Arch Enemy - You Will Know My Name Lyrics

The judging eyes watching me
Is all I've ever known
When I try to open up my heart
I am ridiculed and torn apart

You tell jokes I'll never get to hear
Behind my back at my expense
There's something inside me
And I know it's good
I'm not evil, just misunderstood

Do you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
You will know my name
Do you see me now?
Do you fear me now?
You will know my name

Today I break my silence
Strip you of your dignity
Tear down your perfect world
Your perfect lies

No more jokes I'll never get to hear
Behind my back at my expense
There's something inside me
And I know it's good
I'm not evil, I'm just misunderstood.

Do you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
You will know my name
Do you see me now?
Do you fear me now?
You will know my name
No longer invisible
You will know my name

Do you see me now?
Do you hear me now?
You will know my name
Do you see me now?
Do you fear me now?
You will know my name
No longer invisible
You will know my name!

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Arch Enemy You Will Know My Name Comments
  1. Tolaanto

    This just HAS to be inspired by one of Panteras latest songs: "I'll cast a shadow". Same theme as well. And it seems they are generally fans, using the same guitar brand.

  2. Darli metal


  3. konto

    najfajniejsza  dziewczyna na swiecie

  4. G D

    how does this garbage have 31 mil views...........prob cause the girl is cute asf too bad the music sucks balls

  5. maryanna lgbt

    *cadê os br🇧🇷*

  6. Tariq Sailan

    Everything about this is perfect

  7. Tariq Sailan

    It's so Awesome

  8. Tariq Sailan

    this is perfect


    pl follow this song's tune.... it's amazing


    my best song , favorite song , love song , all in all

  11. Kristian Madsen

    is there a song where she sings "normally"? or does she only do this ?

    Jovana Rosic

    Reson to belive is half of normal style of singing

    Lamitru LoL

    listen to her old band the agonist or to liar liar by kamelot. her clean vocals are very insane

  12. Andy Beck Music

    I really like these guys. Alissa’s lyrics have helped me through some tough times.

  13. William Smith

    Arch enemy is awesome

  14. GOKOP

    Joker theme song

  15. Quantum The Rose

    They will sing the name of those that deserve it, not of those mere idols and celebrities but real workers in charity and in the glory of virtue, even the hills shall sing their names if we open our blessings and stories from such deeds. The oceans will sigh and long for their presence as will the lands where we end up. Those that have power and never abuse it but only use power for good without injuring, they shall be the legends of organic life. May your dark metarays be eternal and equal to gentle, nurturing, powerful natural forces in their effect.

  16. Fern Synergy

    Everyone has that one song that they can relate to. I never had that until THIS song was released. Thank you Arch Enemy for giving me an eternal gift that has helped me so much!!

  17. Shram bmwm

    Первый раз услышал в 1997 году, и сразу понял у этих ребят очень большой талант и будующие. Молодцы.

  18. Telos de Aries

    I started listening to Arch enemy with Will to power (I'm new...I was looking for something new to listen of Symphonic metal and I found The eagle flies alone and love it xD), and was fear about the negative coments of War eternal, but actually there are too many songs I love of it, including this one...and I read on comments the lyrics and loved more... It's awesome T_T

  19. marya euníce

    *cadê os brasileiro?*

  20. Luis López

    ¿Donde están las metaleras? Las necesitamos!!!

  21. Ruslan Masinjila

    This is Chuck Norri's chilstep music.

  22. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

    This video is very cleverly filmed to make her look pretty lol

  23. Dark Star

    Is this Milli Vanilli 2.0

  24. Piotr Mejger

    Pewnie się obrazisz ale wybacz,Twoi gitarzyści są za dobrzy na ten rodzaj muzyki ;) Pozdrawiam z Poland :)

  25. Mega Bolth 13

    Посвящается всем бабаммужикам. Love and beer.

  26. Rick Sanchez

    I like the music, but never understood the need to scream the lyrics, you can't even understand what she says, what is the purpose of screaming the whole song? can't imagine how she feels after hours screaming in a concert.

    Logan Eddington

    Shes using a vocal style called false chord growling. She is using "false vocal chords" to create this atonal growling sound. She then growls the lyrics. In concerts, false chord vocalists and most singers, usually have a luke warm drink like tea with honey with the to keep their "false vocal chords" from failing.

    It usually takes lots of practice to be able to do this vocal style correctly. I am learning this style, and ive lost my voice numerous times already.

    Rick Sanchez

    ​@Logan Eddington very interesting, thanks for the information, good luck with your singing!

  27. nick due

    Mmh... what's Your name?🤔

  28. Kyle Milewski

    We need a collab on a track with Alyssa and Tatiana from Jinjer.

  29. danny hero

    Where is my metal hottie :p :D omfg



  31. Miguelcare Sierrapija Sierra

    She is my favorite woman

  32. Un energia travolgente fantastici !

  33. Onky Welly

    2 0 1 9 👍

  34. Marco Delgado

    The guitar solo has Dire Straits riff on it, cool

    A F

    And ABBA

  35. Phoenix Modarres

    Nice tast of music even now t am only 4 Yirs old!

  36. Tengku Marak


  37. Spy Retto

    What, the guy from ABBA directed this? Interesting!

  38. Swagger Foxy Playz11

    fuck yeaaaaaah

  39. awholelottalumps

    Great group of people. They fucking rock out!!!

  40. Epic Almoravid

    More women in metal.🤘♀️✊

    Klischee Metaller

    ... Exist ...

  41. Yasir Khan

    Haha idiot devil foolish evil peoples
    I see who you are
    You are my enemy my enemy

  42. Nightcore Nekko

    This chick is pure entertainment beast

  43. megin scheepers

    Best song ever made,this is underrated 💪🏼🏆💓

  44. Bear

    Hail to the queen of metal!

  45. studdaman420

    I still miss Angela Gossow... She will always be the powerhouse vocalist of Arch Enemy! Alissa was the best choice to replace her though. They made the right decision as far as that goes. Maybe someday Angela will bless us with a return...

  46. Abel Moreno

    nice voice

  47. Lil Gordi

    Алиса - СУПЕР , Alisa - The BEST!!!

  48. Борис Черников

    степень обожания шкалит)

  49. TheViking 738

    Alissa, Alissa, Alissa!

  50. TheViking 738

    Whore she awesome, I love it, wonderful Alissa! Long live Arch Enemy and Miss White-Gluz!


    Muito brabo !

  52. MurasakiTsukimaru

    I'm a big guy with a deep voice. I tried growling like Alyssa and Angela once and had a coughing fit trying to imitate them.

    Uwe Theiss

    You also need skill to sing like that. It is not that simple :D


    I tried growling like her once too, and got a hernia in the process!

  53. Matthew Hunsinger

    for pop fans they love the Jonas brothers and think they are hot but for me, I love arch-enemy and Alissa whit Gluz is smokin

  54. philippe jauffret

    tu devrais connaitre mon nom

  55. SHE WOLF

    I have nothing to say, but I love it. C:

  56. Teddy Malfoy

    The intro reminds me of Chope Suey

  57. Özgür Öztürk

    System of a down

  58. сергей казаков

    сколько солистке лет?

  59. Cherryblossom

    This song's lyrics are just incredible, and honestly very relatable. I also love the music and Alissa's growls top it off <3

  60. Maria Eduarda Martins

    Omg gril you are amezing rocky

  61. Sam Klaasse

    goed nummer voor op zondag als de kerk net uitgaat moet je die schynheilige smoelen dan zien hahahahahahaha


    This one and also Rammstein - Zeig dich =)

  62. smASHley *

    Stop trying to copy cristina scabbia with those arm movements lady

    Say Hello To The Robots

    are they copyrighted?

  63. luislee

    Bruja repugnante .... que miedo das jajajaja .... que te jodan .... un seguidor de Cristo con 2 cojones

  64. juanjo fabiano

    "el metal & latinoamerica"

  65. juanjo fabiano


  66. juanjo fabiano

    "Arch Enemy"

  67. Małgorzata Adamowicz

    najlepsza jest solowka na gitarze

  68. Imsu Sangyu

    damn she's dope🤩


    O bagulho é top

  70. Allan Mont´mor Silvino

    System of a down Hypnotize 00:06

  71. Stuffed Burgers

    I was going through these songs and just noticed that you can tell whether a song is from will to power or war eternal by...

    Looking at the colour of Alissa’s hair

  72. Alex S.

    I'm not a big fan of this manner of performance

  73. Brian Mac

    I don't like this kind of thing. Pantera yeah this no.

  74. Aliyah Burnette

    I want Alisa’s outfit it’s looks sweet she has a great voice clean or unclean vocal she’s the prettiest woman on the planet.

    Daniel Grohl

    can you tell me what she says at 4:01?

  75. LucasBGW


  76. Chris Baltzell

    their music is superior...but holy shit she can't sing to save her life.

  77. Elektrinate anti-Monroe DJstar

    Real artists playing real music. Rare for this decade. Ty Arch Enemy for being legit.

  78. 13th wolf

    در حال حاضر ووکال تو این سبک مثلش نیست she is better as best
    She Is angel of death metal when this angel sing of sin, sky should be ear. the angel sing alone

  79. xXTheMustXx

    hell yeah i will know your name

  80. Shachidow Vu

    Yes we hear you.
    Also your name too.

  81. Omar Sharif

    How dare you tell jokes behind her back.

  82. володимир чикало

    Просто бомба.самая лутшая

  83. Александр Лопаткин

    MONO SOUND!!! FUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE FUCKING BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. kurea iro

    ...i´m metalyzed

  85. O Leão Do Bonsucesso


  86. Daniel Kemp

    They know my name at work----- They SCREAM it all day at work!!!! Because I REFUSE to bow down to them!!!! Thanks to all the heavy metal music that I listen to while I am working.

  87. Ozsie Jordan

    Alisa is God of metal & Queen of my heart

  88. Last Prophet


  89. Cat_Rina

    Love u💗💗💗💗

  90. Yunior Corona


  91. Mikael Karlsson

    Please bring back Angela Gossow, this is heavy metal with growls, not AE.

  92. Ginnetta Jussaume

    She's always been the singer I always look up to love her voice is very unique and beautiful and she strong independent and not afraid to do what she loves most

  93. Just some person In the world

    Pizza hut ad:This is what your night looks like
    Me:skips ad
    Phone:song starts to play

  94. Spooker Red Menace

    Voice of an angel!!

  95. BTS_VelvEt_HearTbeaT & Light's

    System of a down- toxicity

  96. Azathoth Hastur

    girls cant be lead singers of rock bands YOU FUKIN MORONS

  97. Ladislav VIRUS Neumann

    MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!Greetings from Czech Rep.🤘👍