess that's why I love this song so much. Because it's about loving your famiy and your children. Knowing what they're going through. Show the people around you that you love and care about them. A simple, "I Love You" a "Hug" or a "Thank You" to show your parents or your family that you love and appreciate them. (Crying while writing this) 😢 😢 😢

  5. archieprincess

    It's been nine years since this song came out and I still remember the lyrics. I catch on quick when it comes to the lyrics. When I first heard Crush, I learned the lyrics in just five minutes. But the second single "A Little Too Not Over You" took me nine days. That one was a little hard for me to learn.

  6. Mad Panga

    2018 anyone?

  7. mamaknya bilal

    Archie masi unyu

    mamaknya bilal


  8. Andre Archie

    who is watching in 2017?

  9. Natalia Ortega

    2017 and I´m still listening this song

  10. Pat Parham

    I'm still watching and it is 2017!! love this song!

  11. christina tina

    to night i watch this song love you david

  12. Jessica S

    I used to listen this all the time on Bearville.. my childhood summed up in a song! Miss it <3

  13. Derek Hing

    now 2016 december 23 i now this song talk about love

  14. Kham Khoukone

    hiwiichrsterilikethewordsyousendformeanddavidarchuletais[email protected]

  15. abc


  16. mylittlechannel

    Childhood <3

  17. Pat Parham

    I am !!!!! always and forever!!

  18. Patricia Kamajaya

    miss david sooo much

  19. Bailey Gwyn

    Who's watching in 2016? Buildabearville forever! 😆✌🏽️❤️

    l a

    me! i cant believe it shut down it's my childhood!


    me encanta

  21. Jake from state farm

    Who's listening in 2015?

  22. Ana Nimaja

    I loved this song in 2009 when I was 11, now 17 I still think its adorable

  23. Pie

    I remembered when the song came out I would always sing it XD and I miss the good times on build a bearville haha :) childhood

  24. Chalegre Goulart

    <3 so sweet

  25. RS A

    i love this song...

  26. toyoudreamskyhigh

    Everybody needs love and smile. It's a great song. Love David:)

  27. toyoudreamskyhigh

    Everybody needs love and smile. It's a great song. Love David:)

  28. Katherine A.

    2014 people. Listening to this.

  29. Andrea

    I Miss David !! :( 

  30. marlen aguayo

    2013 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  31. aeryk mallen

    keep it up david!!

  32. Amanda Ciampa

    I love you David!!!❤

  33. Carlo Louis Palo

    I love David James Mayorga Archuleta! :))) <3

  34. Alexis W

    I still have my Build-a-Bear bear lol :)


    Alexis W so do I!

  35. Jake from state farm

    I used to hear this none stop in 4th grade xD

  36. Vincent Salonga

    . .really love archie. .-3

  37. Denikel Lawrence

    im not im watching it in 2013 ^^

  38. Yoshiilegend112

    Thumbs up if watching in 2012 <3

  39. sarasongbird15

    He looks SO little hee!!!!! It's amazing to see how much he's grown!

  40. Judie Miller

    Noboby can talk and sing about love and peace better than David.. Love you David. ((((((HUGS)))))))

  41. tuy lê

    @patricia80291 d'accord!!!

  42. tuy lê

    too beautiful!!!!!

  43. Jenny the Beagle

    thumbs up if you got this from build-a-bear!!

  44. ArchuletaSupport1217

    there are 28 crazy people who watched this video... 1,865 amazing ones.(: Who could dislike this? Save the Children!!

  45. sarah jean altez


  46. Sheliabama

    Great Great song for today. Still love it.

  47. virivirihdz

    @bratreese not probaby,,,,He is!

  48. HÀ ĐẠT


  49. ALICE.

    Hehehehe I Love It

  50. Eunice Linda

    love david!

  51. Michelle Sedeño


  52. OhSnapItsJill

    27 people have no hearts and live like hobos -_-

  53. Kim Horan

    THUMBS UP!!!! :D go david! :) nice guy

  54. Rai Miranda

    Good lyrics ... good song ... good dream!

  55. angel apolto

    There are 27 people who don't know what REAL talent is..


  56. Earl Calangi

    YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS my fav. song i finally found it :)) tnx for this vid :))

  57. Kiana Aurel Soemali

    i want that song on my bear so I can listen to it all night

  58. bratreese

    im starting to like david archuleta because of this song.. his probably a touchfully singer...

  59. mar xian

    What a great sOng, a great vOice and a great personality!! David archie, it seems that you are beyond perfect. im sure your parents are so proud of you. buddy keep up the good work. keep singing coz your voice really create a great impact to us.. :D God bless you more buddy..

  60. Daisy Lopez

    awww i hope i can meet you at least even though i cant come by to your concert here in the philippinex :(. Love ya david!

  61. Syuske Fugi

    nice better than justin hehehe

  62. fhouse13

    All I can say is, I love Him!:)

  63. Jesri Go

    it touches my heart !. . T.T

  64. Sheliabama

    I love this song.

  65. Rob Angeles

    david. your the one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Tina Briones

    D-A-V-I-D!! *drools*

  67. Anna Tricia

    wow !! beautiful song !!

  68. bitchbettahavemymoney

    @SanneMusic I think he will definitely stay as a singer don't worry about it is a piece of cake I don't think he will give up on his music not to worry you will see him someday

  69. Michelle Tan

    Aw, David is soo cutee..

  70. Will Chester

    David Archuleta is an Angel that God send to bring peace to the world. =)

  71. Ivan Boey

    you rock!
    you have a very nice voice

  72. Ivan Boey

    you rock!

  73. Talia Clarke

    i think jamia simone nash sung ths song way better than anyother oe out there but ur o.k david

  74. jazseph

    lets talk about loooooooooooove!!!!!! i heart david......

  75. Alexis W

    I went to build a bear for David lol I still have my bear hehe

  76. Sheliabama

    Thia needs to be heard all around the world today. I love this song. David voice is so beautiful.

  77. Mikko Yan Turqueza

    love this song!!!

    it warms my heart..

  78. Sharmaine Colita

    i really really love him..

  79. Archil

    I have a question is this original the one video?

  80. Bublix

    this sounds like it so should be in a disney movie! (:

  81. Bernice hzm

    i love his dimple everytime he smiles

  82. wordsme

    he's too shy, but that's just a part of him, he knows he's good, and he loves what he does.

  83. Aanya Sinha

    the meaning of the truth the feeling of the song....all are expressed so well thumbs up if u think so

  84. Judith Velasco

    i love this song.... does anybody know the lyrics?

  85. Archil

    I just noticed of this song!!!!

  86. Rey Constantine Crabajales

    you're just too good!! hahah

  87. ed heatherly

    eww he ugly

  88. Sanne Lelie

    Yes David, you can be everything you want, but please stay a singer! ^^

  89. Roxanne Diana Loyo

    .. I love the song.! same as I love the singer!! hay...

  90. AlmasAli18

    that smile too *sigh*

  91. AlmasAli18

    what a sweet kind hearted person. at least there's some artist that left like that. and someone who is able to have a real, soulful, beautiful voice and can actuallyyyy sing livee. <3. he shuddah won american idol. i love you davidd +♥;;

  92. Sarah Paul

    gud song.. sooo meaningful..
    oh yeah!!

  93. Chi89

    wooooo such a awesome song. nice mesg also.

  94. Musika ni Gigsterians

    I will never get over with this song!!!!