Archuleta, David - Let Me Go Lyrics

I remember the better days
Way before this mess we made
You were the keys to the car
Now I'm just trying to make it start
Can't you see these highs and lows
Take us down and slowly take their toll
Misguided i don't know
Where we're headed
Tell me now now cuz

Round, round and round we go
When it stops
You say you don't know
But each time i try to stop this ride
You say its not time

This heart
My dreams
I've been taken down too far it seems
So hold tight
Why not let me go
Why not let me go

So much I need to say
Then the truth gets in the way
You cry me another one
And watch my words just come undone
Can't you see these lows and highs
Tangled up separating all our ties
Misguided i cant find
A way back in so
Maybe its goodbye.

Round, round and round we go
And when it stops
You say you don't know
But each time i try to stop this ride
You say its not time

This heart
My dreams
I've been taken down too far it seems
So hold tight
Why not let me go
Why not let me go

When the bottom drops out
Then you think you got nowhere to go (in the cold)
But if you take a look around
You could really warm it up and you know (always told you so)

Round, round and round we go
And when it stops
You say you don't know
But each time I try to stop this ride
You say its not time

This heart
My dreams
I've been taken down too far it seems
So hold tight
Why not let me go
Why not let me go

Round, round and round we go
When it stops
You say you don't know

Why not let me go
Why not let me go

Why not let me go
Why not let me go yea
Why not let me go

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Archuleta, David Let Me Go Comments
  1. Bradley Pennington

    Thus reminds me of Mr Archuleta's first 2 much melody, it's never leaves your head, even days after....!
    I am an older heavy metal head! But all the hard music I listen to, the vocals are beautiful like David Archuleta!
    David if you are reading this comment, please and I'm asking you please listen to these few bands to hear their singing vocals and the powerful yet smoothness of their voices.
    1) Mark Tremonti ( any song from him.)
    2)Carl Albert, from late 80s heavy metal band called Vicious Rumors
    3)None other than the exceptional Jeff Buckley!
    Thank you and bless you for reading my comment.

  2. Marianna Lalousi

    Woah , i really like this one!

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  6. Carol Lindley

    "Let me go" lf you really want to go dont hesitate just GO.........

  7. Rissa

    David has a very sweet sound to his voice. :)

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  18. musiclover

    I would love to hear this live! David has so many songs that we have not heard him sing live.

    JJ Prince

    For real

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  72. Nicole Cann

    I sooooo want to meet David!! He has an amazing voice and amazing songs. It would be a dream come true to stand in front of him. <3 u David!!!!

    JJ Prince

    I wish I could meet him... He's my role model

  73. Kham Khoukone

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    john paguntalan

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  78. kris niño formalejo

    like much awesome gusta!!

  79. Suhaila Archuleta

    awesome song !!!!! <3 <3 <3

  80. Suhaila Archuleta

    shouldnt say like that ...

  81. TributesAndUnique

    This song is extremely underrated :/

  82. Gumurie

    Tis okay :3 Mwahaha

  83. Gumurie

    Ah... Yeah. :s I still don't know what to do. Unlike you, we don't really have anyone else. And well, we don't know what to do anymore. But we want to try this out, and give this relationship a chance. I personally want this to work out. :') Hopefully it will.

  84. Gumurie

    What do you mean exactly..? What kind of "we can't make up our minds" are you talking about.. 'Cause I believe that I might be in the same case but I'm not sure :S

  85. 44nat44

    You've got a point people seem to prefer junk for music... like some artists get millions of views on youtube for absolute junk yet David only get thousands for his incredible songs

  86. Michael C


  87. Angelica Joy Mendez

    really <3 this song:))

  88. Josh Nash

    cute video.. :)

    Kham Khoukone

    Josh Nash h

  89. JessB

    everytime i hear his last name i got hungry chuleta... yummy :P

  90. Aradio Megido

    chuleta .. ñam :3

  91. Becka B

    such an upbeat song! love it! :D he makes this song sound dizzying! :D ♥

  92. BrownEyes

    8 dislikes?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? :O

  93. Amelia Tan

    ...because this isn't junk

  94. Alice Iv

    hes so cute on the background picture :) <3

  95. HjPj97

    I went to one of his concerts a few years ago, and thought I didn't personally meet him, you could tell that he was such a sweet spirit from just watching him sing and treat other kindly! <3

  96. fierywisp

    I know it has been quite some time since you posted and you may have probably met David by then, but since you asked I decided I would tell you that I have met David Archuleta. He is a very nice guy. I personally think that he is much better looking in person without stage makeup, etc.

  97. Tirza777

    why do I always get so giggly when I look at pictures of him? I'm 20 for goodness sakes. *slaps face* *giggles*

  98. Bombed Nevada

    The uploader doesn't own anything. That's about the saddest thing I've heard all day. Not ANYTHING!

  99. MusicfaninMO

    @leex1507 Agreed. Who made these decision for him about which songs were single worthy and which were not? No offense but as an adult, I thought Touch My Hand was a silly song to release as a single. This song has mature lyrics and complex musicality. And it's not sappy.

  100. MusicfaninMO

    I hope when David comes back he gives us more music like this. I also hope he gets his band back together. I wish he had done this song live with Mark on keyboards and Ben on bass. I really think Mark is very experimental with electronic jazz sounds and Ben could bring the funk if let loose. Two years really isn't that long in the music business as long as he comes back with some good songs and is ready to go!