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Sing me, sing me, baby
Sing me, sing me, sing me

La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, sing me, yeah)
La, lala, lalala
(Sing the jingle jangle song)

La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, baby, yeah)
La, lala, lalala

Ever since I met you
I couldn't want you better
I couldn't love you stronger if I tried

It's my true heart I'm showin'
Or my nose would be growin'
You know that it gets longer when I lie

Singin' la, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, sing me, yeah)
La, lala, lalala
(Sing the jingle jangle song)

La, lala, lalala
(Oooh, sing me, sing me, baby, yeah)
La, lala, lalala

Bein' kinda pretty and down here in the city
Find it isn't easy to be smart
When tryin' to untangle the jingle from the jangle
It's easy if you listen with your heart

Singin' la, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, sing me, yeah)
La, lala, lalala
(Sing the jingle jangle song)

La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, baby, yeah)
La, lala, lalala

You'll make the winter springtime
And jingle jangle sing time
Right on through the summer and the fall

So darlin' don't be weepin'
And please don't you be sleepin'
When I come creepin' down the hill
To sing you

La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, sing me, yeah)
La, lala, lalala

Oh, come on (Come on)

We'll get it together

Oh, come on (Come on)

Oooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Oh, come on (Come on)

We'll get it together

Oh, come on (Come on)

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on

La, lala, lalala
(Sing the jingle jangle song)
La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, baby, yeah)

La, lala, lalala
(Sing the jingle jangle song)
La, lala, lalala
(Sing me, sing me, baby, yeah)

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  1. Milky :3


  2. Rafaela Scalcon

    2020 check

  3. gianna headley

    Riverdale anyone? I hate veronicas dad so much for getting Archie arrested for nothing!

  4. Lexi the Slytherin Queen


  5. Syed Imadulhaq

    riverdale you know what i am talking about

  6. //•Midnight Mercy•\\

    I searched this up because of season 2 episode 3 of Riverdale 😂 this is not what I thought it would be because they called it a drug

  7. David Chris Castillo

    That was so cute.

  8. Josevil121

    En la serie riverdale , el jingle jangle es droga de sugarman

  9. David Turman

    You need to listen to this song on your CD player with the bass turned all the way to max.

  10. elenlop ;-D

    The pussycats needs this songs 😂😂😂

  11. aristides s

    So this is what riverdale writers take... huh

  12. Monkey Doddle

    So this is where they got Jingle Jangle! 😂

  13. Line

    the jingle jangle is a little different now XD

  14. Ryan Yarnevich


  15. Ragini Nagar

    Archies gallery the only way 2 xpress ur luv of ny age...💞😘😋🙏

  16. Guadalupe Solis

    Jajajajajajajajaj riverdale <3

  17. TheMobSlayerJojo

    Ooh the people resemble the river dale people, (vice versa)😆😆

  18. Marcelle Silva dos Santos

    Brasil 2019

  19. Delila Hadžić

    Who else is here just to send this video to a group chat because my friends brother took her phone and me and my other friend talk about jingle jangle little to much so we got scared that he will search google for jingle jangle and found out that we were talking about drugs

  20. Jean-Mari Jacobs

    Season 2 Episode 2. Who else here about that? :D Cant believe Riverdale is a reamake of Archie cartoons!

  21. Francisca Javiera

    Estaban bien pinché drogados haciendo este video:v ahre

  22. Alexe Jade Official

    Who's here because of Riverdale

  23. Draztikus


  24. Jônatas Melo

    i need the bass tabs

  25. Broncycolon 70

    Jingle bingle...ha,my childhood...nice...

  26. Syrus saldana



    During the time that the Archie cartoon series was on first-run TV (1968-1978), "Jingle Jangle" was just a cute catch-phrase... no drug connections.

  27. Levi Asaf Ferreira

    wtf? so love is like a drug?

  28. Origami and Cats

    I'm here because I'm a Ron Dante fan. He's an underrated talent.

  29. Tutuxa toddynho chanツ

    kkkkkkk pelo q eu saiba Jingle Jangle é uma droga do Riverdale ;-; e esse desenho me assusta

  30. Linda Tirone

    I loved this when it first came out!  ALL the voices were Ron Dante's. He went falsetto for the girl parts and used his own voice for the guy parts. A really gifted singer.


    The chorus part ("sing me baby, sing the Jingle Jangle song") was Toni Wine, who did the female background vocals for The Archies during that time. She would be replaced by Donna Marie, who did the female part of "Who's Your Baby."

    Linda Tirone

    Thank you windsorbear! Have a great day!

  31. r a v e n a


  32. Black Pill

    nose erection?

  33. Raaissa Lopes


  34. skydragonroar fire

    Okay kids this what happens when you do jingle jangle lol

  35. Douglas McDade

    So this is what happens when you eat the Jingle Jangle from Riverdale...

  36. Corrofty

    anyone here from cole? xD

  37. Caylen Winkler

    I remember Josie and the Pussycats popping up on cartoon network at like midnight and me just being 5-8 like "YES, YOU'RE KILLING IT."

  38. Caylen Winkler

    I'm very happy that Riverdale includes original songs from The Archies and sticks with the Archie comics. I just like how they stay true to the thing that started it all.

  39. Dogo Doge

    everyone here becuse of riverdale im here becuse of FO NV

  40. JuggyHead

    sabia que já tinha ouvido isso antes

  41. Dixi rodriguez


  42. John Mumba

    Our yesteryear music we really enjoyed our time

  43. I stalk Dr Phil

    Is anyone here because they stalk cole Sprouse's Twitter? ;-;

  44. Venancio

    Alguém Mais q veio por Riverdale kskkk

  45. Luh


  46. ugly asmr

    Who is from Riverdale season 3 episode 3

  47. Josecter

    damn hiram

  48. Marsh!!

    please shut up about RiverDale

  49. Vicky Gavilán

    y en la serie esto es una droga, ndeah

  50. It's me ANDREW

    I thought this is fallout new vegas

  51. gatcha lasy

    Riverdale s.3 s.3 19:10😂🔥❤

  52. seattwa

    I'd be able to enjoy this more without the cartoon and sound effects. Toni Wine has a magical voice, if you can hear it.

  53. NIGZY so2


  54. Sulayman Zaraei

    This is what they saw when they took the jingle jangle hence the title

  55. Sulayman Zaraei

    so there singing about drugs

  56. anvorguesa

    this is what everyones sees when use jingle jangle

  57. Mia Barry

    Riverdale is back benchhhhh

  58. Jiizasu Tairyoku

    91 people took Fizzle Rocks instead. 😂😂

  59. Lilly Dobrozsi

    Does anyone else have a conspiracy about why the band is called “The Archie’s”🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️


    They're called the Archies because they consist of Archie Andrews, as well as his friends Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper as well as Reggie Mantle. And since Archie is the franchise's protagonist, and the lead singer of the band, the band is named after him...

  60. マシュー ॐ

    Riverdale brought me here

  61. deletusfetus3

    They should really use this for a riverdale episode :)

  62. matheus do zap

    Cade os brasileiro que nao faz a minima de comp veio parar aqui

    matheus do zap

    Tem euuu

  63. Kamy Alexandra

    Jingle Jangles 💖

  64. Joss videos

    El jingle jangle es una droga no??

  65. Colin Levasseur

    What is Riverdale? Sugar sugar brought me here

  66. Free Dolphin

    Ron Dante is a really good singer,and he looked hella cute! What a shame he didn't make it huge back then,he was clearly pop star material.

  67. Pedro Rl

    olha o doce kk

  68. caroline

    thanks Cole💓

  69. bruh robo

    Well this is not Fallout New Vegas

  70. Flávia Izabélly

    Algum brasileiro???

  71. James Kendall

    Riverdale in '67 equals Los Angeles in 2019.

  72. Une Uasmin

    C'est la chanson de la saison 3 de Riverdale

  73. lisa jonnies

    Riverdale peoplessss

  74. Dorrette Young

    I know the words.

  75. Julius Lopez

    What’s Riverdale? I came for Archie

  76. wesley pereira

    RIVERDALE....WOW love

  77. serena 456

    Toni, cheryl, veronica scene?

  78. Charly

    im i the only one here not because of riverdale

  79. Angela Marie

    After you watch Riverdale jingle jangle has a new meaning

    Joe Frank

    Jingle jangle was definitly a better song than sugar sugar but it seems like it was kept hidden all these years! I used to ask people if they had heard jingle jangle and surprisingly none had heard about

  80. marina


  81. Marion Moore

    Lovely 🐶😂😂😂🌻🐶

  82. Ragabash Moon

    Who knew this song was about drugs? LMAO

  83. Louro José_222


  84. Planet Jupiter

    In Riverdale they made it an illegal drug

  85. Kwadwo Holloway

    how come the 1969 Archies Comedy Hour episodes are lost? They hadn't been seen since the summer of 1970.


    The Sabrina segments of "Comedy Hour" were used for the Sabrina show. The joke and song segments from the show were sort of in limbo. When the Archie line of shows went into syndication in 1976, everything was included except the songs from "Comedy Hour". Right now, the joke segments from "Comedy Hour" are included as bonus segments on the "Archie's Funhouse" DVD boxset. The Sabrina segments are, of course, in the "Sabrina" DVD boxset. Only the song segments from "Comedy Hour" are missing, except for the "Sugar, Sugar", "Jingle Jangle", "Get On The Line" segments, which still exist, and I also found and posted the segment for "You Know I Love You."

  86. William Davenport

    I got this on the back of a cereal box in 1969

  87. mypintu plate

    Great times..

  88. Rick Sr. Flood

    remembers watching the Archies, The Partridge Family and the beatles cartoon from the 60's and early 70's


    Me too. Also The Brady Bunch and The Monkees.

  89. a̶r̶t̶h̶u̶r̶


  90. Sanne

    I just found this and I- hi riverdale i guess

  91. DirtyMack

    I've got spurs that..... **oh wait**

  92. Chris

    Anyone here from riverdale

  93. Temisola

    acc s2 ep 5 of riverdale

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